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This podcast tells the story of the fans - of the Dave Matthews Band.
Each week, Renae brings a different DMB fan to tell their story.
Discover WHY this band has been able to successfully change lives, for over 30 years, according to the people that love the band the most......the fans.

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The Space Between Podcast / @thespacebetween_pod

99 Episodes
Join Renae as she REWINDS 2023 and shares how this podcast has survived its 1st year. From conception to Season 1, Renae discusses how she finds her guests, what this podcast has done for so many listeners and plans for 2024.The Space Between Podcast is the story of the FANS of the Dave Matthews Band. Peace, Love And DMBSupport the show
In this episode of the Space Between podcast, the hosts celebrate 420 and discuss their passion for weed. They also talk about the Dave Matthews Band and the upcoming tour. Ridge Richter shares his experience organizing meetups and night zero parties for DMB fans. He talks about how these events have grown over the years and the live music performances that are now a part of them. The hosts also discuss the Couch Tour, where fans can watch live DMB shows online. They express their gratitude for the band and the community of fans. Ridge and Rob discuss the upcoming meetup in Tampa, Florida for the opening of the U.S. tour. They provide details about the event, including the location, date, and time. They also talk about the poster for the event and mention other meetups they have planned. The conversation ends with a trivia game about the Dave Matthews Band. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to the Dave Matthews Band, including the fan group called The Warehouse, Dave Matthews' religious background as a Quaker, his guest appearance on the TV show "House, and the listener-supported concert/recording that took place on 9/11/99. They also share some song lyrics and reminisce about their favorite moments at DMB concerts. The conversation ends with a discussion about the positive impact of music and the importance of staying open-minded.Support the show
Guest: Steph Wohlfiel

Guest: Steph Wohlfiel


In this episode of the Space Between Podcast, Renae interviews Stephanie Wohlfiel, a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. They discuss Stephanie's journey with the band, from her first encounter at a Grateful Dead concert to attending Dave Matthews Band shows with her husband. They also talk about the band's presence in their household and the local fan community in California. Stephanie shares her experience organizing charity work in Mexico through the KKIS organization. Overall, the conversation highlights the impact of the Dave Matthews Band on fans' lives and the sense of community it fosters. Stephanie shares her experience of supporting education in Mexico through the Dave Matthews Band community. She discusses the need for school supplies in the region and how she got involved with organizations like KKIS and CID. Stephanie also highlights the generosity of Dave Matthews Band fans and the power of music in building communities. She then talks about her upcoming trip to Europe to see the band perform and the excitement surrounding it. Support the show
Guest: Emily Brandon

