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After 20 years together on Inside The NBA, Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley still have a lot to talk about. The Steam Room podcast is the new platform for EJ, Chuck, and weekly guests to explore conversations beyond the world of basketball. Grab your bracelet and step into The Steam Room every Thursday… and please, remember to keep your towel on.
103 Episodes
Candace Parker (too many accolades to list) joins the Steam Room to talk about her future in the WNBA, the joys and challenges of being a sports parent, and seasonal caffeine habits. Charles and Ernie discuss College Football Playoff scenarios, the virtues of being bald, and the debut of a new segment that will warm your heart like extra hot coffee.See for privacy information.
(King) Henrik Lundqvist skates into The Steam Room to reflect on his recent induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, his ‘next chapter’ as a fragrance designer, and, well, being so darn handsome. Ernie and Charles share what they’re thankful for, try to make plans to see a Garth Brooks concert, and discuss dating app red flags.See for privacy information.
The 100th episode (!) of the Steam Room Podcast features special shoutouts from former guests Mark Cuban, Jimmy Kimmel, JJ Watt, and Rex Chapman. This star-studded show is highlighted by a surprise appearance from the long-time, legendary Producer of Inside the NBA, Tim Kiely. Confetti cannons are trickier than you might think.See for privacy information.
In this Season 5 premiere, Charles & Ernie welcome two sports icons into the Steam Room. Draymond Green stops by to chat about Chris Paul coming off the bench for GSW, what really happened with last year’s team, and defend this year’s team again the Chuckster’s skepticism. Dusty Baker joins to talk retirement life, his role in inventing the High Five, and awe the guys with stories about Hank Aaron and Satchel Paige.See for privacy information.
Ernie & Chuck take the show on the road for a very special Season 4 Finale in Miami. 2x Super Bowl Champion Travis Kelce drops by to confess he always wanted his name to be Charles, SNL makes him more nervous than football and he has been practicing non-stop for Capital One’s The Match featuring himself & Patrick Mahomes vs. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson - June 29 on TNT. TK puts the guys to the test with Season 4 Trivia, and forecasts his impending retirement as the legendary longtime Executive Producer of Inside the NBA. Chuck’s Answering Machine is full of reflections from old friends and the guys’ plans for summer.See for privacy information.
Top Shelf + Paul Bissonnette

Top Shelf + Paul Bissonnette


'Biz Nasty' skates onto the show to talk playoff hockey and what it's REALLY like in the steam room with Chuck. In honor of Charles' newest grandchild, Inside the NBA producer Tim Kiely brings the laughs with some LEGENDARY 'grandpa jokes.' EJ and The Chuckster discuss everything from the NFL draft to which movies make them cry, before taking some fun calls from the answering machine.See for privacy information.
What a treat! We’ve got TWO George Foremans in the Steam Room to discuss the release of the upcoming film Big George Foreman — first, the heavyweight champ himself joins EJ and Chuck to to talk about staying fit at 74, naming all his kids ‘George’, and more. Next, actor Khris Davis talks playing the boxing legend, making weight for the role and what it really feels like when you forget a line. Speaking of treats…Chuck eats his words when it comes to his donut preferences.See for privacy information.
Ben Affleck joins to talk about his new movie Air, including insight into MJ’s relationship with Nike, and the experience of directing his longtime friend and collaborator, Matt Damon. Ernie gives Charles a chance to convince Ben that Krispy Kreme is better than Dunkin Donuts, but some loyalties are non-negotiable. Chuck unpacks a lot of feelings about the men and women’s Final Four, the ‘load management’ details from the NBA’s new CBA, and LIV golfers at the Masters. Come for a story about hotel soap that is just as unforgettable as it is uncomfortable, stay to learn which body parts of autograph-seekers the Chuckster has scribbled on.See for privacy information.
Stars Aligned + Jay Wright

Stars Aligned + Jay Wright


Charles opens up and shares his thoughts about Ja Morant. Jay Wright keeps the March Madness mayhem going with his top picks and sleeper teams. The 2x National Champion former HC of Villanova talks retirement, if he’ll ever return to coaching and Chuck doesn’t miss a chance to give out a ‘pretty man’ compliment. TK is all about astrology and compatibility and Chuck’s Answering Machine features calls about rubber duckies, freeloaders and famous Inside the NBA segments.See for privacy information.
March Madness is here! College Basketball insider Andy Katz joins to give the guys an NCAA Tournament primer on hottest teams, upset predictions, and players who could be difference-makers in the dance. Ernie and Charles debate the do’s (stretching???) and don’ts (nudity, sitting too close) of Steam Room etiquette. Chuck calls EJ soft, argues Shaq isn’t even the best basketball player from LSU, and invites someone to go see Adele with him in Las Vegas.See for privacy information.
On this special edition of The Steam Room, Charles and Ernie take the most calls EVER from Chuck’s Answering Machine. With belated birthday messages, SNL advice for Travis Kelce, a crazy MJ story, and straw debates - it really does have it all. TK also gets Chuck’s honest thoughts on Salt Lake City and Aaron Rodgers' ‘Darkness Retreat.’See for privacy information.
Bomani Jones joins to talk about his viral exchange with Jake Paul, the double standard faced by Black Quarterbacks and Black Head Coaches, and the implosion of the Brooklyn Nets. Charles weighs in on what’s going on with Ja Morant, and reveals how much he’s preparing to gamble on the Super Bowl (spoiler: a lot). Much to Ernie’s delight and Chuck’s chagrin, the bird calls keep on coming, America.See for privacy information.
Don’t Blink + Von Miller

