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The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson and Brendan Porath of Fried Egg Golf is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

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It’s Friday! And the first of the month! And Brendan’s internet is absolutely awful. But Andy and he march on through the spotty connection to get to the weekend with some initial reactions on the first round of the Hero World Challenge. They discuss Tiger’s first 18 holes, Will Zalatoris’s new broomstick, Collin Morikawa learning how to sit down again, and Spieth’s potential “momentum” narrative taking root. Then they get to some more rumors that Jon Rahm may go to LIV, or may have a deal soon. They react to Jay Monahan’s comments at the CNBC summit as well and ponder more on where the Tour may be headed in this dark month of December. The field for the LIV qualifying event is also dissected in great detail with appreciation for many favorites and familiar names. They close it out with a Golf Advice on a boss potentially trading a trip to Pebble Beach for … a “Chicago-area” course.
Andy and Brendan pause the progress in the Year in Review for this “regular” Wednesday episode to celebrate the return of Tiger Woods at the Hero World Challenge. They discuss Tiger’s health and 2024 prognosis, which seems promising, and then transition to his less-than-promising update on Framework Agreement and PGA Tour investment negotiations. Why do things seem gridlocked and “murky” to use Tiger’s term? It does not sound like the year-end deadline will be met. Is this a matter of PGA Tour players simply unable to get over their colleagues who took the LIV bag and allow them back? Is LIV even in a better spot right now? This unplanned detour then whips back to an amusing article on JT’s gluten-free diet potentially being the cause of his tumble down the world rankings this year. They also hit on the schedule for the week and Paul McGinley taking Paul Azinger’s chair, at least for the time being.
Andy and Brendan are back from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend a little worse for the wear, but they jump right back into the annual favorite Year in Review series. After a few comments about current events, they dive back into the Swamp Swing starting at Bay Hill, where the details of the designated events structure came out and the mules revolted. This part also covers The Players, with some intriguing comments from Commissioner Jay and others debating the future of the tour structure. Also included is Valspar week, which occurred during the rollout of the USGA’s MLR rollback proposal and all the reaction that followed. They close with the swan song for the WGC Match Play. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next several weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.
Andy and Brendan recorded this prior to the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, planning for primarily a Year in Review episode. But news and rumors intervened, so they discuss Jordan Spieth joining the PGA Tour board in Rory’s seat, rampant “rumors” of Jon Rahm going to LIV, and the schedule release for that LIV tour. Then they get to the 2023 Year in Review, Part 2, with some wildly entertaining nuggets from the dawn of the Designated events, the dawn of the 2023 LIV season in Mexico, and Tiger’s brief 2023 stay on Tour during Riviera.
Andy and Brendan are back for one their least favorite but also most enjoyable exercises of the year: it’s the SIXTH annual Year in Review! And they are maybe, kinda out ahead of it this time, although that could all change quickly if their pace of play slows to crawl. This first installment begins as always at the start of the year in Kapalua, where Collin consults with the Chip Monk and new armada of coaches. It runs from that first event through the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and features a handful of delights and amusements you may remember but likely forgot from the always eventful start of the year swing. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next several weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.
Brendan begins this Victory Monday with a declaration that the Browns are going to the playoffs while Andy considers a potential visit to the midwest for the Browns-Bears game in December. Then they get to the news from Sunday morning that Paul Azinger is not coming back to NBC and Golf Channel next year. They ponder some replacements, especially if the “has to have won a major” unwritten rule is still in effect. Then they get to the win of Ludvig Aberg and the continued youth movement, aided by PGA Tour U. A disconcerting article on the PGA Tour asking tournaments themselves to kick in more money, likely taking it out of charitable contributions, is also covered with a raised eybrow. Tiger’s return is noted, too, before a rambling finish on Brooksy, the TGL dome, and some other news items.
It’s Friday! Andy and Brendan are ready to get to the weekend and a short holiday week with plenty of Year in Review research awaiting. They begin with pictures of the TGL “arena” deflating due to a power loss. Are we officially at the “show, don’t tell” phase of this ambitious endeavor? Or are we way past it? Then they get to LANTO Griffin calling out names, from Rory being “bought” while on the policy board to quick drive-bys of Jay, Collin Morikawa, and Justin Thomas. They also discuss Rory’s reason for resigning his spot on the board late on Tuesday night and the questioning of his motives. They also hit on new LPGA details from its commissioner, the new college golf rankings, and the LIV free agency period before closing with a quick Golf Advice segment.
