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A true crime podcast with a different point of view. Every week, Alice and Brett bring their unique perspective as prosecutors to the most famous cold case mysteries of all time. Murder, mayhem, disappearances, you name it. If it's true crime, they're on the case.

Custom case art by Hannah Hill.
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After several weeks of trial, the Commonwealth begins to present its evidentiary case against Karen Read. But is it too little, too late?
Today we have a special treat--Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.  Recently a critical case was highlighted on her program where a big announcement was made: The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office laid out a plan to finally bring justice for Laralee Spear, a 15-year-old Florida teen who was murdered over 30 years ago while walking home from school. Nancy Grace provides the latest updates and insights on Laralee’s case.  A $100,000 reward is offered for information that leads to a conviction in the case. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Major Case Unit at 386-254-1537 or email 
After weeks of trial, the prosecution finally wraps up calling witnesses who are part of the conspiracy. We give our final thoughts on the conspiracy, for now, and get ready to move on to the prosecution's actual case that Karen Read struck John with her car. Sponsors: Nighty Night Podcast, Better Help,, Progressive, Pluto
The Commonwealth continues to call witnesses to the stand who are integral parts of the defense's conspiracy theory. We look at their testimony. Sponsors: Nighty Night Podcast, Better Help,, Progressive, Pluto
The trial of Karen Read rolls on as the prosecution builds its case.
Enjoy this from our companion podcast: The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs. Subscribe now for real-time legal analysis, discussion, and interviews with people like true crime legend Nancy Grace. This week, she joins us to discuss her time as a prosecutor, how she got into broadcasting, and what creators can do to advocate for victims of crime.
The Karen Read Trial continues.
The trial starts, and we dive into the case for and against Karen Read.
We went to CrimeCon, and we had a great time meeting all of you. Enjoy the recap. And Bloopers!
When Boston cop John O'Keefe was found dead in the snow in the midst of a blizzard, suspicion immediately fell on his girlfriend, Karen Read. But did she hit him with her car and leave him there? Or was she framed? Ads for this episode include: -Nighty Night Podcast -Huggies -Earth Breeze - **Receive forty percent off Earth Breeze just by going to EARTH BREEZE dot com slash prosecutors! EARTH BREEZE dot com slash prosecutors to cut out single-use plastic in your laundry room and claim forty percent off your subscription. -Hello Fresh - **Go to HelloFresh dot com slash prosecutorsapps for FREE appetizers for life! One appetizer item per box while subscription is active.
Leo Schofield has been released from prison, but his search for justice is just beginning. Gilbert King and Scott Cupp join us to discuss this injustice and what's next for Leo.
This is the story of how one small town plotted to get rid of the town bully... permanently.
It should have been a fun night out, but it turned into yet another example of an Indigenous woman disappearing without a trace. Six years later, her family is still searching for answers. Where is Jermain Charlo?
In this episode, we discuss the mystery of D.B. Cooper with retired FBI Behavioral Analyst and host of The Consult: Real FBI Profilers, Julia Cowley.  Sponsors: The Campaign Managers Huggies Hello Fresh: Enjoy free dessert for life by using code PROSECUTORSSWEET at: Prolon: Receive 15% off your five-day nutrition plan with code: PROSECUTORS at: Progressive Insurance PlutoTV
In this episode, we solve the mystery of D.B. Cooper. Ha. Sponsors: FirstLeaf: Try to save 50% on your first SIX bottles plus free shipping. ZocDoc: and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Progressive Insurance Homes.Com Huggies PlutoTV Ransom Podcast
247. D.B. Cooper Part 3

247. D.B. Cooper Part 3


We look at some of the evidence in the D.B. Cooper case as we move towards suspects. Sponsors: Huggies Rocket Money -- Prolon -- for ten percent off. Hiya -- for fifty percent off. Progressive Insurance PlutoTV We Almost Made It Podcast
246. D.B. Cooper Part 2

