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Author: Chris Hawkey, Cory Cove, Paul Lambert (KFXN)

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The Power Trip Morning Show - Sports, Movies, Music, Comedy and more...
3093 Episodes
It's Power Trip Vegas Day 2 LIVE from BWW! The guys react to OJ's death, Hawkey recaps The Scorpions concert, Sauce talks draft, & more.
Hawk tell us a wild story about a situation he witnessed, & reads the news. Sauce tries to pitch a perfect game.
HR. 3 - Jiggalo Jersey

HR. 3 - Jiggalo Jersey


The guys discuss the new details in the Shohei Ohtani scandal, Sauce loses some money, plus Initials game 502!
HR. 1 -  Grey Haired Foo

HR. 1 - Grey Haired Foo


The Power Trip is LIVE from BWW in Las Vegas! The guys tell us a story about Zach being too nervous to interview Anthony LaPanta, talk Wolves/Nuggets, & chat with Mr. Z about CinemaCon.
Hawk & Cory tell us what really matters.  Hawk reads the news, and gives a list of things that mean you are officially old.
Sauce talks draft. Wild radio VOX Joe O'Donnell joins the fun.  Rosie makes a special guest appearance.  Plus, an all rube edition of the Initials!
John Kriesel, Mark Parrish, & Maxx Fuller fill-in while the regulars head to Vegas.  The guys talk fights, ladies of the night, & plenty of sports.
HR. 2 - Giamatti Night

HR. 2 - Giamatti Night


Ben Leber joins the fun and helps out with What Really Matters, Maxx does the news, Marney breaks down the Wolves comeback win against the Wizards.
HR. 3 - Life is Show Prep

HR. 3 - Life is Show Prep


Rosie joins the fun.  The gang tell their news jokes, and peel back the curtain on show prep.
Zach Halverson is back from Indy with a full report on his eclipse experience, John Bonnes is in for the last time for a while to talk Twins and more, Mark Rosen's deleted scene from a famous movie resurfaces
HR. 2 - Breasts

HR. 2 - Breasts


Hawk has the news, Sauce has the sports, Rosie has the button bar additions
Kevin Gorg is in studio, countless others join remotely and The Power Trip bets on The Masters!
Hr. 1 -  Diddlin’

Hr. 1 - Diddlin’


The guys convince Zacho to buy a last minute ticket to see the eclipse.  Sauce tells us about his European vacation.  The guys research the true meaning of “diddling”.
Hr. 2 -   Evil Eye

Hr. 2 - Evil Eye


Hawk and Cory tell us what really matters.  Everyone reacts to the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” finale. Cory & Sauce start a band.
Hr. 3 -   Street Liquor

Hr. 3 - Street Liquor


The guys recap a busy weekend of sports, talk draft, discuss a weird Vegas toothbrush story, & Cory reads the headlines.
Hawk runs into some problems with an interview, John Kriesel is in to talk all things Minnesota sports
The Sklar Brothers are back in studio and talk Bemidji, Blues, music, culture and more!
The Sklar Brothers are BACK to play another Intials Game
Country music superstar Kenny Chesney talks football, touring and more ahead of his May 4th show at U.S. Bank Stadium!
HR. 1 - Two Wishes

HR. 1 - Two Wishes


Comments (7)



Sep 29th


ratatouille! lol

Jun 9th

Adam Hess

what the heck it sounds like my phones been possessed

Mar 19th


Hawkeys mumbling "" out loud makes him seem like an ignorant baboon

Feb 21st
Reply (1)

Jeff Kunkel

going back to the iHeartRadio app

Feb 6th

Jeff Kunkel

no sound after 30 minutes, happens on almost all of them

Feb 6th
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