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Author: Bobbi Althoff

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The Really Good Podcast is hosted by Bobbi Althoff: a social media star with over 80 followers. A master interviewer with weeks of experience interviewing celebrities, Bobbi asks the questions that no one wants to know the answers to. Her toddler called The Really Good Podcast the most listened-to podcast in the world, and several of her videos have more than 900 views. Follow her @Bobbialthoff on Instagram or TikTok to learn more about podcasting's biggest star.
12 Episodes
Inside of a makeshift store front for The Honest Company, Bobbi speaks with Jessica Alba. The two discuss the legal and social implications of bubble wrapping their kids and Bobbi proposes her new idea for her own celebrity backed business venture, selling locks of Jessica Albas hair.
Bobbi vs. Bobby

Bobbi vs. Bobby


This week it's a showdown of the Bobbi(y)s as Bobbi meets up with comedian Bobby Lee to play tennis in the backyard of Belair mansion. The two rally questions back and forth as they not only learn more about each other but the wonderful game of tennis.
Inside a nondescript hotel room Bobbi (aka Bobbi Boucher; aka Snow on tha Bluff) and Kiari (aka Offset) interview each other. The two discuss each other's insecurities, whether or not it's cool to wear sunglasses indoors, and his dream to one day visit the moon.
Inside the sauna of Beverly Hills mega mansion, Bobbi talks with Jason Derulo. Things begin to “heat up” as the two discuss his daily diet of canned tuna and four bananas, his time as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive and his upcoming project that “lives in the podcast world.”
On a “half couch, half bed” surrounded by keyboards, Bobbi talks with Charlie Puth. After discussing his time on Sesame Street, the two break down his McDonald's order as well as his various food allergies, the names of his future kids, and most importantly his disdain for silence.
With a view of the Manhattan Skyline, Bobbi chats with the world’s largest DJ, DJ DIESEL. The two pontificate on possible new careers for DIESEL: doctor, detective, professional basketball player... After a deep conversation, DIESEL divulges the story behind the name of his latest album, GORILLA WARFARE.
At La Choza Del Gordo, a Colombian Restaurant in Queens, “36-year-old” Bobbi talks to “40-something-year-old” J Balvin. Over shots of aguardiente, Jose teaches Bobbi Spanish and more about Colombian culture as the two look back on their shared Latino ancestry. #Latinogang Go visit the restaurant! La Choza Del Gordo 41-05 Northern Blvd Queens, NY 11101
At a zoo on the hottest day of the year, Bobbi talks to Thank You God Always aka Tyga. Next to a porcupine, the two discuss the health benefits, or lack thereof, of eating corn and drinking juice boxes. Tyga also regals Bobbi with her very own freestyle.
On the floor of a warehouse, Bobbi talks to her birthday twin and billionaire Mark Cuban. Although Mark politely declines to invest in her podcast or career, the two of them find common ground over their shared inability to digest lactose and love for Target.
Inside one of his homes, Bobbi talks to Lil Yachty, who is the same age as her. Over a plate of warm cookies, they uncover the mysteries of life: How old are their kids? How did Lil Yachty choose his name? How do you pronounce "Lil"? Who is Bobbi, really? This deep conversation however is rudely interrupted by one of Yachty and Bobbi’s mutual best friends.
In this episode, Bobbi talks to Funny Marco: a comedian and TV star and wannabe rapper. Funny Marco breaks down his rap lyrics, shows off his pedicure, and gets Nicki Minaj to freestyle on her phone live on the show.
During this episode of The Really Good Podcast, a really famous actor and comedian, Rick Glassman, sits down with me and makes me feel horrible the entire interview. Two weeks after filming this episode, I still have not fully recovered.
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Aakash Amanat

I stumbled upon "The Really Good Podcast" a few weeks ago, and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed! The content is not only engaging but also incredibly informative. The hosts have a knack for breaking down complex topics into easily digestible discussions, which is perfect for both newcomers and long-time podcast enthusiasts. One thing that really sets this podcast apart is the production quality. The audio is crystal clear, and the overall presentation is professional, making it a pleasure to listen to, even during my daily commute.

Aug 19th

Fariborz Ayoubi

sssalam,idonundrastand!because🤔my caste counection is under repairing ofcourse to last you.

Aug 10th

Marianne Annereau

This is exactly the podcast I was looking for. I could listen to your attitude forever girl. So entertaining to me. Laughing the whole way through. More of the same please

Aug 1st
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