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Welcome to 'The Whole Parent Podcast,' where we dive deep into evidence-based parenting strategies, blending cutting-edge psychology with real-world experience. Each episode offers insightful discussions, expert interviews, and practical tips to empower you and your family through the joys and challenges of raising children. Join us as we explore not just the highs of parenting, but navigate the complexities and embrace the journey together.

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Join the Whole Parent community for updates and free weekly resources.  CLICK HEREThe resource Jennifer mentioned:Picky Eater ScreenerFollow JenniferHave you ever felt like you're in a mealtime showdown with your toddler, armed with nothing but a spoon and the "wrong" color cup? Me too. Every day.Today I'm joined by Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color to arm you with the strategies you need to turn mealtime battles into family building fun. We dissect the mystery behind toddler diets, discussing ways to make eating fun and how parents can lead by example to encourage adventurous food choices. This isn't just about getting peas onto their plate; it's about setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.Let's be real—feeding a picky eater can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded (where the colors change every meal). Jennifer and I get personal, sharing our own experiences with the challenges of nurturing diverse palates. We tackle the rainbow of eating behaviors from choosy to chowhound and offer a fresh perspective on introducing new foods. This chat goes beyond the plate, delving into how to build a positive body relationship with your kids, ensuring they grow up with confidence in their food choices and themselves.Forget what you've heard about sugar and hyperactivity, or the myths that red dye is the root of all meltdowns. We're here to debunk these and other common misconceptions about kids' diets. Plus, we're dishing out practical tips like using micro portions and engaging kids in meal prep to encourage a more varied diet. By the end of our conversation, you'll have a toolkit filled with strategies to support your child in developing a healthy, resilient relationship with food—one joyful bite at a time. Join us on this culinary adventure and watch your little ones flourish into wholehearted, healthy eaters.
Click Here to listen to Why Kids Lie: Part 1Join the whole parent email list:HEREAs a parent, confronting the uncomfortable truth of a child's lie can be a heart-wrenching moment. On today's Whole Parent Podcast, we delve into the delicate balance of handling such revelations with empathy and understanding. Our conversation is grounded in personal experiences and the gentle wisdom of Fred Rogers, offering a guiding light to navigate through these parenting waters. From a tale of suspected stealing to the crucial steps of addressing mistakes, this episode is a heartfelt exploration of fostering honesty and growth in our little ones.Parenting is an art form, and just like any artist, we must learn from each brushstroke, each mistake. This episode provides a three-step process for responding to children's slip-ups in a way that builds trust and encourages learning. We tackle the intricate dance of communication, where curiosity leads and judgment takes a backseat, allowing our children to feel empowered rather than shamed. Role reversal becomes a tool, not just for understanding our kids but also for teaching them the value of empathy in their own interactions.Lastly, we broach the complex issue of theft, emphasizing the need for ethical conversations from the sandbox to the courtroom. By engaging our children in discussions about morality, we prepare them for the larger stage of life where right and wrong are often shades of gray. It's here, through non-judgmental dialogue and positive assumptions, that we lay the foundations for a future of ethical decision-makers. Join us on this journey of parenting with purpose, and don't forget to subscribe for more insights that strengthen our resolve and confidence as the sculptors of tomorrow's adults.
