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The Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast

Author: Jamie Belz, FNTP, MHC - The Nutritional Therapy Association

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#ReverseTheTrend of preventable poor health with the Nutritional Therapy Association as we dive into the multi-faceted world of holistic health and wellness.

Explore science-based wellness, traditional wisdom, and common misconceptions as we provide clinical insights for optimal health. This is for YOU as an individual striving for vibrant well-being. We honor bio-individuality while discussing all of the inputs and outputs, including nutrition, digestion, elimination, blood sugar regulation, inflammation and pain management, detoxification, sleep, stress, mindset, fitness and exercise, supplementation, how nutrient deficiencies manifest in our bodies, diabetes, and other lifestyle (and non-lifestyle) diseases, holistic pregnancies, raising healthy kids, traditional/specialty/fad/elimination diets, how to prepare foods for maximum nutrient availability thoughtfully, and so much more! PLUS, we cover the business side, from how to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner or Professional Health and Wellness Coach to how to level-up your existing wellness practice.
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The information provided in this podcast is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have. The views and opinions stated on this podcast are not necessarily those of the NTA or its associates. Reliance on any information provided in this podcast is solely at your own risk.
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In this Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast episode, host Jamie Belz interviews Rachel Ballard, an RN who wasn’t willing to accept the prognosis of a slow, painful, premature death. Rachel is a Registered Nurse, farmer, and Food As Medicine teacher who is currently completing her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) certification. After battling back from a rare, paralyzing autoimmune disease, she’s helping individuals use food as a tool so they can fight back against chronic conditions and defy the odds. A lover of British television dramas, raising medicinal plants, and scratch cooking, Rachel lives on her Kentucky cattle farm with her husband of twenty-three years and two teenage children. In talking with Jamie, Rachel walks us through her declining health, eventual diagnosis of CIPD (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy), and her long road to recovery. 04:50 – Symptoms and red flags leading up to diagnosis: Hashimoto’s, muscles in eye, limp leg, loss of strength, paralysis, felt like she was “on fire” 07:10 – CIPD Diagnosis with Central Nervous Symptom Overlap causing issues with vision, hearing, digestion, bowel and bladder control, and promoting cardiac arrhythmia 9:00 - IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) Treatment, Plasmapheresis, Stem Cell Transplant, slow decline 10:10 – Five years to live 11:02 – Subcutaneous IVIG Therapy Failed 13:02 – Hitting the point of desperation, looking at natural medicine for the first time, found the wrong natural medicine professionals for her preference and bio-individuality at the time 19:34 – Buying-in on the alternative approach 21:30 – Corruption in science, “follow the money” 22:30 – Working with an NTP, starting with digestion, making slow progress 27:53 – New hope, new career 30:31 – Bioindividuality 31:57 – TALKING ABOUT FOOD! Simple swaps, things to buy 40:17 - Mindset 42:04 – Car analogy 43:15 – Rachel’s list of reversed symptoms/conditions 44:21 – Last question As you’ll hear, taking the first steps into a more natural approach to wellness can be challenging, frustrating, expensive, and a little “weird.” Rachel shares how she didn’t find any luck or answers with the alternative medicine practitioners she initially saw.* Her story is fun, relatable, and inspirational for those suffering from illness, as well as those looking to peek over the fence from the world of conventional medicine. You can find Rachel’s food blog at Please SUBSCRIBE and visit to record a question for the show. *Not all practitioners of each title are created equally. Remember to give multiple practitioners under one umbrella a chance. This is true for both allopathic and alternative care. :)
Ep. 011 - Digestive Hell

Ep. 011 - Digestive Hell


