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Today’s episode honors the man who unwittingly inspired Mike’s career by inventing the first flushable commode, Mike shares a David Sedaris story about a turd that won’t flush titled Big Boy then, in an homage to eighth-grade humor, Mike and Chuck swap embarrassing stories involving the necessary.
For half a dozen years Chuck has been trying to introduce Mike to Peabody Award winning actor, Nick Searcy who is best known for playing Chief Deputy U.S. Marshall Art Mullen on the FX series Justified, one of Mike’s favorite shows.  They discuss Nick’s career, why he made a movie about 1/6/21, and how he met President Bill Clinton at the White House.   
Journalist Salena Zito keeps the conversation lively by dissecting the student loan forgiveness act, the lost notes of Baptist churches, moonshine coal, and her obsession with Fiestaware. 
267: A Prick in Congress

267: A Prick in Congress


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and that is certainly true with this week’s special Labor Day episode.  It begins with a true story written by Mike about a particularly industrious Dirty Jobber, and it ends with Mike and Chuck discussing the origins of Labor Day, America’s work ethic crisis, and the pros and cons of labor unions.  
Award-winning author, Bangor Maine Police social media manager, and Duck of Justice creator Tim Cotton joins TWIHI to discuss America’s love-hate relationship with cops, the proper punishment for crapping in the street, and why Mike has dubbed Tim America’s Cop despite his recent retirement.  
George T. Murdoch, a.k.a. Tyrus, joins TWIHI to discuss everything from abortion and the benefits of staying in one’s lane, to work ethic and his weird fascination with the ‘Squatch shows.
Two-time NYT bestselling author Peggy Rowe drops by to discuss her upcoming hour-long FOX primetime TV special—America’s Grandmother, her third book—Vacuuming in the Nude: and Other Ways to Get Attention, and the existence of aliens in the universe.  Or, to put it another way, a normal Mike’s mom episode.
Earth nearing its eight billionth resident has Bill Maher very concerned. More people means more CO2 and that means catastrophe.  Unconcerned is Alex Epstein, author of the book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas—Not Less. Alex thinks we should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages while deciding what to do with fossil fuels. He believes the widespread idea that rising CO2 will make the Earth unlivable is literally impossible and he would like to tell Bill why.  Instead, he tells us.
James Nestor, a NYT bestselling author whose book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art inspired Mike to have a septoplasty, discusses the advantages of healthy breathing, the dangers of mouth breathing, and the reasons why our ancestors had larger mouths and straighter teeth. Then we share a song written by listener Bill Dumas in reaction to Mike’s request for a ballad about his deviated septum and his father’s swollen scrotum in Episode 203: There’s a Hole in Daddy’s Arm.
Former Navy SEAL and bestselling author, Jack Carr talks writing, grit, and how his desire to “never miss an opportunity to make someone’s day” led to the serendipitous circumstances that got his first novel into the hands of Chris Pratt.  
Dairy Farmer Dirty Jobbers Sue and Mike McCloskey school Mike and Chuck on the finer points of animal husbandry, the science of better milk, and how no-till and eutrophication is bringing them ever closer to becoming an environmentally net zero farm.
Rick Beato drops by to talk Everything Music; his dinner with Joni Mitchell, his interview with Sting, and the TWO weddings where he sat next to Mike at a time when Mike was couch surfing.  
258: Best Guest Ever

258: Best Guest Ever


This week’s special guest is YOU gentle listener as Mike answers your questions about Freddy’s whereabouts, Mike’s desired super-power, and the joy of singing jingles.
President and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression a.k.a. FIRE, Greg Lukianoff discusses free speech vs hate speech, Safetyism vs Safety Third, and the Coddling of the American Mind.
Former Green Beret and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company Evan Hafer talks combat, coffee, and what it’s like to take a blast of bear spray in the face… on purpose.
255: Just Say Nyet

255: Just Say Nyet


After Mike reprises The Man Behind the Microphone, a story about the most influential sportscaster of all time, he chats with that man’s eldest son about his dad’s fondness for frugality and trepidation of taxes – SPOILER ALERT – it’s Michael Reagan. 
Robert Kiyosaki talks about how he voluntarily got into Vietnam, how he almost got kicked out, and why he wrote his Capitalist Manifesto to combat Marx’s manifesto.  
After reading a short Memorial Day mystery called Visiting Hours Mike speaks with Bill Whittle about the protocols of Arlington National Cemetery, the price of freedom, and the need for gratitude.   
Luke Mickelson talks about how his charity Sleep in Heavenly Peace skyrocketed after appearing on Returning The Favor and his mission to make sure every child has a bed to sleep in.    
Three-time NHRA Funny Car Champ and farmer/rancher, Matt Hagan discusses artificial insemination, human waste as fertilizer, and what it’s like to be inside of an 11,000 horsepower funny car when it explodes.
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Melissa Duckwall

What also just cuts hard is that high school grads can take out HUGE loans for *college* but banks won't budge an inch if those same 17 & 18 year olds (or even adults in their early 20's) want to take out a loan to start a small business. #PersonalExperience

Sep 15th
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An hour just flew! Love the good natured banter.

Sep 13th

Michael Hair

I enjoyed Mike Rowe interview with Tim Cotton, because he thinks like I do.

Sep 7th


unions only care about collecting fees

Sep 6th

jesse firepot

I'm pretty sure Evan Hafer was a navy SEAL. Not a green beret

Sep 1st

vickie stiner

5 stars

Aug 11th

Bill Bass


Aug 1st

Roberta Augustini

Thank you so much for the informative, entertaining show!!

Jul 15th

Joseph Nathaniel Stackhouse

140k birds die annually from commercial solar installations. However its estimated nearly 15 million die due to fossil fuels.

Jul 15th

Debra Beattie

amazing show

Jul 10th

Gino Gott

Great interview! Thanks Mike Rowe, for going there

Jun 18th

Joseph Bowman


Jun 15th

Myrnee Blair

so many interesting points

Jun 9th


Interesting show!

Jun 4th

Lisa Lenz

To add reasoning to tissue vs. handkerchief. Men have whiskers sometimes. Tissue can leave behind tissue feathers. Like a tissue left in a pocket later found obliterated in the washer or dryer. Yuck! A Handkerchief seems dapper (except when hung over the heater, slight gag). I love old movies where a man can offer up a CLEAN handkerchief to a lady. "Just My Thought" to "The Way You Heard It".

May 14th

Muthoni H

Maggie Rowe is the dirty mother!!! I love me some Maggie. #TheWayIHeartIt

May 6th

Pat Englund

I love what you do. I laugh every time. Your mom is amazing. I don't know how to leave a review. If I did it would be a10!

May 5th

dreading this "told you so"

simply, "amen"

May 3rd

Dan Miller

it is The Medal of Honor, not the congressional medal of honor. Just trying to be accurate.

May 2nd

Joseph Bowman


Apr 26th
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