It’s whiparound Wednesday, and Andy is confronting the possibility that he might have made a mistake adding a second dog to the house. Brendan begins with the Netflix Cup, an assault on the senses in a place that excels at that, Las Vegas. What was that? Who was it for? Was it good at all? They react as they watch and the Cup drags on. Then they bounce around on all manner of golf tidbits, from disputing a 100-hole “hike” at a par-3 course, the Tour’s absurd new pace of play policy which introduces a new acronym, Ale Tosti going to Japan, Atlanta Drive’s full roster, and Mike Block making another ace with the cameras rolling. There’s also ample time given to Frank Nobilo’s comments that “golf is in a weird space” right now with the amount of money given to a pro sport that is "outrated by volleyball." It is out of whack, but are we too far gone and will it course correct. They close with a schedule for the week and some deep thoughts about the mis-numbering of birthdays.
It’s a jubilant Victory Monday at the Shotgun Start with a totally unexpected Browns win over the Ravens and Illinois perhaps finding its quarterback of the immediate future. It’s also a victory Monday for the PGA Tour, where Camilo Villegas won in Bermuda to back up the incredible story of Erik van Rooyen’s victory the week prior. They discuss this feat, Camilo’s perspective, and all the good the tour can offer even in these lesser events, just as long as they accept them for what they are. A wild rules situation at the Hong Kong Open is covered in detail, Lexi and Lydia missing the LPGA’s season finale, and Rory winning the Order of Merit on the Euro Tour make up the news section. Lastly, they close with some comments from McIlroy in an interview on his confrontation with Joe LaCava in which he calls Patrick Cantlay a “dick” and discusses their differences, which all comes ahead of PGA Tour board meetings.
It’s a stuffed November Friday episode for Brendan and Andy, who is dreading the Bears playing in national primetime yet again. They meander from that into the lengthy Wired article on the tech and plans for TGL, which provided some of the most substantive details to date about what this is and what it might look like. This leads to a few different rants on the current silly season splash of money and the amount of oxygen it’s currently taking up alongside the Tour’s looming decision to get in bed with Private Equity or the Saudis. Brendan then brings back Flashback Friday to talk a bit about the Nedbank Challenge, this week’s Euro Tour event, and Corey Pavin’s 1995 win there as it tried to emerge from a tainted origin story. They close with SGS Golf Advice on strollers on the golf course and turning in a cheating partner that you have a close relationship with outside of golf.
This Wednesday episode begins with one more travel tale for 2023 as Andy recalls a particularly egregious neighbor on his plane ride home on Tuesday. There’s also some cycling culture follow-ups from Brendan before they get to the actual golf for the week. They begin with another round of TGL news, from the big Ballfrog rollout at Fenway to the sixth and final team setting up shop in great American metropolis of Jupiter, Florida. They also discuss Rory McIlroy’s comments about a preference to have the PIF involved with the future sorting of the PGA Tour, and how there seems to be some conflict among factions as that league tries to sort out its financial future. The latter half of the episode gets into schedule for the week with another rousing edition of In? Out? or Alternate? for the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.
It’s a Monday in November, so this podcast rambles all over the place talking about some golf and non-golf topics. Andy and Brendan begin with some travel tales from the weekend, including a humorous hotel situation, miscalculated drive times, and questions about cyclists. Then they get to the WWT Championship in Mexico, where Erik van Rooyen capped off an incredible back nine with an even better post-win interview on the meaning of the week for him with a close friend near death. They discuss the purpose of these late fall events in light of that win, even if ratings and interest are minimal. There’s also some discussion of the Champions Tour and its purpose. There’s an unsubstantiated rumor about the next iteration of The Match. Andy claims Matteo Mannassero is Brendan’s muse for some reason. News hits on Framework Agreement details and PGA Tour players getting to play the LIV Q school event without punishment.
This Friday episode begins with a round of apologies for the schedule issues this week. But there’s also some blame game going around before they transition to a hybrid whiparound Wednesday and Friday chat. The first half begins with the firehose of news on TGL, where the Ballfrogs have a roster, Collin Morikawa has the chills, and Jon Rahm is exiting the stage before play even starts. They discuss the motivations for Rahm’s departure and if it means anything at all on the LIV front. There’s also a mix of amusement, criticism, and anticipation for what exactly this thing will look like. The second half of the episode hits on the PGA Tour event at Tiger’s course in Mexico, where the width of the fairways are yielding some eye-opening stats. They close it out with SGS Golf Advice.
Andy and Brendan are together in the Shed in Central California for this lively Monday episode. They begin with some thoughts on the weekend that was in golf, starting with the Asia Pacific Am at Royal Melbourne and the desire for more Sandbelt golf in our lives. News hits on the report that the PGA Tour rejected Endeavor’s bid to become an investment partner in their new for-profit entity, prompting questions about who’s in charge, what options are on the table, and what’s preferred as the Tour nears its year-end deadline to finalize the details of the Framework Agreement. Michael Block’s exemption to the Aussie Open is also discussed. The second half of the episode is the sixth edition of their annual golf-related Halloween costumes ideas segment, with some amusing and offbeat options given the year we’ve had in golf and on the Shotgun Start.