Optimal digestion is crucial for overall health and well-being. It ensures that the body efficiently breaks down food into nutrients, which are then absorbed and utilized for energy, growth, and cellular repair. Proper digestion supports a strong immune system, maintains a healthy gut microbiome, and helps prevent gastrointestinal disorders. Additionally, it plays a significant role in mental health, as the gut is often referred to as the "second brain" due to its impact on mood and cognitive function. Therefore, maintaining optimal digestion is vital for sustaining physical and mental health, enhancing quality of life, and preventing chronic diseases. In this episode of The Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast, host Jamie Belz, FNTP, MHC, continues along the journey of digestion, explaining that if someone is not properly digesting their food, they will not be able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from the foods they are eating, regardless of how healthful those foods are. Jamie brings back another historical audio clip from a lecture initially given by the founder of The Nutritional Therapy Association, Gray Graham. In Episode 10, Gray discussed the optimal function of digestion. This time, he walks you through “Digestive Hell” – the myriad of diseases, conditions, and other unpleasantries that arise from a suboptimal digestive system. The health of the organism is dependent upon the health of the organ systems, which are dependent upon the health of the organs, which is dependent upon the health of the tissues, which is dependent upon the health of the cells, which is dependent upon digestion. Thus, all wellness begins with digestion. Therefore, does all disease stem from digestive dysfunction? Not exactly, but you can eat the healthiest diet possible for your bio-individual needs, and if you’re not breaking it down to the necessary molecules your body can utilize, what’s the point? Every single cell in all tissues, organs, and systems of an organism relies on the ability to properly absorb nutrients from food. Factors such as stress, poor eating habits, gallbladder removal, and reduced levels of stomach acid (HCl) can hinder digestion. Given the critical role of nutrition in maintaining healthy cells, any disruption in digestion can be harmful in various ways. When the digestive system is compromised, it can lead to a domino effect, impacting the functioning of other bodily systems, 02:35 – Recap of optimal digestion 04:07 – Start of digestive dysfunction 05:23 – “Where’s ‘Digestive Hell’?” 06:56 – Distraction, stress, sympathetic state 13:22 – Pancreatic amylase 13:30 – Dysbiosis, yeast, pathogens (Also at 19:50) 13:55 – It’s all about acid/pH levels 15:17 – Macronutrient degradation 15:47 – Inputs for the production of HCl  16:20 – Things that cause hypochlorhydria (stress, too much protein, zinc, other nutrient deficiencies, allergies…) 17:13 – Dr. Jonathan Wright, the use of the Heidelberg Test for diagnosis of hypochlorhydria, pH for proper hormone function and enzymatic action 21:37 – Pasteur vs. Bechamp / Microorganisms vs. Terraine (Which is to blame?) 23:34 – Hpylori 26:53 – Heartburn, acid reflux, GERD, ulcers 37:50 – Homework/experiment 39:40 – Chyme into the duodenum, secretin, pancreas, bicarbonate, incomplete digestion, whole food particles in the small intestine 42:11 – Gallbladder, bile, fats, cholecystokinin, liver, fat-free or low-fat diet as the cause of gallstones and gallbladder dysfunction, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) 52:06 – Burping up fish oil and delayed release fish oil 55:04 – Undigested proteins, microvilli, leaky gut/gut permeability, immune dysfunction 56:03 – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, healing her autistic child, GAPS Diet 58:04 – Large intestine/colon, ileocecal valve, dysbiosis, inflammation diverticulitis, irritable bowel, Crohn's disease, celiac disease/gluten reactivity, hormones/endocrine system, enzymes, heart health, allergies, butyric acid and foul-smelling feces   Please SUBSCRIBE and Click Here to record a message for Jamie, ask a question, suggest an interviewee, or record an intro for the show!
In this episode of The Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast, host Jamie Belz, FNTP, MHC, brings back historical audio clips from a lecture originally given by the founder of The Nutritional Therapy Association, Gray Graham. Gray discusses the optimal function of digestion in a way you’ve never heard it explained. Listen to this, then hit the “subscribe” button to catch the next episode where Gray explains digestive dysfunction. Many embark upon their wellness journey by cleaning up their diet. While this is a necessary step, the healthiest diet according to everyone’s bioindividual needs doesn’t do much good for them if they’re not properly breaking down the food into molecules that can be absorbed and utilized within the body. The health of the organism is dependent upon the health of the organ systems, which are dependent upon the health of the organs, which is dependent upon the health of the tissues, which is dependent upon the health of the cells, which is dependent upon digestion. Thus, all wellness begins with digestion. 06:41 – Overview of digestion 08:59 – Digestive inputs/volume 15:42 – Six digestive functions 17:09 – Digestion is a north-to-south process – where does it begin?  20:48 – Digestion is fundamental to Nutritional Therapy  21:45 – How’s it all supposed to work? – Deep dive into optimal function   ________________________ Visit or click here to record an intro or ask a question you'd like answered on the show!
