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The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson and Brendan Porath of Fried Egg Golf is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

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What another great, weird weekend in golf. Andy and Brendan convene to cover it all, from Scottie Scheffler’s sixth win of the year, the wild protest scene on the 18th green, Tom Kim’s charge, and the disgrace that is TPC River Highlands and the changes that were done to make it harder. At the Women’s PGA, they hail the very cool story of Amy Yang getting her first major a full 17 years into her career, Nelly Korda’s missed cut and curious majors record, and the claustrophobic Sahallee. LIV Nashville is covered as Magicsticks season might be upon us, Jon Rahm is shouting at drones and the sky, and is playing a week after being unable to at a major. The DPWT coverage leads to Joe Dean minute, as in, who is he? Finally they bring in new producer PJ Clark for Champions Tour coverage to understand more of what was said and what happened at the Dick’s Open.
Summer Friday rambles are back in session for this episode. Andy and Brendan begin with a keyboard malfunction, a conspiracy about vowel-less hats, and the latest Sun Day Red collection. There’s a power ranking of Joe West, Joey Crawford, and Ed Hochuli spurred on by the “Travelers” alternate logo that SGS created. Then they get to a round of unsubstantiated rumors about sponsor’s exemptions into signature events, a yippy superstar, and Boomer-confusion. Scottie Scheffler's comments about the wiregrass last week prompt further discussion on variety of course setups and skills, as well as the longevity needed to be one of the greats. News hits on Jay Monahan speaking to media at TPC River Highlands and if anything matters from it. They close with an SGS Golf Advice with some Tommy Tolles follow up, getting a motorized push cart, and getting your kids into golf.
Andy and Brendan are back home after an exhilarating week at Pinehurst. They begin with news of the Olympics field announcement and the global conspiracy to blackball Rory Sabbatini and Slovakia from a silver medal defense. Then they get to the other Rory, who withdrew from the Travelers Championship following his brutal loss at the U.S. Open. They do some USO cleanup, both on Rory, his future, his caddie choice, and also whether the venue truly mattered to the success of the ratings. They get into some fixes for the PGA Tour’s signature series and the Travelers, which has the unenviable task of following THAT and trying to convince us it matters. The schedule for the week also covers the Women’s PGA Championship, which bounces up to Sahalee, the Dick Open on the Champs Tour, the amateur circuit, and more. News hits on a new Ballfrog, a push for Tosti at the Olympics, and John Daly II making his pro debut.
An all-time U.S. Open finish, one where Andy and Brendan spent the whole afternoon chasing the final two groups, demanded the beefiest of episodes. The two jump right into it, going in-depth on watching Bryson DeChambeau, Rory McIlroy, and all that Pinehurst provided both as a course and venue for this epic championship. They discuss Bryson’s incredible day, his crazy finish, his amusing quotes about trophy-sharing and chocolate milk, and his future majors ceiling. They discuss Rory’s rough finish, whether or not he choked, how he comes back from it if he even does, and if his exit could be excused. Then they empty out the rest of their notes on Pinehurst maybe affirming its status as an “anchor” site, Pat Cantlay’s actual close call, the NBC broadcast, and more. Thanks to all for your continued support of this podcast that allows us to get out on the road during these major weeks.
Andy and Brendan are in after a full afternoon chasing the contenders at the U.S. Open and they empty the notebook with 18 more holes to play. They run through some contenders, pretenders, and recount their days following Bryson, Rory, Pavon!, and more. They discuss how the course played and if it will be harder, easier, or the same for the final round. Is this a two-horse race now and is it better that Rory is not in the final group with Bryson? There is an amusing aside on port-o-john minute that leaves both unable to speak for a few seconds. They close it with a few more thoughts and predictions for the final 18 holes of what has been, so far, a great U.S. Open.
We’re at the midpoint of the U.S. Open and Andy and Brendan are bouncing into the weekend with delight at how Pinehurst has played, the status of their games within the game, an improved parking situation, and a strong leaderboard. They discuss their days following some balling superstars (Rory, Bryson) and struggling superstars (Scottie), and how the course is making some more uncomfortable than others. They discuss some missed cut casualties and wonder about JT, DJ, Tiger, Phil, and several more. Lastly, they preview the weekend to come and what to expect from the course and he leaderboard.
Andy and Brendan are giddy after a day shuffling through the sandhills of Pinehurst at the U.S. Open. They get back to the Ecco House to recount all their observations on how the course was playing, a stacked leaderboard, a coach inserting himself into the championship, Rory and Cantlay's 65s, some grumpy players bombing, and much more. There are multiple apologies issued for mis-takes and a fabulous Blockie story from the ground to close it out as we quickly turn around to Friday.
