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Author: Kim Kearns and Kezia Haynes

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Join Kim and Kezia as they explore life without alcohol. They discuss different topics of sobriety each week ranging from friendship to parenting to marriage. Kim, author of "On the Edge of Shattered" and Kezia, known for her writing focused IG platform, @thesoberelephantchronicles dive deep into difficult health and wellness topics and talk about what it is like to thrive rather than just survive the weekends sober.
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Kezia and Kim chat with Hadley Sorensen about her sober journey. All three women found themselves caught on the hamster wheel of drinking by the end, the epitome of being trapped in alcohol addiction. They also were each drowning in the mommy wine culture, duped by the Instagram memes, false advertising and lies of Big Alcohol. Hadley tells the ladies how she faced her truth and came out on the other side. Hadley Sorensen is a mom of 3 boys, a lifelong runner, and a writer working on publishing her first book. Her relationship with alcohol was always toxic. It wasn't about how much or how often she drank, but how she felt when she did.  Just over two years ago, she woke up with her last hangover, her heart screaming that sobriety was the right choice. She had no idea that a whole new, beautiful life was about to unfold. Now, she loves to tell her story with the hopes it will reach someone struggling as she was.  Instagram: @hadley_sorensen --- Support this podcast:
The ladies talk with Kristen McAvoy about how to prepare for the holidays when you have social anxiety. What can you do when you have a holiday work party that you need to attend but you are newly sober? How do you deal with the family this year when you are used to getting blackout drunk in the past? Kristen shares her incredible sober story and how she was able to work through her addictions and come to terms with her social anxiety. She is a breath of fresh air and exudes a kindness that you can't help but want to emulate. "My name is Kristen and I battled with a dual addiction to alcohol and Xanax for years. I suffered in silence while trying to make everything look perfect on the outside. I drank a bottle or more of wine multiple nights a week, and started abusing my Xanax prescription to try to numb out my anxiety and reality. This took me down a dark path and I became an entirely different person. My family had an intervention with me and I agreed to go to rehab.  Unfortunately, I didn't take it seriously and hit an even bigger rock bottom once I got out. In March 2021, I finally got the help I needed and lived in a women's recovery house & attended narcotics anonymous meetings. I have been sober now for 2 years and 8 months. Sobriety has allowed me to become the woman I always knew I could be." Instagram: @sobergirltribe --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia chat with former gray area drinker, Todd Kinney this week, all about his journey and transformation. Todd is an attorney who lives in Omaha, NE with his wife, four kids and two wiener dogs. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, golf, hanging out with his family (when they let him) and spending an unhealthy amount of time and money supporting the Iowa Hawkeyes. He quit drinking in 2019 and considers it the best thing he’s ever done for himself and his family. His memoir, I Didn’t Believe It Either, is due out in December. Todd was a classic gray area drinker who looked like he had it all together on the outside. But on the inside, he was tormented by his relationship with alcohol. He loved drinking and being the life of the party, yet there was so much about drinking he didn’t like: the control it had on him, how it consumed his every thought and how he felt after drinking too much. He spent six years evaluating his relationship with alcohol and employing every moderation hack in the book. Some of them worked, but it was exhausting and the victories were always short lived. By 2019, Todd was growing tired of fighting his internal battle. He was worn down by the constant negotiating and obsessing, and he was sick of the torment, shame and regret. Then in the fall of that year, his wife whispered something into his ear that would end up changing his life forever. He decided to quit drinking. Giving up alcohol was scary and overwhelming. Even though Todd knew it was the right decision, he also thought life without alcohol would be a little dull and boring, a bit like a prison sentence for not being able to “drink like a normal person.” What he discovered, however, was that giving it up was the farthest thing from a prison sentence. I Didn’t Believe it Either is the raw, honest, vulnerable and sometimes funny story of Todd’s journey to quitting the one thing he thought he couldn’t live without and his discovery that sobriety is better than he ever imagined. --- Support this podcast:
Bonus: Allison's Story

Bonus: Allison's Story


A new series: member's of Sober in the Suburbs share their personal stories with our audience. Allison Deraney tells us about her path to sobriety. Visit her substack: Dare To Be Dry: --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia speak with addictionologist Dr. Evelyn Higgins from Wired for Addiction. Dr. Higgins is an expert in the epidemiology of addiction. If you could identify the brain chemicals that cause alcohol or drug addiction in your brain, then what would be the next step? What if you could start at a young age by creating different habits if you had the scientific knowledge to prepare you to do so? What gets a person to that place of addiction? If you actually knew that you didn't have to stay in that dark place, would you? If you could have had your DNA tested at a young age to see if you were predisposed to substance use disorder, would you have done so? If you knew what lay ahead, what would you have done differently? "Does your DNA predispose you to substance abuse? New research suggests that addiction is a biological condition. How would knowing your risk for alcohol or drug dependency impact your choices? Dr. Evelyn Higgins, CEO & Founder of Wired For Addiction®, is an international expert in the epidemiology of addiction. She believes the way we perceive, treat, and manage mental health and substance use disorders needs to evolve to reflect what we now know about human physiology. Technological advances have given us the genetic tools to identify the biomarkers of addiction. So why aren't we using that knowledge to improve treatment protocols? We can change the lens through which society views addiction by acknowledging its biological components and promoting science-based solutions."  