In this Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast episode, host Jamie Belz continues with internal interviews of NTA staff as she interviews Jasmine Lutes, FNTP and Admissions Representative for the Nutritional Therapy Association. She shares her personal health story, from being told she would "never have kids" to proving them wrong. Jasmine openly offers her life experiences and provides hope for others with commonalities in infertility, nutritional deficiencies, poverty, alcoholism and addiction, and food insecurity. She talks about working with her mother, who jumped "all in" while working with Jasmine post-completion of the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program and achieved results that changed her life. Jasmine also talks about getting her daughter (the one she was "never" supposed to have) in the kitchen and Reversing the Trend of Preventable Poor Health - shifting the pendulum for her future generations - by making small, simple, sustainable changes over time. As a member of the Nutritional Therapy Association's Admissions Team - Jasmine welcomes you to her story and invites you to reach out with any questions you have about the NTA and our teachings. Visit to learn more and get in touch. _ _ _ _ Please hit "SUBSCRIBE" and CLICK HERE to record an intro, tell us where you're listening from, or what you're doing to #ReverseTheTrend in your neck of the woods.
In Part Two of this two-part episode, Jamie and Amy Lippert, FNTP, continue their discussion, picking up where they left off on Amy's inspirational health story. In Episode seven, Amy shared the symptoms she had experienced for years - symptoms her doctor said were "normal for a woman her age." He prescribed an anti-depressant for her. Amy tried to follow the direction of her physician, but she didn't feel well on the prescriptions, and she knew she wasn't depressed. After conducting her own research, she talked to her doctor about her suspicion that she had a Thyroid condition known as Hashimoto's      she pushed back against her doctor who told her she Hashimoto's thyroiditis, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis and Hashimoto's
In Part One of this two-part episode, Jamie talks with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Amy Lippert as Amy shares her personal health story. She tells of suffering extensive symptoms and receiving a false diagnosis from her doctor and, after several years, finding another doctor who helped point her toward the path to healing... but it still wasn't an easy road. 
In this episode of the Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast, your host, Jamie Belz, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Master Health Coach, walks you through the incredible story of Dr. Francis M. Pottenger Jr., a physician and research scientist of the early 1900s.  Dr. Pottenger worked in a sanitarium, a medical facility found commonly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which approached the treatment of disease with exposure to fresh air and sunlight, restorative environments, rest and relaxation – often in outdoor settings, nutrient-dense foods, light physical activity, close monitoring by medical staff, structured routines, and social interaction as a way of strengthening the patient’s immune system and improving their overall health so their bodies could fight off pathogens and heal. While studying the correlation between tuberculosis and the adrenal glands, he noticed vast differences in the health of his feline test subjects depending upon the diets they were fed - raw milk and raw meat versus cooked/pasteurized milk and cooked meat. Over ten years and multiple generations of more than 900 cats, Dr. Pottenger conducted a research project that would eventually become known as "The Pottenger's Cats Study." This study ultimately laid the revolutionary groundwork for what we now call "epigenetics"—the study of how environmental factors, such as diet, stress, and exposure to toxins, can switch our genes on or off without changing the underlying DNA sequence. The profound findings of Dr. Pottenger's study were not so much that what the cats ate impacted their health as that it impacted the health of three subsequent generations of kittens through transgenerational nutritional deficiencies. So, what does this mean to the human race? Are WE a case of Pottenger's Humans? Is there hope for regeneration?  This impactful and truly astonishing story is not told in school, but it should be. You'll want to hear it yourself and then tell everyone you know.  If you'd like to hear more invaluable information that will help guide your unique, bio-individual health quest, hit "subscribe" and be sure to visit to leave feedback, record a voice clip for the show, and check out more from the Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Podcast.
