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The Robb Green Show is built to empower and inspire individuals to create their own success stories by providing practical guidance on building their business. Hosted by an experienced entrepreneur, we’ll be talking to real business owners about their specific challenges, goals, and bottlenecks head-on, seeking solutions. Our aim is to analyze the core aspects of their businesses—operations, sales and marketing, and finance—to provide actionable solutions and practical advice. Subscribe now, or email us if you’re an entrepreneur interested on coming on the show at
49 Episodes
Do you feel stuck running your business day-to-day without an exit plan? Jason Duncan knows the struggle, having owned multiple companies over the years. In this episode, he shares how he broke out of the owner-operator trap to build a sustainable income. Jason discusses the importance of scaling your business to become an owner-investor for maximum value. He'll also reveal how to leverage masterminds to get expert advice and build your tribe of supportive entrepreneurs. Plus, learn Jason's strategy of acquiring existing communities to monetize his coaching message. Discover how he generates recurring revenue through innovative training programs. If you want to escape the daily grind and gain financial freedom, this show provides powerful strategies from someone who has successfully exited companies. Tune in to get insider tips for taking your business and income to the next level. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:51 Jason Duncan’s background02:55 Jason’s XOS training program05:33 Millionaires in owner operator businesses07:17 Looking to acquire a business with a community12:50 Cold outreach vs. business listed for sale15:45 Evaluation of a business22:22 The Exiter Club mastermind25:39 Adding value to a mastermind29:46 The hardships of coaching business33:42 The challenges of growing the coaching business36:07 Targeting the right people40:51 Skool platform opportunity42:38 Acquiring communities46:06 Your network is your net worth48:19 The advantages of meeting in person49:49 Where to find Jason?
In this episode of The Robb Green Show, Jason Lanham of Astro Creative pulls back the curtain on his agency's transformation from video production to full-funnel branding solutions. Jason shares tactical frameworks for qualifying clients, partnering with agencies, and leveraging platforms like TikTok to drive real business impact. Rob Green challenges Jason to elevate his sales process from "spray and pray" to strategic value addition. Discover how Jason plans to refine his targeting, add more value before the ask, and demand proper compensation for quality work. For entrepreneurs and agencies alike, this episode delivers actionable playbooks for conquering distractions, staying focused on growth, and building the profitable partnerships essential for long-term business success. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:50 Astro Creative’s journey03:38 Partnering with agencies08:44 Being on the same page with the customer10:53 Setting proper expectations13:03 Social media – Instagram and TikTok17:35 The influence of TikTok shops on Amazon20:31 Bring the right talent into the right places22:18 Organizing the team25:55 Choosing agencies to work with30:21 The mindset shift35:08 Creating a buying environment38:23 Setting the structure and providing value42:25 Starting a mastermind45: 23 Staying focused and saying No48:06 How to grow your client base53:48 Cheap, fast, or quality57:15 Where can people find Jason?
After nearly three decades in radio, Mathew Blades was feeling unfulfilled and stuck in a rut. Burnout and anxiety led him to a breaking point, leaving him searching for a new path. Through therapy and personal exploration, Mathew discovered his true calling: helping others unlock their potential. Now a sought-after speaker and coach, Mathew shares the strategies that transformed his life - and countless others. Learn how he overcame limiting beliefs to achieve success beyond his dreams. Discover his unique approach to self-awareness and empowering character revelation. Find out Mathew's secret to maintaining a growth mindset through playfulness and joy. This inspiring episode follows Mathew's journey from a career slump into a new mission of unlocking hidden greatness in others. For anyone seeking clarity or craving a breakthrough, Mathew's story offers a blueprint for turning your own switch to "on" and leveling up in life. Highlights:00:00 Intro01:13 Radio career crisis and losing yourself06:27 Was it a challenge to let it go?08:12 Mental and spiritual retreat in Sedona09:26 Spiritual evolution and discovering Buddhism11:15 Conditioning and awareness15:19 A framework Mathew works with people21:01 Personal responsibility and understanding other people’s needs23:29 Connections and building communities28:42 Limiting beliefs and Robb’s mastermind group31:49 The importance of choosing to move and act33:55 The benefits of cold plunge35:22 Forgiveness and cutting off the dead weight40:19 Playfulness and fun in life and business45:28 Unwrapping limiting beliefs50:09 Struggling with self-confidence53:27 AI – a threat or a useful tool?57:15 Diving into Mathew’s business59:38 Operations and sales and marketing1:03:75 Building credibility through conversations1:08:42 What is a transitional character?1:12:54 The power of name and brainstorming the new name1:23:09 Building around your magnet1:26:17 Dealing and resonating with companies1:34:36 Mathew’s vision board at collage1:38:00 Where can people find Mathew?
