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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much “tin foil hat” stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.
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In this show, Local Prepper and I will discuss the similarities between the Roman Republic and Our Republic and where we might be headed. While nothing is written in stone, there are many lessons to learn about how we should prepare in the coming years. Along the same lines, we’ll discuss where technology, society, and […] The post SPP407 WE ARE ROME! – It’s Time To Pay Attention appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In this show, I have a special guest, Anthony from HomeFront Firearms Training, with me to discuss firearms, medical supplies, situational awareness, and important everyday carry items.  I also have a few questions the group members have asked us to discuss, including what to do if you are first on the scene of an active […] The post SPP406: Self Defense, EDC, & Firearms With Home Front Training appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Are you prepared for any emergency situation? In this video, I will discuss the top 10 bug-out bag supplies that are essential for survival. Whether you are planning for a natural disaster, a sudden evacuation, or a complete collapse, having the right prepping supplies can make all the difference. Our list includes the best bug […] The post SPP405: Important Bug Out Bag & Low Cost Prepping Supplies appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, it is essential to be prepared for any scenario that may arise. In this video, I go over 21 must-have prepping supplies that are bound to disappear from store shelves and become priceless in a collapse. As we witness empty store shelves during times of crisis, it becomes evident […] The post SPP404: Prepping Supplies That Will Be Priceless After The Collapse appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In today’s show, I cover the most important prepping supplies and survival gear that we should be thinking about. Whether you’re a seasoned survivalist or just starting, having the right emergency survival supplies is crucial for your safety and well-being. One of the most important items on any preppers checklist is a reliable water filter. […] The post SPP403: The Most Important Survival Supplies and Skills appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In today’s show, I put a few popular food myths to the test! Today, I’ll dive into the intriguing world of expired canned foods. Have you ever wondered if canned food really goes bad? We’re about to find out! In this taste test experiment, we’ll examine various 8-year-old expired canned foods to determine if they […] The post SPP402: Expired Canned Food Taste Test – Does Canned Food Go Bad? appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In the wake of recent events, the concept of a collapse or large-scale SHTF event has become an urgent and pressing concern for many. The idea of societal breakdown and the need for long-term survival planning has shifted from the realm of doomsday preppers to a topic of mainstream conversation. Even though it has become […] The post SPP401: 90 Days After Collapse & 2024 Crisis Events appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In this show, I’ll have Lisa on to talk about a movie we just watched called Leave the World Behind. While it wasn’t a great movie, it did bring up some valid points about the possibility of a coordinated attack on the U.S. Is it possible that it wouldn’t be one single enemy force? Is […] The post SPP400: An Attack on U.S. Soil? appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In today’s show, I’ll be going over the projected inflation rates of “in-store” food items and also discuss what the actual numbers might be. In the past three years, we have seen prices for meat and vegetables rise around 20%, and unsurprisingly, they will increase some more. Some food products projected to rise the most […] The post SPP399: Inflation in 2024 & Prepping Food Costs appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In today’s show, I’ll discuss an article I read from The Economic Collapse blog, a video from The Prepared Homestead, and the interview Tucker Carlson just did with Alex Jones. The article discusses how we could see “Mad Max” type events in the coming year because of the economy and decaying society. The video goes […] The post SPP398: Alex Jones, Economics, & Societal Decay appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Today I have Lisa back on with Kevin tonight to discuss a few different preparedness topics, including alternative energy, online security, and any questions about SHTF or disaster medical needs. Most of you know Lisa is an R.N. specializing in wound care, but she is also one of us “crazy” conspiracy theorists. I’m sure aliens […] The post SPP397: Disaster Medicine and Emergency Power appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Have you heard about the UN, Bill Gates, and The Rockefeller Foundation launching the ’50-in-5′ agenda to make digital IDs, vaccine passports, and CBDCs mandatory to participate in society by 2030? What about the concept of 15-minute cities where everything you need will be available by walking, bike, or public transportation?  These are just two […] The post SPP396: 15 Minute Cities, 50 in 5, & Wound Care with Lisa appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In todays show, I’ll review my DIY solar power station build and discuss some necessary preparedness supplies we might need to power in an emergency. Depending on your climate, emergency heating options or cooling options should rank high on your list. While a lot goes into preparedness, it all boils down to food, water, and […] The post SPP395: Emergency Power & Your Prepping Kryptonite appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Today, I have Mark Dixon on to talk about his new book Enemy at the Helm and a few other prepping topics. Mark has been a prepper and listener for some time, so it will be great to get his thoughts on the world around us and what concerns him. Mark also sent me a […] The post SPP394: Mark Dixon – Enemy at the Helm appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Today’s show is a live video I did with Vision Preparedness and The Roaming Prepper about what we can expect from the surge of “special interest” gotaways at the southern border. We discussed what that might mean for us on an individual level, as well as the country as a whole. Because the floodgates are […] The post SPP393: “People Of Interest” Are Crossing Our Border appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In todays show, I’ll be going over some power outage supplies and talking about the conflicts around the world and how they might affect us here in the United States. I’ll also be discussing Project Mockingbird and a video from Mark Dice. Because there is so much going on around the world, I also want […] The post SPP392: Grid Down Supplies & Global Tensions appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In today’s show, I’ll be going over some tips from people who have been prepping for a while about maintaining your prepping balance and which direction to go if you are starting your preparedness journey. To start the show, I went over my plans for a solar generator build I have planned. I am assembling […] The post SPP391: Control What You Can Control & Prepping Tips appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
While much lies between a complete SHTF situation and nothing happening, we need to be realistic about the possibilities, our ability to overcome them, and the likelihood of each event.  In this live show, I will talk with Tag from Life Done Free about the possibilities of a large-scale disaster scenario and what we might […] The post SPP390: SHTF Possibilities & Realistic Prepping With Life Done Free appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
I have Nikos from Nikos Bushcraft & Survival on today’s show tonight to discuss his observations while living in Ukraine. We talk about how the events unfold in a true crisis and what the people do to survive.  I’m always interested in getting real-world perspectives from people who have witnessed actual SHTF situations. I mentioned […] The post SPP389: Live From Ukraine With Nikos Bushcraft & Survival appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Today, I have The All American Prepper on again to talk about his gardening and food storage plans, some current events such as the powers that be playing God, as well as our thoughts on SHTF possibilities here and abroad.  You know there will be some Tin Foil Hat Time when we start discussing Geoengineering, […] The post SPP388 Gardening, Society, & WW3 With All American Prepper appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Comments (23)

