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Author: Audacy

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Welcome to the Rise Guys Morning Show! "The Saviors Of Upstate Morning Radio"
broke the mold when they hit the airwaves in 2003.  Originating from
Greenville, South Carolina, Mattman, Nine, Paige & Fat Boy combine to deliver
the South's #1 Morning Radio Show everyday 5-10AM.  And serve as the
leaders of the esteemed "P1 Family."  Relevant and Irreverant!  Gahlay,
it's the Rise Guys!  And It Is Good!
4998 Episodes
"He had enough to flop"...-Nine, when talking about his dog
Happens all the time, somebody always scheming 
How much toilet paper do you use?
How do you say the word data?
Where is our Google pic we took in studio years ago? Help us find it Headlines with the passing of actor Lance Riddick Sports with a Dan Orlovsky's dirty bathroom habit
We read an email from our people in Louisiana about Neuty the Neutria Which brings us to another topic, what is the oddest animal you've own or that somebody else you know has owned? Surprising answers here Headlines with Dad jokes, a lot of Dad jokes
We get an email form a lady who's down on herself a bit because her boyfriend told her he didn't like her nipples, WOW!..Just be glad you get to see em dude, HA The Mail Sack is back to answer all of your queries
THE FOF HOTLINE IS OPEN 24/7, CALL NOW, 864-241-4318 Headlines with the top comedies of all time, according to this list
"He had enough out to flop around".. find out what that quote means Headlines with bodybuilders eating dog food for max protein intake Sports with Furman shocking the world yesterday
Toilet paper, how much do you use? Do you count the squares?.. Some people do Headlines says people like to let a show complete its run before they start binge watching it
THE FOF HOTLINE IS OPEN 24/7, CALL NOW, 864-241-4318
Facebook Fussin Headlines
Baptism stories from growing up, it's changed a lot Headlines with a guy impersonating a cop to direct traffic Sports with the kickoff of the NCAA Tournament today
The worst foods you can cook at work, seafood, and other stuff that people love to cook at work that makes you wanna smack the dog shit out of em Facebook Fussin, send your Fussins to Headlines says the middle finger isn't as effective as it use to be
Open Phones brings us Anonymous, and understandably so, who hates handouts and really hates her neighbor who might, or might not be, faking an injury. Open Phones was full of p1's with suggestions and comments for Anonymous
This TBT featured Fat Boy paying the price for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day Headlines 
Clipping toenails can get tricky, especially when you go too far Headlines with Avril Lavigne's confrontation with a nude protester during the Juno awards Sports with the passing of MLB legend Joe Pepitone, who had a nice hog lol
Mattman found a new show, Cops busting fake Cops.. wild stuff man We have questions about the recent jewelry store robbery that happened in Spartanburg over the weekend Headlines with a grocery store assualt with an unlikely weapon
A Brutally Honest Music Review submission all the way from Germany We get schooled by Anonymous on how movie guns work as far as what's real and what's not A little phone etiquette TRG style
This guy might need to fire his employee, should he tho? He does fail a lot of drug tests Headlines with a sure fire way to stop snoring
Comments (13)

Leslie Benton

Love these guys! So glad you've made it into syndication!!!

Jul 19th


mother fucker... calling the FOF

May 27th

Josh Ashley White

love the show man iv been listening for almost 20 years..damn time flys

Oct 22nd


slow it down to .7 speed and enjoy😄

Sep 30th


sending LOVE✌💙🐢

Jul 17th


Sending Love from Spartanburg 💙✌ "for you in the comments😁"

Jun 28th


Sending love from BSprings✌🐢

Jun 19th


Hello from Spartanburg✌

Apr 18th

Jesse What

Moved from Charlotte and listened to the Savior's of upstate morning radio for 5yrs. I moved to Miami FL and the radio stations that actually are in English suck not mentioning names (Paul Casternovo)

Mar 21st

Busy Livin

P1 Xjunky here, just want to say I love you rise guys and I can't wait for T&C tomorrow! That's been my favorite segment since ya'll stopped doing WAR, which I'm so excited that yall brought it back!

Jan 29th

Bill Franco

Can i get that p 1 beer in Oregon?

Nov 5th

William Franco

I've seen the maniac cop movies too

Mar 5th

William Franco


Nov 13th
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