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The Quote of the Day Show | Daily Motivational Talks
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The Quote of the Day Show | Daily Motivational Talks

Author: Sean Croxton

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The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Featured speakers include Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and money mindset expert Sean Croxton. Follow Sean on IG, Twitter, and FB at @seancroxton. Also, subscribe to his interview podcast, The Sean Croxton Sessions, on iTunes.
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Are you bringing anything to the table? Today, Dr. George C. Fraser encourages you to bring value, skills, and knowledge to the table. If not, you won’t be invited back. Source: LC17 | Dr. George C. Fraser | First Financial SecurityHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Today, Zig Ziglar reminds you that your success is a result of taking the steps required to get there. You can’t skip them. Plus, find out the best way to get a raise at work!Source: Be, Do and Have More - Zig ZiglarHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Today, Grant Cardone explores the common reasons why most business owners fail to get the attention they need to serve their ideal customers. Plus, how it’s never been EASIER to get eyeballs on you and your business. Source: Grant Cardone Speaks To Insurance Agents At 8% Nation!Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
On today’s episode, author and consultant Alan Weiss reveals the secret to standing out in a crowded space. Source: Alan Weiss - GLAC SpeechHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Myron Golden reveals his “2-sentence wealth formula.” DO THIS, and it’s almost impossible to not get rich!Source: Two Sentence Wealth FormulaHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Author and speaker Lee Milteer reveals how using your imagination can be the most important element of becoming the most successful version of yourself. Source: Lee Milteer Speaks at the 2014 GKIC SuperConferenceHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Les Brown leads off the week discussing the HARD WORK required to build the life you want. If you’re not willing to take the hits, to be courageous, and to hear the rejections, your life will not change. You’ll just come up with more excuses.Source: Take Charge of Your Life - Les BrownHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
On today’s Finance Friday episode, Harv Eker reveals the secret to cutting your time to financial freedom in half. Source: Millionaire Mind IntensiveHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
On today’s special Independence Day episode, we celebrate with an excerpt from President John F. Kennedy’s inspiring inaugural address in 1961.Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Today, the late Bob Proctor discusses the time freedom that comes along with money, how there’s more than enough money to go around, and why the key to growth is a commitment to boundless study.Source: The Secret To Wealth Mind & Money Strategies Bob ProctorHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Motivational speaker Eric Thomas encourages you to raise your game if you want to get to the next level. Commit to putting in more time, more work, and more self-discipline. Remember, what got you here won’t get you there. What do you need to change?Source: Eric Thomas - NO EXCUSES (Eric Thomas Motivation) - No MusicHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Lisa Nichols reflects on what it took for her to become a successful speaker and author. Find out what it looks like to be non-negotiable, to take risks, and to be willing to put the world on notice. Plus, she reveals 4 things abundant thinkers do to live extraordinary lives.Source: Step Into Your Purpose For Coaches & Educators | Lisa NicholsHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Leo Buscaglia shares a story to remind us to make good use of our time. Stop planning what you’re going to do ONE DAY; do it NOW.Source: Leo Buscaglia – A Time to LiveHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
On today’s episode, Robin Sharma reveals how to be an effective, high character leader who gets things done and has an IMPACT on the lives of others. Source: WGS17 Sessions: The Anatomy of a Future LeaderHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Do you struggle with selling your products and services to others? On today’s episode, Myron Golden shares why your lack of sales may be rooted in your attitudes and opinions about being sold to. Source: Money Making Expert: Exact Formula For Turning $100 Into $100,000 Per MonthHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
On today’s episode, Brendon Burchard reveals how our repetitive “what if?” thought patterns can spin us into physical sickness. Source: THIS is Why Stress Overwhelms YouHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
THIS is what can happen when you declare your future. Lisa Nichols challenges you to claim what you want, to believe you can do it, and then … spread your wings, take the leap and go do it.Source: Live Your Life Purpose | Lisa NicholsHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Consultant and speaker Alan Weiss shares his strategy for becoming an "object of interest" by improving your vocabulary and boosting your IQ.Source: Alan Weiss Presentation at Harvard UniversityHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Today, the legendary Zig Ziglar shows you how working smarter can save you an hour a day by being more decisive, taking responsibility, and setting your objectives for the day. Source: Motivation by The Masters' Master, Zig Ziglar "Building a Healthy Self-Image”Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
Today, Louise Hay discusses how you create your life by the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Plus, find out how you can use affirmations (and a mirror) to plant the seeds of thought for a new future.Source: Louise L. Hay - The Universe Loves Grateful PeopleHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
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liberté raha

Yeyyy, an episode with Darren!

Mar 7th

Marta Wiliams


Feb 5th

danial afkari


Oct 31st

Richard de Chevigny

What an amazing episode! Thank you for sharing.

Sep 28th

Joseph Pryor

milk toast lame

Aug 9th

Jansie Nell

2v2 22der4n .k4e ded r ok m23m

Jun 4th

Shanna Toews

Instead of being negative, write down all the positives (of a job you hate for example) then read them aloud while looking at yourself in the mirror. Say "I love..." gratitude is everything

Jan 13th


Needed this. Thank you. I'm indeed the captain of my ship and the master of my fate. Being Muslim, the true Master of my fate is Allah (God), which means I'm in very caring and protective hands. My will is attached to His, and His will is He wants me to have a choice. He wants good for me even if in the short term it'll hurt or will be uncomfortable. He created us valuable. So, I've to honor that value by advocating for myself. He believes in me, so why can't I believe in myself? Again, thank you so much for this.

Nov 11th

Shanna Toews

Appreciate these episodes!!

Nov 8th

Hubert Spencer

awesome awesome really change the way I look at spending my time.

Sep 4th

Shanna Toews

This was hilarious!!

Jul 13th

Shanna Toews

This is so inspiring!!

Jun 2nd

Venezia De La Cruz

so much truth in what he states! inspiring !

Jan 24th

Jansie Nell

This is so rewarding to get information that enables me to grow more and more

Nov 4th


Worth listening to and pondering over 👏 Indeed if we're saying yes to something we're simultaneously saying no to everything else As scary as that may seem, it's actually liberating Being able to make and take a decision is where all the magic happens, and that's strength imho

Sep 17th

Michael W. Gabbard

congrats on the new contract, Sean. Great show for many years, but now ads? Peace im out. ✌

Jul 11th

A.G Thapa

this message has been rooted in my heart, thanks again

Apr 18th

Hugue Chery

It's been around one month and half already seen I've started listening to this podcast and I love every minute of it. It makes me start the day with some life lesson I can learn from.

Mar 31st


Thank you... I needed this one.

Dec 17th


Such a nice listen. 👍🏻

Nov 17th