Founder and CEO of Wired For Addiction®, Dr. Evelyn Higgins is a recognized international expert in the epidemiology of addiction.  As a Certified Addictionologist, Diplomate of the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders, and Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Analysts specializing in pain management, Dr. Higgins has had the honor of advising the U.S. Surgeon General, producing and hosting a Gracie Award winning nationally syndicated health and wellness terrestrial radio program, and serving as a 1996 Olympic Team Doctor and Olympic torch bearer.   With 35 years in clinical practice, Dr. Higgins has designated over 16 years to Research and Development in the science of addiction recovery. A TEDx Speaker (her TEDx Talk can be found here), panelist at the 2022 International Society of Substance Use Professionals Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the 2022 International Gambling Conference in Auckland, New Zealand, and a 2021 Nominee for Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Innovators in Healthcare, Dr. Higgins finds herself at the nexus of epigenetics, neuroscience, and addiction. --- Support this podcast:
Kim, Suzanne and Audrey (from The Sober Mom Life) return from Laura McKowen's Push Off From Here wellness retreat at Kripalu in the Berkshires. It was a wonderful weekend, and they share with Kezia all about their incredible, transformative experiences. The ladies describe the entire weekend, and also all about how the retreat hangover is legit a real thing. Read about it here! --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia talk with Vanessa Royle, the co-founder of Tilden, a non-alcoholic drink company. The ladies discuss how the company came to be, Vanessa's journey with sobriety and how the evolution of the N/A industry has evolved over the last few years. --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia chat about one of their favorite buzzwords: the "Glimmer." Most people understand what a "trigger" is, but not many people look for the opposite - a glimmer. A glimmer is a tiny moment in your day to day life that takes you by surprise and it can bring about feelings of joy or peace. Do you experience glimmers? How do impact your sobriety? Let us know! Don't forget to like and follow us on instagram: @theweekendsoberpodcast @thesoberelephantchronicles @asoberandstrongmom ... and subscribe to our podcast on @spotifypodcast or @applepodcast Feel free to give us a review as well! --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia interview Dr. Rachel Sayko Adams who shares all about her studies in alcohol research. Rachel Sayko Adams, PhD, MPH is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Health Law, Policy & Management at Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH). She is a proud alum of BUSPH where she completed her Master in Public Health in Health Policy & Management followed by a PhD in Social Policy at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. Dr. Adams is a health services researcher with expertise studying substance use, disparities in treatment, and morbidity and mortality outcomes in high-risk populations (e.g., military/Veterans, persons with traumatic brain injury, women). --- Support this podcast:
Kezia and Kim welcome sober friend Jennifer Eastwood. They discuss the buzzword ‘gratitude.’ How do you shift your mindset from “I have to stop drinking to I GET to stop drinking.” How do you express gratitude? Jen started her quest for a sober life in August 2021. After a few hiccups and a couple stays at rehab (which she loved by the way! ) she stuck her sober landing in December 2021. She lives in Virginia with her husband, four kids and dogs. And when not gladly (happily maybe!) attending the plethora of children’s events she has on the calendar, she has she loves to travel the world with her family. Notes: The Pivot Year --- Support this podcast:
Kim talks to her daughter, Parker, about what it was like when she stopped drinking. Parker asks her mom questions about her drinking days. Parker talks about what she remembers from those days as well, when she was only six years old. The kid is not shy behind the mic, and Parker is able to really open up about to the audience. Get ready for a candid, honest and unfiltered conversation with this little girl. Kids don't hold back and this girl is no different. She will always tell you like it is! Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to season 3! We are back after our summer break. We are ready for a whole new round of interviews, random chatter and lots of hysterical moments. This week, we hear from Kezia all about Tristan's wonderful birth story. Kim also shares about her summer with her three kids, which was not quite as eventful as Kezia's. The ladies both commiserate over how they feel as if they are stuck in a childhood mentality at times. As moms, they struggle alongside their own children to just get through the day. How is sobriety like being a child for you? Do you find yourself relearning some basic concepts and fundamental people skills you should have mastered years ago? Kezia and Kim sometimes just feel like little kids. Send us DMs on instagram and shares your own personal stories! @asoberandstrongmom @thesoberelephantchronicles --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia talk about all the things with Hayley, from early sobriety, to friendship to social media. Hayley Matches resides in Vancouver, BC, with her partner Jonas and their dog Lou. She is the founder of This Unwasted Life, a company focused on promoting an alcohol-free lifestyle through personalized 1-1 coaching, in-person events and virtual community. Through her work, Hayley aims to inspire others to make conscious choices around alcohol consumption and to create meaningful connections with themselves and others. You can find her on Instagram at @thisunwastedlife and through her website at --- Support this podcast:
Betsey Weintraub stopped drinking on March 31, 2023. She and Kim met at the first gathering of Sober in the Suburbs, at the end of May. They live in neighboring towns outside of Boston, and they recently discovered that their stories are quite similar. Betsey courageously and vulnerably opens up about the road that brought her to the end of her drinking days. Tune into a raw, hilarious and heartwarming account about the early days of sobriety, as Betsey shares her story for the very first time publicly. Instagram: @betsyweintraub --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia discuss the most significant changes they have noticed in themselves both physically, mentally and emotionally over the last 2.5 years. This is one of the biggest questions they both still continue to receive from people on a regular basis, and it is something that continues to evolve for them both personally. --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia welcome Deb Podlogar, AKA Mocktail Mom™️. Deb is a regular mom who broke up with Chardonnay and began discovering delicious things to drink that didn't include alcohol. She hosts a podcast, Thriving Alcohol-Free with Mocktail Mom, and a private membership for women that want to be encouraged that the fun isn't over and there are still good things to drink without alcohol. Her membership does not require sobriety, but Deb loves encouraging members that an alcohol-free lifestyle is more exciting than you imagine.  Deb can be found on Instagram sharing recipes, tips & tricks @Mocktail.Mom Her website is; click on Membership for more details about her community. --- Support this podcast:
Kim shares about her upcoming group: Sober in the Suburbs, a new in person sobriety support group that is open to all in or outside of Boston. Kim talks about her inspiration behind the idea and how it organically came to be. Are you living in the Boston area and interested in checking it out? Email Kim: for more information. ------ Sober in the Suburbs:A community of women, leaving all notions of judgement and pressure behind...Located in Needham, MAFor more information about scheduled gatherings and events, please email: Do you question whether alcohol is having a negative impact on your life?  Do you wonder if you might benefit from drinking a bit less?  Do you think to yourself, do I really need this glass of wine?  Do you look forward to that 5:00 hour - that relief in a cocktail after a long day at work or at home with the kids? Do you sometimes have one too many and wake up the next day with a headache, riddled with shame and guilt? Do you lay awake in the middle of the night after one too many drinks unable to sleep?  Do you ever forget conversations you had when drinking? Do you ever obsess over taking days off from the booze only to then count down the days when the weekend can "begin" again?  Do you convince yourself you’re doing fine because everyone else is "doing it" too?  Do you feel stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to moderate or control your drinking? Do you have lived experience in recovery but you have not yet found an in person community? ​You are not alone. You may not see yourself as “addicted” to alcohol, but you do know that it has more power over your life than you’d like it to at this point. You may be curious about taking a step back from this thing that has become so normalized as the one acceptable way to socialize in our society. But how do you do it? Come see what it's all about. We strive to embrace compassion as we foster authentic connections and encourage thoughtful discussion. We aim to connect, learn and inspire one another as we experience the joy of this alcohol free world.  Do you live in or outside of Boston?  We currently meet in Metro-west but we welcome friends from all over.  We are fully inclusive and we do not focus on any particular type of recovery. We are a group aimed at building community, providing support and finding friendship. Most of our members are from the surrounding communities: Needham, Wellesley, Natick, Dedham, Westwood, Newton, Dover, Sherborn, Medfield --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia welcome guest Jess Steitzer from the Decidedly Dry Podcast. The ladies discuss a variety of topics from social media burnout to holiday milestones. Jess shares a particularly hilarious experience that happened to her this Mother's Day. Tune in for a candid and honest chat between these three moms. Jess is the host and founder of Decidedly Dry. She’s an inspiration to the ever-growing sober community and believes it is her calling to help women embrace a sober lifestyle. She’s the mom of two active, adventurous and loving boys, and resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Contact/Links: Podcast: Email: --- Support this podcast:
Kim and Kezia checkin with one another. Kim shares her experiences with a recent dinner party she hosted in her home and Kezia talks about her upcoming baby shower. They discuss how they once allowed alcohol to impact their self-confidence to the point of self-sabotage when it came to social events such as these. Social anxiety was so crippling for them both and they each believed the only solution to survive these things for many years was alcohol. Today, they both have the confidence and strength to understand that the alcohol was only causing more hurt and damage to them all along. --- Support this podcast:
In this week’s episode, Kim and Kezia have a vulnerable conversation about Kezia’s pregnancy journey. From a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2021, to myriad of medical setbacks, and wondering whether they would ever be able to conceive, Kezia shares her view of the similarities between her current path, and the one she’s travelled in sobriety. She stands firm in her belief that the tools she’s learned in sobriety continue to carry her through one of the most demanding periods of her adult life. This episode will bring hope to anyone who believes they need alcohol to cope with life’s challenges. Baby boy Calvert is set to arrive this July! --- Support this podcast:
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