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The Peter Zeihan Podcast Series

Author: Peter Zeihan

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Welcome to The Peter Zeihan Podcast Series! Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan is a global energy, demographic and security expert. If you want to stay informed on the realities of geography and populations, you've come to the right place. Zeihan's worldview offers insights into how global politics impact markets and economic trends, helping industry leaders navigate today’s complex mix of geopolitical risks and opportunities. Expect a forward-looking approach to what will drive tomorrow’s headlines, delivered in digestible, accessible and relevant takeaways for audiences of all types. For more info or to subscribe to the newsletter, visit: Subscribe to the YouTube Channel @zeihanongeopolitics Thanks for listening, and don't forget to subscribe!

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I often talk about the importance of demographics for countries, but do high birth rates always equate to population growth? Full Newsletter:
Since I'm here in Ohio, why not talk about what makes this region so unique. Today, we'll be discussing how shale in Ohio has propelled economic growth in an unfamiliar way. Full Newsletter:
With the recent attack on Moscow, I received some requests to do a breakdown on the geopolitics of ISIS. First things first, there are two largely unaffiliated groups at play here – ISIS-Khorasan and the more widely known, ISIS. Full Newsletter:
Germany has had a streak hotter than the '96 Chicago Bulls. The German economic model has contributed to European political, economic, and industrial success, but problems are on the horizon. Full Newsletter:
I've gotten a handful of questions regarding Venezuela invading the South American state of Guyana due to economic challenges and oil discoveries. The short answer is that I'm not worried about this, but here's three reasons why. Full Newsletter:
The Ukrainians are getting creative and finding ways to launch longer-range attacks on Russian infrastructure. We've already seen strikes on pipeline nexuses and chemical complexes as deep as Samara and Tatarstan. Full Newsletter:
Ukrainian agricultural exports are finally having the boot lifted from their throats thanks to new tariffs on certain goods in the EU and Ukraine's adoption of water based drones. Full Newsletter:
At this point, we've all heard about the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapsing in Baltimore on March 26. While it may seem like this should drastically impact American shipping, I'm really not worried about it... Full Newsletter:
If mommy and daddy told you to go college and then you'd be set for're not alone. With traditional models pushing everyone towards white-collar jobs and university degrees, we've created a massive oversupply of finance bros... Full Newsletter:
There's been recent discussions by French President Macron regarding deploying French troops to Ukraine. Is this really going to happen and why would they do this? Full Newsletter:
The new face of military technology is here...and no its not some Master Chief type suit running around the battlefield. We're talking about the democratization of tech applications and the empowerment of individual soldiers to make strategic decisions. Full Newsletter:
The Japanese have just announced an interest rate increase to a whopping 0.1% after seventeen years of zero to negative interest rates. So, is this a sign of a return to normality for Japan or is something else going on? Full Newsletter:
More details have emerged about the March 22 terror attack outside Moscow. The information does not look good, with the biggest takeaway being the Russian government's showcasing of a shocking incompetence in security matters. That will haunt this regime until the day it falls. Full Newsletter:
Late evening on Friday, March 22 local time, three gunman attacked a concert venue in a Moscow suburb, setting it ablaze and killing an as-yet-unknown number of civilians. Full Newsletter:
We're all quite familiar with the concept of inflation, but inflation's dark and twisted sister -deflation- doesn't come out of his shell all that often. So, for our next episode of 'Things I Worry About' we're talking about deflation. Full Newsletter:
We tend to overlook the dynamics of demography and its economic impact, so let's take a step back and break down demographics by generation and how that will dictate the future of our economies. Full Newsletter:
It should come as no surprise that the Russians love meddling around, so let's see what they've been up to lately. We'll be looking at tech transfers with Iran, North Korea, and China and Russian propaganda in the US. Full Newsletter:
The Ukrainians have made some huge strides in the maritime theater and have poked some eyebrow raising holes in Russia's naval capabilities. Full Newsletter:
Some European economists came up with a super-duper-hyper-revolutionary solution to the green problem...just use less energy! Crazy, right? Before we write off this idea completely, let's break it down. Full Newsletter:
In this episode, we'll be discussing a wide array of topics, including labor problems and AI's impact on labor markets, challenges associated with chip shortages, differences between developing and developed countries, China's future, and more. Full Newsletter:
Comments (6)


It was actually the conservative CDU that shut down nuclear power in Germany. Not the green party.

Mar 4th

Angus Haywood

Could have mentioned the widespread stultification, due to a new religion, that dulled the M-East's intellectual, technological, political, institutional, innovations after the 7th century.

Feb 6th

forward slash

I was a big fan of Elon musk when it was all about electric vehicles and becoming an inter planetary species but when he took over social media and turned it into a right wing disinformation sewer I went right off him. What a twat.

Dec 1st

Floyd Lawsen

It is not "nucular." It is difficult to take someone seriously if they cannot even pronounce "nuclear" correctly.

Nov 7th


Our own government is the biggest propaganda purveyor on the globe. U.S. news outlets used to fact check the government. Now, they are the mouthpiece of the propagandists.Also, it's not just the things the news outlets say - it's what they don't report that is also problematic. We are turning into China at an alarmingly fast pace.

Aug 15th

Abel Santa Ana

loved it. The "all Biden not do is not die" was hilarious, but very true.

Apr 26th
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