Andy and Brendan are together again, this time in the Sandhills of North Carolina for the 2024 U.S. Open. They are posted up at the Ecco House after a full day walking around Pinehurst No. 2, acquiring scuttlebutt about the course, USGA, conditions, and other miscellany. They discuss some early-week alarmist comments from the players about the course already being “borderline” and players shooting over 80 en masse. They wonder if Putterboy needs to be canceled. As per usual for these preview episodes, they pick out their “favorite” and worst tee times for the first rounds. They react to comments from Scottie, Bryson, Tiger, Rory, Viktor, Rahm, and more. There are multiple games-within-the-games proposed. There is some angst about ample paywalled Peacock coverage. They close with some “smoking gun” reporting on the Sandhills Screwjob that had people falling out of their seats in the media center. Finally, some picks are made, both for winners and darkhorses.
This Monday episode is full of life as U.S. Open week at Pinehurst arrives. It’s victory Monday for Brendan and the Cleeks as well as for Andy, who revels in Ernie going back-to-back on the Champs Tour and putting Steve Stricker in a body bag in front of his home crowd. They are also joined by Joseph LaMagna, which is cause to talk about their own first experiences covering a major as Joseph gets set for his. There are some early rumors from Pinehurst about the USGA putting their thumb on the scale, and other scuttlebutt from the ground. Eventually, they get to Scottie Scheffler’s win at Memorial, what it changes about how we view him if at all, and perhaps most importantly, how it might continue to change and wear on all his competitors especially for Pinehurst. They also discuss Jon Rahm and where he’s fallen given how close he battled Scheffler just a year ago and now comes to the U.S. Open with an injury and minimal form. There’s a fun KFT nugget about PGA Tour players taking exemptions, some reaction to a cruel LPGA DQ, and empathy for a catastrophic chokejob on the DP World Tour.
It is Friday! Summer Friday hours are back. Andy and Brendan begin with an unplanned chat on the Memorial Tournament, where it falls in the schedule, if it’s lost luster, and what the ideal scenario is for it going forward as all they want to do is turn their eyes to Pinehurst. Then they get to some random cleanup, on recent drone disturbances at pro golf events, a New York Times report of a big NYC meeting between the PGA Tour and Saudi PIF, and the subject of Jason Day sleeping on a bus parked in his driveway for his hometown event. Then they get back to some SGS roots with an old “Flashlight” on Tommy Tolles. How did he get into golf? Where is he now? And how in the world did he never win?
This Wednesday episode bounces all over the place with no real flow or plan. Andy and Brendan begin with a few unsubstantiated rumors, discuss the power of Dan Pohl, the absurd equipment advantages of today, and read some tweets from the Sun Day Red account. Then they get into some scuttlebutt on a couple LIV topics, namely an endangered species and some discontent with teammates. They wander about the results from U.S. Open sectional qualifying, outlining some of the better stories and the variety of venues that produce different types of qualifiers. At the Memorial, they discuss Jack’s gripe about the dates, and how it feels like the same song from him, even if he's not totally wrong. They also discuss the field and a potential mid-life crisis cutthroat corner candidate. They close with news of Xander Schauffele letting loose on Jay Monahan with some fiery quotes about him taking charge, standing up, and leading.
Andy and Brendan come in fresh off the weekend with lots of meaningful golf to digest. So naturally, they start with the Champions Tour and Caleb Williams prognostications. Then they eventually get to Yuka Saso’s U.S. Women’s Open win at Lancaster, where she put it into overdrive on the back nine of a course that provided a “championship test” as it is understood or lusted about. This gets to the subject of the future Women’s Open sites, and whew are they good and illuminate the fewer places the men’s game can go. Then they compare the comments of Yuka being far from home with Bobby Mac’s adjustment to the PGA Tour and his one-week trip with his dad on the bag. They revel in that story, and also get into the subject of a CBS drone apparently annoying him. Did the pilot go to far or was Bobby pulling a rabbit-ear Monty? Last, they get to a wide-ranging interview Joe Ogilvie, now of the PGA Tour Board, did with Golfweek and react to a handful of quotes from this prominent person in a position of power.
This May featured a first of the month recording AND a last of the month recording. What a blessing! As such, Andy and Brendan are giddy heading into the weekend. They begin with some questions about graduation over-saturation and airline travel complaint ove-saturation. Then they get to some of the great scorecard disasters at the U.S. Women’s Open, and what it says about conditioning and setup, a championship course, and the elite players who visit them. They ponder the Lancaster philosophy of conditioning and renovation, and lament the loss of Nelly Korda as a real contender after she fell victim to a 12th hole that caused backups and big numbers all day. They also discuss the Nelly discourse about how she needs to be doing more for women’s golf outside of her play. They discuss the news of all charges against Scottie Scheffler being dropped in Louisville and the completely avoidable circus. A late entry for event of the week is made. The Auburn Tigers are congratulated for their NCAA win. And then they close it out with an SGS Golf Advice email on a shocking tattoo reveal from a league partner.