Do you struggle with confidence in public speaking? Or do you want to scale your business through franchising but not sure how? In this episode, a former marine and REMAX CEO - Adam Conto shares his unconventional leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way. Adam discusses how developing emotional intelligence and confidence is key to inspiring employees and customers. He reveals the "Founder's Dilemma" of letting ego get in the way of growth. Learn Adam's strategies for franchising success through mastermind sessions where owners share their strategies. Discover how to replace yourself as CEO by developing the next generation of leaders. Tune in now!
Most 22-year-olds are just starting their careers, but Carel Hernandez has already partnered with some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship. In this episode, Carel shares his unconventional journey from college dropout to in-demand graphic designer. Through authentic outreach and a willingness to work for free, Carel gained access to influencers like Andy Elliot and David Goggins before they blew up. He discusses his unique strategy of following assistants on social media and showing genuine interest in their lives. Carel and Robb also dive into the ways to scale virtual design business while maintaining key client relationships. Learn the tactics for finding top talent overseas and advice on when to hire your first employee. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:40 Carel Hernandez from All Designs02:35 What is the role of graphic design?05:36 How do you take things to a different level?08:35 Doing things for free can be beneficial11:35 Building relationships as a marketing strategy19:55 How to find good contractors?28:09 Scaling up and finding an operations manager31:11 What is a virtual design department?37:18 Where is Carel’s business going further40:18 Wearing too many heats as an entrepreneur44:32 Masterminds and building an inner circle50:14 Everybody is capable of being an entrepreneur56:08 Following the crumbs of success trail1:00:12 Being a person of influence and a role model
Are you an aging business owner ready to cash out - but don't know how to get top dollar for your life's work?In this episode, a veteran business broker reveals the insider secrets you need to hear. Barry pulls back the curtain on running a home care franchise, from staffing challenges to innovative solutions. He also shares strategies for accurately valuing companies and negotiating the best possible deals. Plus, get hands-on marketing tips for both healthcare and brokerage businesses.From leveraging referral sources to educational content on TikTok, Barry has tried it all. Learn how to optimize your operations, boost profits, and land the biggest payday when it's time to sell. Discover the tricks that could make you thousands - straight from the broker who's made millions for his clients. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:44 Caregivers on client’s address business04:27 Struggling to find good and reliable staff06:56 Foreign employees program09:11 Barry’s performance group11:00 The training period challenge13:57 Robb’s mastermind group15:31 Maintaining the business, billings, and rates20:07 Marketing and referral sources23:04 Problems with Medicare and Medicaid27:29 Educational content on the website30:17 Fascinating work of Elon Musk32:30 The First Choice Brokers franchise34:53 Business valuation and acquisition40:46 What happens with an unsellable business45:57 Factors that determine if a business is sellable1:03:57 Marketing in the business brokerage industry1:06:59 Using TikTok for business brokerage and education1:11:53 Business brokerage and financial planning
This episode features an interview with Liv, the owner of LC Creative Marketing. She discusses how she got into marketing through a job with the Chamber of Commerce after graduating with a degree in journalism. She talks about starting her business with her partner and how they have complementary skill sets despite initially butting heads.Liv explains that LC Creative Marketing is an all-women team and discusses the benefits they've experienced from this. She provides an overview of the services they offer, including social media, website management, design work, and more. A focus of their business is Chambers of Commerce and destination marketing organizations.The discussion delves into how they target and reach out to potential Chamber clients. Liv also talks about the importance of finding someone who relates to the target audience when doing branding work. She shares details about client retention strategies and metrics like average client lifespan. Overall, the episode provides insight into LC Creative Marketing's business model and approach to marketing services.Highlights:02:16 - How Liv got into marketing through a job at a Chamber of Commerce05:16 - Discussion of LC Creative Marketing being an all-women team10:00 - The importance of finding someone who relates to the target audience for branding projects12:35 - The process for targeting and reaching out to potential Chambers of Commerce clients14:19 - Different funding models for Chambers of Commerce22:30 - The process of spending time with a brand to understand them and then creating content as if they own the brand24:30 - A different approach to A/B testing 27:00 - Incorporating AI into video creation and learning to use it38:00 - Using AI to empower employees and make them more productive without replacing jobs41:00 - Debate around the future of AI content creation and maintaining an authentic human touch 43:00 - Advice on creating content as a business owner by getting online, taking classes, and testing different approaches45:00 - Challenges of evaluating agencies over video calls and the importance of feeling a cultural fit
