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Get unstuck and leave a mark on the world.

Dive deep into the raw insights from top minds in leadership, business, and performance, delivered through conversations so candid they'll make you feel like an insider.

We challenge the status quo because it's clear—conventional thinking has led many to dissatisfaction, poor health, and financial hardship. But not you. This podcast delivers the unguarded truths and actionable strategies the gatekeepers kept to themselves.

Hosted by Ryan Hanley, a relentless leader and performance strategist—this is the way.
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Precision in language and leadership can transform an ordinary team into an extraordinary one. Imagine how much more you could achieve if you mastered the art of choosing the right words and adapting your communication to meet the unique needs of your team members. ✅ 7 Ways to Make Better Decisions Using AI:✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance:✅ Find Your Favorite Way to Subscribe to The Show: with Angus ReidWebsite: Reid, drawing from personal experiences, including coaching youth baseball, we illustrate how careful language selection can significantly enhance performance and foster harmony within teams.Discover the transformative power of tailoring your communication style to fit each individual’s needs. Using relatable examples from both coaching and the business world, we discuss how personalized language profiles can improve clarity and effectiveness. Listen to a captivating story about transitioning from traditional sales tactics to the art of storytelling, which revolutionized a career and highlights the importance of adaptability.Dive into the complexities of modern leadership, where balancing individual growth with collective mission is critical. Learn why today's risk-averse mindsets and short-term gains can stifle true greatness and why pursuing sustainable development is essential. With memorable anecdotes and actionable insights, we emphasize the courage needed for challenging conversations and the significance of thoughtful communication. Plus, don’t miss our engaging chat with Angus Reid, who shares his spirited perspective on blending masculine aggression with controlled nature for societal value.
Have you ever wondered why some people excel under pressure while others crumble? ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: You Built for the 4th Quarter?Our latest podcast episode is a treasure trove for those seeking to harness the power of the ‘fourth quarter’ mindset—crucial not only in sports but also in the unforgiving arenas of business and life's trials. I share riveting insights on the art of preparation, the indispensable weapon for those pivotal moments where legacies are forged. With stories from personal experiences and the wisdom of renowned figures, we sketch a roadmap to distinction when the spotlight burns brightest.In a dynamic discourse, we also unravel a potent acronym that spells out the core principles of peak performance success. It's an enlightening discussion that calls on all our listeners to weigh in and help refine this blueprint for excellence. I extend my deepest gratitude for the engagement and insights you bring to the table, and I leave you with an electrifying challenge to carry forward. Stay engaged, keep evolving, and join us as we continue to explore strategies that empower you to shine in the moments that matter most.
Joined by Brent Kelly, we dissect the dynamic landscape of business and marketing, revealing how maturity and real-world experience shape our certainty in our choices.✅ Join the Insurance Growth Masterclass:✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance:✅ Hire me to speak at your next event:👉 Brent Kelly's LinkedIn:🌐 Sitkin's Website:** More about this episode **Our conversation drifts from the youthful zeal that once propelled us to the nuanced wisdom that now guides our decisions, providing a roadmap for others on similar journeys.Dive into the heart of client relationships and marketing strategies with us as we share a controversial take on inbound marketing for agencies, emphasizing the importance of solving immediate problems rather than premature upselling. We navigate the complexities of finding the perfect business model-client fit and the critical difference between specialization and niche marketing. Our Brent Kelly, from the Sitkins Group, offers enriching expertise on adopting a mindset-oriented approach, illuminating the path for fostering profound ties with clients and refining your business through trial and error.This episode culminates with powerful insights into embracing a consultative approach in the insurance industry, where technical prowess is balanced with interpersonal finesse.We discuss the transformative power of effective communication through open-ended questions and the art of being fully present, both professionally and personally.Wrapping up with a heartfelt appreciation for the collaborative spirit, we invite listeners to continue the conversation and growth with the Sittkins Group’s rich resources.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What happens when divergent thinking meets entrepreneurial spirit? Join us as we sit down with Gino Barbaro to tackle this question head-on, diving into the dangers of groupthink and the vital importance of embracing diverse perspectives. ✅ 7 Ways to Make Better Decisions Using AI: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Find Your Favorite Way to Subscribe to The Show: with Gino BarbaroWebsite:'ll explore how New York City can navigate its sanctuary city challenges using innovative solutions like granting work visas to undocumented immigrants. Hear personal stories of finding better value alignment through relocation and reflect on how shifting social dynamics in the U.S. have transformed our collective approach to differing opinions.Parenting isn't just about material advantages; it's about raising better individuals. This heartfelt discussion emphasizes the significance of generational thinking and maintaining family values. Learn the dangers of groupthink and the necessity of balanced perspectives, especially in today's politically charged climate. From teaching children the value of money to the importance of living by example, we lay a roadmap for fostering confident, self-reliant adults who can contribute positively to their communities.Contrarian thinking isn't just a buzzword; it's a strategy for success in real estate and life. Discover how high interest rates can be opportunities for those daring enough to think differently. We share personal tales about homeschooling, home births, and bold moves from New York to Florida, inspiring you to trust your instincts and make unconventional decisions. With insights on overcoming limiting beliefs, understanding incentives, and navigating relationship feedback, this episode is packed with actionable advice to enhance your personal and professional journey. Tune in to transform your perspective and grow with us!
