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Author: Anna Mathur

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Pep talks packed with grounding words for motherhood feelings. Enjoy a twice weekly dose of The Therapy Edit.

On Monday's you'll find ten minute episodes of Anna's Psychotherapy knowledge woven with with her candid chat about motherhood. Fridays bring 15 minute episodes featuring a guest sharing the one thing they'd love to share with fellow mothers.

Anna Mathur is Times Bestselling author of 'Mind over Mother', and 'Know Your Worth'. Her most recent book 'The Little Book of Calm for New Mum's' is out now.

Anna is passionate about taking therapy outside of the therapy room, she shares insights that have changed the lives of her clients, and transformed hers too.

More from Anna:
Times Bestselling books: ‘Mind Over Mother - Every mums guide to worry and anxiety in the first years’ and ‘Know Your Worth - How to build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and worry less about what people think;
Instagram: @annamathur
Website and contact:
Courses, sessions and guides: Benefit from resources to help you have a happier motherhood. All £12 at

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In this solo episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna offers a few therapeutic coping techniques for managing health anxiety.If you find Anna's grounding and calming words on this topic helpful, you may find her one hour video workshop on the topic helpful and you'll find it here. Anna also recommends her first book, Mind Over Mother, which offers lots of explanation and background on anxiety and why many of us experience it in motherhood. You can get your copy of the book here.
In this Friday guest episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna welcomes guest Gemma Bird who shares her one thing which is a reassuring piece of advice for those in the early years of parenthood worried about the spiralling costs in the early days.Gemma is a mum of two, speaker, author and regular television contributor who specialises in offering advice for mothers on managing a budget and money saving hacks.Gemma Bird’s practical and savvy money-saving tips have made her a social media sensation with over 330k followers on Instagram. Gemma isalso a regular on ITV's Lorraine as one of the show's expert 'Saver Squad'.From entertaining the kids, useful money-saving apps and the best deals and freebies, hard-working Mum Gemma shares the ‘need to knows’ to push through economically challenging times.The key to Gemma’s success comes from her own motivation, a working Mum who frequently held down multiple jobs to make ends meet; she is actively instigating change, dropping the perceived shame and secrecy around being strapped for cash, in debt or economising. She says, “There is a pride & empowerment that comes with being in control of your money”.You can follow Gemma on Instagram as @moneymumofficialYou can buy Gemma's most recent book, The Money Journal hereYou can buy Gemma's first book Money Mum Official: Save Yourself Happy: Your Ultimate Money Tips Guide here.
In this solo episode, Anna shares her tried and tested top tips for taking the stress out of small talk.As a social anxiety sufferer, Anna has direct experience of the physical and mental symptoms that mingling can cause but in this episode she also ponders the impact of our reliance on surface level conversations has on our ability to dig for deeper connection, even though we crave it and we need it.Remember you can take advantage of more of Anna's therapeutic advice on social anxiety in her £20 sofa session here.
In this guest episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna chats to journalist, podcaster and author Lorraine Candy about the one thing that she'd share with all the mums.Lorraine draws on her decades of parenting four children and lets fellow parents know that they should learn to be comfortable with their children not always feeling happy.You can follow Lorraine on Instagram hereYou can pre-order/order Lorraine's brand new book: 'What's Wrong With Me? 101 Things Midlife Women Need to Know' hereYou can listen to Lorraine's podcast here
In today's solo episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna shares with listeners her recent journey to cut right back on alcohol and the surprising effect it's had on her sense of calm and her nervous system.
This week, Anna is joined by editor, author, book doula and creator of the term 'sober curious', Ruby Warrington. In this episode of The Therapy Edit, they discuss Ruby's One Thing: how society must turn the tables on their approach towards women without kids.Foregoing motherhood has traditionally marked a woman as "other." With no official place setting for her in our society, she has hovered on the sidelines: the quirky girl, the neurotic career obsessive, the "eccentric" aunt. Instead of continuing to paint women without kids as sad, self-obsessed, or somehow dysfunctional, what if we saw them as boldly forging a new vision for a fully autonomous womankind? Or as journalist and thought leader Ruby asks, what if being a woman without kids were in fact its own kind of legacy?We hope you find Rubys words insightful.You can find Ruby on Instagram hereOrder Ruby's book 'Women Without Kids' here.Order Ruby's book 'Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol' here.
