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So the parable goes, an elder speaking with his granddaughter says, "In life, there are two wolves inside of us that are always at battle. One is a good wolf, which represents things like kindness, bravery, and love. And the other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred, and fear. " The granddaughter stops and thinks about it for a second. She looks up at her grandfather and says, "Well, which one wins?" And the grandfather says, "The one you feed."

When host Eric Zimmer was 24 years old, he was homeless and addicted to heroin. He made his way through addiction recovery and figured out how to build a life worth living. Now he pays it forward by helping people to feed their good wolf. 

That’s the whole premise behind The One You Feed podcast, named one of “22 podcasts that will motivate you to live your best life” by The Oprah Magazine. The One You Feed has also been nominated as one of iHeart’s Best Spirituality and Religion Podcasts of 2022, one of the best health podcasts of all time by the Huffington Post, and one of the best podcasts of the year by Apple Podcasts. 

With over 500 episodes and 30 million downloads and counting, The One You Feed podcast guests include scientists, authors, researchers, teachers, thought leaders, spiritual gurus, and public figures who all offer practical, actionable wisdom that you can readily apply to enrich your daily life.

Come for the fascinating topics and thought-provoking guests and stay for the excellent advice and nourishing conversations. The episodes are deep and inclusive, and you’ll learn something about yourself with each one.
672 Episodes
In This Episode, You'll Learn … Why we need to honor the history of our ancestors like Harriet Tubman How struggle and hardship are universal and also necessary to learn and grow How Spring came to explore and write about the spiritual nature of Harriet Tubman The lesson and legacy of Harriet and how we can learn to break free from the “prisons” of our mind Defining internal, outer. and ultimate abolitionism and the significance of each phase How the north star symbolizes a guiding light of hope and freedom How understanding our nation’s history can help bring more compassion and awareness to what’s happening in current times Why we need to remember that negative media can skew our perception of the world and not realize how much goodness there is The beautiful story of Sujata about the harmonizing of feminine and masculine energy To Learn More, click here!See for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll Learn: Exploring the complexity of emotions within us and how our choices feed into that: How to navigate caregiving and its unique challenges How can we better understand the multiplicity of feelings and desires inside of us How the process of writing can allow you to process and find distance from tough emotions The challenges in accepting aging and mortality How paying attention is critical in both creative endeavors and in life The importance of staying curious and unafraid to face sorrow How can we explore the nuances of trust and care in relationships To Learn More, click hereSee for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll Learn How to investigate suffering and learn how to work with it in a fresh way Why we need to explore the impact of greed, shame, and other "giants" in our daily lives Understanding the power of apology and how it can help us move away from shame and toward freedom How to start bring our actions in alignment with our values to guide your spiritual path Learning to how to acknowledge your trauma and also take responsibility for healing To Learn More, click here  See for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll Learn: How has science proves that practicing self-compassion is more beneficial than self-criticism How touch can be used as a way to activate the body's natural responses to self-compassion Exploring the myths of self-compassion and how it is a powerful antidote to shame How we can use our relationships with close friends as a template to be more compassionate with ourselves Why it's helpful to discover our "inner ally" as opposed to our "inner enemy" The importance of practicing mindfulness to cultivate self compassion To learn more, click here.See for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll Learn: How slowing down the mind and increasing concentration leads to freshness in the creative process Why we need to pay attention to both our natural and habitual tendencies Why there is power in moments of uncertainty and how we can one navigate them How fear and doubt are common struggles when trying to create something meaningful How specificity leads to higher levels of thinking and less reactive behaviors To Learn More, click hereSee for privacy information.
In this Episode, You'll Learn: How a deeper spiritual life bring us inner freedom Defining the term “overculture” and how we’re impacted by this strong voice Why many people struggle with the various spiritual traditions How we can learn to trust our own connection to the sacred Why there is often a feeling of relief when we find and go deeper on our spiritual path How we can discern between the good and bad voices that influence us Why “spiritual sampling” can be troublesome How distractions are the biggest barriers to finding our deepest self To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In the episode, you'll learn: Eric shares his story of his lowest points of addiction that led him to recovery How shame is usually at the center of the addiction cycle Why a fundamental aspect of AA is finding meaning in helping others How one can define spirituality as connecting to what matters most to you in your life Defining and practicing some of the core principles to live a good life The challenges of being present is how we relate to our thoughts about the present moment Why finding the "middle way" and avoiding extremes can be so helpful Why it's so important to go beyond thinking and start taking action to get meaningful results Understanding deeply that difficult feelings come with being human How we don't find meaning, but rather make meaning in life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this Episode, You'll Learn: How there are many different forms of grief Why we need to surrender to our grief and turn toward painful feelings How there are many painful emotions that exist under the "grief umbrella" The challenge of surrendering to grief in a culture that constantly pushes for happiness and avoidance of pain. How we can strengthen our ability to cope with grief by continuing to allow it in The importance of finding emotional support when grieving Why animals provide the best emotional support How providing emotional support to someone grieving includes just being with them and holding space for their grief To learn more, click here!  See for privacy information.