To join the list:CLICK HEREKid's lie. There are so many reasons kids lie and probably the most UNLIKELY one is the one most parent's believe. Our latest episode peels back the layers of childhood dishonesty, offering a comforting guide for parents grappling with their three-year-old's first ventures into untruths. We kick off with a candid look at the developmental milestones of toddlers, revealing why expecting unwavering honesty from someone still mastering the art of language and emotion is a step too far. I share practical advice for addressing your child's fibs about everyday tasks like bathroom use or teeth brushing, striking a balance between teaching right from wrong and understanding their stage of growth.Navigating the complex path towards raising honest kids, this episode underlines the vital role of autonomy. Discover how empowering your child's sense of agency through challenges like constructing intricate Lego masterpieces can actually steer them away from the need to lie. We dive into the nitty-gritty of fostering positive independence, celebrating our kids' triumphs, and knowing when to step back and let them revel in their own achievements. It's about nurturing their growth without inadvertently pushing them towards dishonesty in a quest to please us.And for those with children in the imaginative whirlwind of five to seven years, rest assured, your little one's fairy-tale narratives are a healthy part of their development. We explore how their vibrant imaginations bolster critical thinking skills essential for both current problem-solving and future success. So, before you correct your little one's next adventurous story, tune in to understand why their creative fabrications might just be a stepping stone to brilliance. Our journey doesn't end here, though; keep an ear out for our next episode, where we'll explore why older children may opt to weave a web of lies to sidestep consequences, completing our nuanced look at this integral part of growing up.
To join the Whole Parent community FREE CLICK HERE your past knocks on the door unexpectedly after 18 years, you realize that fatherhood isn't just a role—it's a journey full of profound discoveries. This realization comes to life in my heartfelt sit-down with Larry Hagner from the Dad Edge podcast. We peel back the layers of what it means to be an active, engaged parent, touching on everything from the transformative effects of a standing desk to the emotional rollercoasters tied to our own childhood stories. As a father to four boys and a husband for over two decades, Larry brings a wealth of experience and insight into the art of communication and the power of vulnerability within family relationships. We share tales from our personal lives, revealing how past pains, like dealing with an absent father or the trials within stepfamilies, have sculpted our approaches to parenthood. It's a conversation that traverses the peaks and valleys of raising kids and nurturing a marriage, all while continuously growing as individuals.The promises we make as parents and the effort it takes to fulfill them are the pillars of this episode. I get real about the intricacies of discipline, the commitment to creating a loving environment, and the intentional raising of emotionally intelligent boys. We discuss the importance of setting boundaries while also being a beacon of safety and guidance. These stories and advice are woven into a rich tapestry that reflects the enduring impact of fatherhood on personal growth and the legacies we build for our children. Join us for a discussion that's not just about parenting but about the essence of manhood and the indelible marks we leave on those we love.
Attention Seeking #016

