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The Vinyl Guide - Artist Interviews for Record Collectors and Music Nerds
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The Vinyl Guide - Artist Interviews for Record Collectors and Music Nerds

Author: Nate Goyer, Record Collector, Music Fan, Vinyl Maniac

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Nate is a record collector, music lover and vinyl maniac. Join him on his journey to discuss, share and review all things related to vinyl records. We feature stories about and interviews with musicians, artists and people of knowledge in the area of vinyl records. Additionally we share information on desirable pressings of records, how to tell a $5 pressing from a $500 pressing and care and maintenance for your cratedigging hobby. Subscribe and share with your record-nerd friends. Cheers!
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The Saints made history with the record "(I'm) Stranded" in 1976 - nearly 50 years later founder/songwriter Ed Kuepper is revisiting the early Saints material with some old bandmates and new friends, including Mark Arm of Mudhoney. Today Ed and Mark discuss the impact and legacy of The Saints with an upcoming tour and 4LP Boxset. Topic Include: How did Ed and Mark come to work together? How did Mark originally experience The Saints? Prehistoric Sounds didn’t make it to the US Did Sire get behind The Saints? Promo copies of “Eternally Yours” seem to be plentiful Choosing “(I’m) Stranded” and “No Time” for the Fatal Records single Recording session for “(I’m) Stranded” & “No Time” Was there a 2nd mix before making the Fatal records single? Master tapes and multitracks have been lost Were there test pressings of the Fatal Records single? Sending singles around the world, getting 1st reviews Getting telegrams from record labels across the world Rare contents of the upcoming Saints boxset Original mix of the “(I’m) Stranded” LP – test pressings and remix The album was recorded in the same studio as the single Potential for technology to separate the instruments of the “(I’m) Stranded” single EMI’s response to the updated album mix Mark’s feeling good about upcoming tour The Saints Paddington Town Hall show recording Playful rivalry with Radio Birdman Ed and Chris Bailey were on good terms and jointly planning the boxset and reissues Present day contact with Kym Bradshaw Any discussion of Saints shows beyond the Australian dates? Will Mark be singing only or possible guitar as well? Hard-Ons version of “Know Your Product” The additional photography in the Saints boxset The original name of the album was “Erotic Neurotics” with a different cover Memories of the photo of The Saints and Nick Cave from Melbourne The status of the album cover location and artwork Interview wrap-up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Jeff & Steven McDonald formed Redd Kross at a pivotal time in the LA music scene, playing their 1st gigs in their early teens and were mentored by Black Flag. Their influences are vast and their appreciation for musical artistry runs deep. Redd Kross is back with a new double album - "The Redd Album" - and we talk to the brothers about some of the music and memories that brought them to this moment. Topic Include: The Redd Album – lots of “red” components Memories with meeting Beatles Jeff wants to meet Bob Dylan Steven’s story with George Harrison Impressions and moments within the Zappa Universe Memories of collecting records in their youth Jeff enjoyed finding strange/new music Finding music and sharing with others Perspectives on Jazz Runaways & Ramones were their entry point to punk Other young teenagers in the early punk scene Police brutality at early punk shows Memories of the Polliwog Park show with Black Flag Getting Raymond Pettibone artwork for the “Born Innocent” album Was Redd Kross ever approached to be on SST or New Alliance? Experiencing their music for the 1st time on vinyl The early Posh Boy “Red Cross” EP pressings The role that flyering played in early career Responses to “The Decline of Western Civilization Part II” Rare Redd Kross/White Flag single – 100 made “Teen Babes from Monsanto” – The Version Especial Gasatanka Records label and logo Redd Kross master tapes Wanting to remix Neurotica Modern remixes of classic records Creating the “forever” mixes, continuously improving Beatles The “Peter Jackson” version of “Raw Power” Creating the Redd Album Debating and arguing about song sequencing Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Guitarist and music-gear mega-collector Joe Bonamassa joins us to talk about his new record label, collecting gear, his