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The Papaya Podcast is a weekly show where your host, Sarah Nicole, dishes out some sweetness mixed in with some seeds of wisdom. Get ready to get inspired, get candid, and get real, because we are all in this digital space together.
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You may know Katie from the hit Reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules, but on this day, we sat down to talk real life with Katie, and is reality tv real for her?? From healthy relationship boundaries, drama and our sometimes addictions to it, body shaming in the public eye, and her traumatic incident where she quite literally shattered a glass ceiling, Katie is here to talk and share about it all. Katie Maloney isn’t shying away from sharing first-hand because she now has a new podcast “You’re Gonna Love Me” that JUST launched! And,’s a must listen!    Listen to Katie’s podcast You’re Gonna Love Me and follow along with Katie on IG @MusicKillsKate     Dipsea is offering a 30 day free trial when you go to   Sign up for a PC Money Account today to start earning PC Op0mum points and redeeming on everyday essentials. Go to to open a PC Money Account and you too can start thinking about money in a whole new way.   To find Wholly Veggie’s newest line of meals head over to   PayPal is making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily. Download the PayPal app today.
We’re being distracted from what’s really important. We’re being misinformed, and lied to. Everyday, for decades, but now...more than ever. So Actress/Writer/Activist Jameela Jamil did something rather transformative about it (like, law-changing transformative) by taking a real look behind the scenes of what was happening in celebrity culture, influencer culture and diet culture. Jameela, with a call to stop weighing ourselves with scales, and start weighing ourselves for MORE, began a movement known as “I Weigh”. Now a podcast, Youtube series and highly-followed Instagram page. Today we unpack how I Weigh began, where it is now, and how YOU can be your own activist, and start using the power you have on social media (it’s not as scary as you think!). This episode will probably have you reeling and thinking...for a long while after.    You can follow Jameela @JameelaJamilOfficial as well as @iWeigh, listen to her podcast “I Weigh With Jameela Jamil” as well as her YouTube Channel Jameela Jamil x I Weigh   Check out Versed Skincare and get 10% off for first time users in the US when you shop at with promo code PAPAYA   PayPal is making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily. Download the PayPal app today.   Produced by Dear Media. 
Need a good laugh about well, LIFE? WOMANHOOD? All of it? Because today we with sit down with Tammin Sursok (Pretty Little Liars, Y&R) & Red Carpet host Roxy Manning for just the kind of conversations we need these days. Messy, honest, a little bit hilarious. These two find ways to talk about the things everyone’s thinking and nobody is they do! Find out how these two met, how they grew their careers and how they’re managing in quarantine in Cali with kids!    Listen to their hit podcast Women on Top, follow along on IG @WomenOnTopOfficial as well as @RedCarpetRoxy & @TamminSursok   get 25% off when you go to and use code PAPAYA at checkout.
Just a couple of years ago, Hamilton, Ontario native Emily O'Brien spent 7 months in prison after being arrested at Pearson Airport for drug importation. Her story of how she got there and her journey since is truly captivating. But wait, popcorn? Find out how Emily grew a brand from prison, hiring other convicts as employees.   Her popcorn company is called Comeback Snacks but the company is only a fraction of her overall story or her mission in this world. Emily recently won a Women of Distinction award, as well as mentors, speaks at schools and through other organizations focusing on the success of women and girls and social justice efforts. As much as she is an extraordinary businesswoman, her advocacy and ability to educate are incredibly powerful. Can’t wait for you to hear her story.    Follow Emily on IG @emz.obrien and @ComebackSnacks or visit her website at   Dipsea is offering a 30 day free trial when you go to   Produced by Dear Media.   
One of the top recommended guests ever for our podcast, Komal is here! Komal Minhas is a curator of powerful experiences and conversations. She is a host, interviewer, investor, and champion of women around the world. She is also a cancer survivor and a chronic illness advocate. What Komal is doing is leveraging her varied and difficult life experiences, along with her background as a business owner and journalist, to deeply connect with her guests and global audience through her talk show Lessons Learned. A recent career highlight for Komal was interviewing Michelle Obama in front of an audience of 8,000 for Michelle’s Canadian stadium tour. In 2016, Komal produced the documentary film, Dream, Girl, about inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs that premiered at the Obama White House and landed her on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 list. Now, Komal is launching her resilience-building online program, The Next Right Step: Organize Your Mind and Life, where she will interview industry-leading experts and thought leaders and facilitate workshops helping you create a holistic blueprint for your next steps in life.  Follow Komal on IG @KomalMinhas, or visit her website for more.   Sponsored by Versed Skincare. Get 10% off for first time users in the US when you shop at with promo code PAPAYA   Produced by Dear Media.
