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Author: Dr. Mona Amin

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Join Pediatrician and mother Dr. Mona Amin as she equips parents with the tools to thrive and feel confident in parenthood.

Episodes include conversations with experts in the field of child development, child health, parental mental health and well-being, answering questions directly from parents, and parenting guidance and mindset tips to get YOU the most out of your parenting journey.

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236 Episodes
Have you felt yourself drift from your friends pre-motherhood? Or have you found making new and meaningful friendships hard after becoming a mom? I welcome Danielle Bayard Jackson, a relational health educator who has made a career out of studying what the research has to say about creating quality platonic relationships. She also has a new book coming out called, Fighting for Our Friendships: The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women's Relationships. She joins me to discuss:  The three reasons why friendships after motherhood are so hard to make and maintain Why having meaningful and strong female connections is important for our mental health  How to handle “passive” friendships Practical ways to find meaningful connections with peers amidst the mental load and business of our lives Connect with Danielle on Instagram @daniellebayardjackson. Check out her book! We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on the PedsDocTalk Podcast Sponsors page of the website. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The “Default parent” seems like modern parenting terminology, but it’s a real role. It can sometimes be associated with feelings of resentment and overwhelm if it’s not communicated. I welcome Erica Djossa, the CEO and founder of Momwell and the author of Releasing the Mother Load: How to Carry Less and Enjoy Motherhood More. We discuss:  What the default parent is, and how someone knows they’re the default parent  Why, in heterosexual relationships, have mothers taken on this role? How couples can communicate better to share the mental load and roles Connect with Erica on Instagram @momwell. Check out her new book! We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on the PedsDocTalk Podcast Sponsors page of the website. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Do you ever feel you’re overdoing or overthinking parenting? Dr. Aliza Pressman, developmental psychologist, co-founder of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, host of the podcast Raising Good Humans, and author of the newly released New York Times bestseller The 5 Principles of Parenting, joins me to reflect on parenting and discuss her new book. We discuss:  How parents overdo it and how to keep it simple The five principles of parenting that can be applied to many different situations Why parents shouldn’t always focus on “getting it right” Connect with Dr. Aliza Pressman on Instagram @raisingoodhumanspodcast and check out The 5 Principles of Parenting Book. We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on the PedsDocTalk Podcast Sponsors page of the website. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Struggling with boundary setting?  Wanting to foster secure attachment with your child?  Want a relationship with your child as they get older? Issues in school, with peers, etc., and trying to find out why? You’re going to want to listen to this episode. I dive deep into three things children need in relationships with their grown up. Whether it's a parent, teacher, or other caregiver; our children want to feel safe, respected, and connected. I dive deep into how this shows up in parenting and offer insight and stories as well. I discuss:  How kids can feel unsafe in their home and how it’s not just physical safety Why one-way respect parenting is outdated and why we have to respect our kids for them to respect us How to build secure attachment and why it’s needed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This is a completely impromptu episode I had to release because it shares my love for all children (and, of course, my kiddos) with all of you! My son, Ryaan, is four years old and loves playing with my podcast mic. So, the other day after preschool, I had him join me for a conversation. We talk about normal four-year-old things!   Car washes Favorite foods and vegetables  What makes us feel better when we’re sad  And, of course, we sing a song from Frozen  This episode is kid-friendly, and I encourage you to listen to it with your toddlers or preschoolers! Disclaimer: the word penis is said because we teach our son anatomic body parts, and it came up in this impromptu conversation! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The goal of parenting should be to foster the growth and development of the child in front of us, and part of this is guiding them through experiences and things that may make them more anxious. I welcome Dr. Melissa Giglio, a child clinical psychologist, author, and director of a private practice in Hong Kong. We discuss: How we can nurture bravery and confidence in our children Strategies to “push’ our child in healthy ways  Ways to validate their experience as they grow through new situations For more about Dr. Melissa Giglio, check out her website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We live in a digital age, and at some point, our children will have access to phones, but it is our responsibility as parents to balance the benefits and risks of phone use. I welcome Bill Brady, who is the CEO and Co-founder of Troomi Wireless, a mobile phone platform designed to improve kids’ mental health through a safe and balanced relationship with technology. We discuss: The benefits and risks of allowing our child to have a phone for use Is there a magical age at which they should be allowed a phone? How to create healthy boundaries with access to a phone and safety and other activities Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sleep apnea and ADHD can greatly impact sleep, but are often not discussed when discussing a sleep quality evaluation. On this episode, I welcome back Dr. Shelby Harris, a licensed clinical psychologist who is board-certified and specializes in behavioral sleep medicine. We discuss:  How sleep apnea and ADHD affect your child’s sleep and behavior  When to be concerned about your child’s sleep  Is it parenting or something more? Connect on Instagram @sleepdocshelby Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“Finding Joy” episodes on this podcast tackle more than just parenting topics, but real-life mindfulness topics to be the best version of ourselves so we can better show up for ourselves and the people in our life. In this episode, I discuss connection.  