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KatieBeth and Allison open up season 3 with a life update on Allison and the start of a new season of life for both of them. 
Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.


"I am such an a**hole." The story of how Katie got a girlfriend, fell in love and how she was able to get there.    
Allison & Katie update on love lives, what they are looking for their future, what drives them nuts, and making really hard choices. Plus, Katie's shocking admission. It leaves us with these questions... Are you in love with being in love? How can we allow ourselves to be in love with someone who isnt in love with us? Is closure a real thing?
KatieBeth and Allison talk to Milwaukee's famous Jojo about Pride, dating, new relationships, old wounds, Florida & the Unabomber!
Allison shares her emotional journey fighting cancer, a very powerful real life look into the ups and downs from diagnosis, chemo, going through this alone and the mental challenges she is facing. KatieBeth talks about putting her career first, why relationships are not the priority in her life and some remorse she has had with choosing that. Here is the three takeaways! 1. If you have or meet the person that is THE thing, like the bottle rocket to the moon, dont squelch it. Dont fear it. 2. Go get KatieBeth's new album 3. Find someone to walk through life with you, cause life it short.
Allison updates on her health and life, what she does to cope with her diagnosis. KatieBeth & Allison talk about how to make love work in their complicated lives. The seven things the person you are meant to be with has to check off. Anything less than the seven isn't meant for you. If its 3 or 4 of them, that is easy and easy serves its purpose, but its not the  "one".
KatieBeth & Allison catch up on their love lives, medical things and how to move forward by embracing what will be's, finding the good from the past and taking chances.  "I knew you'd haunt all of my what-ifs. Tried to change the ending. Peter losing Wendy." -TS, folkore 2020
KatieBeth & Allison go to H2O Hydration Oasis to have IV fluids and talk about their experience. 
Katie and Allison talk with Jojo about dating with filters, IUD insertion and the shit show that is her life. ITS A DOOZY. We apologize in advance. 
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


KatieBeth & Allison talk about the black lives matter movement, what it means to be an ally and what you can do RIGHT now to move change forward.
KatieBeth & Allison talk about being true to our own life, happiness, worrying about the future and setting boundaries for our work - home life balance.
KatieBeth & Allison talk about religion, how hard it is coming out if your family is religious, social media trolling dealing with peoples hateful opinions, being a helper and how Katie fights the hate. If you would like more information on all thing’s LGBT, check out The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin. The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin is an open affirming environment for people of all sexual orientations and gender identity expressions. Providing support, education, resources and advocacy to achieve a stronger and healthier world for all LGBTQ+ people and allies. With collaborative networking in Racine, Kenosha, Walworth County and Northern Illinois, they are empowering the community to provide a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ+ diversity, equity, visibility and community building.
TRIGGER WARNING: This week deals with violence, drug use, and explicit content. This week we talk to a warrior, single mom, a woman living her dreams and someone who had to fight her way to get to where she is now. The Pridecast welcomes Katie's best friend, Krissy to share her story. 
Allison talks about getting closer to closing the door on her previous relationship, trying to find positivity and what the new normal of her household with her kiddo at home is. KatieBeth offers advice on accepting what works for your household, not being so hard on yourself and finding ways to interact with the people you are missing.
Katie and Allison talk with Jojo. Allison tells us the lost Jojo Florida story, we talk about levitating our frequency, repairing patterns of behavior to choose better partners and Jojo updates us on her dating life.
​KatieBeth and Allison talk about healing, moving forward, dating again after trauma, abuse, losing love & squirrel sex. Yes, we know that is ridiculous.
KatieBeth and Allison talk about dating, first date "bangs", moving on from a relationship and what we are doing while being quarantined!
That Aint Love

That Aint Love


Love Doesn't Hurt. This is dedicated to all that have loved and lost, that have been hurt through relationships. That know this all too well. You are not alone. 
Update on Allison's #1 & #2 Love interests. When love is not enough, when you should move on, why we hold on to the past. Why do we not want to ask for help? When it is the right person, it just is.  
EXPLICIT EPISODE: Allison talks about her nightmare procedure where she pictured herself dying as she choked on her own blood on the OR table, what it means to be your own advocate for your health, what happens with Allison next, Katie cries and what is means to be happy. Is it better to be content or happy? What does that mean to you?  
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Saith Ammar

Katie had always considered herself a bit of an outsider. She had a tendency to be blunt, and her sarcastic sense of humor often rubbed people the wrong way. Deep down, she knew she had a good heart, but her rough exterior made it hard for others to see. One day, as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, she whispered to herself, "I am such an a**hole."

Aug 15th

Saith Ammar

Allison & Katie: An Update on Love, Future Aspirations, and Difficult Choices Introduction: In the journey of life, love remains a central theme that weaves its way through the hearts of many. Let's catch up with Allison and Katie as they share insights into their love lives, their aspirations for the future, what drives them nuts, and the challenges they've encountered along the way. As their stories unfold, thought-provoking questions arise, leaving us to ponder the complexities of love and relationships. Allison's Love Life: Allison, a free-spirited adventurer, has been focusing on personal growth and self-discovery. She's found joy in embracing the present moment, exploring new passions, and building meaningful connections. As for her future, she envisions a partner who shares her zest for life, someone open-minded and supportive. While she cherishes independence, she's open to the idea of a committed relationship that adds depth and meaning to her journey. Future Aspirations:

Jul 28th

Saith Ammar

Are you ready for a podcast that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusivity, and brings a vibrant mix of content to your ears? Look no further! Two Wisconsin chicks are here to ignite your curiosity and offer an all-inclusive podcast that caters to every kind of human. Welcome to "Prideful Chats" – a podcast that combines music, comedy, adventure, activism, community leaders, and all things PRIDE!

Jun 8th
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