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Ryan Racine joins the show to discuss his new book: The Stoic Teacher Ancient Mind Hacks to Help Educators Foster Resiliency, Optimism, and Inner Calm. We discuss the challenges and rewards of teaching, techniques to become a more resilient teacher and how to find and become a mentor.
We've made it to 1000,000 downloads! Thanks everyone!This week Marcus writes about 3 major topics.1. People just like you once existed, lived their lives and are now gone. Seize the day!2. People may say you are untrustworthy. Make sure they are lying! 3. Make use of what ever happens and use it to your advantage.
Journey's can take two forms. You can wander aimlessly and see where you end up or you can travel toward a particular destination. To ensure a well-lived life we should have a certain life-long destination in mind and we can then design the life we want to live to reach that destination. This is the essence of backward design.
This is my second try on this episode as the first had audio issues! This week Marcus reflects on three things1. Accepting reality as it is2. Acknowledging that death won't be depriving him of much3. Learning to control his annoyance and anger with others. Don't forget you can get the edited version of last weeks show on Spreaker
This week Marcus Aurelius reminds himself to stand firm and do his duty, to stand in awe of the Cosmos and to be content with the time he had on this Earth. We can endeavor to do the same!
Who controls you, is it your brain or your desires and aversions?
In this episode we'll talk about re-enchantment through night language vs. day language, travel and returning to our principles!
This week Marcus Aurelius discusses change, bringing powerful people down the size and dealing with difficult challenges.
Today Marcus Aurelius reminds us to1. Be a good example and do what is right2. Stop planning on how you will improve, start now!3. All things change
Accept the world as it is, with humility and discipline or else make a wretch of yourself! But remember you don't have to accept injustice to do this, the way the world is now is the springboard from which you can affect the future.
Marcus Aurelius tells himself to stay simple, to be just, to accept reality and to avoid distractions. This is the way to happiness!
Kevin Vost joins the podcast to discuss ancient memory techniques and how we can apply them to memorizing Stoic teachings (and anything else!)
We should be proud of our growth as we improve over time. That does not mean that we should brag about it it. Growth is proof that what we are doing is working and that our efforts are not in vain. Let your growth be fuel for further development!
Duff joints the show this week to discuss her new book Wise Up: Irreverent Enlightenment From a Mother Who's Been Through It. We discuss the writing process, Stoic parenting, surviving bear attacks and beating your inner pig-dog! Wise Up is available April 12 video version of this episode can be found at:
This week Marcus Reflects on character traits that are needed for living well. To live well according to Marcus we must imitate the gods. Start cultivating these traits now to live well. 1. Prudence. 2. Acceptance 3. Magnanimity If you do this you will be on the path to living well.
This week Marcus reminds himself that change is part of nature, it is inevitable and should not be feared. This is the 5 year anniversary episode of the Sunday Stoic. Thank you all for listening!
This week Marcus reflects on two basic principles. he is part of the Cosmos and he is part of society. We could do well to reflect on these same principles each day.
Marcus Aurelius admonishes himself for not making sufficient progress and then reflects on what it necessary to align his biological, animal and human nature to form a solid Stoic Foundation.
285: Oikeiosis

285: Oikeiosis


The Stoics believed that as we mature we shift from focusing on our instinctual desire for self protection to using reason to act as a member of the community. This week we'll take a look at oikeiosis. The episode will come to an ironic end, as I discuss a parents love of their children and cut my discussion short as I run off to help my son....
This week we summarize the known teachings of Musonius Rufus, the teacher of Epictetus!
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Dave Allen

Awesome work keep it up!

Dec 5th

Richard Leyshon

interesting to come across another biology teacher who has found stoicism.

Nov 18th

Kaushal Parmar

this is actually good man. thank you.

Mar 4th
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