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The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

Author: Michael Bazzell

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Coach T

Working through the 8th edition of Open Source Intelligence Techniques, wondering if you’ll ever consider making these into eBooks readable on Kindle. Quite awkward traveling with a big book on how to find info online on people, or reading it in public, doesn’t feel very discreet. 😋

Mar 19th

Ed Ducate

couldn't find FireRTC on Google store.

Jul 16th

Christina Mancini

I'm surprised you didn't read Parler's terms of service before shooting your mouth off on the matter. I have little confidence in much if anything you might have to say.

Jan 16th

Sun Tzu

great episode

Sep 11th


I love this podcast. I've heard every one of them. Michael, you're amazing.

Feb 21st

Jim Eiden

I stayed at an Air BnB away from the strip.

Jan 13th

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

LOL anyone know who was it that said no you can't take a pic of me, get a real life in the intro? Was it Lauren Southern?

May 27th

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

Forget Tutanota also. They are not crypto friendly, which is a red flag.

Apr 26th

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

Don't use Protonmail guys, proof was shared last year that they were working with a data mining company. Confirmed honeypot. We are naive to think that Switzerland is private, anything in the USA or 1st world Europe is going to turn on you at the first sign of trouble.

Apr 26th
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Very informative.Thank You

Apr 22nd

Captain Creditor

My's OK to look into your date via Google, LinkedIn, etc but if they do it to you, they're a creeper. One guest complained some did it to her then goes off about how much research she conversely does. Well which is it? OK or not OK?

Sep 27th
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