It’s unclear what was really planned for this episode, or what it actually turned out to be about in the end. For some reason, there is a Michael Block tangent as Andy and Brendan discuss their imminent annual Halloween costumes episode. There’s also a discussion about listeners requesting fewer tangents and more golf talk. There is an apology, sort of, to the Texas Rangers and Diamondbacks fanbases. They discuss news from the Asia-Pacific Am that the heads of Augusta National and The Open are not currently discussing extra LIV specific exemptions for their majors, at least in a public way. The latter half of the episode hits SGS Golf Advice on fluffing lies, a friend who bought the F1 driver, and a mismarked golf ball.
This Wednesday episode begins with some excitement for the return of basketball, just not the return of Bulls basketball. Then Andy and Brendan dig a little deeper in LIV touting its wins at the “World Golf Awards.” Who and what else won these awards? Were there other candidates? Is The Belfry the greatest golf complex ever created? Then they transition to a Rex Hoggard report from LIV Miami, where Bubba, CH3, and Kevin Na had some thoughts and BIG BRAIN ideas on how the framework agreement, which seems on its death bed, could potentially merge the two tours. Schedule for the week hands out the event of the week to a delightful Asia-Pacific Am watch from Royal Melbourne. News hits on the Schwab Cup postseason being a wrap before it even started and whether or not Steve Stricker should show up to any of the events.
It’s Victory Monday for Andy and Brendan, who begin with some enthusiastic chatter about Tyson Bagent, his father, and the Bears future. There’s also some pushback on the Browns getting lucky calls and a golf comp to the debate over the Tush Push. Then they get to the golf, beginning with the LIV Finale and Bryson’s DeChambeau’s team winning in Miami. There’s some praise for the format, which produces some compelling moments … that nobody seems to be watching in person or on TV. They express some happiness for Bryson, who has “friends by arrangement” with a team. There’s less joy for Paul Casey. On the PGA Tour, they discuss Collin Morikawa’s victory in Japan and the bewildering game of Beau Hossler. During recording, news breaks of the Euro Tour now offering exemptions to some PGA Tour detritus down the FEC standings. News hits on a radio interview with Lucas Glover, who spoke of the shame of a splintered USA Ryder Cup team that he’d heard about from friends “in the fight.”
Andy and Brendan are together in Pinehurst, where they’re worse for the wear after battling “tuffs” of grass that will surely keep Charley Hoffman away from next year’s U.S. Open. They discuss some of their day out at No. 2 before getting onto the matchups for the LIV team championship in Miami. Should we seriously analyze this? Is there further Cleeks disrespect? Then they address Phil Mickelson’s comments that he “knows” more people are coming to LIV and that everyone is taking lots of calls from players dying to get over there. The last half of the pod takes on some SGS Golf Advice questions about choosing a wedding over a member-guest and when you should or should not help a playing partner look for their golf ball.
Andy and Brendan are a bit punchy in this late night recording before they both take on some travel early Wednesday. They begin with a bunch of random questions and a moment of silence for the Spikemark-gate drama that embroiled NCAA golf all fall. Then they turn to a sad note on the passing of Ivor Robson and what they remember about him. The “Netflix Cup” is discussed briefly, but quickly devolves in some incredulous yelling about the new Stealth collaboration with an F1 team sponsored by an energy drink and software. The schedule for the week discusses the Zozo and Champions Tour but then takes a longer look at the LIV Team Championship week in Miami. Is the format worthwhile or overly confusing? Would it be better if the league were not a joke? News hits TGL rounding out its roster with four more names, including Hatless Pat and Broomstick Lucas. Then they close it out with Buddy Ball coming to the Hero World Challenge and its loaded field.
It’s an unexpected and jubilant Victory Monday for Brendan, who is joined by legendary friend of the program Shane Bacon. The two wander around for a bit talking the Browns upset of the 49ers, a wildly unpredictable NFL, and thermostat negotiations as the season changes. Then they jump into the weekend that was in golf, beginning with the most recent finish out in Vegas. They ponder what to make of Tom Kim, winning at a great clip for such a young age but also feasting on some weaker events. How do we gauge young talents -- what metrics do we prioritize? Then they get to the LIV season finale, or part of it, which happened overnight and was exceedingly difficult to watch. They discuss the lack of juice with all things LIV, Talor Gooch’s incredibly successful and lucrative decision to join LIV, the confusing relegation zone, and what’s left on the Match Play front. There’s also scorn for the decrepit Majesticks franchise. The latter half of the episode covers Angel Yin’s first LPGA win, Lilia Vu needing more pub, Brooks Koepka yet again popping Matt Wolff, and Tiger’s ridiculous outfit playing golf last week.
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Sean Cooleen

love the same day recaps great podcast.

Jun 17th

Jamie Fraser

I love this show

Oct 16th
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