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Having gone mad with power with his new magical globe, Claude attempts to win back his one true love, Deloris, who has become disgusted by his newfound greed.
A mysterious shopkeeper gifts a lonely man named Claude Barstow a magic globe that when touched affects the real world.
Cute Little Alien

Cute Little Alien


An adorable and manipulative alien befriends an old woman and begins building a bomb in her basement.
The pirates and submariners must work together to stop an escaped murderous prisoner aboard the pirate ship. However, the escapee is the least of their worries as the pirates learn of powerful nuclear weapons aboard the submarine.
A Cold War–era nuclear submarine accidentally travels back in time and encounters a pirate ship from the 1700s.
From executive producer Dana Carvey, The Weird Place is an episodic sci-fi comedy adventure that will blow your mind. From manipulative aliens to time-traveling pirates to a power-hungry mad man with a magic globe, The Weird Place has no shortage of action-packed supernatural occurrences. Don’t miss the first episode on Oct. 31.
Comments (4)

Enoch Graham

What happened, why are there not more uploads. I thought this was Dana’s favorite project?

Dec 5th

Larry Hansen

Dana Carvey unleashed. Who else do you need?

Nov 12th

James Lahey

I need a new episode or two please. Dana whatshisface is awesome

Nov 11th

Wes Andrues

Wow! These are truly great. You are paying homage to an iconic genre, yet you are doing it with your own voice in your own way. I am really enjoying these and I hope you keep them coming!

Nov 5th
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