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Sketch comedy / history quiz podcast based on the popular “Who Was…?” book series.
46 Episodes
Our memorable contestants get into the power of words when we learn more about these two incredible authors! The show gets a new sponsor...or two!See for privacy information.
Two super clever contestants find out who knows patently more about Thomas Edison, the "Bad Boy Inventor" of history and modern-day inventor, scientist and animal behaviorist, Dr. Temple Grandin!See for privacy information.
Notice how our guests are always leaving to go get chicken fingers with Shakespeare? We wanted to know more! See for privacy information.
Two creative characters face off to find out who knows more about these beloved authors! See for privacy information.
Our enlightened contestants engage in a battle of wits to see who knows more about history's favorite philosopher and those wise guys! See for privacy information.
A desert theme that's hardly dry! Two clever contestants go head to head to talk about how space influenced the artist Georgia O'Keefe and the goings on at Area 51! Impractical Jokers star James Murray stops by to talk about his book series, AREA 51 INTERNS!See for privacy information.
We play some history games with Mark Twain and hear a preview of the new WHO WAS reality show!See for privacy information.
Listen up, sports fans! This one is for you! Our two quick contestants knock this episode outta the park!See for privacy information.
Two smarties try to crack the code on who knows more about WWII heroes, The Navajo Code Talkers, and the creator of Braille, Louis Braille!See for privacy information.
It's our greatest episode ever! The two GREATS from history are met with contestants who, dare we say, are REALLY GREAT? It's true! See for privacy information.
It's our most musical mini-episode ever when rock star David Bowie returns to pitch some ideas and we FINALLY get to chocolate maker meet Milton Hershey!See for privacy information.
It's the mother of all inventions of episodes when two intelligent kid contestants compare notes on inventor Alexander Graham Bell and physicist Sir Isaac Newton!See for privacy information.
Our contestants and famous folks are breaking barriers on today's episode! We wax poetic and Ernest Shackleton stops by the studio to talk about naming boats! See for privacy information.
Let's explore what these two amazing figures from history have in common with our intrepid contestants! Bea and Elliott help Marco and Neil win a reality show (we hope!)See for privacy information.
One of our favorite games gets its own episode! It's what famous folks from history would hash if they had something to hash 'bout! See for privacy information.
Two very different leaders are the subjects of today's episode when our truth force contestants find out more about Gandhi and Marie Antoinette. Marie stops by to show off her new baking career.See for privacy information.
From log cabin beginnings to positions of great power, let's find out more about Abe Lincoln and Dolly Parton with our super smart contestants. Abe Lincoln stops by the studio on the campaign trail. See for privacy information.
We're getting classy with our two tremendously talented contestants on today's episode! Maria Tallchief stops by with a new game to share. See for privacy information.
Johnny Appleseed stops by the show to tell Bea and Elliott about an exciting new opportunity!See for privacy information.
This episode is LITERALly amazing! Our super smart contestants try to battle it out to find out who knows more about "nevermore" writer Edgar Allen Poe and pioneering environmentalist writer Rachel Carson. Poe stops by to give Elliott and Bea some notes.See for privacy information.
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Kaylee Clark

😃 I love this podcast

May 7th