In this episode, Wolf Trigo pulls back the curtain on his unconventional strategy for acquiring cash-cow industries that others ignore. Tune in to discover:- The little-known technique called "Infinite Banking" that lets Wolf fund multi-million dollar deals with just pennies in his pocket.- How adding a layer of automation transformed traditional businesses into 7-figure money machines.- The mastermind group that opened doors to billions in real estate, commodities, and more. From medical spas to a $3B smart city, Wolf shares how he turned "dull" into dollars. Find out how this financial wizard is rewriting the rules for building wealth from unexpected places. Don't miss your chance to learn the strategies that took boring businesses and turned them into the backbone of a billion-dollar empire. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:43 Wulf Trigo and his financial services firm02:25 What is infinite banking?04:43 The main red flags07:06 Why are infinite banking fees high?09:23 Landing money, elevate and liquid gold capital13:37 Private equity investing and e-commerce brand acquisition20:06 Buying and selling a brand22:53 Being based on reality and looking at numbers27:40 Circle syndicate and creating a network32:52 Hot sectors and industries in terms of acquisition35:44 Buying a house vs. buying a business38:42 You want to eventually cut out the banks39:53 How does the mastermind function?42:03 Buying boring businesses and implementing AI49:01 The first steps to take when buying a business52:28 Hiring an expert to help you55:21 How to find an expert?56:09 Plans for 2024
Tired of the 9-5 grind, Macy Shewhart took an unconventional path inspired by her passion for herbalism. After moving to Hawaii and learning ancient healing techniques, she was determined to share these remedies with the world. But with no business experience, how could she make it work? Through grit and creativity, Macy launched her brand Ancient Bliss, and started selling supplements locally. Then she discovered the power of social media - especially TikTok. By partnering with influencers in health niches, she drove massive traffic and sales. Three years on, Ancient Bliss is now a multi-million dollar company. But Macy isn't stopping there. Tune in to hear her innovative strategies for scaling, partnerships, and community building. You'll walk away with actionable tips to take your own passion project to the next level.Highlights:00:00 Intro00:54 How did Macy start her e-commerce journey?03:09 The launching of the Ancient Bliss brand07:26 Outsourcing for fast scaling09:23 TikTok marketing and building trust in the community11:56 How to choose the right influencers13:33 TikTok shops and the overflow to Amazon22:03 Taking risks when engaging with influencers24:20 Strategies for selling a business29:37 The thought process behind creating new brands36:07 The current challenges in the business39:50 Resources for finding a new trend43:33 Leveling up on Amazon and building digital communities46:08 Recommendations on how to build a community48:42 Robb’s network and their meetings
Does your e-commerce business feel stuck? Are you struggling to take it to the next level but don't know where to start? In this episode, e-commerce expert Shawn Karami from ePlaybook shares his proven strategies for success. Through real-world examples, Shawn reveals how understanding sales channel nuances can make or break your business. He also explains why adapting to customer feedback is crucial. Discover how to identify your weaknesses and get expert help. Shawn pulls back the curtain on ePlaybook's approach. Learn how they help entrepreneurs scale through customized playbooks and incubation support. Find out how analyzing data transformed one client's dog food brand. Shawn's insights will open your eyes to new growth opportunities and help you avoid costly mistakes. Get your e-commerce business unstuck with strategies from an industry leader. Highlights:00:00 Intro01:15 How can ePlaybook help a business?04:37 Who is the typical ePlaybook partner?07:31 The characteristics of an ideal ePlaybook partner12:07 The importance of adapting to the market16:03 Selecting the right sales channels and marketing strategies21:44 The nuances of different sales channels24:28 Shawn’s recommendations for growing a successful business30:46 The value of hiring experts32:37 Where to connect with Shaun?
