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Cakes, Bish, EB and JP on 106.7 the Fan.
4990 Episodes
04/18 FULL SHOW: Hour 1 - 1:00 Hour 2 - 45:00 Hour 3 - 1:26:00 Hour 4 - 2:07:00
04/18 Hour 1: EB Says His Sugar Restriction Is Paying Off / Masters Ratings Have Slipped - 1:00 Sports Page (Caps vs Rangers Series Preview) - 18:00 Sports Page (Part Two) - 31:00
04/18 Hour 2: Does Jayden Daniels Not Want To Play For Washington - 1:00 Which Quarterback Prospect Has The Highest Ceiling - 17:00 Callers Break Down The Best Quarterback For Washington - 31:00
04/18 Hour 3: Spaniards Are Telling Drab To Go Home - 1:00 Bill Belichick Might Be Headed To The NFC East / Open Line Thursday - 16:00 Dylan Strome Joins The Junkies - 33:00
04/18 Hour 4: Entertainment Page - 1:00 Alan May Joins The Junkies - Details How Dangerous The Capitals Can Be - 18:00 Beer Can Island Is On The Brink Of Being Purchased - 31:00
From 04/18 Hour 4: Alan May joins The Sports Junkies to break down the Washington Capitals momentum ahead of their playoff series with New York.
Entertainment Page

Entertainment Page


From 04/18 Hour 4: The Sports Junkies discuss the top storylines around the celebrity world.
From 04/18 Hour 3: Dylan Strome joins The Sports Junkies to preview the Washington Capitals playoff series with the New York Rangers.
From 04/18 Hour 3: The Sports Junkies discuss Drab's trip to Spain and why Spaniards are against tourists.
From 04/18 Hour 2: The Sports Junkies discuss which QB prospect has the highest ceiling.
From 04/18 Hour 2: The Sports Junkies debate if Jayden Daniels doesn't want to play for the Washington Commanders.
From 04/18 Hour 1: The Sports Junkies discuss the top headlines around the sports world.  
From 04/18 Hour 1: EB gives an update on how his sugar restriction diet has been going and the Junks analyze the 2024 Masters ratings.
04/17 FULL SHOW: Hour 1 - 1:00 Hour 2 - 45:00 Hour 3 - 1:25:00 Hour 4 - 2:05:00
04/17 Hour 1: Capitals Clutch A Playoff Berth Last Night In Philly - 1:00 The Caps Unlikely Path To The Stanley Cup Playoffs - 22:00 Commanders Bring The Top QB Prospects To Top Golf - 33:00
04/17 Hour 2: How Can The Caps Keep Building Off Their Momentum - 1:00 Are You Willing To Sit And Develop The #2 Overall Pick - 19:00 Callers On Washington Drafting And Developing Their Rookie QB - 33:00
04/17 Hour 3: Chris Russell Joins The Junkies - 1:00 What Are Your Expectations For The Capitals In The Playoffs - 19:00 Callers Discuss Their Expectations For The Caps Playoff Run - 33:00
04/17 Hour 4: Mike Rizzo Joins The Junkies - 1:00 Awadd Details His Injury That Kept Him Out Of Work Yesterday - 22:00 Brian Dozier Joins The Junkies - 32:00
From 04/17 Hour 4: Brian Dozier joins The Sports Junkies to preview the Washington Nationals 5 year reunion for their World Series championship.
From 04/17 Hour 4: Mike Rizzo joins The Sports Junkies to break down the first couple weeks of the Washington Nationals season.
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Leolagard Lynnda

Follow the information through really interesting video updates. You can easily access other news simply

Sep 27th


why play one phone call but then talk about how the other call was hilarious? low effort

Aug 6th
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Jan 25th

Stephen Hiteshew

This was a good episode. I like that surprise change in joning.

May 4th
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