appreciation and approach to the art of vinyl records, his new LP "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" on Journeyman records and more. Topic Include: Joe’s record label “Journeyman Records” Joe likes mentoring other artists Balancing being a musician and a businessman Joe’s appreciates music on vinyl Hearing music as designed by the artist Sequencing a record is like sequencing a live set The approach to Joe’s record collection Seeing the record collection of Claude Nobs Hard to find many recordings on CD or streaming What will happen to Joe’s music gear after he’s gone American built guitars and amps How does Joe maintain his collection? Joe won’t say which guitars he’s save Who would Joe like to collaborate with? Putting himself in the zone for a live show Playing the Hollywood Bowl Working with an orchestra vs an 8 piece band Interview wrapup Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Managing the estate of a legend like Miles Davis requires tremendous coordination, detail and creativity. Vince Wilburn Jr, musician, collaborator and nephew of Miles and co-manager of the Miles Davis Estate discusses the contents, complexities and strategies of managing the Miles Davis Legacy. Topic Include: Uncle Miles – The Chief Reviewing offers / keeping quality high on Miles Davis legacy Good relationships of team and with former labels Are any tapes missing? How much unreleased material? Archiving films, stage clothing, instruments Miles Davis’ record collection, getting records delivered Musicians he appreciated in the 80s Miles’ thoughts on early hip hop Creating music on the fly, setting up recording sessions adhoc He went through many Sony Walkmans Where is Miles’ record collection? Miles was very supportive of Vince playing music The story of “The Man With the Horn” Advice Miles gave Vince on being a musician Did Miles keep in touch with his Jazz contemporaries? Some rare Miles recordings found after his passing Recent RSD issues of new Miles recordings Ron Carter stories What is something people get wrong about Miles Davis? Did Miles give any guidance on his legacy? Zev Feldman, Kevin Donan connections Musicians would visit Miles – Prince would call frequently Does the album art exist? Upcoming Miles Davis legacy projects Memories of being young with Miles What’s Vince’s favourite Miles LP? UHQRs are the ultimate Kind of Blue pressings Test pressings and original acetates are part of the archive Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Most record collectors use Discogs each day - so what does the data tell us about the state of record collecting? Founder & CEO Kevin Lewandowski and COO Lloyd Starr talk to us about the data and future of this pivotal platform. Topic Include: Introductions – CEO and COO roles A brief history of Discogs Original visions and business model of Discogs Dealing with users that have high expectations Classical music posed some challenges to catalogue Is Discogs built for non-physical media? Dealing with strange data points and entries What is the most expensive items sold through Discogs Data trends of record and music buyers The architecture of Discogs Early challenges supporting with website Recent focus on modernizing the Discogs architecture Planning new Discogs features Dark Side of the Moon is the most catalogued item in Discogs New features for the Discogs wantlist Events that create surges in purchasing activity What role will AI play in Discogs? Managing user feedback and priorities for features Helping new users become contributors Training new users to make edits Will Discogs do an IPO someday? What will Discogs look like in 5 years? Interview wrapup Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
The 1971 album "Moon Blood" by Fraction has fascinated record collectors for decades. The perfect intersection between great musicianship, intriguing backstory and supreme rarity, Fraction "Moon Blood" is now getting an official reissue through Riding Easy Records. Dillon Smith (Noble Records), Lance Barresi (Permanent Records) & Daniel Hall (Riding Easy) share the story of the legend. Topic Include: Fraction “Moon Blood” cover art challenges The origin story of Fraction Jim Beach of Fraction wants little to do with the reissue What do we know about Fraction before “Moon Blood” “Moon Blood” had Christian themes Only 200 copies were pressed in 1971 The Doors LA Woman may have influenced the packaging The challenge of duplicating the cover art in modern times Lack of information on Fraction just adds to the mystery Fraction “Moon Blood” musicians never had another public music credit What we know about the extra tracks The Mexican Summer reissue of “Moon Blood” When record collectors started seeking “Moon Blood” in the 80s and 90s The influence of Acid Archives The Doors heavily influenced Fraction The source of the new reissue – comparing to an original How Mexican Summer arranged for a reissue Dillon’s journey with Fraction “Moon Blood” Lance’s original copy of Fraction “Moon Blood” Daniel’s experience getting Fraction reissue approved The breakdown of reissue vinyl pressings Interview wrap up Order Fraction "Moon Blood" vinyl at Riding Easy Records, Noble Records and Permanent Records. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