James Sheffield

great show

Mar 5th

Marta Wiliams


Feb 5th

Paul York

This would've been a great episode if it wasn't for the hillbilly screaming in his opinion periodically. Completely ruined it for me.

Jun 15th

Clinton Crick


Jul 16th

Be The Change

⁣⁣⁣⁣We all need to be preparing for very difficult times ahead. Off grid living! water purification, food storage, solar enery, emergency bug out bags, building off grid shelters. Now is the time to get prepared! Ardbark is a site i found specifically for free ebooks on getting prepared for the end times.

Jun 27th

Darren Pryde

Woo hoo we have missed you

Mar 9th

Jake Wain this is a must see if you or a find question prepping

Jan 23rd

Jake Wain

Nut'n fancy has great reviews on tons of things from knifes to packs, from guns to scenarios on YouTube. they are long thorough and vary focused also SouthernPepper1 on YouTube has so much to teach in every prepping aspect it's awesome!

Jan 23rd

Jake Wain

I highly recommend vacuum sealing! I myself have sealed lots of different things and oftentimes will buy things open them and reseal them because I can do a better job of making it last. A huge psychological food to have on hand is candy. I like to bye a lot from stores after Halloween because of the sales. when i do that, i  tear each rapper just a smidge to be sure all the air gets out. I have tried many types of candy that I have sealed that were 4 in 5 years past expiration date and they were just fine, including  chocolate, hard candy, cookies from the bakery and Oreos ect. I'm looking forward to try some older. And sweet things or pleasure foods are important because it's psychologically takes the average person at least 3 months to adapt to a full-time state food storage. when times get hard it's nice to have something yummy to look forward to.  Also I don't count on gardening. I have the ability to do some but I believe in the Bible which says there will be drought, storms and

Jan 22nd

Matthew Pipkins

I just started your show. it's still early for me in the programming and maybe this has been covered later on but I feel the need to comment on the sterilization. it's not just the steam... it's a combination of heat, steam and pressure that kills everything. And yess... a "pressure canner" will work as an autoclave. Forgive me for not knowing names at this point, but a question arised... what to do with the tools once sterilized. they make sterilization pouches that can be ordered from amazon and ebay specifically for this. just some helpful information to pass along. I have decided to commit to this channel in my down time, so thank you for doing this. I cant wait to catch up. sincerely, a fellow prepper.

Dec 28th

Darren Pryde

What happened to the preparedness experience??

Aug 1st


Are you serious? Your wifi router is probably dual band 5GHZ. If you obtained a ham radio liscense, you wouldnt sound so so so much like a quack. 5G uses high frequency in 30ghzto 300ghz range 5G cell networks are highly directional shorter wavelength with smaller antennas. Its just a different frequency delivering a better picture at faster speed with less inteferance. I dont recommend aiming any antennas at your head directly, but with the statements made mmmm ya got a scrambled egg. Dont leave the house! RADIATION!!! LOL

Jul 8th

Kathy Holmes

my twin sister is into essential oils... she's not an expert, but mixes up some awesome stuff... She's a microbiologist, and she helped our niece with a science fair project. During this she took the opportunity to test different oils on the growth in petri dishes... she found some awesome results! Oregano and Lemon balm are great oils!!!

Jun 5th

Frank Castle

Mercury dimes would be good, even U. S. dollars, other types of silver bullion wouldn't be as recognizable. U.S. dollars for a time; depending on the type of collapse and duration. Gold and Silver /are not/ a hedge against inflation; back testing data has shown it's not.

May 14th

Tuovi Sjölund

a bugoutbag for a woman and her cat

Mar 26th

Brian Parmentier

look at I Robot with Will Smith

Mar 15th

kapil busawah

Good stuff

Feb 5th

Ronda Allred

New to prepping and this podcast is so informative.

Nov 19th


USGS downgrades or upgrades Earthquake magnitudes after geological data has been reviewed by scientists. They have actual scientific data to verify such changes. They DON'T WHIMSICALLY change EQ magnitude. smh. #PacNW #WA

Sep 27th

paul burrell

Wow! good stuff! I appreciate the common sense approach to preparing.

Sep 19th
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