What is a Professional Health and Wellness Coach, and Why Should I Become One or Work With One?   In this episode, your host, Jamie Belz, interviews Shanna Nemrow, FNTP, NBC-HWC, and developer and lead instructor for the PHWC course about the Nutritional Therapy Association's hottest new credential.   Shanna teaches why the health coach service industry is one of the fastest growing career fields globally and how to earn your PHWC credential through the NTA, qualifying you to become NBHWC board certified. You'll learn why the most industry versatile health coaches are NBHWC certified.   Shanna shares her story in finding healing after years of struggling with her health, to the point of saying, "goodbye," to her family in her dire condition. Fortunately, she was able to recover and became an Instagram "beacon on the hill" in her own quest to find others who shared similar struggles.   Through her journey/battle of over a decade, Shanna suffered from complications during pregnancy and postpartum sepsis which took a major toll on her organs. As someone who had once enjoyed CrossFit workouts and ran Tough Mudder races, she was reduced to needing to rest while climbing the stairs. She struggled with fatigue, joint pain, and brain fog, and her hair was falling out. Over the years, Shanna felt like something had to be wrong, but at each annual appointment, her doctor told her she was "fine." At 36 years old, Shanna saw an endocrinologist who diagnosed her with Hashimoto's Disease, an autoimmune disease impacting her thyroid. She heard words like "incurable" and phrases like "there's nothing you can do," but Shanna refused to accept that she would continue to struggle "to barely function" for the rest of her life. She persevered with the heart of a warrior and found great improvement by changing her mindset, diet, and lifestyle.   Shanna became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and, later, a health coach. She is now an inspiration to all who seek answers and no longer wish to feel alone or hopeless in their battles against disease. _________________________________________   Please hit "subscribe" and remember to record your voice message at
Bioindividuality is the recognition that each of us is unique, with our distinct genetic composition, biological needs, preferences, and responses to various aspects such as lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, sleep, stress management – interpersonal relationships - mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, geographical location, our gut microbiome, our socio-economic status - - - it spans virtually every area of our unique lives as we consider all of the unique inputs and our unique responses to each. It's a lot to consider, but it’s liberating. Once embraced, bio-individuality is the understanding, acceptance, and embodiment of the truth that there is no “one-size-fits-all” cookie–cutter approach to health and well-being.   Your Personal Health Inventory / Health Audit (Listen to the audio first) Areas of Consideration Prompts Health Physical Mental/Emotional Spiritual Relationships Spouse/Significant Other/Life Partner Children Parents Siblings Extended Family Friends Neighbors Coworkers/Colleagues/Professional Associates Children's Networks (Teachers, Coaches, Friends' Parents) Environment Home Clean-Tidy Clean-Toxic (Mold, Cleaners, Off-Gassing, Wildfires, etc.) Enjoyable Comfortable Safe Lonely Overwhelming Affordable Hard Work Work Neighborhood Community Digital Space Finances Stability Relationship with money Debt Income Assets Retirement Insurance Charitable giving/Generosity Ability to Provide Career As Employee Job - Satisfaction, Enjoyment, Feel Appreciated, Feel Challenged, Income, Stress, Hours, Coworkers, Supervisor, Purpose, Challenge, Longevity, etc. Confidence, Satisfaction, Quality of Life Impact, Financials, Progress, etc. Education Exercise Diet Sleep Stress Sex Time Management Confidence Physically, Intellectually, Life Stage/Progress/Accomplishments, Productively, Relationally, etc.   Points of Consideration/Questions (for everything!) What's going well? What's not? How does it impact my energy? Is it draining or energizing? Does this increase or decrease stress? What am I proud of? What do I need more of? Less of? How am I feeling about that? What brings me the most joy? What seems to come naturally? Do I still need some healing in that area? Why do I avoid that? How satisfied am I with my performance on that? Is something too time consuming? What's the ROI on that? What feels unsettled? Where and when do I feel welcome? Appreciated? Loved? Encouraged? What should I be doing? What should I stop doing? Where am I seeing patterns? Why does that prompt negative self-talk? Who is getting the best of me? Worst of me? Why does that subject draw anxiety? When do I feel most inspired? replace the "what" with "WHO" in these. ____________________ 1.) Find a trusted health liason 2.) Do a personal audit/health audit using the above prompts 3.) Set some goals 4.) Make an action plan/determine action steps 5.) Document what you're doing and track your findings ____________________ PLEASE connect with me! CLICK HERE or go to and leave me a recording - - - intro the show, tell me where you're listening from, give me your "...and I'm reversing the trend by..." story, ask a question, etc. I simply wish to hear from YOU! THANK YOU!