9 years since the last album, CJ Ramone and Spike Slawson discuss the new album "Me First & the Gimme Gimmes ¡Blow It…at Madison’s Quinceañera!" - the victories and challenges of the band, disgruntled audience members, picking annoying songs to cover and what's next for the band. Topic Include: What is a quinceañera? MFATGG music wasn’t familiar to 15 year old girls Traditional Spanish songs in the album Making the live album at a quinceañera MFATGG is a live band – best way to capture them on record Spike and band enjoys the live awkward moments A nasty email from a disgruntled audience member Dealing with difficult audience members American schlager culture / antagonizing the audience The process of selecting Madison for the quinceañera The family struggled through parts of the show Comparing to MFATGG Ruin Johnny’s Bar mitzvah album The quinceañera was filmed, when will we see it? MFATGG hearing back from artists they covered CJ comparing MFATGG to Ramones doing “Acid Eaters” Spike hates the original versions of songs MFATGG play How are the songs selected for a MFATGG project? Nate screws up the “Queen of Hearts” lyrics What other songs would Spike like to cover? They like covering songs that give them negative responses Folding in punk riffs into covers Memories of Steve Soto and Manic Hispanic Will there be more MFATGG albums in the near future? Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Joe Nelson is co-founder of Trust Records, which specializes in preserving and extending classic punk and hardcore records for future generations including Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds, DFL, SSD and more.  Topic Include: Interview kick off Origin & Mission of Trust Records Creating a legacy, giving back to community Adding materials to allow new listeners to understand the history Engaging Circle Jerks securing “Group Sex” and “Wild In The Streets” Building the trust for a new model of managing punk legacy Keith Morris is punk rock Yoda Gathering materials, tapes, pictures, artwork for reissues Brokering deals for various stakeholders Initial pressings often aren’t the best the music can sound Using stems for remixing, listener participation Difficult projects to pull together Upcoming releases: SSD “Get It Away”, Stalag 13 “In Control”, SNFU “... And No One Else Wanted To Play”, Royal Crown Review Hepcat – Greg Lee’s special request, Aggression, 7 Seconds “New Wind” and extras The story of Descendents / Circle Jerks split – 1st non-reissue Trust Records sell out quick – any upcoming repressings? SSD “The Kids Will Have Their Say” reissue is true to the original – cover variations Pressing records during the pandemic Is Trust mainly vinyl? Any CDs or Cassettes, etc? 7” singles within some of the Trust releases – 7 Seconds, Agression Youth Brigade – Sound and Fury Deluxe Edition – original album Negotiating with multiple band members What does he think will happen with SST Records? The recent sale of Dead Kennedys catalogue Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Steve Albini, musician, engineer and producer of some of the most memorable records of the 90s up through today. His ears and musical sensibilities were stellar and his wit and attitude made him appreciated and revered by most. RIP Steve Albini. Topic Include: Steve doesn’t consider himself an audiophile Steve’s turntable and home audio system Taking care of records Favourite record shops Liquidating his record collection Discovering the Stooges & Ramones in Montana Entering the punk scene of Chicago Big Black “Lungs” items and inserts Experimenting and making each record unique Quantities, repressings and collectability The Mentally Ill’s “Gacy’s Place” single Reverse shoplifting at a record store Collecting consignment money “Do you know what a hooker DOESN’T want to do on her night off?” Seeing bands, taking care of ears and hearing Still hearing most detail but aware of decline Never comfortable delegating critical tasks How does Steve protect his hearing? Shifting from “Engineer Steve” to “Creative Musician Steve” Balancing priorities, studio bookings and personal music What’s the best rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself? Who is a band you haven’t worked with that you’d like to? Working with The Stooges Slint spills tea across the recording console Interview wrap up Support our podcast at: Listen & Follow on Apple: Listen & Follow on Spotify:
Matt Pike (Sleep) and Coady Willis (Big Business, Melvins) discuss their latest High on Fire album "Cometh The Storm", the many vinyl variants, touring, winning a Grammy and much more. Topic Include: Coady and Matt fighting with Zoom Great response to the new album When is it time to do a new High on Fire album The process of writing a new album Lessons learnt with Melvins brought to High on Fire Any outtakes or over-recording? Involvement in the vinyl variants Quantities of vinyl pressings Forming and sequencing the album Where Matt keeps his Grammy Memories of Lemmy Reaction when the Grammy nomination was announced Busting Coady’s chops Touring the new LP first in Europe Is post-Covid touring normalizing? Potential Australian tour dates to be announced? Integrating tours with various other bands What’s up with Big Business? Balancing multiple bands Sleep Dopesmoker pot leaf vinyl from Third Man Al is great at marketing and merch ideas The Sleep Vault materials The recent reissue of “The Art of Self Defence” Interview wrap up Get High on Fire "Cometh The Storm" on vinyl here. Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
DEAD and We Empty Rooms regularly releases extremely ambitious vinyl packages and boxsets. Today we speak with proprietor Jem on the making of these collections, the recent "Burn Us Clean" 9-7" boxset, working with Hard-Ons, Melvins and what's next for this creative label. Topic Include: Zoom anxiety / interview start Jem’s skills in manufacturing and music Keeping limits of record numbers Variations of “The Laughing Shadow” Using various record pressing plants and materials Manufacturing challenges Discovering records – much cheaper than CDs Zenith records made the “Burn Us Clean” records Deciding to make a boxset of 9 – 7” records Working with 9 other bands to have b-sides for each single The Melvins and Hard-Ons split – 70g 7” Hard-Ons 30 Years boxset Guidance from Hard-Ons for their boxset Recording the new album with all-analogue intentions Announcing their new Double Album The various versions of “Burn Us Clean” boxset The logistics of coordinating “Burn Us Clean” boxset Minimal guidance given to the other bands Packaging for the “Burn Us Clean” boxset The surprise flexi-disc Will DEAD consider another major boxset? Hand-silkscreened record sleeves Upcoming new double LP set Other projects with ambitiously underestimated complexities The endearing qualities of hand-crafted record packaging Interview wrap up Follow DEAD and We Empty Rooms' Bandcamp pages here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Dweezil Zappa returns to The Vinyl Guide to share stories of Frank, the recordings, Frank's record collection, an unreleased track with Eddie Van Halen, discuss his tour celebrating 50 years of "Roxy & Elsewhere", "Apostrophe'" and more! The changing world of touring 50 years since “Roxy & Elsewhere” & “Apostrophe” Memories of the making of Roxy and Apostrophe "Roxy and Elsewhere" arrangements and approach for live shows Frank’s approach to being “in the moment” in a guitar solo Dweezil’s live interaction with other band members The Rox(postroph)y  touring band Did Dweezil recognize the uniqueness of his upbringing? Dweezil’s history with playing guitar Seeing the guitar neck as shapes Working with his dad and musicians that were around the house Frank’s response to Dweezil becoming a musician How did Frank look back on “Roxy & Elsewhere” and “Apostrophe”? Various entry points to Frank’s music Does Dweezil have his father’s archivist mentality Dweezil has had no involvement for Zappa Family Trust releases Thoughts on the recent Roxy box sets What Zappa music is Dweezil still aspiring to play? ROX(POSTROPH)Y tour plans, international tour dates? Dweezil’s version of “Stayin’ Alive” with Ozzy Osbourne Frank and Ozzy’s interactions Frank’s vinyl collection and listening habits When the Zappa family would receive Frank’s latest album Did Dweezil have any time with Randy Rhoads? The unreleased “What The Hell Was I Thinking?” track w/ Eddie Van Halen, Brian May, Angus and Malcolm Young & lots more Dweezil is remixing projects for ATMOS (Deep Purple ‘Machine Head’ recent project) The history and future of “What The Hell Was I Thinking?” Working with Brian May, Joe Walsh and Eddie Van Halen Any special guests on the