Attention Seeking #016


Want more Whole Parent content? Join The ListFor the Episode referenced with Eli Harwood:CLICK HEREEver found yourself perplexed by your child's seemingly endless quest for attention? We're peeling back the layers on why kids clamor for the spotlight and how you might be contributing to it without even realizing it. Tap into a wealth of compassion-fueled insights and practical strategies as we tackle the myth that ignoring attention-seeking behaviors is the best route. From the seven-year-old who can’t play alone to understanding the unique needs of children with ADHD, discover how to guide your little ones towards healthy, independent connections.Remember the times when a simple hug could make everything better? That's the power of targeted, reassuring love we're advocating for in today's conversation. I'm drawing from my own journey as a parent with ADHD to share the kind of attention that enriches the parent-child bond and caters to neurodivergent children. You'll hear not just theories, but real-life applications that can turn around your child's playtime blues and bolster their emotional resilience.Wrapping things up, we're not just talking about managing attention-seeking antics; we're building a foundation for our children's future. Listen to heartwarming stories, like the one about my own son, that illustrate the triumphs of nurturing our kids' independence within a supportive framework. And yes, we're fostering frustration tolerance, but not at the expense of our relationship with our children. This is your roadmap to raising well-adjusted kids who know their emotional needs are just as important as their physical ones. Join us, and let's navigate this parenting adventure together.
For the email list and everything Whole Parent CLICK HEREand HERE is the episode on bringing home a new baby!Navigating the ebbs and flows of sibling relationships just got a little easier. Today's episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for parents embroiled in the trials and joys of raising siblings. From tackling sibling rivalry head-on to celebrating each child's unique spirit amidst the arrival of a new family member, we've got you covered. Prepare to walk away with proven strategies that not only manage the complexities of sibling dynamics but also cultivate an environment where love and individuality thrive in equal measure.Have you ever wondered how to balance the scales of attention between your children, especially when a fresh little face joins the family? We've got insights and heartfelt discussions about the art of connection that transcends the usual parenting advice. Discover the powerful impact of 'kid dates' and other one-on-one outings that can strengthen your bond with each child. Plus, learn how to turn everyday moments into golden opportunities for nurturing those precious relationships.But what about when toys become the center of a tug-of-war? Dive into our conversation on teaching siblings to share peacefully, respecting personal property rights, and guiding children through the nuances of early developmental stages. Conflict is part of the growth journey, and we explore how to equip your little ones with the tools for fair fights and lasting friendships. So, join us as we pave the way for harmony in the household and foreshadow exciting projects on the horizon that will continue to support you on this incredible parenting adventure.
To join the email list:CLICK HEREConquering Bedtime BattlesEvery parent has felt that tug at their heartstrings when they have to leave a child who's clinging to them, pleading for just one more hug. That's the moment you wish you had a magic wand to ease those tears and fears. Join me as I guide you through the emotional landscape of separation anxiety in children, exploring its nuances across ages two, three, and six. We'll unwrap the layers of this complex issue, offering a blend of professional expertise and personal experiences that will arm you with strategies to help your child build security and independence.You'll discover that the delicate balance between fostering resilience and providing comfort isn't just about toughing it out or giving in—it's about the dance of attachment and development. We discuss the importance of the non-preferred parent's role, the power of comfort objects, and the gradual exercises you can employ to strengthen your child’s coping skills. These are the small, achievable victories that can lead to big changes, and we'll explore how to create these opportunities within the rhythm of your everyday life.As we round out this heartfelt conversation, we'll focus on the importance of establishing a solid foundation for your child's emotional well-being. From the reassuring rituals that cement secure attachments, to innovative techniques like role-play and 'yes and parenting,' we'll cover methods to validate and reassure your child through transitions. And for families navigating the complexities of divorce or simply day-to-day goodbyes, we provide guidance to ensure your child feels the stability and love needed to thrive. So, whether your little one clings to your leg or waves goodbye with confidence, this episode is your companion in nurturing their growth every step of the way.