Do you sometimes just feel the need to be held? To be mothered? To be supported?For a myriad of reasons that’s not always practical or possible so in this solo episode of The Therapy Edit Anna offers out some ideas about how you can find that kind of support when you really need it. We hope it helps some of you to feel better today.This episode refers to the #MumRibbonMovement which Anna has set up as a symbol between mothers that you are open to receiving or giving help.Read this article about the movement to find out more.
This week, Anna is joined by author, speaker and career and personal development coach, Rachel Schofield. In this episode of The Therapy Edit, they discuss Rachel's One Thing: how women musn't be afraid by their evolving identity.Rachel's experience working with women who want to transform their careers and reinvent themselves professionally has led her to be expertly placed on how it feels to want to try something new. In this episode she shares her advice and experience in overcoming barriers to professional change.We hope you find Rachel's words helpful.You can find Rachel on Instagram hereHer free worksheet '" Ways to Explore Your Passions" can be downloaded hereOrder Rachel's book 'The Career Change Guide: Five Steps to Finding Your Dream Job' here.
Following the announcement of her new book 'Raising a Happier Mother', Anna shares some insight from the book and discusses the things that can prevent us from being the mothers that we want to be.So often we know what we need to do, but in the moment, when we're feeling overwhelmed and depleted, our rational selves check out. We're simply trying to make it through that moment or that day. So how can we flourish and thrive rather than merely survive?Listen in as Anna discusses six common hurdles to being the mum you want to be and shares tips for each to help you get to a better place. You don't have to be the perfect mother. Good is good enough.You can pre-order Anna's new book 'Raising a Happier Mother' here.Anna's toolkit - a suite of powerful, self-guided, interactive courses that are designed to help you delve a little deeper and nurture your own mental health and wellbeing - can be accessed here.
This week, Anna is joined by clinical psychologist, author, speaker and campaigner Dr Emma Svanberg AKA the Mumologist, fresh off the press tour for her new book 'Parenting for Humans'.In this episode of The Therapy Edit, they discuss Emma's One Thing: how we can look after our children when we still, at times, feel like a child ourselves.Consciously or unconsciously, we all carry a small child within us and what we experience in childhood actually shapes and determines our entire approach to life as adults - and to the way we parent.Dr Emma shares some brilliantly practical advice on how we can parent ourselves so that we're better able to deal with those moments in parenting where we feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, like a failure, so that we can bring calm to the situation and respond in a better way to the challenges of raising children.We hope you find Dr Emma's words helpful.You can find Dr Emma Svanberg on Instagram hereOrder Dr Emma's book 'Parenting for Humans: how to parent the child you have, as the person you are' hereShe is also the founder of the Psychology Cooperative - a collective of expert practitioners offering mental health and wellbeing support to parents - and co-founder of the Make Birth Better community.
In this solo episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna discusses the real truth behind success.So often when we are confronted with other people's achievements, we fall into the comparison trap, and feelings of not being good enough can surface. We can be so critical of ourselves, particularly when we are tired and depleted.Join Anna for this short 10 minute episode where she shares the one truth that can help us to reframe our reactions to and feelings around other people's accomplishments so that they no longer trigger us.For more support around this topic, buy a copy of Anna's book Know Your Worth or watch The Week on Worth course.
Is that mindless scroll through your Instagram feed really a good idea? Does it feed your soul or could it be doing more harm than good? In this guest episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna chats with the inimitable Vicky Pattison - TV personality, Jungle Queen, Celeb Masterchef finalist, charity ambassador, podcaster and author - about the dangers of comparing ourselves to others, the role that social media plays in this and how we can break free from the comparison trap in order to protect our mental health.Vicky brings brilliant humour and refreshing honesty to this episode - we hope you enjoy!Buy Vicky's Sunday Times bestselling book 'The Secret to Happy' hereFollow Vicky on Instagram hereCheck out Vicky's 'The Secret To...' podcast here
