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Do you have natural curiosity, interest in scientific mysteries and a great sense of humor? You're in the right place! We cover brainy topics with comedy spin.

I'm AJ , the Head Nerd In Charge. You might know me from the Discovery, Sirius-XM, A&E, MTV and Joe Rogan.

The Why Files is a channel for people who are fascinated (obsessed) with science, science-fiction, bizarre history, weird facts, strange places, conspiracies and unusual people. Join us as we learn about the mysteries of the universe and have a few laughs along the way.

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The United States military is always looking for new ways to create super soldiers. They use performance-enhancing and mind-altering drugs. They're currently experimenting with brain implant technology. They've even explored genetic engineering to try and *breed* the perfect soldier. But those are nothing compared to what happened in 1983; when Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonnell submitted a very unusual and detailed report to US Army Intelligence. It was called "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process". This is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve an out-of-body experience for the purpose of intelligence gathering. But Colonel McDonnell's report went much further than that. An advanced Gateway participant can not just project their consciousness to a different place; They could pull their consciousness completely out of this reality. They could travel anywhere in the universe, and at any point in time. The report revealed that our universe doesn't actually exist. It's a construct, created by our mind. By using the Gateway Process, you can exit the construct and see reality for what it really is. The 30-page Gateway report was immediately classified for one simple reason: anyone can learn to do it. Even you. --- Support this podcast:
In 1983, David Oates dropped his walkman into the toilet. If you're under 40 years old, a walkman was a portable cassette player. If you're under 30, a cassette was how we listened to music in the stone age. Anyway, after being dropped, David's tape player would only play tapes in reverse. At first, he found this entertaining. There were lots of songs that contained hidden messages that you could only hear if you played them backward. But *those* messages were placed there intentionally. Soon, David discovered messages hidden in human speech that were NOT intentional. Messages that were put there by the speaker's subconscious. Turns out, we all do this. In fact, when we lie, our subconscious actually encodes the *truth*, backward, inside the lies that we tell. This is *really* interesting. Because that means, the truth about every conspiracy is right in front of your nose. --- Support this podcast:
Which would you prefer? Eternal life or unlimited wealth? How about both? For that, you need The Philosopher's Stone: a substance that can turn base metals into gold, and grant you eternal life. The Book of Aquarius contains the instructions for The Philosopher's Stone. Although the process can take years, the ingredients are simple. You have them in your home right now. The Book of Aquarius is derived from many older texts. Including one very mysterious artifact: The Emerald Tablet; which contains not only the recipe for immortality but the secret to everything in the universe. This knowledge has been around for centuries but has been suppressed. Until now. Medieval alchemists received this knowledge from the Arabs a thousand years ago. The Arabs got it from the Egyptians two thousand years before that. But the Egyptians received this knowledge 36,000 years ago. From the most advanced culture on Earth. The Emerald Tablet comes from Atlantis. --- Support this podcast:
On June 30th, 1908, a mysterious explosion shook the remote Siberian region of Tunguska. The blast flattened 80 million trees across 800 square miles. Every plant, every animal, every insect in the blast radius was vaporized. The shockwave was felt as far away as England. It looked like a comet impact, yet, no crater was found and no debris was discovered. Scientists still can't explain what happened. But... at that exact moment, on the other side of the world, Nikola Telsa was conducting his latest experiment: transmitting massive amounts of electricity through the atmosphere. Tesla activated the generators in his lab and fired up Wardenclyffe Tower for one final, dramatic test: and sent *millions of volts* of electricity into the sky. After the test was complete, Telsa looked at the readings on his equipment and said: "Oh no." --- Support this podcast:
Your world is not as it seems. Everything you know to be true is a lie.  Hidden behind the façade of our everyday lives is a secret and powerful organization with a dangerous agenda. To manipulate the minds of the masses and usher in a new world order. They call this program "Project Blue Beam". If the program is successful, we won't see it coming. Borders between nations will be dissolved; all religions will be dismantled; and technology will be turned against us. The architects of Project Blue Beam will distract us with false flag operations like global pandemics, strange weather events, and news reports of UFOs being shot down all over the world. What's frightening is: the general population will go along with Project Blue Beam, willingly; without resistance. Even more frightening? It's already begun. --- Support this podcast:
On April 23rd 2006, a man in his early 20s was seen in Kyiv, Ukraine staring at a high-rise apartment building. Witnesses described him as looking confused and anxious. They thought he might have been a lost tourist. The man approached two police officers and nervously asked for directions... to a place that no longer existed. The officers asked the young man for identification. But, there were two problems with his ID. One, his documents were issued by the Soviet Union; which no longer existed. The second problem: according to his birth date, this *young* man was born in 1932. --- Support this podcast:
On July 6, 2022, a bomb detonated on a 5-acre plot of farmland in Elberton, Georgia. The explosion destroyed a large monument that had stood on the property for over 40 years. Known as "The Georgia Guidestones", it was four monolithic slabs of granite, weighing over 230,000 pounds, that contained a set of rules for a more peaceful and orderly society.  The identity of the builder was a mystery for 40 years, but today I'll tell you who he was.  But why did he want to keep his identity a secret? Probably for the same reason the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed. Because, according to the Guidestones, the way to a perfect society is through a one-world government, genetic and racial purity, and massive global depopulation. In other words: A New World Order. --- Support this podcast:
Andrew started his TikTok account in July of 2021, and he posted all the typical things. Videos of friends, of work, his girlfriend, his dog, and just him goofing around. But starting in April, 2022, his posts would take a strange turn; and Andrew Dawson would become the center of one the biggest internet mysteries in years. Every story I cover on this channel is a suggestion from you and almost every one of them falls into one of a few categories. UFOs, Government cover-ups, men in black, missing persons, and giants. Well, today's episode has all of these. This is the bizarre story of Andrew Dawson. --- Support this podcast:
The Apollo spaceflight program lasted from 1961 to 1972.  Apollo 11 was Neil Armstrong's famous first step. Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon.  In all, 20 Apollo flights were planned but Apollo 18, 19 and 20 were canceled. But in 2007, a retired astronaut blew the whistle and claimed Apollo 18, 19 and 20 *did* happen. But they were highly classified. He knows this because was the commander of Apollo 20. He said the reason these missions were kept secret is because of what they found on the moon. Well, not just *what* they found -- also *who* they found. --- Support this podcast:
In 1966 a well-known engineer released a book with information that could impact everyone on earth. But before anyone could read it, it was classified by the CIA. We only learned of its existence a few years ago because of a Freedom of Information request. The CIA only released 57 pages of the original 284-page manuscript. And those pages have been, in the CIA's own words, "sanitized". Why does the CIA think this book is so dangerous that they had to hide it from the public for 60 years; and continue to hide most of it? It's because the man who wrote it describes the end of the world. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 30, 1989, just after 3 AM. New York City. Janet Kimball was driving over the Brooklyn Bridge when her car stalled and slowly rolled to a stop. After a couple of failed attempts to get the car started, Janet was hit by a bright light. Bright enough that she had to shield her eyes.  The light was coming from an apartment building. Janet thought maybe someone was shooting a movie. Not unusual in New York City.  Then she saw that the light was coming from a saucer-shaped craft hovering *above* the building. OK, it's a science fiction movie, Janet thought. But it wasn't a movie. This was happening for real. As Janet's eyes adjusted to the brightness, she saw something levitating in the light. Objects floating up to the saucer. When she focused, she realized they weren't objects. They were people. Well, one of them was. In an instant, the light went out, and the saucer plunged into the East River. There were 23 eyewitnesses to this event, including one of the highest-ranking politicians in the world. And people being transported to a UFO by a beam of light in the middle of New York City? That isn't the weirdest part of the story. --- Support this podcast:
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Here's how it happens. You're drifting off to sleep; or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night. You feel a presence in the room. You see something out of the corner of your eye. You try to look but you can't move. You try to call out, but you're unable to make a sound. There's an invisible weight on your chest. Even breathing is difficult. You strain to look and then you see it. The shadow of a person. You can't detect any features but every instinct you have tells you: this is entity is not friendly. You hear a light hum, maybe a rush of air and the dark entity vanishes. You've just encountered a shadow person.  This one was pretty benign, but there are some shadow people sightings that are more intense. More real. These encounters can be traumatic and in some cases: violent. I should know. Because it happened to me. --- Support this podcast:
In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt wanted to declare the Grand Canyon off-limits to all timber and mining operations. It would take another 11 years for Congress to designate the Grand Canyon a national park. Sensing a final opportunity for adventure, explorer G.E. Kincaid took a boat down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon. The canyon was rich in minerals like gold, silver and copper and Kincaid wanted to see what he could find before the area was closed off for good. About 40 miles up-river from the El Tovar Crystal canyon, Kincaid saw stains in the sediment formation about 2,000 feet up. He tied off the boat and got out to investigate. Kincaid couldn't find a trail, but after a short hike he found something interesting covered in desert brush. Steps. Hundreds of them. Carved in sandstone. Steps that wound their way up to a high shelf on the side of the canyon. He followed the steps until he came across a cavern entrance. An entrance that was clearly man made. Kincaid entered the cavern and turned on his flashlight. On the walls he saw writing. But it wasn't English or Native American writing. It was Ancient Egyptian Heiroglypics. Kincaid lifted his flashlight and saw that the tunnel ran far into the distance. He didn't realize it at the time, but this was only the beginning. --- Support this podcast:
In 1988, aerospace designer Brad Sorenson went to Norton Air Force base for the annual air show. The show was the chance for aerospace companies and military contractors to show off new technology to top military and government officials. Brad wanted to network and maybe grab a new client or two. At some point, Brad got turned around and separated from his group. He hopped into another group and ended up in a large hangar watching a presentation given by a three-star general. At first it was the typical rundown for various top secret aircraft. Brad figured he was in the right place. He wasn't. The general  signaled to someone and a huge curtain was pulled, revealing three aircraft that nobody was expecting. --- Support this podcast:
3-year old Dorothy was playing, then accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. She hit her head and was knocked unconscious. When her parents found her, she wasn't breathing. They called a doctor who rushed over immediately. Dorothy's mother broke down when the doctor said there was nothing he could do. Her little girl was dead. The doctor left and returned an hour later with Dorothy's death certificate and gently discussed arrangements for the little girl's body. But during this conversation, shuffling was heard coming from Dorothy's room. They ran upstairs and there she was, playing in her room like nothing happened. The doctor examined her again. There was no sign of injury. He had no explanation. He said it appeared as if Dorothy had come back from the dead. He didn't realize how right he was. --- Support this podcast:
From Amityville to Annabelle | The Truth of Ed and Lorraine Warren's Scariest Case Ed and Lorraine Warren are maybe the most famous paranormal investigators in history. They've worked on more than 10,000 cases. Some of which have been made into books and movies. The Conjuring films are based on the work of the Warrens. Today we'll look at a few of their scariest, most disturbing cases and find the truth. So turn off the lights and put the little ones to bed. It's going to get spooky. --- Support this podcast:
What if you were offered the opportunity to visit another planet? You get to experience the culture of an alien race, explore a new world; see and use technology that's 5,000 years ahead of ours. Would you do it? Before you answer, there are a few catches. You'll be gone for at least ten years. And when you return to Earth, all evidence of your existence will be erased. You have to start a new life, with a new identity; forbidden to tell anyone about what you experienced. Now would you do it? In 1965, 12 astronauts were sent to an alien planet as part of a human-alien exchange program. 13 years later the astronauts returned home. Well, most of them did. The mission commander wrote a 3,000-page report of everything his team experienced. First alien contact, the 40-light-year trip to the alien world, and everything that happened on the planet. This is the true story of Project Serpo. --- Support this podcast:
Here's the nightmare scenario. You stop by your elderly mother's house to check on her. You grab the doorknob. It's hot to the touch. You ring the bell and knock. No answer. You fish out your key and open the door. You call out but there's only silence. The air is warm. There's a sweet, smoky smell. But, nothing looks out of place. Finally, you go into the living room and you see it. In your mom's favorite chair, is a pile of smoldering ash. Completely unrecognizable as human. Just as you convince yourself that this isn't your mother, you see her jewelry in the gray dust. And then the grisly sight of your mother's feet, still in their slippers, on the floor by the ashes. There was a fire. An intense fire. But aside from her chair, nothing is burned. Even stranger, everything in the house is covered with a thin layer of pale yellow grease. Your mother was a victim of spontaneous human combustion. Though rare, it happens more often than you think. According to at least one scientist, it could happen to anybody at any time — even you. --- Support this podcast:
ALIEN WAR at The Dulce Underground Base | They Mysterious Death of Phil Schneider Everyone's heard of Area 51. The top-secret facility in the Nevada desert. But nobody really knows what happens there. We have only rumors. One rumor is that alien bodies have been recovered from UFO crashes. Those aliens have been autopsied and the subjects of medical experiments for years. But have you ever heard of Dulce Base? Dulce is more secret than Area 51. And more sinister. If Area 51 is the place where humans experiment on aliens; Dulce is the place where aliens experiment on us. #UFOs #Conspiracy #Aliens 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Gino Gentile Jennifer Gentile AJ Gentile Patreon Members THANK YOU MODS: Daniel_Van_Auken jengen13 pratty505 VictoriaY Jschoop Zanythos 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 SOURCES & LINKS Bentwaters-Lakenheath UFO report: FBI Mutilations report: Kirtland AFB Sightings: Phil Schneider Preparedness Expo: Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez: The Airforce UFO Cover Up That Drove a Man INSANE | They're LYING to US: Phil final lecture: Thomas Castello Interview: Castello speaks out: Saucers, Spooks and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius: John Lear on the UFO Coverup: --- Support this podcast:
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