ROX(POSTROPH)Y tour Dweezil’s podcast “Running with the Dweezil” Interview wrap up Check out Dweezil's tour dates here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Michael Cuscuna (1948-2024) spent several decades preserving record label archives and compiling rare recordings, sessions and 'vault material' through Mosaic Records. In theis 2019 interview he discusses this fascinating journey through the vaults of Blue Note, Atlantic, Impulse and more to make this material available to music lovers around the world. Starting his career, joining Atlantic Producer and A&R for Atlantic Records Working with the Atlantic Records tape warehouse Early tape finds – Mingus at Antibes Convincing Ahmet Ertegun to reissue lost material Unissued material lost in a building fire Starting to document and archive Blue Note tapes Joining Blue Note, organizing the archive Finding Alfred Lion’s notes and files in Japan Obtaining the Francis Wolff photography negatives Improving the condition of the negatives and imagery Was Alfred aware of the legacy of Blue Note Records? Did Blue Note have the original artwork and cover layouts? Memories of the Blue Note Reissue Series Much of the Blue Note vault materials have been issued Trainwreck sessions that haven’t been released Blue Note artwork in the 70s and 80s Listening to hours and hours of outtakes Idea for Mosaic Records boxsets Working with various labels and rights holders for reissues Columbia reissuing Miles Davis Mosaic shift from LP to CD Deciding what’s next for Mosaic Records releases Challenges of developing boxsets Most rewarding Mosaic Releases Current pricing of Mosaic Records boxsets Story of the Monk/Coltrane at Carnagie Hall Story of the Charlie Parker / Dean Benedetti tapes Interview wrap up Support this podcast at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Buzz Osborne and Toshi Kasai have been musical collaborators for several decades of Melvins and related releases. They discuss their partnership, history, studio lessons and memories, recording "Tarantula Heart", future releases and more. Buzz and Toshi met at a Tool recording session Toshi and Buzz have similar humour and work ethic Melvins work on defined time schedules How “Tarantula Heart” was recorded Melvins have to re-learn the songs from Tarantula Heart Potential relation to “Plan D” recording approach Making the 20 minute track “Pain Equals Funny” How to approach playing “Tarantula Heart” tracks live Melvins activity during the pandemic Recording session with Melvins & Napalm Death Lots of Melvins unreleased material What has Buzz Learned from Toshi? Buzz would like to re-record the Atlantic albums What has Toshi learned from Buzz? How will Buzz approach the next album? Constraints during recording Trying to not overthink material Examples of sessions that were not successful Husker Du’s “Data Control” was recorded multiple times before the Helms Alee version Upcoming HAZEXXL remix of “Pain Equals Funny” / Boris split Melvins recent vinyl reissues “(A) Senile Animal” vinyl screwup Any preparation for the end of Melvins? Upcoming projects, albums Interview wrap up Order "Tarantula Heart" at Ipecac or Blixt Merchandise Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Drumming legend Chester Thompson has played with many great artists including Frank Zappa, Wayne Shorter, Genesis and more. Today we discuss some career highlights, his new solo LP "Wake Up Call" and more. Chester’s music collection Seeing Art Blakey, Elvis Jones and more Being a gigging drummer at 13 years old Recording with O’Donel Levy – 1st appearance on record Moving to California, playing for Frank Zappa Recording “Roxy & Elsewhere” w Ralph Humphrey Playing with multiple drummers Frank was very fair paying musicians for all output Steering clear of the Los Angeles lifestyle Joining Weather Report, working with Wayne Shorter Recording “Black Market” Playing with Jaco Pastorius / Columbia Records supportive of fusion Playing with a Broadway show, getting the gig with Genesis 1st tour with Genesis / evolving style to play Phil’s tracks Chester’s perspective of the evolving music of Genesis The growth of Genesis / expanding fanbase The recent discussions of Genesis reunions with Peter Gabriel The biggest shows / Memories of The Prince’s Trust Approaching solo material Making the album “Wake Up Call” Writing with drums first before melody The reasons for title “Wake Up Call” Some drummers needing to relearn technique Upcoming plans for live gigs Getting involved in label Is Chester surprised by the vinyl revival? Interview wrap up Get the vinyl version of "Wake Up Call" here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Keith