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So the parable goes, an elder speaking with his granddaughter says, "In life, there are two wolves inside of us that are always at battle. One is a good wolf, which represents things like kindness, bravery, and love. And the other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred, and fear. " The granddaughter stops and thinks about it for a second. She looks up at her grandfather and says, "Well, which one wins?" And the grandfather says, "The one you feed."

When host Eric Zimmer was 24 years old, he was homeless and addicted to heroin. He made his way through addiction recovery and figured out how to build a life worth living. Now he pays it forward by helping people to feed their good wolf. 

That’s the whole premise behind The One You Feed podcast, named one of “22 podcasts that will motivate you to live your best life” by The Oprah Magazine. The One You Feed has also been nominated as one of iHeart’s Best Spirituality and Religion Podcasts of 2022, one of the best health podcasts of all time by the Huffington Post, and one of the best podcasts of the year by Apple Podcasts. 

With over 500 episodes and 30 million downloads and counting, The One You Feed podcast guests include scientists, authors, researchers, teachers, thought leaders, spiritual gurus, and public figures who all offer practical, actionable wisdom that you can readily apply to enrich your daily life.

Come for the fascinating topics and thought-provoking guests and stay for the excellent advice and nourishing conversations. The episodes are deep and inclusive, and you’ll learn something about yourself with each one.
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In this conversation, Paul Millerd explores the significance of aligning one’s career with personal values to be able to follow your own unique and true path. Paul shares how often people get stuck in jobs that don’t resonate with their true selves, leading to dissatisfaction and burnout. By understanding and prioritizing personal values over societal expectations or financial gains, individuals can guide their career paths towards fulfilling and meaningful work, thereby promoting greater satisfaction and well-being. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Acknowledge the necessity of stepping beyond pre-set boundaries to unmask your true potential Get comfortable with the unknowns while progressing in life’s journey Identify the impact of connecting your work with your deepest passions and beliefs Learn to interrogate societal expectations in order to prioritze to your own values and passions Get acquainted the process of self-realization for living a life that embodies who you truly are. To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Jane Hirshfield shares her extraordinary capacity for deep introspection and exploration of interconnectedness. You’ll hearJane read some of her beautiful poetry and discover how through her words, she is able to make profound connections between human experiences and the larger universe.In this episode, you’ll be able to: Experience the enlightening potential of appreciating small daily joys and how they can heighten your overall happiness Explore the art of embracing life’s curveballs while learning to capitalize on these difficult situations for personal growth Discover the captivating power of poetry as a medium for personal transformation and sharpened perception Foster a heightened sense of interconnectedness, enabling you to dissolve boundaries and enrich your understanding of self Acquire the skills to navigate through tough periods with grace, hope, kindness, and resilience To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Eric and Ginny explore ways to work with and free the inner critic through mindfulness. Ginny shares her story of struggle and growth on her path to becoming a mindfulness teacher and explains the many benefits of practicing mindfulness as a way to quiet the inner critic, which leads to living with more joy and less suffering. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Accept the crucial need to turn toward difficult feelings rather than turn away from them Understand that where the wound is, the healing can begin Differentiate the inner critic from our inner conscience Recognize the various ways the inner critic can show up Identify different ways to practice mindfulness in your life Understand the important connection between mindfulness and meditation Define spirituality in your own way that is meaningful to you To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Macklemore shares his journey with addiction and the added challenges of relapsing. Through his music and in this conversation, he expresses the value of any progress in recovery, starting over, and the importance of being honest with yourself and others by seeking support in recovery. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Understand more deeply the struggles and challenges of addiction Grasp the power of being honest with yourself and others about your addiction Realize the importance of self-care practices in sobriety Understand the significance of having support in a recovery community Tap into the vast potential for transformation and growth in recovery To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Dan Harris underscores the importance of mindfulness in fostering personal growth. As a self-proclaimed “meditation evangelist,” Dan explores how by practicing mindfulness, we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions, which allows us to shape our attitudes and reactions consciously. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Learn how mindfulness becomes a cornerstone in the journey of personal transformation Grasp how the power of selecting thoughts and emotions can shape your reality Cultivate the practice of self-compassion Survey a range of routes for self-improvement, underscoring practices like meditation, loving-kindness, and self-compassion. Understand the nature of panic and anxiety, and how to skillfully work with it To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Robert Waldinger shares how relationships shape our happiness and well-being. He discusses what the research shows about what truly makes us happier and improves long-term health. and explains ho cultivating meaningful connections and relationships actually leads to greater happiness and overall fulfillment in life. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Explore the crucial role of relationships and social bonds in building a rewarding life Learn how to harness your presence and attention to cultivate important social skills and connections Realize the importance of self-acceptance and honoring individual preferences in the landscape of relationships Appreciate the significance of continuous research like the Harvard Study of Adult Development in illuminating the key determinants of happiness and well-being Unearth the profound significance of relationships and interpersonal connections in nurturing a satisfying life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Krista Tippett invites us to unlock the power of questions and discover the profound beauty of embracing uncertainty. She explores the idea of investigating the stories we tell ourselves, the narratives that shape our understanding and interpretation of the world. In this episode you’ll be able to: Discern the importance of nurturing the good nature inside you for personal growth Uncover how harnessing the power of questions can help you embrace the unknown Learn how to navigate through uncertainty and make decisions that lead to positive change Understand the critical role you play in facing the existential challenges brought about by the ecological crisis Delve into how spirituality intersects with our collective participation in life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this conversation, mental health advocate Andrew Solomon challenges societal norms and explores the complex relationship between depression and identity. Andrew also strives to uncover the delicate balance between suffering and growth in his thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of mental health. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Uncover why resilience and personal control are integral to overcoming adversities Gain an understanding of the multifaceted nature of depression as both a medical condition and a way of self-perception Understand the profound implications of social media on the mental wellness of today’s younger generation Learn the necessity of a broader vocabulary to accurately represent non-traditional family dynamics Discern the interconnected impacts of neglect, poverty, and foster care on mental health To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Linda Graham explains the neuroscience behind resilience and shares some of her teachings on how to strengthen resilience. As she immersed herself in her work on resilience, she realized that all emotions, deemed good or bad, were catalysts to action. She also came to realize the transformative power of mindful compassion towards these emotions. By shifting the brain's functioning to a more receptive, open, and allowing state, we can begin to foster a growth mindset that leads to increased resilience.   In this episode, you'll be able to: Discover tactics to build resilience and learn to navigate life's trials with less stress and more grace Uncover the power attached to perception and attitude to cultivate a growth mindset Embrace positive emotions and embrace how this practice rewires your mind for resilience through neuroplasticity Discover the complex relationship between early attachments and resilience strength Learn to implement resilience-building tools in your everyday life To learn more, click here! See for privacy information.
Prince EA is a modern-day sage who inspires millions with wisdom gleaned from various spiritual traditions and practices. He uses his experiences and challenges with depression to inform and empower his audience. His unique expressions of vulnerability and honesty continue to connect with people worldwide, inspiring them to live a more mindful life. His explorations in spirituality have not only provided him with much-needed solace and also ignited a journey to help others in their quest for peace of mind. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Learn the intricate role of conscious living and making deliberate choices in shaping your life Attain practical tools for nurturing mindfulness, guiding you to stay present in each moment Learn strategies for managing depression and fostering better mental health Explore the intersection of spirituality, meditation, and mindful living, and why it’s a valuable approach in today’s fast-paced world Discover how welcoming uncertainty and developing a beginner’s mind can lead to new forms of personal growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
In this episode, Adam Alter shares valuable strategies for learning how to become unstuck and break through common barriers in life. He emphasizes the importance of seeking new perspectives and thinking differently to break through mental and emotional blocks. He also highlights the connection between physical movement and creative inspiration, explaining how it stimulates the brain and unlocks fresh ideas. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Discover powerful strategies to unblock personal growth hurdles and pave a clear path toward your goals Uncover the surprising relationship between physical movement and creativity Recognize the unspoken value of failure and how it can lead to unforeseen successes Immerse in the importance of broadening your horizon and embracing new perspectives to clear mental roadblocks Learn how and why exploration and exploitation for fostering both personal and professional growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Carmen Rita Wong shares her personal journey of unearthing her shifting identities and how she learned to cultivate compassion towards herself and others. She discovered how to embrace the opportunities for personal growth that arose from her childhood trauma and inner conflicts. Her story will inspire you to see how growth and transformation are possible, even in the face of adversity. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Dive into the transformative power of understanding and compassion when facing internal battles Discover the fine line between understanding and forgiveness, and realize how acknowledging others’ actions doesn’t shift your personal accountability Unveil the complexities of human nature and explore how our upbringing shapes us Find the balance between dealing with past influences and fully owning up to one’s decisions To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Emma Seppala reveals how to unleash the power of happiness and success that leads to overall well-being. She explains how to apply the proven science behind the transformation that leads to new levels of success, fulfillment, and contentment. In the episode, you'll be able to: Discover how managing energy, not time, can exponentially boost your productivity Realize the extraordinary effectiveness of breathwork in enhancing emotional resilience Challenge the traditional success notions to make happiness your ultimate job satisfaction indicator Appreciate the key role compassion plays in fostering healthy relationships Question societal norms to redefine success for a more fulfilling life To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Spencer Greenberg and Eric discuss how to integrate behavior change with your values. They explore the importance of focusing on the process rather than the end goal and share practice strategies for forming habits that will help you live according to your values. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Identify the underlying values that lead to your decisions, and build a strategy around them Recognize the crucial role regular self-reflection plays in cultivating these improved practices Understand the significance of prioritizing the process, not just the end goal in forming habits Navigate the next steps when facing conflicting values Understand the various frameworks for behavior change and the ten conditions for change To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Tracy Dennis Tiwary is a renowned emotion scientist and clinical psychologist. Her expertise in emotions, particularly anxiety, gives us a refreshing perspective on how we perceive our fears and hopes. By breaking down the elements of anxiety and explaining its adaptive purpose, she provides effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety. As she explores the link between anxiety and hope, Tracy highlights the importance of emotional agility in prioritizing mental health and fostering resilience. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Uncover the unexpected advantages of embracing your stress Challenge the common misconceptions about success Discover tactics to navigate stressful situations and learn to cultivate resilience Identify and tackle the root causes of your stress and anxiety Understand the importance of fostering a culture that supports mental wellness Harness the hidden potential in stress and turn it into fuel for personal growth To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Embark on a mind-expanding journey with author AJ Jacobs as he unravels the paradox of personal growth through puzzles! While challenging assumptions and finding joy in the process, A.J. explores the fascinating conflict between perseverance and giving up too easily and how this applies to solving actual puzzles and the puzzles of life. In this episode, you'll be able to: Unearth the potential of puzzles to develop your cognitive skills and problem-handling capabilities Find the balance between curiosity and empathy in facilitating smoother disagreements resolution Discover how setting goals and undertaking profound quests can lend purpose to your life Sharpen your capacity to notice finer details for a fuller and more satisfying life experience Gain insights into the fine equilibrium between persistence and knowing when to step back To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Learn to tame your relentless inner critic and unleash your self-confidence as clinical psychologist Aziz Gazipura guides you through an empowering journey of defying doubt, stepping into discomfort, and taking bold action to silence the negative voice within. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Adopt strategies for silencing self-doubt and boosting self-belief Delve into the significance of fostering emotional awareness and acceptance Learn how stepping out of your comfort zone can be a transformational growth strategy Discover how insights on how consistent action can cripple the hold of doubt and the inner critic Unravel the connection between your thoughts and emotions in shaping your experiences. To learn more:  click here!See for privacy information.
Lyanda Haupt shares what it means to explore life at the crossroads of science, nature, and spirit. With a rich academic background in biology, Haupt’s work seeks to break the barrier between science and the average understanding of environmental realities. Through her compelling narratives and insightful perspectives, listeners are offered a gateway into a realm of spirituality deeply intertwined with the natural world. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Discover the intricate connection between the realms of science, nature, and spirituality and why it matters in your daily life Uncover methods to nurture a deeper, more immersive bond with the natural world around you Understand the pivotal role of hope and resilience amid change and uncertainties Find out how to create equilibrium in your life by connecting your inner world with the natural world. Learn why feeding your inner “good wolf” is vital during periods of trials and tribulations, and how to do it effectively To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Join licensed therapist and author Minaa B as she navigates the complexities of owning our struggles to find healing. In this conversation, she explains the power of self-care practices and community support in overcoming trauma and achieving wholeness. In this episode, you’ll be able to: Uncover the vital role emotional maturity plays in personal healing journeys Grasp how building a strong community can fast-track your healing process Dive into the profound impact of racism on personal growth and mental health Acknowledge internalized oppression and the role of self-reflection in dismantling it Recognize the significance of setting boundaries and advocating for yourself in all relationships To learn more, click here!See for privacy information.
Andy J. Pizza is a creative genius who learned to not only accept the challenges of living with ADHD but to embrace the many wonderful qualities that come with it. With compassion and curiosity, Andy discovered how to navigate a path for his neurodivergent thinking to uncover and share his wonderful gifts with the world. In this conversation, Andy and Eric discuss how he learned to manage the ADHD brain to unleash his creativity as well as... Ways to use explore art and its inherent ability for self-expression and self-approval How our upbringing and surrounding environments affect our personal development journey Understanding the impact of ADHD on creativity and how it can open new realms of personal growth Learning to appreciate the critical role authenticity and taste play in nurturing creativity Recognizing that failure is a vital element in fostering a personal growth mindset To learn more, click here! See for privacy information.
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25:15 oh my gosh this. yes. my brain is forever putting out tentacles when one word is me tuoned. Grasping for anything as if it's trying to satiate my many mind moods or connect with multiple people at once. ADHD is I think a superpower when we are able to harness it and undertand instead of seeing it purely as a negative.