For all things Whole Parent including the email list CLICK HEREClick here to purchase Eli's Attachment Workbook This episode promises to enrich your parenting toolkit with the insightful wisdom of Eli Harwood (@attachmentnerd), a seasoned therapist and mother of three, who joins me to unravel the complexities of creating secure attachments with our kids. Together, we walk you through the transformative journey of recognizing and meeting the emotional needs of your little ones, while also acknowledging the importance of addressing our own unhealed wounds to prevent passing on insecurities.We talk:"Three steps" to secure attachmentHow to identify attachment in kids How to connect deeply in a few minutes a dayThis conversation sheds light on the symphony of synchronicity, where each shared moment of joy and curiosity lays another brick in the foundation of a lasting bond. We discuss the poignant idea of 'withness' and how being emotionally present during the highs and lows of your child's life can create a deep-seated sense of security. As we share  personal experiences, we celebrate the diversity of attachment-rich play and emphasize the supportive role a community plays in extending this security beyond the immediate family.Navigating the ebbs and flows of parenting, we close with an exploration of the potent role of conflict and vulnerability in strengthening our connections with our children. Eli discusses how therapy work has shifted her perspective from viewing discord as a source of anxiety to seeing it as a gateway to intimacy and growth. This episode invites you to consider the ways in which we can provide our children with a legacy of secure attachment by being emotionally grounded, available, and receptive to their needs. So, join us as we guide you through the dance of parenting, equipping you with the insights to ensure your children feel nothing but love and stability in your embrace.
For all things Whole Parent: CLICK HEREThe originator of the HEAR acronym is Dr Julia Minson of Harvard Have you ever felt like your parenting style is worlds apart from your partner's, yet you both yearn for a harmonious household? Together, we weave through the complexities of parenting partnerships and the artistry of conflict resolution. This episode brings you heartfelt stories and expert insights on empathetic communication, crucial for aligning with your partner to foster resilient children and a compassionate relationship. We delve into the transformative power of seeing through each other's eyes, understanding the roots of each other's parenting approaches, and how this profound connection can keep conflicts at bay — especially in the eyes of our littlest observers.Join us as we unpack the delicate balance between differing parenting philosophies and reveal strategies to present a united front. My journey with my wife and the challenges we've faced lay the groundwork for a candid discussion on establishing household rules that respect both parental perspectives and children's needs. We bring to life the "HEAR" communication framework to tackle discipline and other parenting hot topics, offering a lifeline for those in the throes of navigating these stormy seas with their partner.As we wrap this episode, I extend an invitation to delve deeper through a workshop that promises to fortify your co-parenting toolkit. It's a genuine solo effort to elevate your parenting partnership, free from outside influences or sponsorships, and driven by our shared experiences and community support. For all parents and partners out there seeking a blend of gentle guidance and psychological know-how, this is an episode you won't want to miss.
For all things Whole Parent: questions to podcast@wholeparentacademy.comJoin Whole Parent as we redefine the very essence of discipline in parenting, not as a tool for punishment, but as an opportunity for teaching and growth. Our latest episode unveils a profound connection between 'discipline' and 'disciple,' urging us to embrace our role as educators in our children's lives, guiding them with wisdom rather than ruling with fear. We tackle the challenges and victories faced at family mealtimes, sharing insights into how rituals like meal preparations and shared stories can strengthen bonds and foster positive behaviors. Let's admit it, parenting can feel like navigating an intricate dance, especially when your five-year-old prefers somersaults over sitting still at the dinner table. We empathize with parents and offer actionable solutions that balance a child's need for autonomy with the harmony of family routines. Moreover, our conversation illuminates the power of collaborative parenting, inviting our children into the heart of discipline to cultivate respect and a sense of responsibility. Through understanding, not dictation, we can transform chores from battlegrounds into collaborative opportunities, supporting our children's unique needs and contributions to the family dynamic.In this episode, the art of patience and the value of waiting for a calm moment to discuss consequences are championed as keys to effective teaching moments. We make a case for discipline that fosters connection rather than fear, and we encourage you to submit your burning questions for future discussions. As we peel back the layers of traditional parenting myths, we invite you to join us in cultivating a nurturing space where discipline means growth, communication is paramount, and every challenge is a stepping stone to deeper family connections.