Can constraints spark creativity? Join us in a fascinating conversation with a seasoned musician as we explore how using only 1970s-era instruments and technology can lead to some of the most soulful and inventive sounds. ✅ 7 Ways to Make Better Decisions Using AI: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Find Your Favorite Way to Subscribe to The Show: with Patrick LeonardWebsite:'ll explore personal stories about introducing children to timeless music and discuss how limitations can foster true creative problem-solving. From the analog warmth of vinyl to the digital perfection of modern tracks, we cover it all, offering a heartfelt tribute to the art of making emotionally resonant music.Ever felt overwhelmed by the pressure to conform in the age of social media? Our discussion examines the importance of individuality and self-expression, featuring insights from our guests' experiences with iconic figures like Roger Waters and David Gilmour. We emphasize the value of following your path and setting high standards for yourself. The conversation is a celebration of independent thinking and a call to action to strive for excellence, regardless of external pressures and societal expectations.Rediscover the magic and authenticity of vinyl records with us as we transport you back to the golden age of music. Reflecting on classic albums and the unique, organic experience of vinyl, we highlight how this medium captures the full scope of sound like no digital format can. From setting up a vinyl system to the joy of revisiting old records, this nostalgic journey underscores the timeless nature of vinyl and its ability to touch us on a deeper level. Whether you're a business leader or a creative thinker, this episode promises a rich, multifaceted discussion that celebrates the intersection of technology, creativity, and the human element.
What if you could turn your mental and physical exhaustion into unstoppable resilience and efficiency? 7 Ways to Make Better Decisions Using AI: https://ai.ryanhanley.comKeynote on YouTube: episode shares my journey from hitting rock bottom at Elevate 2017 in Milwaukee to emerging as a stronger, more focused individual by the time Elevate 2018 rolled around. I share the critical moment that led to my overhaul of habits, which improved my health, sharpened my mind, and gave me a more positive outlook.We then explore Charlie Munger's intriguing decision-making frameworks, including the 80-20 rule and Occam's Razor, and how these models can transform your approach to investments and major life choices. I also opened up about my struggles with dissatisfaction and how regular counseling sessions became a cornerstone for personal growth and contentment. By understanding the opportunity cost and steering clear of emotional biases, I’ve made more deliberate and successful decisions.Finally, we tackle the productivity killers that keep you from reaching your full potential. From cutting down on alcohol and unnecessary TV time to embracing the Pomodoro technique and the Eisenhower matrix, I share actionable tips to boost your efficiency. Visualizing success and committing to structured frameworks have been game-changers in my life, and I’m here to guide you in implementing these strategies for extraordinary personal and professional achievements. Tune in to learn how intentional actions and disciplined frameworks can transform your life just as they did mine.