Guest: Emily Brandon


In this episode, Emily Brandon shares her journey as a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. She discovered the band in 1999 and was immediately hooked after attending her first concert. Emily's husband is also a fan and they have incorporated the band's music into their relationship. Their children have grown up listening to the band and have attended shows with them. Renae and Emily discuss the upcoming shows in Texas and the excitement surrounding them are also mentioned. The topic of concert fashion and merchandise is explored, along with the significance of tattoos and the memories attached to them. In closing, we discuss the instant connection and sense of community that fans of the Dave Matthews Band experience and what keeps us coming back for more.Support the show
In this episode, Renae interviews two fans of the Dave Matthews Band, Desireé and John Raynor. They discuss their first encounters with the band, their favorite songs, and how they met and fell in love. They also talk about attending their first shows and the experience of traveling to different venues. The conversation touches on the longevity and relevance of the band, as well as songs that have personal connections for the fans. They also discuss collecting posters and memorable concert experiences, including the unique challenges of the SPAC venue.  They talk about the sense of community among fans and the connections they have made through meetups and online groups. They also discuss the band's talent and camaraderie, as well as the joy of attending shows with their children. The conversation touches on collecting posters and the future of their fandom. Overall, it highlights the unique and diverse experiences of Dave Matthews Band fans.Support the show
In this conversation, Renae Lipsmeyer interviews the Dave Matthews Tribute Band, who just finished their Mile High Tour and are about to start their spring tour called the Break Free Tour. The band members introduce themselves and talk about their experiences in the band. They discuss how the Dave Matthews Tribute Band was formed in 2004 and how they have had various members throughout the years. They also talk about their upcoming tour dates and encourage fans to follow them on social media.Support the show
In this bonus episode of The Space Between podcast, Renae sits down with Michele Brown, a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, to discuss their love for the band and their experiences attending concerts. Michele shares how she discovered the band and how it led her to Mexico for a Dave and Tim concert. They talk about the sense of community among Dave Matthews Band fans and the special experiences they have had at concerts. Michele emphasizes the importance of experiencing the individual artists within the band and encourages others to attend concerts to see the unique performances. Chapters00:00 Introduction and Setting01:59 Discovering the Band07:21 Attending Concerts11:12 First Time in Mexico12:55 The Experience in Mexico15:26 Annual Tradition17:21 SPAC Concert Advice24:03 Unique Experiences25:26 The Ultimate Vacation26:42 Dave and Tim's Dynamic27:40 The Friendship Between Dave and Tim28:35 Dave's Humility and Sharing the Stage29:33 Dave's Exhaustion and Commitment to Fans30:21 The History and Friendship of Dave and Tim31:19 The Experience of Dave and Tim in Mexico32:13 The Importance of Community and Connection33:11 The Value of Online Forums and Community Boards34:07 Creating a Sense of Community at Concerts35:18 The Middle-Aged Spring Break Experience36:18 Meeting Criteria for a Relationship37:17 The Love Story of Renee and Paul38:23 The Emotional Impact of Dave's Music39:15 The Joy and Gratitude of Being a Dave Fan40:00 The Evolution of Songs and Changing Lyrics41:22 The Personal Connection to Dave's Music42:14 Surprising Song Choices at Dave and Tim Shows43:07 The Emotional Impact of Dave's Music (Continued)45:09 The Power of Music to Connect and Move47:24 Feeling Lucky to Be a Dave Fan48:34 The Sense of Community at Dave Concerts49:31 Inside Jokes and Memorable Moments50:21 The Dave Conference and Cock in the Grass51:13 Final Thoughts and FarewellSupport the show
Guest: Mark DeCristoforo

Guest: Mark DeCristoforo


In this episode of The Space Between podcast, Renae interviews Mark DeCristoforo, a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. Mark shares his first encounter with the band in 1996 and how their music became an outlet for him during difficult times. He discusses the impact of both Dave Matthews Band and Phish on his life and how their music taught him to enjoy shows and forget about life's troubles. Mark also talks about the global DMB family and the unique experience of attending live shows. He concludes by sharing his invention, The F’n Drink Hole….A Float with a Tote, and surprising fans in Mexico with it. Mark shares his experience of traveling to Mexico with extra bags and dealing with security at the airport. He also explains the design and functionality of the float, including its unique features and benefits. Chapters00:00 Introduction to The Space Between Podcast00:54 Mark's First Encounter with Dave Matthews Band03:01 The Impact of Dave Matthews Band and Phish on Mark's Life06:24 Mark's Musical Journey Before Dave Matthews Band08:29 Discovering the Unique Sound of Dave Matthews Band10:34 Following Dreams and Sacrifices13:08 The Global DMB Family17:20 The Magic of Dave Matthews Band Live Shows19:47 The Ever-Changing Experience of Dave Matthews Band Shows21:24 The Circle of Love and Energy Between the Band and Fans23:43 The Connection and Community of Dave Matthews Band Fans26:32 Mark's Invention: The Drink Float Frisbee29:15 Surprising Fans in Mexico with the Drink Float Frisbee29:46 Getting to Mexico with Extra Bags30:21 Dealing with Security at the Mexico Airport31:03 Paying Extra for Exceeding Product Limits31:50 Distributing the Floats in Mexico33:59 The Design and Functionality of the Float36:48 The Benefits of the Float40:25 The Sticker Design and Meaning43:28 The Qualities of the Product46:30 Overcoming Technological Challenges50:16 Future Plans for Selling the Floats54:32 The Potential Market for the Floats55:35 Giving Away Floats on tour55:43 The Journey and Progress56:32 Community and Connections57:50 The Impact of the Band58:49 The Power of the Fan Community59:42 The DMB Pages01:00:51 Unity in Diversity01:01:39 The Universal Enjoyment of DMB01:02:45 The Joy of Sharing the Band01:03:48 Stepping Out of Comfort Zones01:04:05 Dreams and Future Plans01:05:11 The Power of Choice01:06:26 Sharing Your Journey01:07:48 Conclusion and GratitudeSupport the show
Shawn Warriner, a musician from Virginia, shares his journey and experiences with the Dave Matthews Band. He talks about his introduction to the band and how their music impacted him. Shawn also discusses meeting his bandmate Terrence through Craigslist and the importance of collaboration in creating music. He reflects on his influences from 90s rock and hip hop and how they shaped his musical style. Shawn shares the challenges of forming a band and the excitement of recording their EP.Support the show
In this episode, the host introduces the guest and discusses upcoming events, including the Europe tour and the DMB Couch Tour. They also talk about the upcoming season of the podcast and the opening of the US tour in Tampa. The guest shares his background and his first DMB show experience. They discuss attending shows in West Palm Beach and Deer Creek, as well as the reactions of friends and family to attending shows in Indiana. In this episode, Renae shares her experiences meeting Uncle Steve and the Fox Brothers, feeling at home in Cincinnati, and offers tips for introverts to connect in the Dave Matthews Band community. She also discusses the upcoming Night Zero parties in Tampa and West Palm Beach, highlighting the musical guests and prizes. Renae emphasizes the importance of charity and donations at the West Palm Beach Night Zero Party. She concludes by encouraging listeners to stay connected and share the podcast with friends.Support the show
Guest: Melissa Wanjek

