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Hear interviews from Hollywood celebrities, experts, health and wellness gurus, true crime survivors, and some of the most interesting people you’ve never heard of as they share their gripping personal stories. No subject is off limits. No subject is “too offensive." New episodes spill every Friday. The Spillover hosted by @RealAlexClark and powered by Turning Point USA.

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Two Christian conservative moms in Washington State debate whether public school vs homeschool is more beneficial in training children to defend their beliefs. Heidi St. John homeschooled her seven children and is on a mission to warn parents against the predatory curriculums of public schools. Katy Faust’s four children survived the Seattle public school system and according to Katy, are stronger in their convictions because of it. Alex moderates this insightful discussion where one clear co...
Holistic nurse practitioner and co-host of "Redpill Your Healthcast," Lauren Johnson (@naturalnursemomma) shares heavily censored information on the childhood vaccine schedule. In this episode, Nurse Lauren and Alex cover natural remedies for common ailments and address listener submitted questions.Lauren JohnsonInstagram | @naturalnursemommaApple Podcasts | Redpill Your HealthcastWebsite | Natural Nurse MommaThank you to our sponsors!Don't miss your chance to join us at the Turning Point Aca...
You think you know Riley Gaines’ story, but you’d be wrong. Alex doesn’t hold back as she asks Riley point-blank about any and all criticism she has endured since she quit swimming and entered the conservative media space, including her friendship with Caitlyn Jenner, the controversial conservative calendar, and competing against Lia Thomas. Riley also shares the story of how she met her husband, why she may not ever swim again, and details on her controversial fast food diet, Alex dives deep...
He’s arguably the most famous regenerative farmer in the world, and the most heavily targeted by our own government for his unorthodox farming methods. Joel Salatin joins Alex Clark to discuss what must be done about Big Food, the decreasing autonomy of American farmers, why GMO’s should not be trusted, and why food freedom should be the next cornerstone of the conservative movement.Joel SalatinInstagram | @polyacefarm YouTube | @farmlikealunaticWebsite |
She’s the most evil mom on the internet because she…made her kids homemade goldfish? Listen to the real story behind the woman in the viral goldfish reel and how she cooks for her family completely from scratch. If you thought the homemade cheese cracker was controversial, just wait till you hear her thoughts on microwaves, chicken breasts, and flour. Gretchen Adler has a challenge for moms. Are you up for it?Gretchen AdlerInstagram | @gretchyFacebook | @realgretchyYouTube | @NubryTVCampsite ...
Mouth breathing is a harmful subconscious habit that causes symptoms like changes in facial structure, oral health complications, poor sleep, and even anxiety. James Nestor, a New York Times bestselling science journalist, addresses why mouth breathing is so common, if there's a wrong way to breathe during sex, how chewing industrialized food affects the jaw, and treatments that help stop mouth breathing - that shockingly does not include mouth tape!Website |
Alex Clark speaks with the one and only Jessica Kraus, aka @houseinhabit for the first ever LIVE recording of The Spillover at The Young Women's Leadership Summit 2024. Listen in as Jessica shares interesting facts about celebrity trials she's worked on, her perspective as to what mainstream media gets wrong about Donald Trump, why she continues to push for the truth, even when it is costly. @houseinhabitHouse Inhabit WebsiteHouse Inhabit Podcast.#ywls #live #podcast #media #journalism #event...
Your hormone bestie and my most popular guest on The Spillover, Emily (aka @littleraeofhealth) is back to teach you EXACTLY how to track your period, understand the subtle changes in mood you experience during the different phases of your cycle, and determine if your period is not normal. Alex and Emily fan girl over different wellness practices they are into lately and why your period is one of the most underrated perks of being a girl. (YES, PERK!)@littleraeofhealthTake control of your heal...
If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain, are curious about barefoot shoes, or grounding, this episode could change your life! Anya Jensen, a barefoot shoe industry expert, says you can find dress shoes, ballet flats, fashion boots, and even sandals that look normal but feel like you are not wearing shoes at all! Find out if babies should wear shoes, how to know if your shoes fit properly, tips to shop for barefoot shoes on a budget, and why Anya allows her kids to go barefoot in public. Anya...
True crime meets health and wellness in this dystopian interview with former lobbyist and author Calley Means. Shocking secrets and statistics reveal the truth behind Big Pharma, Big Food, and how The FDA rigged the system and wields control over our lives. Alex and Calley discuss an actual healthcare reform plan that neither the left nor right is addressing, how lobbyists use seemingly silly food studies for sinister purposes, theories on the sudden push for Ozempic, how organic food and red...
20-somethings struggle more than any other age group. Is it because they've been given bad advice? Dr. Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist who focuses on young adult development. In this episode she offers fascinating insight into what we get wrong about this decade of life, and discusses her new book, "The Twentysomething Treatment: A Revolutionary Remedy For An Uncertain Age". This episode will interest listeners of any age!Follow Dr. Meg Jay on Instagram @drmegjay for a FREE audio copy of h...
Chronic illnesses, unhealthy eating habits, and mental health disorders are spiking in elementary school children. Why? School lunch programs are serving fake, processed garbage. Seeing an evident need for change, Hilary Boynton created an affordable nutrient-dense meal program based on the ancestral diet at her kid’s school so that children can properly develop physically and mentally. She is the author of "The Heal Your Gut Cookbook," co-founder of School of Lunch, Inc., and creator of The ...
The downsides of epidurals are rarely discussed and midwife, Lindsey Meehleis, wants you to know what they are and that you have options even if you opt to get one. Alex and Lindsey discuss why mothers might have trouble breastfeeding and listener-submitted questions about ultrasounds, dieting, Group B Strep and the cost comparisons of home vs hospital birth.Website | www.therembering.comInstagram | @lindsymeehleis [GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING ⚠️].Get ticket details for Turning Point USA’s Young ...
She's still in high school and she's bravely calling out Big Food's criminal coverup on its role in rising cancer rates in America. The youngest guest in Spillover history, Grace Price, made the incredible viral documentary, “Cancer: A Food-Borne Illness'' on X with over 4.3 million views. She says cancer is a metabolic disease, and says that we will soon look at ultra-processed food with as much disgust as cigarettes in their contribution to cancer. She's on a mission to flatten the curve of...
Everyone knows the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but did you know that the thyroid is the powerhouse of the body? It plays a critical role in the metabolism and development of the human body by regulating hormones. Brain fog, blood sugar dysregulation, and leaky gut are all signs of an autoimmune disorder that might be linked to your thyroid. Dr. Josh Redd, owner of the US’s largest functional medicine clinic, RedRiver Health and Wellness, reveals how to identify autoimmune trig...
Celebrity Chef, organ meat expert, and founder of PLUCK Seasoning, James Barry tells Alex his top stories cooking for Zac Efron, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and more. They cover the extensive health benefits of eating organ meats, how to cook and integrate them into your diet, problems with the spice industry, how to shop for knives, if Erewhon is overrated, and the easiest homemade salad dressing recipe! Follow Chef James Barry and Pluck Seasoning on Social Media:@eatpluck@chefjamesbarryListe...
Did you know that there are negative side effects to therapy? No of course you didn't, because NO ONE talks about it. Investigative journalist and author Abigail Shrier is back to discuss her new book Bad Therapy, which reveals how the overuse of therapy has mentally stunted an entire generation. Alex and Abigail discuss problems with Gentle Parenting and how kids fare in conservative vs liberal households.Follow Abigail Shrier on X and purchase your copy of "Bad Therapy" on her website. Webs...
Learn when to prioritize marriage and family and when to prioritize career, how to embrace a slower paced life, and change your view of work-life balance. One of our most popular guests, author Suzanne Venker, is back with another culture shifting episode to talk about her new book: How to Build a Better Life. She describes it as “the antidote women need to discover who they really are at their core and feel empowered to embrace it.” Suzanne courageously debunks popular life advice that young...
Is your dentist lying about how many fillings you need? Is a root canal ever a good idea? Find out what red flags to look for in a "holistic dentist," why mouth taping is the new wellness trend you need to implement, how mouthwash is wrecking your mouth's microbiome, and MUCH MORE. Every dentistry question you have is answered in this hilarious, educational, and fun interview with one of the top holistic dentists in the country, Dr. Kelly Blodgett.Follow Dr. Kelly Blodgett on Social Media:Ins...
She didn’t start reading until 12 – yet was in college by 15! An extraordinary story of a homeschooling mom who trusted her daughter’s abilities more than “the system." Now that little girl is all grown up and is a homeschooling mom herself. She speaks against the educational industrial complex that creates rule followers, not learners. This thought-provoking episode explores the pitfalls in American education, why parents are the best teachers, and why the world is the best classroom.Follow ...
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Can you not say OMG please?