Jessica Kizorek is an inspiring entrepreneur who transitioned from her father's investigative surveillance business to founding her storytelling ventures in artificial intelligence at the ag of 25. ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Jessica KizorekWebsite: Parrot Productions: on Your Mission: shares her entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the challenges and self-motivation required to thrive. She recounts her phenomenal experiences traveling to 66 countries for photojournalism projects and how she embraced remote work long before it became a global norm. Jessica's insights on leveraging platforms like Fiverr to run a business remotely, even from a family cabin in Wisconsin, are genuinely eye-opening.Jessica also takes us behind the scenes of her passion project, Eyes on Your Mission, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering free video production services to other nonprofits with powerful stories to tell. We explore the intricacies of providing these pro bono services, including the formal application process for grants and the transformative power of video storytelling. Jessica addresses some organizations' hesitancy in embracing video content and underscores the irreplaceable value of authentic, human-centric storytelling, especially in our AI-driven age.Our conversation later shifts to the impact of artificial intelligence on education and creativity, examining both the challenges and opportunities it presents. We discuss how AI can enhance the learning experience while also raising ethical concerns and causing anxiety among students. Jessica and I highlight the importance of viewing AI as a tool to boost productivity and creativity, rather than as a threat. Through personal anecdotes, we emphasize the need for resilience and a proactive approach in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, particularly in maintaining the irreplaceable human elements in art and problem-solving.
Ever wondered how to sustain meaningful value in your business without getting caught up in the race for quick exits? ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Lee BensonWebsite: Most Important Number book: the secrets behind long-term value creation with our guest Lee, a seasoned entrepreneur in the aerospace industry, who has achieved an impressive 20% compounded annual growth over 15 years. Alongside, hear from Ryan about his experiences in the commercial insurance sector, shedding light on the often-overlooked daily operations and decisions that drive lasting success.Unlock the keys to building value and accountability within your organization from leaders who have walked the walk. Lee discusses actionable methodologies for measuring value and setting clear, outcome-based responsibilities, ensuring alignment with organizational goals. Learn from real-life examples on how to maintain positive relationships with former employees, fostering a culture of mutual respect and continuous improvement.Get inspired by our conversation on holistic value creation, focusing on material value, emotional energy, and spiritual connectedness. Lee shares innovative initiatives from his aerospace company, such as a company gym that bolstered both community and profitability. We also tackle the critical role of incentives, using the higher education system and insurance industry as case studies, and challenge the reliance on best practices. Instead, we advocate for frameworks and mental models that empower creativity and drive long-term success. Tune in for a wealth of insights and strategies to motivate and empower your teams, creating environments where everyone thrives.
Years ago, Samantha's life took an unexpected turn when a night out led to an arrest after someone slipped something into her drink. Rather than breaking her, this incident became a pivotal moment that propelled her toward self-discovery and incredible business success. ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Samantha KozuchInstagram: Journal:, Samantha is a seven-figure entrepreneur with a thriving video production and marketing company in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hear firsthand how she transitioned from a future in med school to building her own empire and the personal growth that came with it.Throughout our conversation, Samantha illuminates the importance of recognizing and addressing self-destructive behaviors before they lead to rock-bottom situations. We discuss the human tendency to justify harmful actions and the critical need for honest communication and high personal standards. Whether it's about money, career, health, or relationships, Samantha and I explore how focusing on one area at a time can create lasting change, emphasizing the power of self-awareness and the impact of our social environment.In addition to sharing her journey, Samantha introduces us to the Manuscripting Journal, a tool she developed during the pandemic to help others harness positive thinking and overcome their fears in launching businesses. We delve into the essentials of manifesting success through journaling and goal setting, and Samantha even gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming launch of gender-specific journals. This episode is jam-packed with actionable insights and powerful stories that can inspire you to take control of your life and reach new heights in your personal and professional endeavors.
Unlock the secrets to empathetic leadership with our guest, Dr. Judith Orloff, author of "The Genius of Empathy." ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Dr Judith OrloffThe Genius of Empathy book: how empathy isn't a soft skill but a powerful, essential tool for transforming team dynamics and driving success. We delve into the concept of the "namaste effect," and how respecting others' spirits can revolutionize business relationships, even in the face of personal differences. Dr. Orloff shares the essence of empathy, teaching us the importance of putting ourselves in others' shoes and practicing self-empathy.Throughout the episode, we explore the balance between empathy and strength in leadership. Learn how to maintain firm boundaries while fostering an environment of mutual respect and clear communication. Dr. Orloff discusses how living with a "one day to live" attitude can inspire leaders to prioritize empathy without sacrificing productivity. We address common concerns, such as the fear of being perceived as too lenient, and provide strategies to manage team dynamics effectively.For leaders seeking practical advice on cultivating empathy, this episode is a goldmine. Dr. Orloff offers actionable techniques like mental preparation before meetings and using affirming language to shift towards a more empathetic leadership style. Tune in to discover how empathetic leadership can create a cohesive and trusting team culture, reduce conflicts, and lead to healthier, more productive work environments. 