Morris returns to discuss the new Circle Jerks & Descendents EP, new Circle Jerks recordings and vinyl reissues, OFF!'s "FREE LSD" movie, additional acting opportunities, movies & more! Keith is on tour – Circle Jerks, Descendents & Adolescents Growing up with The Descendents Circle Jerks & Descendents covering one another’s songs Limited quantities of the EP – on tour Outtakes from the EP The story of Black Flag’s “White Minority” “Hope” is Keith’s favourite Descendents song Any special combination of bands on the tour? Potential FLAG performance? Keith has to pee – First time Balancing the various projects (OFF!, The Bronx, etc) What’s happening with OFF! The impact of “The Sparks Brothers” documentary on the band Video of Sydney OFF! Show mixed by “Party Dozen” drummer Keith’s preparation for acting in “FREE LSD” movie Upcoming acting opportunities / future movies and projects Keith’s autobiography “My Damage” has been optioned for a movie Upcoming Circle Jerks recordings – D.O.A. and Gun Club covers New Circle Jerks album is going to happen Working with Trust Records Upcoming reissues of “Golden Shower of Hits”, “Wonderful” and more Legal issues with older materials When will we see the new Circle Jerks album? What’s happening with Keith’s hat / Punk Rock Museum Interview wrap up Keith has to pee – again Circle Jerks announcement for Australia Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Charlie Benante of Anthrax shares the story of "Chafed GBI", an RSD2024 release with bandmate Scott Ian and rock icon Dave Grohl, along with sharing stories from his current Pantera tour, his love of Van Halen, his prized collectables and more. The story of “Chafed GBI” – Grohl, Benante, Ian Playing “Monkey Wrench” with the Foo Fighters What makes Studio 606 such a great recording studio? What other songs were considered aside from “The Regulator”? Making it a charity single for members of Bad Brains Arranging it for a Record Store Day release Description of the vinyl & etching Full record vs multiple EPs for new Anthrax Bringing Pantera’s music back to live arena Did Vinnie ever talk about playing Pantera music again? Charlie and Vinnie and their love of Van Halen Meeting Eddie at Dimebag Darryl’s funeral - Bumblebee guitar in Darryl’s coffin Van Halen changed everything Playing songs the original Pantera didn’t play live Potential live recordings of Pantera tour Any unfinished Pantera songs? Charlie is a collector of toys, movie memorabilia Getting a Beatles Butcher Cover The Jaws barrel Charlie loves the original Jaws – not the sequels Getting singed Funko characters Hunting for items around the world Keeping collectibles sealed Charlie’s Charvel guitar he’s written most Anthrax songs on Feeling the presence of Darryl and Vinnie on the Pantera Tour Taking items from Darryl and Vinnie to each show How the Pantera celebration came together Charlie got a Krusty the Clown tattoo in Australia Looking forward to the Australia shows Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Jack Douglas shares memories of the production and recording of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's "Double Fantasy", John Lennon's last day and memorial, unheard studio recordings, the 2010 'Stripped Back' version, Cheap Trick's "Live at Budokan" and more. John Lennon’s records Bringing in Cheap Trick for Double Fantasy Rick Nielsen gifts John Lennon a guitar John Lennon wanted to redo “Strawberry Fields Forever” Were there any elements of Double Fantasy John or Yoko wanted to redo? Making “Walking on Thin Ice” John Lennon’s last day John wanted to create a musical platform for Yoko Recording the orgasm for “Kiss Kiss Kiss” The plans for a John Lennon / Yoko Ono World Tour The album name “Double Fantasy” The two “Beautiful Boy(s)” songs Records and video from the “Double Fantasy” sessions The recording of John’s final day was destroyed The private memorial with John’s studio tapes Yoko distanced herself from Jack The “Double Fantasy” royalty lawsuit The 2010 “Double Fantasy” stripped back version Revisiting the Record Plant for transferring “Double Fantasy” tapes Jack’s thought watching John on “Get Back” series John was constantly drawing, making art Discovering Cheap Trick, early albums Making “Live at Budokan” – using Osaka tapes The overdub for “Live at Budokan” Making Aerosmith’s “Live Bootleg” album The Record Plant radio station for mixdowns Jack produced Silverplanes' LP "Airbus", enjoy it here! Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Jack Douglas has worked with hundreds of artists including Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, The Who, Alice Cooper and produced John Lennon & Yoko Ono's "Double Fantasy". Today Jack shares stories and memories of those artists as well as his recent production of Silverplanes' "Airbus" album. Starting up w Jack Getting involved in Silverplanes Geoff Emerick’s final album mix Silverplanes “Airbus” LP held back for 5 years New record labels – Make Records and Confidential Records Jack’s production involvement with Silverplanes Jack’s early career – working with The Who on “Who’s Next” How Jack works with eccentric creative people Getting the best performance from creative people John Lennon was the easiest creative person Jack worked with Recollections of the “Fame” session with John Lennon and David Bowie John’s reaction to the Aerosmith cover of “Come Together” Working with George Martin in London Working on “Grow Old With Me” with Ringo The John Lennon demo tapes for Double Fantasy What was John hoping to accomplish with Double Fantasy Cheap Trick was originally considered as the backup band for John Lennon Earl Slick was the wildcard of the “Double Fantasy” sessions The end segment and dreamscape on “Watching the Wheels” John tells Jack why he selected him to produce “Double Fantasy” Ensuring Yoko’s tracks were more commercially viable than past works The secrecy around the “Double Fantasy” sessions What was John’s record collection like in The Dakota? John listened to rap, reggae and was curious about punk The New York Dolls recording sessions Connecting up with Aerosmith John was aware of Aerosmith The recording of “Double Fantasy” Making Quadraphonic mixes of Aerosmith and other artists Sequencing records for the constraints of vinyl John’s final session was the final mix of “Walking on Thin Ice” Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
Boner Records never went away, they were just hibernating. Today founder Tom Flynn discusses the label history, early records, Melvins KISS parody EPs, the Lysol lawsuit, having his song covered by Nirvana, the imposter "DUH", the new release of "Antler Family" and more. Tom is not a record nerd Does Boner Records have a website? Creating the “Tapeworm” record – Hermaphrodite Records Forming “Fang” – Yukon Fang 45 Creating the “Boner Records” record label Fang’s “Landshark” record Expanding Boner Records to take on additional bands Working with Alternative Tentacles on Maximum Rock n Roll compilation The song “The Money Will Roll Right In” Impact of Nirvana covering “The Money Will Roll Right In” Kurt Cobain really liked Fang and Melvins How Melvins came to Boner Records Recording “Ozma” with Mark Deutrom Tom’s role in album artwork for Boner releases Melvins KISS parody solo albums Original artwork for modern reissues The activity of Boner Records in recent decades The Melvins “Lysol” fiasco – lawsuit, fixing album art How they fixed the album covers, cassettes and CDs of Lysol to comply Melvins & Steel Pole Bath Tub Sub-Pop parody Alberti and Rainbo pressing plants going out of business The story of the band “DUH” The imposter “DUH” Did any major labels approach Boner Records to purchase? Why did he pause Boner Records for so many years? Boner Records was largely a 1-man show Recent revival, making “Antler Family” album 250 Antler Family vinyl copies Playing live again – future of Antler Family Another band “Suboptics” Interview wrap up Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
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The RL hot mix of Led Zeppelin II is truly a gem and the only way to listen to Zeppelin!

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Henry Rollins is the man!

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Wish I had one of these Led Zeppelin originals. Great information!

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I have a LoT of "Hawaiian Style" etc. vinyl that I would like to sell that I have "inherited" from relatives, any suggestions?

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I met Mike briefly at last year's Northwest Terror Fest, which was his first live show after recovering from surgery. One of the most humble people in heavy music that I've had the pleasure of shaking hands with. Great interview, I've always wanted to talk to Mike about his beliefs and convictions. Y'all should include more artist tracks at the end of interviews! I fvxed wit it.

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No interest in stars opinion

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Awesome interview!!

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I love the accidental connections in the music family tree. Hearing him mention Stone the Crows...

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