May 10th


Please don't take God's name in vain

May 8th


Can you do an episode about face reading?

Jan 1st

Mir Media

He was having trouble making his case. More passion than facts.

Dec 24th


Wow! The fact that there's no external way to measure a week is amazing!

Dec 1st

Mir Media

The ideal family is a child's biological mother and farther.

Nov 23rd

Dana Smith

I really appreciated Jennifer's gun recommendation and direction to carry pepper spray at the ready! I very much enjoyed the variety of topics covered in this episode, as well as the length! Excellent work, Alex!

Oct 31st

Shanna Toews

Billions of years ago is where I stopped listening...

Oct 14th

Matthew Carter

44 year old married father of 5. 3 girls and 2 boys. Started listening after hearing an episode with an FBI profiler. Love this show. Even the ones geared toward women. As a father of 3 girls it has seriously helped me. Keep up the great work Alex.

Jun 27th

Rebekah Smith

one of my favorite episodes!

Mar 23rd

Angela Smoyer

absolutely loved everything about this podcast! thank you for having him on!

Sep 23rd


Another great potcast!

Jun 22nd

Ronda Grosvenor

love this! My new favorite!

Jun 15th


I like Jim, he's way off base on the FBI, though. It's very possible it was different when he was there, but it's become a political animal. The FBI failures and political witch hunts are too many to list. You all know them.

May 27th


love the spillover!

Feb 17th

Ellen Keyes The Spillover with Alex Clark powered by Turning Point USA

Nov 13th

Violet Martin

The girl scouts suck

Nov 1st

Violet Martin

This is the most wonderful and hilarious podcast. I love it.

Oct 27th


Great episode!

Oct 2nd
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Nicki Heiner

love longer episodes of this lovely lady!

Aug 22nd