In this episode with Nedra Glover Tawwab, you'll learn: Why it’s important to connect who you are and who you were in relation to your family How we can learn to recognize unhealthy relationships in our family dynamics How shame limits our ability to be honest with ourselves and others Why we need to unlearn certain ideas of what love means How to manage a relationship with someone who won’t change The difference between changing behavior and changing personality How can we move away from unhealthy patterns and learn to love ourselves To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this Episode, You'll Learn: The importance of being with and opening up to pain to find healing Why working with a spiritual teacher can be an important part of a healing path How awakening experiences are doorways we must walk through to find spiritual growth The value of community in a spiritual journey How to discover the deep experience of life's ordinary moments What Zen and poetry have in common What it means to come home to and discover a deeper part of ourselves To learn more about Henry Shukman, click here!  See for privacy information.
In this episode, Deepak and Eric discuss his new book, Living in the Light: Yoga for Self-Realization. How awareness can be defined by what it is and what it isn't The purpose of meditation and the value it can bring to your life Why it's important to understand that there is no good or bad meditation The ancient teachings of yoga and how the different yoga poses are shifts in awareness Defining the different types of yoga and their meanings To learn more about Deepak Chopra, click here See for privacy information.
In this episode, we discuss radical self-love: what it is, why we struggle to practice it, and the pathways to cultivate it so that we become the highest version of ourselves.  You'll also learn: How radical self love is defined and how it differs from self esteem or self confidence Why we need to uncover our issues with self love that result from damaging societal messages How to bring inquiry, the thinking, doing, and being proces,s that leads to insight and healing How it takes repetition and practice to clear the obstructions of self love The three “peaces” we need to bring into our life How we can learn to let go of the story of "not enoughness" by recognizing it's not real The four pillars of practice of radical self love and the practices within each pillar How we can participate in the collective nature in this journey to self love To learn more about Sonya Renee Taylor, click here! See for privacy information.
In this episode, you'll learn: How to defining burnout and learning how to identify symptoms of burnout Why the stereotypes of men and women in their family roles can be damaging The importance of mothers giving themself permission to take breaks from their children What leaders and organizations can do to avoid burnout in their workplaces How change needs to happen on the individual, organization, and society levels to combat burnout To learn more about Jacqueline Kerr, click here. See for privacy information.
Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn discuss their book, Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise, explore the different types of noise we all experience in our lives, and why we need to find silence amidst all the noise. In This Episode, You'll Learn: How silence can bring us to place of expansion and openness rather than contraction Remembering that silence is always here and accessible and is more than just the absense of noise Understanding the three types of noise: auditory, information, and internal How we can practice noticing the noise around us and adjust our reaction to it Important strategies for dealing with the infinitie informatioal noise in the world Why we need to learn Feeling into what truly brings us quiet, what signals alert us that we’re taking in too much noise! To learn more about Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn, click here!See for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll learn: Why outer order contributes to inner calm and how we can use this to create a sense of energy and focus. Why monitoring our existing behavior can be a useful strategy How creating"Ta Da" lists (things we have accomplished) can be energizing and encouraging Why it's important to create safeguards for when you slip so that you can keep going How we can have an emotional attachment to our possessions and strategies to let go of things Take Gretchen's 4 Tendencies Personality Quiz To Learn more about this episode and Gretchen Rubin, click here.  See for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll Learn: How discovering a family secret led to a deeper understanding of herself The myth that what we don’t know can’t hurt us Exploring how every choice or decision we make impacts our lives and the lives of those around u How there is strength that comes from being able hold both the good and bad things in life at the same time Embracing the idea that love can transform anything The beauty of having both intimate personal connections and also a connection with the vast universe To learn more about Dani Shapiro, click hereSee for privacy information.
In This Episode You'll Learn: How we can learn to align our inner and outer stories to create changes we want Why we need to give ourselves permission to dream and see what's possible The imporance of identifying the story that's keeping you from seeing what's possible How we can learn to structure our work and life so that we can enjoy it Implementing the "5 Project Rule" so you're able to focus on the right things To learn more about Charlie Gilkey, click hereSee for privacy information.
In this Episode, You'll Learn: What “achiever fever” is and the negative health effects that are linked to it How we often tie happiness and self worth to achieving and how to shift that perspective Why the inner critic often shows up and how we can learn to effectively deal with it How we can recognize our powerful default behaviors, learn to pay attention to how they distract us How to learn to worry less by accepting what we can’t change and practicing letting go To learn more about Claire Booth, click hereSee for privacy information.
In This Episode, You'll Learn: How his songs represent some of his values, like kindness and how we need to remember to be more kind in our interactions with each other. Learning persistance and his drive to keep going and never give up when faced with difficulty. Why he wrote the song, Get Better, which is about resilience and remembering there is always somewhere to go The importance of meaningful friendships in life How life will always have challenges and we can make the choice to continue on, knowing it will get better To learn more about Frank Turner and his work, click here!See for privacy information.
In this Episode, You Will Learn... The fundamental quality of recognizing the good in and having compassion for ourselves and how it's foundational in how we show up in relationships Recognizing tension in relationships and developing practices to help you determine what to do or say and when Asking yourself to choose harmony or truth in conflicts and how if you routinely choose one, you can end up with neither. Why it's important to admit fault and how it's a strength, not a weakness Using wise speech is about how we say something and it can have more impact than what we say The useful strategy of making small agreements that can improve larger issues in a relationship To learn more about Dr. Rick Hanson and his work, click here!See for privacy information.
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More ads and bs than time on the episode. Pathetic.