Aug 30th

Nova Levesque

"healthy anger" ☯️💟

Aug 25th
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The Wolf poem By Fereydoon Moshiri Iranian poet. A tenacious wolf, said a wise man once, Is hidden deep within each of us. Hence, an immense daily struggle is ongoing, Between the wolf and the human being. Might alone will not this wolf subdue, One with intellect would know what to do. Many a man, weak and grieved, Have their wolves by the throat seized. And, many a man, courageous and strong, Have been trapped in their wolves’ claws for a long. Whoever defeats his wolf, gradually, Becomes a wholesome man, eventually. And, one who’s always defeated by his wolf, May appear to be a human, but he’s a wolf! And, one with whose wolf he will conspire, Wolf-like nature he will acquire. When you’re young, your wolf’s life you must take, To let him grow old with you, is a grave mistake. Even a lion of a man when he’s old, Is no match for a wolf who’s grown old. Whenever people tear each other apart, The wolves are their guide and steward. Why humans are in so much pain? Because it’s their wolve

May 24th


More ads and bs than time on the episode. Pathetic.

Mar 4th

Jeff Thorsen

Mental health affects our lives. And if we are stressed or depressed, we can't do anything. And we can even get sick. Therefore, I decided to look through the review to find a psychologist for myself. I made my choice, and through therapy, I regained my mental health.

Mar 1st

Janet Locane

Proper nutrition and mental health are closely related to each other. If a person is under stress, any diet will negatively affect the body. But drinking more water is also important. Therefore, I decided to go to the link to find out about the application that helps to control daily water consumption. I often exercise but I forget to drink water. And this application helps to comply with the regime.

Feb 16th

Donna Faith K-Brooks

Interesting podcast, but the ads were so obnoxious that I had to turn it off.

Jan 20th

mir mahdi rezaei

Jan 15th

mir mahdi rezaei

In this special collaborative episode with Eric Zimmer, Gillian Tietz, Casey McGuire Davidson, and Dave Wilson (aka Sober Dave), they each share... 1. The reasons they kept drinking and why they weren't ready or felt they could give it up. 2. The strategies or methods they used to get started on their recovery journey and how that evolved during the different stages of their recovery.

Jan 15th

mir mahdi rezaei

In this special collaborative episode with Eric Zimmer, Gillian Tietz, Casey McGuire Davidson, and Dave Wilson (aka Sober Dave), they each share... 1. The reasons they kept drinking and why they weren't ready or felt they could give it up. 2. The strategies or methods they used to get started on their recovery journey and how that evolved during the different stages of their recovery.

Jan 15th

Ben Neat

too many ads

Jan 14th


Beautiful guest, Beautiful episode. So educational. Thank you sooooo much for 🌱

Oct 5th

Rebecca Beck

Loved this episode! I needed every moment of this discussion. Keep shows like this coming!

Apr 8th

Hot Stove

Anger is acceptable, rage and violence are not.

Dec 27th

Jaime J

Love this episode, beautiful in every way!

Nov 11th

Juan Carlos Hernandez

you can get Omegas from chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flaxseeds. not just fish

Sep 11th

Andy Edwards

Warren Buffett may have exactly as much time as us but he probably doesn't have to devote nearly as much of it to menial chores, driving, or even taking notes and setting reminders (assuming he pays a personal assistant).

Jun 30th
Reply (1)

Deanna Treadway

My first listen with you, and I'll be back. I especially appreciated the attitude that we have more control over our own lives then we might think.

Jun 4th


shew. needed

May 8th


Keep politics out this doesn’t serve your listeners

Mar 24th
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