Join the Email list HEREHow do we teach social skills like sharing, turn taking, and making friends? Unravel these themes in the latest episode of the Whole Parent Podcast. We kick off  with a the struggles our kids have with sharing, debunking myths and laying out strategies that emphasize balance and respect for personal boundaries.Navigating the tricky waters of parenting, we find ourselves teaching our kids not only about the joys of sharing but also the value of autonomy. I share personal anecdotes and listener experiences that show how giving children the power to choose what they share actually fosters greater cooperation. We also discuss the delicate task of stepping back to let natural social consequences unfold, and the importance of post-conflict conversations, creating a comprehensive guide on nurturing interdependence among our little ones. Instead of intervening, we debrief.Finally, we explore the power of play in building leadership and cooperation in children, with a special focus on how introverted and highly sensitive children engage with their peers. By incorporating child-led play and the "Yes, And" improv technique, you’ll learn how to cultivate a safe space for your child's social development. Our discussion concludes with an invitation to share the insights gained from our podcast, creating a supportive community that thrives on collective wisdom and understanding. Join us on the Whole Parent Podcast for a heartening discussion that celebrates every child's individuality and the art of sharing in parenting.
For more on Whole Parent get Dr. Kandagra's Book "My Child Won't Sleep" CLICK HEREUnlock the secrets to a well-rested brain with Dr. Sujay Kansagra, Doctor and Pediatric Sleep Researcher from Duke University, as we unravel the importance of sleep for emotional regulation and executive function. Dr. Kansagra gives us his top tips for sleep hygiene and fostering positive sleep habits and also debunks some sleep myths floating around on social mediaLearn how sleep is a non-negotiable not only our kids but OUR mental resilience. Our conversation with Dr. Kansagra offers parents insightful strategies for nurturing sleep hygiene in their little ones, while also caring for their own sleep needs.Dive into the intricacies of sleep deprivation and its deceptive impact on performance. This episode sheds light on the oft-overlooked truth that in a culture of glorifying less sleep, its actually more sleep that is the key to peak cognitive abilities and emotional stability. Finally, for those parents facing the newborn sleep conundrum, we provide real-life tactics for managing those unpredictable first weeks. From the surprising use of breast milk pumped at night to the gentle art of sleep training, discover how to embrace a personalized approach that suits your family's dynamics. Whether you're contemplating different sleep training methods or simply seeking solidarity in the sleepless journey of parenthood, this episode is an essential companion for anyone looking to improve their nights, and in turn, their days.
To join the  Email List we tuck our little ones into bed, stories of monsters under the bed aren't just tales, they're a window into the real fears that grip their hearts at night.  From nighttime anxiety to social anxiety and more, today's episode peels back the curtain on the shadows of childhood anxiety. From the evolutionary instincts that wire our kids for caution to the pressures of a world amplified by social media, we navigate the ocean of their worries, anchoring you with the tools you need to help them sail smoothly into dreamland.Our journey takes us beyond the nightlight, into the depths of bedtime routines that nurture a sense of security and lay the groundwork for resilience. We discuss the power of connection and the magic of a consistent wind-down that cues their little bodies for rest. But it's not just about the night; we reveal the importance of a growth mindset in broad daylight, equipping our children with the mental armor to face academic challenges and social jungles with the courage of a lion. We're not just fighting shadows; we're building a fortress of self-belief and confidence for the days ahead.No parent should bear the weight of their child's anxiety alone, and this episode stands as a testament to that belief. We acknowledge when it's time to seek the compass of a professional, ensuring you know that reaching out is a beacon of strength, not a signal of defeat. So, join us as we share stories, strategies, and a sprinkle of personal anecdotes, with the hope that together, we can turn the tides of childhood anxiety into a journey of growth for our children and for us as parents. Welcome to a conversation that promises to be as nurturing for you as it is for your little ones.
Adding a New Baby #007