Is Tim Horton’s actually not good? How did Auburn golf become a powerhouse? Do we have to actually talk "Lexi Legacy" during this U.S. Women’s Open? This medley episode covers three events this week with a trio of guests. Meg Adkins of Fried Egg Golf jumps on before her trip to Lancaster for the USWO to discuss Nelly, Lexi, Lancaster, and a USWO “identity.” Sean Martin talks about his trip to a Saskatoon farm and the Canadian Open. Brentley Romine tries to console Andy on another Illinois match play loss, and previews a real heavyweight Wednesday fight between FSU and Auburn for the men’s national title with some amusing nuggets on a few of the main characters.
Andy and Brendan begin this Monday episode with the painful news of the death of Grayson Murray. They discuss the reaction to it across the golf landscape and his parents' impactful statement. If you are struggling, the 988Helpline is there as an immediate, 24/7 resource. They then discuss some the golf results from the weekend, beginning with Colonial, where a renovated course frustrated some and asked a few different questions than some other weeks on Tour. They praise Davis Riley’s effort and path to this point, and close it with an amusing Tosti Tale from the Colonial locker room. They discuss Dick Bland’s Senior PGA win and where he might rank on the LIV roster right now, as well as future senior tour plans. They close with some NCAA golf talk and “alma mater minute” on Illinois’s crazy run with less heralded recruits.
It’s Friday! And heading into a holiday weekend no less! Andy and Brendan are bubbly due to the circumstances. They’re also eager to talk about Andy’s big day with Blockie and his experience playing in the Colonial Pro-Am. There are some amusing details from the day, like his movements in player dining with big Jay nearby, an encounter with the Town Crier himself, and his time on the course with The Showman. Then they get to the news of Louisville releasing the video footage they have of the Scottie Scheffler arrest and incident, and some of the misguided coverage around it. They hit on the women’s NCAA finals, U.S. Open qualifying names who got through this week, a new LIV venue in the USA, and a Senior PGA game within the game. They close it out with an SGS Golf Advice on a curious range encounter with none other than Omar Uresti his ownself.
This Wednesday episode is punchy, and it begins with a travel tale from Andy that had him quickly tucking his tail between his legs in Fort Worth ahead of his big pro-am round with Michael Block. Brendan has a lot of questions about his prep, what tees he’s playing, and what he expects to ask him. They also talk about some of the Valhalla fallout with a few amusing player testimonials about just how easy it was. Then they get to a lengthy and rambling schedule for the week that includes Andy clearly being corrupted again for Event of the Week honors, leaving his stand-up mixer on the curb for a round with Blockie. There’s also a story about Kevin Na and the Challenger he won. There’s some scuttlebutt on the continued PGA Tour board chaos, with another resignation in Mark Flaherty and a New York Times report that the deal with the PIF “is not dead.” The factions are at war. What’s next and where does the DP World Tour fit into it?
Andy and Brendan put a bow on PGA Championship week with the last of their daily episodes. They begin with Xander Schauffele, a house cat no more? They discuss X-man’s play in the final hour that edged Bryson by a shot at the very last. They discuss where he’s at in his career and what could be next. Then they hand out grades for some of the main characters for the week, including Bryson, Viktor Hovland, Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, Tiger, and more. It prompts some hard discussions and grading for a few. Tosti's big shot is given the Who's Dialed moment of the day. Perhaps nothing got a worse grade than the host course, which is covered at the end. They express their dissatisfaction with it as a championship test, what made it so underwhelming, and why great fans and a good leaderboard can be mutually exclusive.
Andy and Brendan begin this Saturday episode thrilled about the final round possibilities for the PGA Championship, but with some laments on how we got there. They discuss the “simulation” golf that Valhalla has produced through 54 holes, including a Saturday scoring fest that was among the lowest in its history. They wonder if Ted Scott is the key to all of Scottie Scheffler’s success. The Bushnell "Who’s Dialed" segment features some severe yips and several nominees, including Bryson DeChambeau. That takes them to a lengthy game of Contender/Pretender on a bunched leaderboard -- are Rory and Spieth too far back? They quickly eliminate a whole flock of people as pretenders to narrow things down.
Andy and Brendan jump on for their traditional five-year-running daily podcast episode during major weeks, but this was a major day unlike any they’ve covered since starting SGS. They begin with tragic loss of John Mills, a security guard who was killed working the PGA Championship. They discuss some first hand accounts of the safety issues observed on the ground with the gate and traffic into the course. Then they get to the subsequent arrest and booking of one Scottie Scheffler, the No. 1 golfer in the world, who got put in cuffs, rode to jail, was charged with a felony, and took a mugshot in an orange jumpsuit. They discuss the absolutely wild day from Scheffler’s arrest to his round to his post-round press conference and the coverage -- all of it, the jokes, memes, reports, videos etc. What was most absurd? Will Valhalla ever get another major? They close it with some discussion on the golf course, the leaders, and those who underwhelmed in the second round and might be heading home early.
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Sean Cooleen

love the same day recaps great podcast.

Jun 17th

Jamie Fraser

I love this show

Oct 16th