Ever wondered why even the most driven individuals can feel stuck despite their best efforts? ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Hilary SilverWebsite: us for a compelling conversation with Hilary Silver, a psychotherapist turned mastery coach, who unravels the complex web of self-talk, beliefs, and fears that often hold us back. Hilary shares her expertise on the importance of self-awareness and the impact of societal distractions, like social media, that divert us from addressing the real issues. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to break free from mental barriers and achieve their true potential.We also tackle the all-too-common victim mentality that can trap us in cycles of negativity and self-pity. Learn why some people find solace in victimhood, and how modern therapy might unintentionally reinforce these negative self-perceptions. Through personal anecdotes and viral examples, we discuss the significance of taking personal responsibility and how confronting negative emotions can lead to empowerment. Discover practical steps to shift your mindset, recognize destructive thoughts, and replace them with empowering truths for a more resilient and positive outlook on life.In our heartfelt discussion, we delve into the wisdom of an 82-year-old counselor named Margie and explore how embracing negative emotions can foster personal growth. We cover everything from navigating parenting challenges in the digital age to fostering accountability in children. We wrap up with Hilary Silver sharing valuable resources on personal development, including her new podcast and helpful tools on her website. Don't miss this chance to enrich your life with actionable advice and heartfelt stories that inspire personal transformation.
Join us for an engaging conversation with Jon Davids, the brilliant mind behind "Marketing Superpowers" and the founder of Influicity. Jon shares his entrepreneurial journey, exploring the "burn the boats" mentality and the critical balance between going all-in and having a backup plan. ✅ [FREE GUIDE] 7 Ways to Make Better Decisions Using AI: ✅ [BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT] The Civilized Savage: https://civilizedsavagebook.comConnect with Jon DavidsWebsite: Superpowers Book: insights on self-awareness and resisting fleeting trends provide high-level strategies and actionable tactics for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to grow and succeed.We also reflect on the impact of Silicon Valley culture, questioning its emphasis on raising capital and relentless startup hustle. By examining personal experiences and stories of others who found success later in life, we discuss whether early career struggles are essential stepping stones for future entrepreneurial achievements. This chapter encourages listeners to consider traditional business values and the importance of enduring tough times to build resilience and find the right career path.Finally, we dive into the significance of branding and content creation in attracting talent and customers. Jon and I discuss how creating a strong brand can provide an unfair advantage in the market, emphasizing authenticity and passion in content creation. By overcoming barriers and finding the right medium, businesses can effectively communicate their value and build a loyal following. This episode is packed with valuable lessons on leadership, overcoming challenges, and the power of unified branding for business success.
Reflecting on a business partnership that crumbled at the height of success, I was on a quest for deeper fulfillment. Enter Eric North, a dynamic entrepreneur turned happiness coach. ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Eric NorthConnect on InstagramSubscribe on YouTubeEric shares his profoundly transformative journey from building successful ventures to dedicating his life to helping others find true joy. Together, we unearth the delicate balance between ambition and personal happiness, exploring the pivotal shifts that guided Eric to his true calling.We dive into the significance of maintaining a cheerful attitude, inspired by the resilience of a beloved aunt who taught me the power of joy in everyday moments. Emphasizing that happiness isn’t a destination but a continuous journey, we delve into routines for cultivating gratitude and combating the societal tendency toward quick judgment and anger. Eric and I reflect on how internal mindset and present-moment awareness are key to genuine contentment, drawing wisdom from Michael Singer's "The Untethered Soul."The episode crescendos with insights on fostering positive relationships and staying true to oneself. Through personal anecdotes, I share my evolution into the “happiness warrior,” illustrating the importance of self-discipline and visualization in achieving one's dreams. Eric and I discuss how to rebuild strained connections and approach interactions with goodwill and understanding. We wrap up with a heartfelt exchange of gratitude, showcasing the profound impact of authentic conversations and the power of staying grounded in our true selves. Tune in for an episode brimming with practical advice and inspiring stories.