Adding a New Baby #007


To join the  Email List're about to face the daunting task of introducing a new baby to your already bustling brood. I'm here. Your journey through the rollercoaster of emotions and sibling dynamics that come with a new family member is about to get a whole lot smoother. Our latest episode of the Whole Parent Podcast is packed with heartfelt guidance and practical tips, addressing everything from managing toddler aggression to nurturing the bonds that will tie your children together for life.This episode is a treasure trove of insights for any parent juggling the demands of a newborn with the needs of an older child. We tackle the guilt that often shadows the joy of expanding your family, offering strategies for giving each child the attention they crave and deserve. With real questions from parents from our community, we ensure the advice is as relatable as it is practical. Learn how 'supercharged attention times' can make all the difference, and discover the profound impact of validating your child's emotions, all while navigating the chaos of the 'fourth trimester'.As we wrap up, we're reminded that while parenting multiple children can be overwhelming, it's also filled with opportunities to create a harmonious home. By sharing our personal experiences and the wisdom of experts, we hope to empower you to embrace these challenges with grace and to pass on your newfound knowledge to others in the parenting trenches. Tune in for an episode that not only offers solutions and support but also reinforces the message that through mindful parenting, we truly can change the world, one family at a time.
Do Dinner Better #006

Do Dinner Better #006


For everything Whole Parent, including the Email List and Membership: wondered how to transform mealtime battles with your picky eater into a harmonious affair? Join us as we unlock strategies to help parents like you, who face the daily challenge of expanding their child's dietary horizons. This episode peels back the layers on highly selective eaters, offering practical tips for introducing new foods without the pressure. We also unpack the sweets dilemma faced by so many parents, sharing advice from health professionals and my own parenting journey on navigating cravings and fostering a more diverse palate.Cultivating a positive food relationship is crucial for our children's long-term well-being, and it goes far beyond the dinner plate. With insights from dieticians and psychologists, we explore how to make mealtime an enjoyable experience, free from anxiety. You'll discover the power of mindful language surrounding food and the impact it has on young minds. Our conversation is a reminder that nurturing a healthy mindset about eating is just as important as the nutrients on the plate.Finally, we discuss the importance of respecting children's natural hunger cues and why the Clean Plate Club is out of date. By tuning into growth and appetite fluctuations, we emphasize the significance of her overall development over rigid mealtime expectations. And don't forget, by joining our community via the email list, you'll receive even more exclusive content to support your parenting journey. So, pull up a chair and let's share a feast of knowledge that will help set the table for a lifetime of healthy eating habits for your kids.
Screen Time #005

Screen Time #005


For everything Whole Parent, including the Email List and Membership: the digital world as a parent can feel like charting unknown waters, but fear not! Join us on the Whole Parent Podcast, where we promise to arm you with strategies for managing your child's screen time without the tantrums. As a parent myself, I've faced the same struggles with screen-addicted kiddos. Today, we’ll talk about the brain's dopamine response to screens and reveal constructive ways to help kids ease away from their digital fix, building healthier tech habits along the way.We all want our children to thrive, and balancing their fascination with screens alongside vital activities like naps and playtime is key. In our latest episode, I share insights on creating a sense of autonomy in your children by involving them in setting screen time boundaries. We’ll also explore the effects of screen time on a child's developing brain, ensuring you’re equipped with knowledge and empathy to guide your little ones through their digital day.Lastly, we'll talk about why completely banning screens is as outdated as a flip phone, so instead let's talk about fostering trust and open communication. I delve into what it means to protect our children in an age where explicit content is just a click away, and how to model balanced tech habits that will serve as the cornerstone of a resilient, tech-savvy family. Tune in for an honest and empowering conversation that will leave you feeling more confident as you pilot the parenting controls of our digital age.
Toddler Tantrums #004

Toddler Tantrums #004


For everything Whole Parent, including the Email List and Membership: felt like you're at your wit's end with toddler tantrums and meltdowns? You're not alone. Journey with me as we uncover the mysteries behind our little ones' biggest emotional explosions. Drawing from the trials and triumphs of my own parenting adventures and the insights gathered in creating Whole Parent, this episode is a treasure trove of understanding and practical advice. From three-year-old Olivia's brain to your daily routine, we explore the neuroscience and heart-to-heart connections necessary in transforming challenging days into opportunities for growth and bonding.Tantrums and meltdowns are a language of their own, and in this episode, we translate that emotional dialect into actionable steps for parents. Discover the three-layered brain model to comprehend why toddlers can be so overwhelmed by emotions, and how you, as a co-regulator, play a crucial role in your child's development of self-control. We bring to light the power of empathy and the subtle art of modeling calm behavior, equipping you to not just manage, but truly understand and support your child through their most turbulent moments.We wrap things up with a focus on the day-to-day practicalities that can make or break the peace of parenting. For Emma, a four-year-old who finds transitions tough, we discuss the importance of establishing routines and digging deeper to address the root causes of behavioral challenges. By the end of our time together, you'll walk away with a toolkit brimming with strategies for fostering a nurturing environment where trust and emotional intelligence are the cornerstones of your relationship with your child. Join us for this heartfelt and insightful discussion that promises to reshape the way you see and respond to your toddler's most trying times.
Potty Training #003