Guest: Melissa Wanjek


In this episode, Renae Lipsmeyer interviews Melissa Wanjek, a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. Melissa shares her journey of discovering the band and how their music helped her through a difficult time in her life. They discuss the healing power of music and the unique experience of Dave Matthews Band concerts. Melissa also talks about the importance of the Dave Matthews Band community and the friendships she has formed through Facebook groups. They touch on the influence of Rob Messina and the impact of COVID-19 on the community. Melissa also shares her experience of attending concerts with her mom and the future of her podcast, the Number 41 Podcast. This conversation explores various aspects of the Dave Matthews Band community, including the beauty of podcasts about the band, the need for a creative outlet, the generosity of the fans, the charitable work of the Tailgate Caravan, the 2024 tour announcement, volunteering with Reverb to get free tickets, and engaging with the community on social media.Support the show
Guest: Travis Hyde

Guest: Travis Hyde


Join Renae as she welcomes Travis Hyde to the show!Travis guides us through his journey through music, love and life.Support the show
Join Renae as she welcomes guest, Breezy Dobkowski.Breezy takes listeners on her voyage in finding peace and love, through music.Support the show
Join Renae for another week of all things #FANLIFE.Rich and Jessica join Renae to tell their journey with the Dave Matthews Band.Support the show
Muzzo-Kinney Episode

Muzzo-Kinney Episode


Join Renae as she welcomes the Muzzo/Kinney Family.Support the show
Guest: Jimmy Walker

Guest: Jimmy Walker


Join Renae for another week of all things #fanlife behind the Dave Matthews Band.Guest Jimmy Walker shares his personal journey through love, fatherhood and of course, how he found the Dave Matthews Band.Support the show
Join Renae for another week of all things DMB fan life!This week I welcome Jon & Lisa Rutkowski.Support the show
Join Renae for another week of all things FANS related to the Dave Matthews Band.This week, fan Gabe Matthews joins the show to talk about his journey with DMB and how it led him to creating a tribute band, Crowded Streets.Support the show
Join Renae as she learns the history of the DMB fan tool, the DMB Almanac.Guest Rob Bokon shares his initial reasons for starting the website and how it continues to help fans across the world keep track of their DMB stats and more.Support the show
Join Renae as guest, Caroline Markel Hammond, shares her journey with her favorite band. The Dave Matthews Band.Support the show
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