Don’t Blink + Von Miller


Super Bowl MVP Von Miller joins to talk about his ACL rehab, Damar Hamlin, Tom Brady's (for real his time) retirement, golfing with Charles, and the Big Game next Sunday. Birders flock to Chuck's Answering Machine to shame him for doubling-down on ornithophobia. Look it up.See for privacy information.
The Steam Room honors the life of Ernie’s late mother Lois Johnson, sending thoughts to our beloved co-host and his family. Legendary producer Tim Kiley steps in to pull NFL Playoff predictions out of Charles and answer a few questions from Chuck’s Answering Machine.“Special guest” is an understatement as Academy Award-Winner Sally Field joins Chuck & TK to discuss her new movie 80 for Brady, the ups and (mostly) downs of her beloved Lakers, and that time Charles approached her in a restaurant to confess he had a crush on her.See for privacy information.
Brimming with excitement after Georgia’s second consecutive National Championship, Ernie (class of ’78) welcomes Head Coach Kirby Smart into the Steam Room to reflect on the Dawg’s dynastic run, marvel at the improbable rise of Stetson Bennett, and rub it all in Chuck’s face. Come for the Natty celebration, stay for Coach’s surprising revelation about the infamous leaked audio of his pregame speech. The run of greatness continues with Candace Parker, who drops by to take stock of the NBA season at its midway point, defend her lackluster performance on Celebrity Jeopardy, and debunk Chuck’s theory about bird feeders.See for privacy information.
Start the new year off right by listening to the Steam Room and speaking to your vegetables. Renowned chef and founder of World Central Kitchen José Andrés joins Ernie and Charles to discuss the over 200-million meals served during his organization’s emergency response efforts, as well as Chuck’s lack of appreciation for kale, steaks and guacamole. EJ and Charles send their thoughts to Damar Hamlin & Jeremy Renner. TK stops by to serve up some fun and the Georgia Bulldogs get the last laugh on Chuck’s Answering Machine.See for privacy information.
Have yourself a merry, little Steam Room with Chuck on the Karaoke machine and friend-of-the-show Harry Miree on the drums. Ernie & Charles welcome in Licensed Clinical Social Worker Liz Beecroft to discuss the importance of mental health around the holidays, and how to best support others in what can be a challenging time. The grandkids pop in to wish “Poppy and Big Pop” a Merry Christmas and Chuck takes his answering machine for a spin.See for privacy information.
Pod Pals + Kelsey Plum

Pod Pals + Kelsey Plum


WNBA Champ Kelsey Plum joins to discuss Brittney Griner, explain the nuance of Collective Bargaining, and tell an epic Tom Brady story, before taking a cheap shot at Charles on the way out. TK goes full Gen-Z with a long list of icks about the Chuckster.See for privacy information.
The Chuckster throws Ernie a bone and lets him celebrate the Dawgs No. 1 bid in the CFB Playoff with former Georgia QB Aaron Murray. Football fever doesn’t stop there, TK and Ernie quiz Sir Charles on “Real or Fake” Bowl Game names. A call from Chuck's Answering Machine gets Ernie & Charles to try out their best Shaq impressions. See for privacy information.
Saturday Night Live Legend & 3x Emmy Award-Winner Bill Hader joins the subject of his impersonations (Ernie Johnson) and 4x SNL Host Charles Barkley to reminisce on some big laughs and fun memories of the Chuckster making cast members break. Ernie wishes he’d asked less questions about Chuck’s tattoo idea, and Charles thinks Auburn will shock the world in Saturday’s Iron Bowl (or does he?). Legendary Producer Tim Kiley joins for an SNL-themed quiz and voicemails keep piling up on Chuck’s Answering Machine.See for privacy information.
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Jul 24th

Jared JSB

24:30 Yang!

Aug 28th

Curtis Scott

baby kays mesa Arizona

May 5th

Andrew L. Hunter

new listener! awesome podcast!!

Mar 13th


The first on just flew by, it's everything I hoped for with Inside doing Podcasts. Can't wait for next week's!

Dec 13th

Daniel Alexander

Lol! This is awesome!

Dec 13th
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