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The award-winning WIRED UK Podcast with James Temperton and the rest of the team. Listen every week for the an informed and entertaining rundown of latest technology, science, business and culture news. New episodes every Friday.
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Election deniers are mobilizing their supporters and rolling out new tech to disrupt the November election. These groups are already organizing on hyperlocal levels, and learning to monitor polling places, target election officials, and challenge voter rolls. And though their work was once fringe, its become mainstreamed in the Republican Party. Today on WIRED Politics Lab, we focus on what these groups are doing, and what this means for voters and the election workers already facing threats and harassment.Listen to and follow WIRED Politics Lab here.Be sure to subscribe to the WIRED Politics Lab newsletter here.
We look back at the year in tech, science, business, and culture—through the medium of a quiz.Amit hosts the annual WIRED podcast quiz, with Morgan, Matt R, Grace, and Matt B vying for the prestigious title.Music by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Hello, WIRED podcast listeners. We’re on a short break from producing new episodes at the moment, with some big plans for next year. In the meantime, we need your help. Tell us: What are your burning questions about the future. The future of what? Anything. Big or small, strange or serious. We want to hear your questions.And they may even make it into a future episode of the show. Email us at the normal address:
Coming up today: Morgan finds out what happens when an AI company steals your face, and Matt Burgess explores the most vulnerable place on the internetThis is going to be the last episode for a little while. We’re taking a short break to work on some exciting changes to the podcast for 2023, but we’ll be back with a new episode in a few weeks. We’ll see you then! The stories we talked about this week:Clearview Stole My Face and the EU Can’t Do Anything About It Most Vulnerable Place on the Internet by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by James Temperton
Coming up today: the WIRED podcast team weighs in on Elon Musk’s dramatic Twitter takeover.The stories we talked about this week:Unverify Me, Daddy Musk Has Fired Twitter’s ‘Ethical AI’ Team Had a Plan to Fix Social Media. Will Elon Musk Follow It?
Coming up today: the deadly viruses lurking in the permafrost, and what the Bruce Willis deepfake means for the future of Hollywood.The stories we talked about this week:The Bruce Willis Deepfake Is Everyone’s Problem Permafrost Exposes Old Pathogens—and New Hosts by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: how gig economy laws caused strip club chaos, and we assess your risk of dying in a nuclear war.The stories we talked about this week:The Gig Law Causing Chaos in California Strip Clubs by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
We look at how social media platforms have responded to the death of Molly Russell and explain why Elon Musk is wrong about depopulation.How A British Teen's Death Changed Social Media Musk Is Totally Wrong About Population Collapse by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by James Temperton
Elon Musk and The Bots

Elon Musk and The Bots


Coming up today: as Elon Musk and Twitter (maybe) close in on a deal, we delve deep into the glorious, curious world of bots.(This show was recorded before Elon Musk said he would, in fact, buy Twitter.)The stories we talk about this week...The Quest to Find Twitter’s Elusive Bot Team Problem With Mental Health Bots all our bot coverage by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by James Temperton
Coming up today: the devastating impact of Iran’s internet shutdown and we find out what happened when a Danish city banned Google from its schools.The stories we talk about this week:A Danish City Built Google Into Its Schools—Then Banned It’s Internet Shutdown Hides a Deadly Crackdown by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: we go on the hunt for the people who’ve never caught Covid and take a look at the wild logistics of replacing the Queen’s iconography on everything from bank notes to post vans.The stories we talk about this week:The Mystery of Why Some People Don’t Get Covid Happens to Everything With Queen Elizabeth II’s Image? by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: we talk about the juicy business of plant-based meat and the equally juicy business of Russian censorship.The stories we talk about this week:Plant-Based Burgers Aren’t Denting People’s Beef AddictionAlternative proteins were meant to reduce the carbon footprint of our diets. But it doesn’t look like consumers are switching ... yet. Clever Anti-Censorship Tool Lets Russians Read Blocked NewsSamizdat Online syndicates banned news sites by hosting them on uncensored domains—allowing people to access independent reporting. by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: Matt Reynolds on Russian gas supplies, and Grace on why the psychedelics bubble could be about to burst.Europe’s Plan to Wean Itself off Russian Gas Just Might Work the Psychedelic Therapy Bubble About to Burst? by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: the tech behind a high-school prank, and the hunt for Covid’s originsThe stories we walked about this week:The Origins of Covid-19 Are More Complicated Than Once Thought the World’s Biggest Hacker Rickroll by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: how NFTs conquered football, and why captchas are getting more confusingThe stories we walked about this week:NFTs Are Conquering Football Dogs? Horses Made of Clouds? Captcha Has Gone Too Far by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: Grace explores the monkeypox vaccine pipeline problems and Matt Burgess looks at Facebook's European data woes.The stories we walked about this week:The Chaotic Monkeypox Vaccine Pipeline Is Leaving Everyone Short Europe Force a Facebook Blackout? by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: Morgan explores a plan to tackle deadly heatwaves through afternoon naps, and Grace investigates the technology hoping to tap into your brainThe stories we walked about this week:The Age of Brain-Computer Interfaces Is on the Horizon Siestas Might Help Europe Survive Deadly Heat Waves by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Coming up today: Morgan explores the global trade in abortion pills, and Matt Burgess investigates the strange case of the severed internet cablesThe stories we walked about this week:Abortion Pill Demand Is Driving an Underground Network Unsolved Mystery Attack on Internet Cables in Paris by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
China's Electric Dream