What exactly is connection? Why is connection with self so important? How to incorporate meaningful connections in our busy lives. How to know if you’re feeling disconnected with yourself.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jennifer Gates Nassar is the eldest daughter of Bill and Melinda French Gates. She has grown up with privilege but is paving her own path as a medical student and soon-to-be doctor and mother. For this Finding Joy episode, I welcome her on to discuss: How her parents instilled work ethic and grit in her despite growing up with privilege The single most important thing her parents did in raising her that she’s grateful for How she’s found her own identity and calling What she hopes her daughter sees in her as she grows up Follow Jenn on Instagram @jenngatesnassar Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Solid Starts was founded in 2020 to revolutionize the way we feed our babies and toddlers. Their FREE first food database provides nutrition information and preparation information for the foods we eat and how we can make it accessible and safe for babies to eat from the time they start solids. I welcome the founder of Solid Starts, Jenny Best, to talk about Solid Starts and feeding babies and toddlers. We discuss: How we as parents and our parenting style can impact feeding Why feeding is an incredibly important milestone Why self-feeding is important for babies Check out all the Solid Starts resources: Free First Foods Database, Solid Starts App, Starting Solids Bundle Connect on Instagram @solidstarts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Childhood trauma has unfortunately become a buzzword across social media where sometimes things are labeled as “trauma” that may not exactly be. Or maybe a parent is inadvertently doing something that can lead to trauma. On this episode I welcome Kobe Campbell, a licensed trauma therapist and author, to discuss :  What is the definition of childhood trauma  How not all crying is trauma How to ask yourself if something you’re doing is traumatizing your child  Holding your child for vaccines, giving meds, brushing teeth. Is this trauma? Sleep-training-Is this trauma?   Check out Kobe's website at or connect on Instagram @kobecampbell_ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sweet and treats are part of our lives. Even if we may not eat a lot of them in our home; our children will be exposed to these foods in school and at parties and it’s important we don’t put sweets and treats on a pedestal. I invite Jennifer Anderson, a registered dietitian and founder of Kids Eat in Color.  We discuss: How we put food on pedestals  What it means to have a healthy relationship with food  Why labeling of foods as “good” or “bad” can backfire Find out more about Kids Eat in Color at or connect on Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s 2024: And the goal of this year for my community and listeners is learning to “let it go” for the things that are not serving us or blocking our joy.  I discuss:  Why controlling tendencies can occur especially in motherhood Why motherhood is the ultimate struggle for those of us who grew up loving control  How control looks like in motherhood Ten steps to learn to let go of control Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this final episode of 2023, I welcome my husband, Gaurav, to chat about how we as a generation are making parenting harder on ourselves. He has joined me for two episodes already about Marriage and Parenting and Re-Parenting ourselves as we parent our children and on this episode we discuss: How we can tap back into our intuition as parents How we have created a skewed view of success as parents How we can simplify parenting again Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Traveling with kids can feel overwhelming, but it does provide many benefits to kids and your family. I welcome Preethi Harbuck who is a mom of six, avid traveler, and creator of @localpassportfamily a blog and social media platform to support families as they travel to discuss:  How travel changes our kid’s world for the better  What they learn by travel (both locally and internationally) The one thing not to forget when traveling with kids  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Time-Outs get a bad rap on social media, however when done correctly they can be effective for some children. On this episode, I welcome Dr Jenicka Engler, developmental neuropsychologist, clinical scientist, and mom to discuss: Why Time-outs get a bad rap When time-outs can be effective When NOT to use time-outs  How parents misuse time outs  Find Dr. Jenicka on Instagram @drjenicka Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Keeping your home clutter free and “tidy” doesn’t have to be a scary task and you can utilize your children in developmentally appropriate ways to do it. I welcome Tyler Moore known as @tidydad on Instagram, who is a teacher, father of three, and writer who helps families find a rhythm, system, and routine to complement the current state of life that they’re in.  We discuss:  How to incorporate our kids into household routines  Why chores don’t need to be rewarded  Tips for things like getting out of the house or tidying up toys Find out more about Tyler Moore at or connect on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest @tidydad Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I have spoken about weight and percentile anxiety many times both on my social media channels and on this podcast and now I am experiencing it. On this episode, I get candid about percentile anxiety and how it impacted my postpartum.  I discuss:  How my percentile anxiety negatively impacted me postpartum  How anxiety over my daughter’s weight led to her having temporary feeding aversions  How to manage percentile and weight anxiety What it means to look at the big picture when it comes to weight gain Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
#PhilipsPartner  Today on the podcast, we're joined by artist Brooke Ring, in collaboration with Philips Avent's Parent's Path Art Collection. We'll explore how art aided her postpartum journey and the positive effects of creative outlets on mental health. The Philips Avent's Parent's Path Art Collection features custom artwork by mom artists, highlighting their motherhood experiences with self-expression, self-care, and a community support for new parents. #ParentYourWay To enter the Philips Avent giveaway, offering you the chance to win $500 of Philips Avent products, follow @PhilipsAvent on Instagram, and then share a picture of your personal parenting path using hashtag #AParentsPath before November 15th for a chance to win. Terms and Conditions apply and can be found at Philips Avent's link in bio on their Instagram page. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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