In this episode of The Robb Green Show, Robb Green sits down with Douglas, Custom Accent Wall Design Specialists from Desired Homes to discuss how he launched a successful accent wall design business during the pandemic. Douglas found early success at local home expos while carving out his niche in accent wall design rather than full remodels. Robb provides Douglas with marketing advice on marketing strategies like leveraging word-of-mouth referrals, crafting the right online offers, and growing through repeat customers. They explore Douglas' experience with platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Thumbtack. Robb also provides suggestions for budgeting, tracking customer acquisition costs, and scaling the business through partnerships. Learn valuable tips for standing out in a competitive field, profiting through unpredictable changes, and leveraging marketing to take your business to the next level. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:37 How did Douglas begin his entrepreneurial journey?03:41 How to get customers to share their information on expos07:42 Creating an offer that is compelling enough08:43 The average product cost and the repeat customers12:24 Strategies to make more revenue14:35 Building an email series19:13 The value of getting customer reviews on Google21:39 Unlimited budget for profitable activities24:47 Online marketing strategies for getting more customers27:11 How to find the right marketing person30:37 Problems with categorization34:48 Building relationships with interior designers41:03 Leveraging from execution to consulting
In this episode, you’ll learn about the unique retail model behind Detailing World and its founder Matt Kelly's journey from online brand to brick-and-mortar superstores. Tune in to hear how Matt blended e-commerce and physical stores to dominate the car care niche and build an empire serving both DIY consumers and professional detailers. Discover the synergies between his HydroSilex brand and Detailing World locations, and how Matt scaled this hybrid model across multiple states. Get insights into Matt's growth strategies and lessons learned along the way in this fascinating case study of an entrepreneur blending channels to dominate a market. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:22 The development of the HydroSilex brand02:05 Walmart, Amazon, and personal e-commerce site04:22 Detailing World and giving options to people06:53 The Blueprint for Detailing Word12:19 Creating a local online marketplace14:49 How big is the detailing market17:10 How can someone open Detailing World?21:23 The challenges of inventory-based businesses26:14 Matt’s vision for the future of his business29:22 Why not just buy on Amazon?32:21 The biggest lessons learned35:15 Hiring the right people
Summary:In this episode, David Burchett shares his journey from special education teacher to building a successful printing franchise with over 6 locations. Discover his tactics for leveraging local shops, creating an online marketplace, and achieving profitability in under a month. Find out how he educated himself affordably and scaled strategically through franchising. David shares priceless lessons on partnership over competition, bootstrapping growth, and bridging offline and online. This episode provides a step-by-step blueprint for building a business from the ground up through value-adding partnerships and continuous education. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:47 David Burchett’s background02:28 Getting into business and franchising04:53 Print-on-demand and natural traffic flow06:58 Finding a customer base08:49 Who needs my services vs. who makes the money10:15 Working together and adding value into the industry11:51 Setting your prices based on expenses15:23 What is GPO?16:52 The importance of turnaround time18:18 David’s decision-making process22:18 How franchising work?26:43 Building a successful online platform35:00 Dream big, start small, build strategically38:49 Where can people find David?
Derrick Anderson shares how he transitioned from a day job to running his own freelance Amazon PPC agency. He discusses the challenges of scaling a business reliant on one person and Robb helps him explore new growth opportunities, like TikTok Shops. Learn how Derrick plans to take action through learning new platforms and helping clients expand, all while maintaining work-life balance. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:51 Darrick Anderson’s background04:35 Transition from 9-5 job to freelancing05:50 Having business owners as customers08:53 Thoughts on scaling and exit perspective11:50 The biggest challenge in doubling the business13:58 Going deeper or wider in developing the service16:01 The use of custom GPT tools17:36 Exploring TikTok shops20:28 Looking into Asian experience22:48 A leap of faith to create value for a customer24:16 Consistently adding value and finding pain points26:00 Actionable steps to double the business28:25 Advice for people who want to become freelancers
Allan Draper's journey from a cautious young lawyer to a fearless entrepreneur is a tale of transformation. This episode reveals his path from starting anew in a strange city to establishing 29 successful companies.Uncover how Allen and Robb discuss strategies for rapid growth through strategic partnerships, ways of teaching children about risk and investment, and techniques for hiring and overseeing staff.For those aiming for entrepreneurial success, Allan's story is a testament to the idea that the biggest risks often lead to the greatest rewards. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with boldness and vision.Highlights:0:00 Introduction6:37 Collaborating with operational specialists to expand business.12:37 Recruitment, termination, and retention of elite candidates.28:57 Allan offers insights on team member support.34:02 Allan discusses true wealth versus the appearance of wealth.42:43 Allan talks about educating his children on economics and investments.51:32 Insights into business ownership, risk handling, and tax planning.
