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Rising prices, mounting pressures - the cost of living is at crisis point. Join host Lucia and our team of experts for free tips to help you get on top of your bills and make your money go further. We tackle the issues hitting your pocket, from spiralling energy costs to your weekly food while helping you understand how the current economic situation impacts you in the real world.
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With fewer rental properties on the market, we ask whether renters are feeling the brunt of new laws aimed at restoring trust in private landlords.We also hear more about the scams targeting would-be tennants, and how you can avoid falling victim to this fraudulent behaviour.Read more about our investigation into rental scams & sign up to our free money newsletter.
With bills across the country set to increase next month, this bitesize guide takes a look at which areas of the country will be seeing their monthly outgoings rise more than most.We’ll also find out the ways you can reduce your bill, what to do if you’re struggling to pay, and hear how some councils are scrapping bills for some residents altogether. Read our latest update on the council tax increases in England & Wales, and check out our summary of the help available if you're struggling to pay.Sign up to our free weekly Money newsletter.
This week we hear more about the police response to fraud.Did you know for example it makes up 40% of all crime in the UK, but receives just 2% of police funding...Sign up to one of our free newsletters or our free Scam Alerts.
We analyse the announcements made by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, including changes to free childcare entitlement, pensions and energy bill support.There’s also mention of duty freezes to fuel and in pubs, and we look ahead to what we might expect from the next base rate decision from the Bank of England.Read more on the key announcements & sign up to our free money newsletter.
With some government support set to end and wholesale prices falling, we ask the experts what we might expect to happen next.We hear whether switching could soon be back on the menu, discuss whether more help could be announced in the budget, and hear some ways you can try and reduce your monthly payments.Read everything you need to know about the government's energy support & sign up to our free money newsletter.
With empty shelves and high prices a familiar sight at shops across the country, we take a look at the factors behind the current crisis.We also hear how Which? research is shining a light on the situation, and ask what changes need to be made to the wider food infrastructure.Read more about the current fruit & veg shortage, and sign our Affordable Food for All petition.
With mobile and broadband bills in the news, especially with millions of customers being hit with price hikes of up to 17.3% this spring, we’re exploring what you can do to keep your bills under control.Read all you need to know about broadband social tariffs & sign up to our free newsletters.
As fixed term deals continue to fall we ask whether the mortgage market mess is showing any signs of improving…We’ll look at the best deals available right now for both fixed and variable rates, as well as hearing how the rental market has also been impacted by higher repayment charges.Read our summary of the best mortgage rates for home movers and first-time buyers & sign up to our free money newsletter.
We hear about new research showing how being single comes at a big premium when it comes to our finances.We’ll discuss the eye watering amount not being in a relationship costs those living solo, as well as asking  whether the tax system is set up to punish those not choosing to marry?Read our 11 tips to save on the cost of your subscriptions and sign up to our free money newsletter.
In this episode we tackle the difficult subject of financial abuse, finding out more about an issue that’s worryingly on the rise.We also explains exactly how to spot the signs and where to go for help.If you’re concerned about an older person experiencing financial abuse, or are in this situation yourself, you can contact Hourglass on its 24/7 helpline – 0808 808 8141 – or visit Or contact your local adult social services. If you have concerns about a registered lasting power of attorney, contact the OPG by emailing or calling 0115 934 2777. If you’re experiencing financial abuse by a partner or ex-partner, you can contact Surviving Economic Abuse on 0808 196 8845 for specialist help and support, as well as visit its survivor forum at
Since the conflict started in Ukraine, our bills have soared. Energy bills reached levels unheard of previously, food prices rocketed, and inflation is still way above government targets. But exactly how much have the consequences of the war squeezed our finances, and what might happen next?In this Which? investigation we look at how the price for things like electricity, gas, food and other essentials have risen over the last twelve months, as well as looking ahead in an attempt to find some more optimistic news for our pockets.Read more about our food inflation tracker and support our Affordable Food for All campaign.
We investigate why so many people lose touch with their savings and challenge volunteers to trace their pension pots.Later we explain how you can go about rescuing those all important savings.Find your pension pots using the government tracing service or sign up to our free money newsletter.
After years in the doldrums, savings rates have hit their highest level in a decade.In this week’s episode we look at the top accounts currently on offer, explore why premium bonds remain so popular, and discuss what you need to think about when deciding on the best home for your money. Read more on what the base rate rise means for your savings or or sign up to our free money newsletter.
This week we explore common insurance problems and how to resolve them. You can sign-up to our free newsletters here.
With the media full of house price predictions, we aim to bring you the facts to reveal what’s actually happening right now.We also ask what might happen if you fall into negative equity, and how you can best avoid that difficult situation.Read more here or sign up to our free money newsletter.
With the self-assessment deadline approaching, our experts explain what’s changing across all methods of taxation in 2023. We’ll also explore how to find out if you're eligible for reduced payments, and tips and tricks to make sure you aren’t left with a hefty bill.Read more on our 6 tax changes you need to know in 2023 article and find out more about the Lower Incomes Tax Reform Group.Also sign up to our free weekly Money newsletter.
We look at what you can do to top up your income, including being paid to recycle, and how easy it is to switch your bank account.In the episode we’ll also hear from the woman who has made hundreds from filling in surveys in her spare time.Read our 11 ways to make money in 2023, check out our money making guide, or sign up to our free money newsletter.
We look at the things you can do to refresh your finances in the New Year, especially those all important ways you can make savings.Our experts discuss how to reduce your council tax bill, the importance of haggling, and the one simple hack that could cut your energy bill too.Read our top tips to reduce your energy bill & take a look at all our advice on how to save money in the New Year.Sign up to our free weekly Money newsletter.
We take a look at the financial 'influencers' who are offering unsolicited advice on social media and those who fall victim to their shady advice.You can sign-up to our free newsletters here.
The hosts of the Which? Investigates, Which? Money & Which? Shorts podcasts team up with our experts to answer some of your burning questions.They cover everything from insulation to savings rates, holiday recommendations to smart devices and more...Got a question you want us to answer, email us on more of our energy saving tips & grants available & sign up to our free email newsletters.
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Can some look at the audio please, volume keeps going quiet then really loud. Its horrible to listen too.

Mar 24th

Anthony Hall

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Double check the arithmetic in this podcast.

Jun 10th
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