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The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood
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The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood

Author: White Cat Entertainment

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A hybrid relaxation/storytelling/comedy/science/adventure podcast. Join Scientist and Explorer Jonathan Peter Atwood as he tells stories about his adventures all over the world and beyond. Music, ambient sounds and sound effects all combine with Jonathan’s narration to help you chill, reduce stress, and enjoy a quiet, comforting sleep. Created by Chris Mancini. Music and Sound Design by Ron Tanski. Shows drop the first and 15th of every month.
70 Episodes
Professor Atwood and his crew must navigate a mysterious Meteor Storm in addition to some unexpected almond issues.
Professor Atwood is called away unexpectedly and cannot record the episode, so Bradley presents a very special soundscape instead. Regular transmissions/stories will resume next episode. Sweet dreams, adventurers.
Professor Atwood meets with his crew to discuss the Terraforming of Mars and how the Martians really feel about. He also has to deal with a brewing chef/engineer problem.
Professor Atwood and his crew learn some surprising things about their mission from Janet, the NASA Mission Specialist. These surprises include everything from a secret advanced NASA propulsion system to who actually requested Professor Atwood for this mission.
With final preparations made, Professor Atwood must come up with a contingency plan to deal with a possible storm front that would delay the Mars Mission Launch.
Professor Atwood and his crew perform final inspections for his trip into outer space and visits a delightful coffee shop at the top of the JPL rocket gantry.
Professor Atwood's crew completes their abbreviated astronaut training with a surprise secret reveal about Mars at the end.
Time is of the essence, but preparation is still key to the success of a mission. Professor Atwood brings his crew to NASA for some condensed astronaut training.
After learning his son was on the crew of a missing Mars mission, Professor Atwood quickly makes preparations for space travel and interviews potential space crew candidates.
Professor Atwood begins to prepare for another adventure after unexpectantly getting a call from NASA. However, this adventure would most likely be a bit more personal than usual.
A VERY SPECIAL CROSSOVER event with the Sleep With Me Podcast. Professor Atwood invites Professor Scooter over to his lab to give a guest lecture on the neuroscience of sleep. Retro video games, dolphins, and clowns are also discussed.
Professor Atwood experiences calm seas and bittersweet goodbyes as he reflects on his latest adventure and finally returns home.
Professor Atwood must deal with one last complication involving vandalism and a seal so Benny and Alice's wedding can finally go off without a hitch.
After coming up empty handed at the Underground Market, Professor Atwood, with the help of Byron the former hidden pirate, has one last trick up his sleeve to save Benny and Alice's wedding.
Professor Atwood continues to try and save Benny's and Alice's wedding by helping Alice find the right accessory in the Underground Market Jewelry Exchange. But the Professor senses that something is still amiss with Alice.
Professor Atwood and his party find a door to the Underground Market in Benny's secret island Pirate Lounge, but finds that one of his crew members is not welcome there.
Having to unexpectedly deal with classic wedding superstitions, Professor Atwood travels to the Pirate Lounge on Benny's secret vacation island to find an accessory for Alice.
After a stop in Australia to resupply, Professor Atwood and his crew make haste to arrive at Benny's secret island in time for the Christmas wedding. However, once there they find an unexpected complication involving ancient wedding superstitions.
Professor Atwood and Professor Felice prepare to leave the formerly cheeseless alternate dimension and return home. One crewmember, however, decides to stay.
Oceanic chefs Beverly and Gillian face each other in a alternate universe cheese-centric bakeoff to get the chromite needed for Professor Atwood and his crew to get back home.
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