China's Electric Dream


Coming up today: how China took control of the world’s lithium supply and we explain why your next car could be a threat to national security. Western automakers built their fortunes on the internal combustion engine. Now China has ambitions to define the electric vehicle age.The stories we talked about this week (and more!):China Built Your iPhone. Will It Build Your Next Car? Rise and Precarious Reign of China’s Battery King Your New Car a Threat to National Security? by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
After a brief pause last week, the WIRED podcast returns.Coming up today: Natasha on what it’s like working at Twitter amid Elon Musk chaos, and Matt Reynolds on a mad plan to grow plants without sunlight.The stories we talked about this week:As Elon Musk Walks, Twitter Workers Say No One’s in Charge Are Trying to Grow Crops in the Dark by Filip HnizdoProduced and edited by Matt Burgess
Comments (16)

Clive Wilson

I think I'm justified in expecting at least one person to be able to string a sentence together without umming, erring, and ahring every second word. Has anyone actually listened to the end result? And are James and Matt B aware of the TH sound at all? Firty, somefing, fousand and so on. It's like listening to uneducated school children and is so appallingly amateurish and frustrating to listen to. For a publication as professional as Wired is, I am shocked this is even allowed to be broadcast.

May 10th

Seth Marder

you can check out something called synchro energize. we had it in nyc in the early 90s and it sounds like remy

Jan 27th

Victoria Brown

I remember many, many hours pouring over outdated software code, modifying obsolete dates and retesting systems. The reason there was no global crash at midnight 31st December 2000 was because of several years of hard work by the ICT industry. And today, if we work very hard to contain and manage c19, or Brexit, the naysayers will say, 'Of course, it was nothing - a non-event' grrrr Please remind the listeners that if massive mitigating actions are taken to minimise a threat - it was still a threat! Thanks for making the podcast, really enjoy it.

Oct 26th

mohammad taheri

Hey I'm in Iran sometimes I lessons to your podcast while I'm running that's good 😀

Jun 29th

Brian Obey

fuck are y'all British.

Apr 22nd

William H Bailey

What the fuck this guy is saying? You just had 8 years of Obama with almost no media bashing every second of every day 24/7. No outcry of billions given to Iran. Drone Attacks. Keep your doctor bullshit. Shut down of Whistleblowers. Disgrace Economy. Massive Foodstamps. Massive unemployment. Ignore of Syria. ignore of Israel. We can go on forever.. This honest guy salute the politicians in good manners buy the real people were fucked hard in the ass. Then came the most inhuman being Trump (according to you assholes) and he benefited everybody and fucked the elites in office and in society in the ass. Fuck this bias scum and this podcast. No stars.

Apr 16th

Will Hughes

measuring land using football pitches. what is wrong with acres, square metres, etc? why invent arbitrary units? You could at least tell us how many square metres a football pitch is. But do you know? Cheers! (Will)

Jan 20th

Will Hughes

congratulations on promulgating the most opaque spurious unit of measurement ever: measuring energy output from a power station as the number of Olympic sized swimming pools that can be boiled. Really? What is wrong with Megawatts?

Jan 10th

Nicholas Bouloukos

um,er, er, uh, uh, uh, er...

Sep 27th

Ricky S

Huawei, not Hawaii-Way... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jun 29th

John Carter

very disappointing! ignorant journalism at best... most antivaxxers actually know more about their bodies than vaxxers. i encourqge ppl to research and not be ignorant

Apr 20th

Matthew Levy

*Very* interesting read (and video).

Feb 20th

Lee Woods

Media and messages from WhatsApp that are backed up to iCloud are not encrypted. So that goes for you and your recepient. if you and your recepient use Android then your messages saved and synced to Google Drive are fully encrypted, not even Google has the keys. End to End encryption is pointless in my opinion unless you're taking every precaution and your recepient is in agreement.

Feb 15th
Reply (1)

Alex Shirley

The show needs to be compacted to 30 mins or even 20 mins. Way too much padding. Would be good but I feel I am waisting a lot of my time listening to analysis that is often repeatative.

Jan 25th

murdoch mac

wow I had to turn off this series after 18 mins because the guy just went on and on some of it but the rest my barin switched off

Dec 10th