246. D.B. Cooper Part 2


We continue our look at the last great American outlaw, D.B. Cooper. Sponsors: The Jordan Harbinger Show This show is sponsored by BetterHelp: today to get 10% off your first month. Progressive Insurance PlutoTV
When he walked on to the plane that rainy day, he was anonymous, just another man in a suit. But when he jumped out the back of it, he became a legend. He called himself Dan, but you know him as D.B. Cooper. Sponsors: Prolon Life: for ten percent off. Progressive Insurance The Jordan Harbinger Show The Consult Podcast Pluto TV
Julia Cowley is a former member of the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Unit and the host of The Consult: Real FBI Profilers. She joins us to discuss the Robert Wone case.
We conclude our coverage of the Robert Wone case with our theories. And we hear lots of zebras. Sponsors:  Hiya Kids Vitamins: for 50 percent off your first order RocketMoney: to slash your bills and save money ZocDoc: to find a doctor today PlutoTV The Consult: Real FBI Profilers The Jordan Harbinger Show
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Jason Speer

Spiffing means Splendid..I'm from London UK , its used by the upper class, also the Royal Family

Jul 17th

Jason Speer

wasn't there a mention of drugs earlier in the podcast and Lindsay said 'I saw or heard something I shouldn't have ! I think it was the cocaine bust ! And cartel or drug gang hit

Jul 10th

Jason Speer

naaa Milli Vanilli best song is 'Girl I'm Gonna Miss You' imo

Jul 8th

Jason Speer

The letter sounds like an intellectual person trying hard too be a terrorist organisation , but doesn't do good job of it, as per the intellectual slip ups

Jul 7th

Henry Ehli

I think there might of been private jets involved.

Jul 7th

Christina Wilson

I bet Alice is one of those people who pronounces coupons as "cyoo-pons".

May 31st

Sayda Pervin Nipa


Apr 19th

Helen H

played half way....then wouldn't play anymore.

Apr 2nd

lisa bradford

does no one think jt was Jay who killed Hae? he could be jealous bc Adnan is his gfs BFF and he might not like that very much. it's all coming from Jay And what do all crooks do when they get close to getting popped question markthey throw someone else under the bus If not just plain maliciously did it to fuck with adnan I know I wouldn't say for any reason out of the sun that I helped anybody do shit with the murderunless I committed the murder and it's better to be An accomplice then the Mur

Feb 15th

Peona 12

Great episode, Sheryl McCollum is fantastic!

Jan 30th


You claim that Adnan is a mastermind and then you describe him as "dumb". I'm done with this podcast - your smugness has always been off-putting anyway.

Dec 6th

Chris Logan

Brett and Alice are two of the worst examples of lawyers possible, they are flat out lying about this case and stating things as true that aren't, and stating things as false that are true. No wonder people don't trust lawyers, you know they're lying because their lips are moving.

Dec 3rd
Reply (1)


Terri killed Kyron. Not a new sad story but it infuriates more than most because it was premeditated. She planned the murder of a 7 year old boy that she had cared for since birth! Also, the idea that the husband was cheating on the wife while she was pregnant and then the woman murdered her son. No words for how angry I would be!

Nov 8th

Rachel Schommer

ugh...super Maga? Brett is even too unqualified for a Trump elected federal judge. yikes. unsubscribe.

Oct 31st

Aakash Amanat

I thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode of "The Prosecutors." The discussion on the complexities of modern-day criminal prosecution was both insightful and thought-provoking. The detailed analysis of the challenges faced by prosecutors in today's legal landscape, such as dealing with evolving technology, forensic evidence, and public opinion, shed light on the multifaceted nature of their work. Their perspective on the ethical considerations and moral dilemmas prosecutors often encounter was enlightening.

Oct 25th


I agree with Mark Twitchell that his Dexter obsession was overstated. seems the podcasters are always forcing the similarities.

Oct 24th

Melanie Marie-Jahnke Manning

Maybe I'm off, but I don't feel like most people believe in a conspiracy theory. I think most people who think Adnan is innocent, believe that he got railroaded by cops with tunnel vision. The issues that get brought up offer reasonable doubt, if anything.

Oct 16th

Arthur Davido

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Oct 12th

Melanie Marie-Jahnke Manning

if the prosecution says the murder happened at 2:36 and Adnan was at the library at 2:45, the he couldn't have killed Hae, UNLESS the prosecution allows for a different time of murder. A murder weapon (ie blow poke), doesn't change a timeframe or possibility of murder.

Oct 2nd


The Tyler Davis disappearance is another Columbus mystery. I would like to hear your theories on that one.

Sep 28th