What if the reason you feel stuck in life isn't fear of failure but fear of losing status? ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: this episode, we challenge the conventional wisdom that holds you back and introduce the liberating "give no fucks" (GNF) philosophy. Learn how societal pressures and the fear of judgment can paralyze your growth, and discover the power of reigniting your childlike curiosity. By questioning norms and making bold, sometimes unreasonable moves, you can break free from the constraints that keep you from living a life that’s true to yourself.We'll also explore Dr. Benjamin Hardy's compelling idea from his book "10X Is Easier Than 2X," revealing why aiming for massive 10X goals can be more impactful than chasing a myriad of smaller ones. Embrace failure as a stepping stone, create diverse experiences, and surround yourself with ambitious, like-minded individuals. Find out why saying no to distractions and learning from visionaries like Elon Musk can skyrocket your personal and professional growth. Get ready to unlock insights that will help you break free and achieve your highest potential.
When a brutal hit during my senior football season left me grappling with the reality of concussions, I knew my life would never be the same. This personal journey led me to a deep exploration of head injuries in sports, and I’m thrilled to be joined by Dr. Tom Mayer, the medical director of the NFL Players Association. ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Dr Thom Mayer:Leadership Is Worthless…But Leading Is PricelessDr Thom's WebsiteTogether, we unpack the advancements in concussion protocols, the introduction of position-specific helmets, and the invaluable role of unaffiliated neurotrauma consultants. Dr. Mayer also sheds light on the broader impact of concussions across various sports, including the often-overlooked issue in women's soccer, and the relentless quest for safer athletic environments.Transitioning from the high-stakes world of sports injuries, we address the challenge of staying physically active in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. With practical tips like utilizing stand-up desks and incorporating regular stretching into your day, we emphasize the transformative power of treating exercise as essential medicine. Our conversation highlights the importance of leading by example in personal health, showing how taking initiative can inspire those around you. We discover that the true joy lies in the lasting impact of helping others embark on their own health journeys.In the latter part of the episode, we delve into the significant influence of medications, hormonal balance, and systemic inflammation on overall health. From the powerful effects of GLP-1 agonists to the benefits of reducing inflammation through diet, our discussion underscores the interconnectedness of various health factors. Dr. Mayer also shares insights on the importance of maintaining optimal testosterone levels and the holistic approach needed to achieve overall well-being. Wrapping up, we celebrate Dr. Mayer’s latest book, his dedication to advancing medical knowledge, and his upcoming adventures, leaving listeners with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to optimize their health and performance.
Ever found yourself dodging uncomfortable truths to keep the peace, only to find the situation spiraling out of control? ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: certainly have. In this episode, we dive into Jordan Peterson's "12 Rules for Life," focusing on Rule 8: "Tell the truth, or at least don't lie." Through a personal story about an early high-performing employee whose overbearing nature was left unaddressed, I reveal how my reluctance to tackle hard conversations led to significant team disruptions and the loss of valuable members. This experience was a wake-up call on the paramount importance of integrity and transparency in fostering a healthy work environment.But the lesson doesn't stop at the office door. We explore how honest communication is just as vital in personal relationships, helping to build stronger bonds with loved ones. I share insights on how avoiding uncomfortable truths in personal interactions can lead to greater issues down the line. This episode is a reminder that our words shape our reality. By embracing truthful communication, we not only nurture authenticity in our professional lives but also strengthen connections with spouses, children, and friends, paving the way for genuine growth and success.