  In this episode, Jamie, alongside Desiree Baptist and Heather McDonough, uncovers how nutrition serves as the critical missing piece in health and wellness. They discuss the foundational elements of a healthy lifestyle and share inspiring stories from individuals who've transformed their lives through nutritional therapy. This episode emphasizes the universal importance of nutrition, from personal health journeys to its integration into professional medical practice, highlighting its potential to revolutionize wellness for everyone from moms to MDs.   Key Highlights:   Empowering Health Through Nutrition Preventable ailments highlight the need for lifestyle changes. Desiree's journey from concern to empowerment showcases the life-changing power of nutritional therapy. Heather's battle with autoimmune disease illustrates the body's ability to heal through informed dietary and lifestyle shifts. The NTA's commitment to expanding educational offerings in nutritional therapy for holistic health improvement.   Navigating Nutritional Therapy Training The NTP course is a year-long journey into holistic nutrition and body system education. The FNTP specialization offers hands-on techniques for targeted nutritional support and assessment. Lingual-neural testing innovates fine-tuning supplement recommendations. Combines self-paced study with live, interactive support and community engagement.   Bridging Education and Practice in Nutritional Therapy The career development course offers step-by-step guidance to launch a nutritional therapy business. The Professional Health and Wellness Coaching Program equips graduates with client-centered health coaching, emphasizing behavior change and empowerment. Graduates often collaborate with other wellness professionals, enhancing holistic care through nutritional therapy and health coaching. Increasingly, healthcare and wellness professionals are seeking NTA certifications to integrate nutritional therapy into their practices.   From Passion to Purpose in Nutritional Therapy Individuals from varied backgrounds find purpose in nutritional therapy. Graduates apply their education in innovative and impactful ways. Education leads to significant positive changes in underrepresented communities. Emphasizes teamwork between nutritional therapists and other health professionals for comprehensive care.   Closing Segment Highlighting the value of investing in nutritional therapy education for personal and professional growth. Encouragement to leap over fears, emphasizing the rewarding nature of the field. The versatility of nutritional therapy knowledge in enriching one's life, family, and community. Providing accessible ways to learn more through direct contact or scheduling calls with admissions advisors.   Guests Bio:   Heather McDonough is an NTA graduate in 2018 who uses her expertise in nutrition to engage with her community through consulting, teaching, and cooking. She champions the power of nutrient-dense foods and wellness education, inspired by her transformative experience at the NTA. Heather is committed to helping others achieve better health and is an avid supporter of the NTA's mission.   Desiree Baptist leads the NTA's Admissions Team, bringing her experience as an FNTP, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner. With over five years at the NTA, she has played a crucial role in admissions and classroom support. Desiree is passionate about guiding future students and values the profound community impact fostered by the NTA. So, are you ready to start living the life you were meant to live? For more insights, and resources, and to connect with our vibrant community, visit us at: If you liked this episode of Nutritional & Wellness Podcast, please LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW, like, share, and subscribe! Your journey towards optimal health doesn't have to be walked alone. We're here to guide, inspire, and support you every step of the way.   Thank you for tuning in! 
In this episode, Jamie discusses the power of nutritional therapy and personal health journeys, emphasizing the goal of reversing preventable poor health trends. She highlights the concept of "wellness webs" for collaborative patient care and challenges current healthcare misconceptions. Urging community action and continuous learning, Jamie sets the stage for a future where health is a priority.   Key Highlights:   Mission to Reverse Preventable Poor Health Inspired by founder Gray Graham to combat preventable poor health. Highlights alarming health statistics in the U.S., emphasizing the need for change. Belief in the power of a nutrient-dense diet, quality sleep, stress management, digestion, and blood sugar balance.   Paradigms and Health Perspectives Jamie shares a video of NTA founder Gray Graham teaching early Nutritional Therapy Practitioner courses. Explores societal health views, and disease fears, and advocates for rethinking health care. Questions the belief that health naturally worsens with age and promotes prevention and proactive care. Highlights a new healthcare approach focused on restoring health through nutritional therapy, beyond just disease management.   Transforming Health Perspectives Jamie reflects on an "aha" moment during FNTP training, complemented by a car accident recovery. Advocates for a world where everyone experiences and values health, energized by personal and collective wellness. Emphasizes the Japanese concept of Kaizen for continuous health improvement through small steps. Discusses the need to integrate nutritional therapy with conventional medicine, highlighting systemic challenges in healthcare.   Closing Segment Challenges in the current healthcare system and physician burnout. Promotes integrative care and "wellness webs" for better outcomes. Aims to dismantle misconceptions and divisions within healthcare, advocating for a united approach. Encourages ongoing education and patience for real change, emphasizing collective effort and impact. So, are you ready to start living the life you were meant to live? For more insights, and resources, and to connect with our vibrant community, visit us at: If you liked this episode of Nutritional & Wellness Podcast, please LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW, like, share, and subscribe! Your journey towards optimal health doesn't have to be walked alone. We're here to guide, inspire, and support you every step of the way.   Thank you for tuning in! 