We've all been there. We stand gazing down at our little one as they scream and shout, cry and wail, and thrash around on the floor.Tantrums are common and a completely normal part of a child's development. But that doesn't stop us feeling stressed, anxious and maybe even embarassed about what others must be thinking when our child is having the mother of all meltdowns. We feel the gaze of others burning a hole in the back of our heads, feeling judged as we plead and grapple and bribe. So how can we manage these moments better?In this solo episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna shares 5 invaluable tips on dealing with public tantrums and meltdowns, helping you to end the conflict, soothe your child and bring peace to your outing once again.
This week on The Therapy Edit, Anna is joined by Dr Ranj Singh, the much-loved household name known for his work as an NHS doctor but also as an award-winning TV presenter, Sunday Times bestselling author, columnist, charity ambassador and celebrity dancer on series 16 of Strictly Come Dancing!Dr Ranj is Furniture Village's Sleep & Wellness Ambassador for 2023, a partnership that sees him share invaluable advice on how to get better quality sleep. In this episode, Dr Ranj shares his One Thing: that we should all be aware of the negative impact that electronic devices can have on our sleep.Listen in as he explains the impact of screen time on our sleep quality and how we can create the perfect conditions for a better night's rest.- Visit the Furniture Village 'Sleep Well, Live Well' page here- Follow Dr Ranj on Instagram here- Pre-order Dr Ranj's new book 'How To Be A Boy: And Do It Your Own Way' here
In this solo episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna shares a special moment from a recent family get-together which led her to realise that, when someone is struggling, jumping straight in with advice isn’t always the answer and that there’s a far more powerful way to offer support and encouragement to our loved ones - and even ourselves.
In this guest episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna is joined by baby sleep expert Sarah Carpenter and parenting journalist Cat Cubie, AKA The Sleep Mums, as they discuss their One Thing: the importance of setting boundaries to support our mental health.We tend to be good at setting boundaries for our children, but when it comes to taking care of our own needs, we often fall short.This episode encourages you to think about what it is that you need in order to feel happy and fulfilled and provides valuable advice on how to go about setting boundaries so that we can protect our mental health and in turn, model this healthy behaviour for our children.Find Sarah & Cat on Insta hereCheck out The Sleep Mums podcast hereBuy their brilliant book 'Sleep Better Baby' here
In this solo episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna shares 5 powerful tips to help you through tough times.Every so often, life will throw us a curveball - it could be losing a loved one, financial difficulties, redundancy, illness, the breakdown of a relationship. But whatever is turning your world upside down right now, Anna's tools will help you cope and see you through to brighter days.We hope they help.
In this latest episode of The Therapy Edit, Anna is joined by Dr Jenna Macciochi, immunologist, health coach, author, lecturer and twin mum, as they discuss her One Thing: the incredibly powerful impact that self-compassion can have on our immunity.Of course, the usual pillars of health - sleep, movement, nutrition - play a role in keeping us healthy, but what if we could reduce negative infammation in our bodies and live a healthier life simply by being kinder to ourselves?Listen in as Dr Jenna breaks down the science behind the mind-body connection, in her typically straightforward and accessible way. It's mind-blowing!Find Dr Jenna hereFollow Dr Jenna on Instagram hereBuy her book here
We all want MORE of ourselves. More energy so that we can enjoy life to the max. Or sometimes, simply have enough energy to just Get. Through. The. Day.And though we might think that the secret to more energy lies in better sleep or squeezing the most out of slow moments or eating certain foods or exercising, it's actually far more basic than that.Listen in to this solo episode of The Therapy Edit for Anna's fresh take on how to get more energy.This ones a goody. Enjoy!
Anna is joined by the incredible James Hunt as they discuss his One Thing: the importance of finding community.James is the man behind 'Stories About Autism', the blog, podcast and Insta account where he shares his experiences (the high, the lows and everything in-between) of raising his two wonderful sons, both diagnosed with autism.By simply talking about his life, James has built an incredible community over the past 6 years, helping countless families from all over the world to connect, share, and ultimately feel less alone in what they face day-to-day.Sometimes it's not about tips and coping mechanisms. It's about knowing that we're not alone. That we're seen. That we're understood.Follow Stories About Autism on Instagram hereListen to the Stories About Autism podcast hereVisit James' website here
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Tracey Lea

first time I have listen to your podcast. and I'm loving it, very uplifting, just listing to this one has me me feel and think a little different. Thanks for being so honest and opened. look forward to hearing more :)

Jul 6th
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