Rose Stokes is an award-winning freelance writer and columnist, writing about the things many of us crave to read about. Covering topics such as health and wellbeing; women’s rights; LGBTQIA rights; mental health; diversity and inclusion; relationships, and more has landed Rose in publications such as Vice, Refinery29, The Economist, & Cosmopolitan UK with some of the juiciest and most relatable writings you’ll ever read. But then, a bigger story was featured. One where Rose herself shares her journey with fitness in a fat body, and the exclusions from the wellness industry because of size. Featured in a multi-page spread in Women’s Health UK it became a widely shared article around the world… landing her here with us today to talk about it all.    "If your size isn’t catered for, the underlying message is that you don’t belong"   Follow Rose Stokes on IG @RoseStokes, website: and read the Women’s Health Article here:   Produced by Dear Media. 
The Almost 30 Podcast is a top-rated lifestyle podcast, brand and community brought to life by LA-based best friends, Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik. Their conversations often revolve around transitional times in life...and it’s not just for those who are “almost 30” after all! So we got talking, we got pod-swapping, and well… transformative conversations were had. From life editing (clearing out bad habits & toxic friendships) to body acceptance and so much more, this is an encouraging, uplifting, simplifying conversation around some of the changes we can make in our lives that can really bring about some positive changes to our overall wellness.  You can follow Almost 30 Podcast at @Almost30Podcast and their hosts @itskrista and @lindseysimcik or check out or listen wherever you play your pods!   Get 25% off when you go to and use code PAPAYA at checkout.   Produced by Dear Media. 
After repetitive, non-progressive labour, Kayleigh found herself racing against the clock when it finally came time to get to the hospital. This resulted in a birth NOBODY expected.   This story is exciting, exhilarating, and beautiful and leads into how this now-mom-of-two has birthed (pun intended) a baby-wearing brand with a focus on inclusivity and sustainability. By merely adding just a little more fabric, and just the right amount. As a small, black-owned, mama-owned business on the backs of giving birth in a car, these are the kinds of stories we need in 2020.   You can find Kayleigh at @HeritageBabyDesigns or shop at   Produced by Dear Media.
What happens when someone asks us what our story is, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s good enough, big enough, or at all “noteworthy”?  That’s what happened when I asked Aurora to come onto the podcast, and she felt like maybe she didn’t have that “thing”, no real authority on any one topic, feeling a little lost about it all… then realized, maybe this IS the thing, maybe THIS needs to be discussed. Have you ever felt like your life and your story is just not noteworthy enough? Just not extraordinary? Come take a listen and hear how we unpack exactly that.      You can find Aurora at @AuroraMcCausland and listen to her podcast @YourBestFriendsPodcast   Jamieson is offering all of my listeners 20% off their next online purchase at when you use the discount code papayapodcast at checkout!   Produced by Dear Media. 
Last year, Jenny Jay and Sarah sat down to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations. Listening back, they both realized it was time to revisit the conversation, what went right, what went wrong, being, and doing better as we grow. While many listeners met Jenny last year in that episode, a LOT has changed since then. A photographer and videographer, Jenny has grown in her activism; her work has been among some of the most shared over the course of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as her call out of JK Rowling. Get comfortable, we’re about to get uncomfortable, again.    You can find Jenny at @JustAskJenny on Instagram or visit   Get 25% off when you go to and use code PAPAYA at checkout.   Produced by Dear Media. 
How did a 20-something Toronto athlete come to find herself a fitness entrepreneur by teaching women to love their bodies through the power of sweat? Find out how this fitness influencer is doing things a little different by taking the parts of her that used to be bullied and channelling them into strengths. We also discuss how fitness can stay apart from diet culture, why EVERY body is worthy of fitness, and some simple truths about fueling and caring for your body. This episode is a special edition sponsored by Jamieson Vitamins.  Right now, if you use the hashtag #HereForHerHealth and tag @JamiesonCanada, Jamieson Vitamins will donate 50cents to the Canadian Women’s Foundation! Use “papayapodcast” for 20% off your order at and stay tuned for a giveaway for 3 lucky winners on @ThePapayaPodcast IG! Follow Beverley @BeverleyCheng as @UltimateSweataway or check her blog for fitness & recipes   Produced by Dear Media.
Krystian is a proud wife and mom to an adorable 2 year old son. Oh, and she’s also a black woman, a gay woman, and in a bi-racial relationship raising a bi-racial son. Krystian sits down to share with us how it’s been for her and her family during the BLM movement in combination with Pride month, raising a son in today's world, and how she believes we can all be better with just one simple thing: LOVE.    Follow along with Krystian on @Krystian_Gabrielle
Known for her table top dance parties, creating her very own show, her brand school and her top 100 podcast “Awesome with Alison”, Alison Faulkner brings us through her journey into awesomeness. This hilarious and powerful conversation will leave you inspired to be your best self and do what you feel CALLED to do, even if you get hit by a car on the way.    Follow Alison on @TheAlisonShow, listen to her podcast “Awesome with Alison” and check out @alisonsbrandschool.     Get 30% off your first month on select crates at   Produced by Dear Media.   