Unleash the full power of unreasonable ambition and transform your life with insights from our enlightening conversation with Paul Epstein. ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Paul EpsteinPaul Epstein WebsiteLinkedInInstagramDiscover how societal pressures and the fear of judgment can erode the boundless ambition of youth, and learn practical strategies from Paul's book, "Better Decisions Faster," to break free from these mental barriers. Inspired by Michael Singer's "The Untethered Soul," we discuss the significance of not being controlled by internal voices, setting you on the path to a truly liberated existence.Journey with Paul as he transitions from a successful career in sports to launching the mission-driven initiative, Win Monday. Learn the value of taking small, incremental steps and self-reflection in reaching monumental goals. Paul shares a pivotal retreat experience that helped him uncover his core values and integrate authenticity into all aspects of life, culminating in his role as the "why coach" at the San Francisco 49ers. This transformative journey offers listeners valuable insights into aligning purpose with professional and personal life.Finally, embrace the power of momentum and the simplicity of initial steps with a 52-week action plan designed to energize your Mondays. Paul introduces foundational pillars of emotional intelligence and a powerful journaling practice to build unshakable confidence through consistent action aligned with core values. This episode provides practical tools and inspiring stories to help you achieve lasting confidence and impact, making it a must-listen for anyone ready to unleash their full potential.
Join us for a fascinating journey with Shaahin Cheyene, a visionary entrepreneur who pioneered the smart drug industry and conquered the Amazon marketplace with his multi-eight-figure brands.*Connect with Shaahin Cheyene*Website: on LinkedIn: this episode, Shaahin shares the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial ventures, insights from coaching, and the launch of Podcast Cola. We also discuss the upcoming film adaptation of his life story and the gritty reality behind the glamorous façade of entrepreneurship.*Key Topics Covered*Shaahin's Entrepreneurial Journey: From smart drugs to Amazon successHighs and Lows: The exhilaration of creating an industry and the lessons learnedPodcast Cola: Insights into launching a successful podcastFilm Adaptation: Announcement of Shaahin's life story being adapted into a filmHigh-Ticket Online Courses: The pitfalls and psychological dynamicsPersonal Anecdotes: Stories from "Billion: How I Became King of the Thrillbook Cult"Emerging Technologies: AI, blockchain, and their potentialEmpowering Entrepreneurs: Creating revenue streams and leveraging podcasting--✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show:
As I looked into the mirror, the person staring back at me was a shell of the high-achiever I once knew, prompting a desperate search for rejuvenation.✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: That's when the words of Emerson's "Self-Reliance" beckoned with a promise of transformation. In this powerful episode, Ryan shares his raw and inspiring journey to rediscover purpose and redefine success. He introduces us to PACE, a methodology built upon four pivotal quotes from Emerson, and explain how these tenets carved a path for profound personal and professional recalibration.We explore the intricacies of PACE, covering the necessity of having a resolute purpose, the enlightenment of self-awareness, the freedom found in clarity, and the authenticity of living a life true to oneself. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that's less of a how-to and more of a why-not, encouraging us to confront our inner cowardice and embrace the courage to be our genuine selves.
Unlock the secret to unparalleled business success through the surprising intersection of executive fitness and peak performance. ✅ Join over 10,000 newsletter subscribers: ✅ For daily insights and ideas on peak performance: ✅ Subscribe to the YouTube show: with Dan GoYouTube: In this stimulating exchange with Dan Go on why top professionals often let their health slide and the substantial impact this neglect can have on their work. We dissect goal-setting in fitness, drawing parallels to business objectives and the significance of probing questions to reveal true motivations for a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the conversation, strategies are presented for applying the same meticulousness and passion professionals show in their careers to their personal health goals.One might not immediately connect the value of coaching in business to that of personal wellness, but it's a link we cannot ignore. Alongside Dan, we explore this overlooked synergy, discussing some resistance towards health coaching, possibly due to ego or misconceptions, and how embracing it could be transformative. Mental health, often sidelined, takes a prominent role as we advocate for its prioritization with the same dedication as physical health. Furthermore, we touch on the nuanced relationships with food, fitness, and the often-misleading nature of social media advice, advocating for a personalized approach to one's wellness journey.The episode wraps up with inspiring personal stories of transformation and the profound impact of adopting an abundance mentality. I recount my path from a challenging low point to a series of positive life changes, emphasizing intentional living and reshaping our reality through purposeful actions in family, health, and personal development. Dan and I urge listeners to consider how intentional shifts in perspective can forge profound outcomes, inviting everyone to embrace the insights from our dialogue and embark on their own journey toward happiness and success.