In this episode, Jamie Belz discusses her transition from healthcare marketing to becoming a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Master Health Coach, emphasizing the critical role of nutrition in health and wellness. Highlighting the concept of bio-individuality, she shares how a personal health crisis solidified her commitment to nutritional therapy. Jamie introduces the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), detailing its holistic approach to nutrition education and its impact on personal and community health.   Key Highlights:    Health Beyond Profit Jamie shares health-promoting initiatives like fitness gifts instead of candy at events and wellness wishes for patients. Discusses the conflict between healthcare as a business focused on profit and the mission of promoting wellness. Recounts a moment of realization about the prioritization of profit over patient well-being in healthcare procedures.   Resilience Through Wellness Pivoted to wellness after a life-threatening car accident highlighted the importance of health. Advocated for health resilience, emphasizing pre-accident fitness as key to survival. Pursued nutritional therapy to complement personal training, focusing on holistic health. Highlighted the Nutritional Therapy Association's role in promoting individualized wellness strategies.    Nutrition's Ripple Effect Education bridges nutrition science and client communication. Nutrition knowledge enhances personal, family, and community health. Shift to nutrition highlights diet's crucial role in wellness. NTA offers distinctive, science-based, and practical nutrition training.    Closing Segment Nutrition's Crucial Role in Health Care, introducing Bio-individuality by Dr. Roger Williams (1956). Rejects one-size-fits-all diets, advocating for tailored nutrition based on individual differences. Outlines the Nutritional Therapy Association's courses: NTP, FNTP, and PHWC, for diverse health professional training. Future episodes to explore nutritional therapy impacts and practitioner stories. So, are you ready to start living the life you were meant to live? For more insights, and resources, and to connect with our vibrant community, visit us at: If you liked this episode of Nutritional & Wellness Podcast, please LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW, like, share, and subscribe! Your journey towards optimal health doesn't have to be walked alone. We're here to guide, inspire, and support you every step of the way.   Thank you for tuning in! 
Join Jamie Belz on a journey into the core of wellness, where she shares how making the right food and lifestyle choices, tailored just for you, can transform your health. It’s all about understanding that most health problems aren't just widespread; they're also avoidable. Jamie Belz is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Master Health Coach with a passion for guiding individuals toward their optimal health. Specializing in personalized dietary and lifestyle strategies, Jamie helps clients navigate through health challenges and dysfunctions. By tailoring wellness plans to the unique needs of each individual, Jamie empowers people to overcome obstacles to their health, allowing them to thrive and focus on pursuing their life's goals and dreams. In this captivating series, we're set to explore: The Foundations of Wellness: We'll talk about how crucial it is to eat well, sleep soundly, manage stress, digest food properly, and keep your blood sugar in check.   Bio-Individuality: Discover the limitations of one-size-fits-all health guidance and understand the importance of tailoring your health strategy to meet your unique needs, ensuring you achieve your optimal well-being.   Diverse Health Topics: Whether it's the effects of your environment, how to tweak your lifestyle for the better, epigenetics, or dealing with common issues like inflammation and stress, we're covering it all.   Deep Dives on Health Issues: Expect meaningful conversations on specific health challenges, especially focusing on diabetes and how to prevent it.   Learning from the Best: We're bringing in experts from the NTA community to share their insights, giving you the lowdown on everything from health wisdom to business advice. Jamie Belz highlights a powerful quote by Ann Wigmore, emphasizing food's dual potential as both a potent medicine and a slow poison. This perspective is reinforced by the alarming fact that over 10,000 industrially produced food chemicals are currently permitted in the U.S. food supply. Despite these daunting challenges, the podcast serves as a rallying call to unite listeners in spreading nutritional truth, fostering hope, and combating preventable poor health. Remember, the power to transform your health lies in your hands, and sometimes, all it takes is one minor tweak in your diet or lifestyle to catalyze noticeable change. So, are you ready to start living the life you were meant to live? For more insights, and resources, and to connect with our vibrant community, visit us at: If you liked this episode of Nutritional & Wellness Podcast, please LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW, like, share, and subscribe! Your journey towards optimal health doesn't have to be walked alone. We're here to guide, inspire, and support you every step of the way.   Thank you for tuning in! 
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