You may have seen Avery Francis pop up in your friend’s instagram stories or newsfeeds because in just a week’s time, Avery’s work has gained massive attention and tens of thousands of new followers. But the story doesn’t begin or end there. Avery is a mixed-race Black woman with expertise in Diversity & Inclusion, while also being a serial entrepreneur. However, this didn’t stop her from being gaslighted in the workplace, by a white woman. In order to gain understanding on things like microaggressions, gaslighting, race & privilege, it can be helpful to hear the experiences first hand. Avery is here to share her story.   Follow Avery Francis on IG @AveryFrancis. Founder of @BuildWithBloom & @JoinSundayShowers.   Get 25% off when you go to LIQUIDIV.COM and use code PAPAYA at checkout.
Get ready, we’re about to talk about vaginas… a lot. After delivering her son 6 years ago, Jorja was given what many know to be “the husband stitch” (yes, you may roll your eyes) but this led Jorja into an entirely different postpartum narrative than the ones we normally hear of and discuss. Jorja’s story will lead us all down a road of  being advocates for our down under bits, speaking up for our pain and our pleasure, and finding intimacy in new places. With many women experiencing pain during sex (with our without childbirth) and staying quiet about it, we hope this conversation leads to some really life-changing thoughts and conversations. So let’s talk about womanhood, break down societal ideals and have meaningful REAL conversations around sex in marriage and like...what “sex” even means anyways.  You can follow Jorja @AlwaysGeorge on Instagram   Produced by Dear Media.
WHAT CONTROVERSY?! Just two weeks ago, Raffela made an Instagram post that went viral. In named and highlighted several influencers (myself, included) bringing up the conversation around thin white privilege and the roots of the Body Positive movement. Confused? Upset? Many were. But in an effort to build bridges, not taller fences we sit downand discuss how we can ALL learn, be better and #PassTheMic to more marginalized bodies from which the movement originated. You may feel uncomfortable and challenged, but that’s where the good stuff happens.   You can follow Raffela on Instagram at @Raffela_Mancuso     Produced by Dear Media. 
Singer, Songwriter & Mental Health advocate, Madeline Merlo joins us today! Hailing from Maple Ridge, BC, Madeline is a CCMA Award and two-time BCCMA Award winning artist, with six Top 15 singles under her belt. Now based in Nashville, TN, Merlo continues to live up to Spotify’s prediction that she is one of the biggest rising stars to watch. Madeline has over 23 million global streams, and in March 2020, she was featured in Spotify's 'Music Needs Women' campaign. But how exactly did she get here? What did THAT look like? Madeline’s story takes us on a journey from childhood songwriting, to being discovered THROUGH A WALL, to being selected as the most recent songwriter of Lady Antebellum's new single “Champagne Night”. And, of course, we deep dive on how mental health and music can really come together. Find Madeline on IG @MadelineMerlo and listen to one of her 3 new singles JUST released!   Get YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE on select crates at    For a total of $80 off your first 3 weeks of HelloFresh including free shipping, go to and enter code papaya80   Produced by Dear Media. 
Lisa Collum is one of the 2% of women who own a business that hits the $1Million mark, all while being a mother of 4! Lisa is the founder and CEO of Top Score Writing, which began humbly as a teacher who saw a gap in kid’s learning and just started making changes that actually helped students in really big ways. Those changes led to a multi-million dollar business, with just $100 to start and no loans. Lisa takes us into her story of how this all happened, along with some major takeaways for parents now being homeschoolers all around with creating structure and routine at home (it’s not like you think it may be!).  Take a deep breath, we really can do this, and we’re not failing. Find Lisa at an on IG/Twitter @LisaCollumCEO (because she’s OWNING that title, now!).   Produced by Dear Media. 
This week we (virtually) sit down with Chinae Alexander! Former Texan-turned-New Yorker, Chinae Alexander is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Her message is to empower people to be better through positive thinking, active change, self-love…with a lot of laughing and curse words along the fucking way. Fresh off her COVID-19 recovery, we talk about what it was really like, and how current realities are challenging her in ways completely unexpected and how she continues to live true to HERSELF so that others may be inspired to do the same. Chinae is also in debt to a racoon a couple million dollars too (it’s not just me!).    Find Chinae at @chinaealexander and catch her captivating “all questions allowed” podcast Press Send.
In this week’s episode - we go solo. For an opportunity to speak about current events, the necessary agitation that isolation has caused, and our emotional and bodily responses to it all. This is a candid conversation around our bodies, shame, our mental health and why it’s ok to be “unstable”. We also discuss how and why Sarah owes 2.1 million dollars to a racoon named Tom… what a ride!    As always, follow along with Sarah on Instagram @TheBirdsPapaya.      Produced by Dear Media.
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Mohammadmahdi Goudasiaee

I like your voice,I learn english with your podcast,thanks

Aug 1st

Donna Tulok

My 2 favorite podcasters came together! 🥰 loved it 😍

Nov 7th

Priya Dhillon

I'm so amazed by this podcast, Sarah. And so terrified for our kids. Thank you for bringing us this story, so we can teach our kids about this awful possibility.

Oct 9th

Donna Tulok

this is definitely my favourite so far. you're both amazing!

Sep 4th

Amber Dennis

Can't wait to listen to your podcast! Your social is so raw and completely inspiring. Thanks for sharing your truth!

Jun 26th
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