Juggling staffing while delivering great patient care is tough. This episode pulls back the curtain on Contour Medical’s daily challenges and creative plans to overcome the obstacles. Listen to how Robb and Dr. McCoy explore different ideas such as hiring a "client success manager" to connect patients with all their services. Or utilizing extra space for training and poaching top talent from other industries. If you're a business owner facing similar operational issues, this real-world case study provides insights into testing new strategies and optimizing what you already have. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:53 The challenges in Dr. McCoy's business03:35 Hiring the right people – hungry, humble, and smart11:32 Dr. McCoy’s plans on providing education and advanced training17:26 Scheduling challenges and delegating work to others21:37 The customer success manager25:17 The efficient way to introduce clients to your services27:17 QR code and tracking the success
In this episode, Dr. McCoy reveals how he has built a successful 15-year practice focusing on non-surgical aesthetics. Robb discusses with him how the key to growth is leveraging word-of-mouth through strategic referrals. Learn how Robb determines the lifetime value each new patient brings and how that data helps him understand which marketing channels perform best. Discover the characteristics of his "super referrers" - patients who naturally promote his services to many friends. Find out the simple yet powerful acknowledgment program that can be implemented to identify and reward these influencers, exponentially growing business through their networks without expensive advertising. This episode provides a case study in optimizing referrals using customer data to boost profits and gain valuable brand advocates. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:43 Dr. McCoy and his business01:38 Offering patients non-surgical and natural solutions04:10 Prices and the positioning of the business06:45 Looking good translates into feeling good11:35 Getting clients by referral14:43 Lifetime value of the client base19:46 Referring without expecting something in return
Are you ready to take your success to the next level? Tune in for a must-listen Q&A with entrepreneur Rob Green. Rob answers burning questions on business, health, and relationships. Learn his top strategies for crushing goals, scaling startups, and partnering for growth. Discover unique funding models and hacks for eliminating stress and sickness. Find inspiration from Rob's family's daily routine optimizing wellness. Get an inside look at how they use cold water therapy, IV treatments, and more. Walk away with proven plans to upgrade your mindset, routine, and results in all areas of life. Don't miss this chance to learn directly from a master of high performance. You'll gain actionable tactics for reaching your fullest potential in business, health, and beyond. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:36 Raising money and business partnerships03:53 Positive and negative cash conversion cycle06:16 Health trends and deciding what to try and buy11:24 Antibiotics and IV therapy14:12 What would Robb like to be remembered for?15:26 The positive influence on people17:10 Ask for advice take action, and provide feedback19:39 Asking the right question
As an entrepreneur with endless ideas, it's easy to lose focus. In this episode, Robb Green answers the questions from his audience and shares his framework for evaluating opportunities and maximizing impact. You'll learn a simple method for prioritizing tasks and staying on track. Rob also explains how to analyze sales, finances, and operations to spot strengths.Discover the value of outside perspectives from coaching. Refreshing your viewpoint can lead to breakthroughs. Learn to prioritize possibilities and focus on high-impact activities. These strategies will help you take your business to the next level through clarity and strategic decision-making. Highlights:00:00 Intro00:44 Introduction to Robb’s wife Monica01:35 How to prioritize what is important in business?03:40 Are strategic coaches and masterminds helpful?05:16 The goal of Robb’s podcast and case studies08:03 Pick a person to go to dinner with11:16 Frameworks Robb uses when he evaluates businesses14:09 Helping business owners and adding value17:04 Raising funds and capital needed to launch and grow
Tired of the same old equipment holding back the fast-growing game of round net, Taylor took matters into his own hands. As a tournament organizer, he saw firsthand the sport's potential but knew it needed an upgrade to truly thrive. Against all odds, he launched Premier Spike to develop a better ball and revolutionize the industry. Hear how Taylor overcame the challenges of product design, manufacturing abroad, and taking on an established brand. Through passion, grit, and strategic partnerships, Premier Spike is now fueling the sport's rise. Discover Taylor's secrets to success and how he balances business growth while staying true to his competitive roots.Highlights:00:00 Intro00:54Taylor Sanford’s background03:04 The number of Roundnet players04:09 Taylor’s experience in China07:13 Successful launching of the brand11:38 Different marketplaces and TikTok shops15:33 The biggest lesson Taylor learned20:31 Building your network23:33 Work and family balance30:13 Success creates opportunities32:20 The biggest challenges moving forward35:59 Data analysis by AI and the use of GPT39:43 An advice for the audience
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