Potty Training #003


Interested in my upcoming Ultimate Guide to Potty Training? It's going to be available soon with first access going to my email list! Join here!Are you on the front lines of the potty training battle and about ready to retreat? You're not alone. In this episode of Whole Parent Podcast, we march through the trenches of transitioning toddlers from diapers to the potty. You'll gain insights into the emotional journey, not just for the kiddos, but for you, the captains of the porcelain throne. Truly, the art of potty training can feel like and insurmountable challenge. It requires patience, reassurance, and confidence most of us feel like we just don't have... BUT WE SHOULD! We're experts in this... we just forget that sometimes. We tackle common parenting fears and dismantle the myths that shroud the potty training process. From the significance of a shame-free approach to handling accidents, to the potential of using rewards judiciously, we cover strategies that respect both the child's individuality and the parent's role in this developmental milestone. And if you're wondering about the journey from diapers to underwear, or even commando, we have practical advice that promises to make the transition as smooth as a baby's bottom.Round out your potty training strategy as you listen to these shared experiences and research-backed insights. Remember, whether your child is just starting out or has been at it for a while, there's wisdom here for every stage. And don't keep these nuggets of knowledge to yourself - sharing this episode with someone in the midst of the potty training pilgrimage could be a game-changer for them. Join me as we rewrite the narrative on potty training, fostering independence and confidence in our tiny humans, one episode at a time.
Bedtime Battles #002

Bedtime Battles #002


Loving the Whole Parent Podcast? Leave me a review! For more on Whole Parent, including a link to join the membership click >> <<Facing the nightly challenge of tucking your little human into bed with their energy still soaring? You're not alone, and I'm here to guide you through the sleep-time skirmish. This episode unveils the art of navigating bedtime routines, offering comfort to parents and children alike. As we dissect the delicate balance of enforcing bedtime without igniting tantrums, our conversation uncovers the importance of sleep schedules, wake windows, and hacking naturally occurring brain chemicals! Every parent has felt the frustration of a child who just won't settle when that bedtime window slips by. We take a closer look at the science behind sleep—how missing the optimal time for slumber can lead to a surge in cortisol and epinephrine, kicking bedtime peace to the curb. With practical tips on timing adjustments and the reassurance that earlier bedtimes don't mean earlier mornings, this episode offers a new perspective. It's an insider's guide to syncing your child's sleep rhythms with their natural cues, ensuring the whole family gets the restful night they deserve.But what about the monsters lurking in the closet or the imagined shadows that dance on the walls? We tackle the heart of nighttime fears that many children face. With empathy and patience at the forefront, we discuss how to establish bedtime rituals and environments that reassure and comfort. From transforming fear into silliness to customizing bedtime routines to each child's needs, this episode arms parents with compassionate approaches and long-term coping solutions. Join me as we turn bedtime from a battleground to a sanctuary, one peaceful routine at a time.
Loving the Whole Parent Podcast? Leave me a review!For more on Whole Parent, including a link to join the membership click >> <<As a parent, I've been where you are – standing at the crossroads of frustration and guilt after yelling at my child. But what if there's a path leading away from the shouting, towards nurturing conversations and connection? In our first episode of the Whole Parent podcast, we confront the uncomfortable truth: yelling at our children often feels inevitable. Guided by heartfelt questions from parents just like you, we delve into the neuroscience behind why yelling doesn't work and offer strategies for cultivating a calm and cooperative family dynamic.Navigating the ups and downs of parenthood is no easy feat, especially when echoes of our own upbringing influence our reactions. This episode is a tapestry of understanding, woven with threads of self-awareness and the science of stress. It's a candid conversation about the complex dance of emotional regulation and the profound impact of modeling resilience and humility. By embracing a growth mindset, we chart a course for parents to not just apologize for outbursts but to transform those moments into opportunities for deepening the bonds with our children.I extend my sincerest thanks for joining us on this first ever episode. Your engagement and shared experiences are the heartbeat of this community. We're all on this parenting journey together, and your reflections, through reviews or personal stories, could light the way for many others. Let's keep the conversation going, and remember, each step we take towards understanding and connection is a step towards becoming the wholehearted parents our children deserve.
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