Mar 4th

Jeff Thorsen

Mental health affects our lives. And if we are stressed or depressed, we can't do anything. And we can even get sick. Therefore, I decided to look through the review to find a psychologist for myself. I made my choice, and through therapy, I regained my mental health.

Mar 1st

Janet Locane

Proper nutrition and mental health are closely related to each other. If a person is under stress, any diet will negatively affect the body. But drinking more water is also important. Therefore, I decided to go to the link to find out about the application that helps to control daily water consumption. I often exercise but I forget to drink water. And this application helps to comply with the regime.

Feb 16th

Donna Faith K-Brooks

Interesting podcast, but the ads were so obnoxious that I had to turn it off.

Jan 20th

mir mahdi rezaei

Jan 15th

mir mahdi rezaei

In this special collaborative episode with Eric Zimmer, Gillian Tietz, Casey McGuire Davidson, and Dave Wilson (aka Sober Dave), they each share... 1. The reasons they kept drinking and why they weren't ready or felt they could give it up. 2. The strategies or methods they used to get started on their recovery journey and how that evolved during the different stages of their recovery.

Jan 15th

mir mahdi rezaei

In this special collaborative episode with Eric Zimmer, Gillian Tietz, Casey McGuire Davidson, and Dave Wilson (aka Sober Dave), they each share... 1. The reasons they kept drinking and why they weren't ready or felt they could give it up. 2. The strategies or methods they used to get started on their recovery journey and how that evolved during the different stages of their recovery.

Jan 15th

Ben Neat

too many ads

Jan 14th


Beautiful guest, Beautiful episode. So educational. Thank you sooooo much for 🌱

Oct 5th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

Loved this episode! I needed every moment of this discussion. Keep shows like this coming!

Apr 8th

Hot Stove

Anger is acceptable, rage and violence are not.

Dec 27th

Jaime J

Love this episode, beautiful in every way!

Nov 11th

Juan Carlos Hernandez

you can get Omegas from chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flaxseeds. not just fish

Sep 11th

Andy Edwards

Warren Buffett may have exactly as much time as us but he probably doesn't have to devote nearly as much of it to menial chores, driving, or even taking notes and setting reminders (assuming he pays a personal assistant).

Jun 30th
Reply (1)

Deanna Treadway

My first listen with you, and I'll be back. I especially appreciated the attitude that we have more control over our own lives then we might think.

Jun 4th


shew. needed

May 8th


Keep politics out this doesn’t serve your listeners

Mar 24th
Reply (1)


awww Thank you soooo much 🌟

Mar 20th

Malayappan Abm


Mar 14th


"many paths to the same summit"..great show !

Jan 15th
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