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The Why with Dwyane Wade

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Dwyane Wade sits down with pioneers in sports, fashion, music, and business for an intimate conversation about their origins, and the reasons they keep pushing to innovate. These are all-time greats talking through memorable moments from their careers, telling intimate, behind-the-scenes anecdotes that we never saw in the press, journeys, struggles, triumphs, and that shared excitement as they push forward to their next challenge.
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On this special episode of the Wine Down podcast, Dwyane talks with Bob about the differences between Heat Culture and the rest of the NBA, the rise of Women's basketball, his Oscars night fashion, why he decided to start painting his nails and the real story of the Terry Crews controversy.     See for privacy information.
My GOAT with Candace Parker

My GOAT with Candace Parker


Episode 8, Dwyane talks with his good friend, 3-time WNBA Champion, 2-Time WNBA MVP, 2-time NCAA Champion and 2-time AP Female Athlete of the Year, Candace Parker. They discuss why Candace loved Allen Iverson growing up and how it impacted her game, her relationship with her brothers and why she never learned to accept losing, what the legendary Coach Pat Summitt did to make Candace feel comfortable at Tennessee and the challenges that she faces as a black woman in the LGBTQ community. See for privacy information.
Episode 8, Dwyane and fashion icon Donatella Versace sit down to discuss how they met, began working together and why she choose Dwyane for her campaign. They talk about acceptance for Dwyane's daughter Zaya and how Dwyane and his family have been embraced by the LGBTQ+ community. Dwyane also asks if he can walk in one of Donatella's upcoming shows!See for privacy information.
A special opportunity to listen to the best of Dwyane's behind the scenes podcast called the Wine Down. Dwyane and his friend Bob Metelus discuss a wide range of things including Dwyane's intense competition with Kobe Bryant, what Shaq did to help him become a superstar, how he figured out how to play with LeBron James, dealing with becoming the leader of his family at a young age and moment that motivated Dwyane to become one of the best players of all-time.  For more of the "Wine Down" podcast check out Dwyane YouTube page -    See for privacy information.
The Point God, Chris Paul

The Point God, Chris Paul


Episode 7, Dwyane has an intimate conversation with 12-time NBA All-Star and one of his closest friends, the Point God, Chris Paul. The two discuss the traumatic night Chris's grandfather was killed and how Chris scored 61 points in an emotional high school game to honor him. They reveal that Chris, Dwyane, LeBron James and Pat Riley had discussed a trade for Chris to come join the Big 3 Miami Heat, and Chris recounts the story of how he found out he was traded to OKC from Houston.See for privacy information.
Episode 6, Dwyane talks with his long-time friend and hospitality entrepreneur David Grutman. Grutman is known as the King of Miami Nightlife for opening LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel and is the founder of Goot Hospitality which owns restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs all over Miami and the world.  The two friends discuss the keys to success in Miami, who should be on the Miami Mt. Rushmore, and dive deep into David controversial decision to allow the Mavericks to celebrate their 2011 NBA Finals victory at LIV.See for privacy information.
On Part 2 of Episode 5, Dwyane sits down with his close friend, and 10-time NBA All-Star, Carmelo Anthony for an intimate conversation. Melo opens up about why he never believed he would win a National Championship or play in the NBA. They discuss why Melo is still upset about the 2003 Draft, his dramatic time with the Knicks, and Melo's struggles to deal with the end of his incredible playing career. See for privacy information.
On Part 1 of Episode 5, Dwyane sits down with his close friend, and 10-time NBA All-Star, Carmelo Anthony for an intimate conversation. They cover Melo's family and childhood growing up in Brooklyn and Baltimore, how he learned about his late father's interesting life, becoming friends with LeBron in high school and why Melo got stranded at Oak Hill.See for privacy information.
Episode 4, Dwyane is joined by fellow Olympic Gold Medalist, one of the greatest ski racers of all-time Lindsey Vonn. The two discuss their knee injuries, multiple surgeries and Lindsey gives Dwyane rehab advice.  Lindsey tells an amazing story of winning a cow in a race and why she kept the cow for years, she reveals the training regiment that got her to the elite level of ski racing, and why her kids will never fly private, but her dogs will! The two legends end with a discussion about "Premium" birthdays and what both of their "Why's" are moving forward.See for privacy information.
On Episode 3 Dwyane goes into the studio to have a conversation with legendary rapper and record executive Rick Ross. The two discuss Ross's experience growing up on the streets of Miami Gardens, Ross talks about his days as an All Dade County football player and his health scares over the years. Ross tells the story of the time he bought 11 cars at once, why he decided to purchase 30 Wingstop franchises and then Ross turns the tables and asks Dwyane about the famous photo of him and LeBron James. Dwyane gives the full detailed story behind the photo for the first time, and Ross names the move... Strawberry Danish!See for privacy information.
In Part 2 of Episode 2 of "The Why with Dwyane Wade," Dwyane sits down with fellow Heat legend and Hall of Famer Pat Riley. They discuss the difficult decision to trade for Shaq, the incredible run to the 2006 title and how Riley created Heat Culture in Miami.See for privacy information.
In Part 1 of Episode 2 of "The Why with Dwyane Wade," Dwyane sits down with fellow Hall of Famer Pat Riley for an intimate discussion. The two Heat icons talk about the time Riley had to play 1-on-1 vs a streetball legend to keep his spot of the Lakers roster, how Riley first learned to be a leader and the reasons he decided to draft Dwyane in 2003.   See for privacy information.
In Part 2 of the first episode of "The Why with Dwyane Wade," Dwyane continues the roundtable discussion with his fellow 2023 Basketball Hall of Fame inductees Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and Tony Parker. The legendary group talks about their relationships with the great Kobe Bryant, how Kobe dramatically impacted each of their careers and why they still think about him today. Plus, they discuss how they learned to become leaders in the NBA, Dwyane tells the story of what he bought with his first NBA paycheck, and they all reveal which fan base was the toughest to compete against. See for privacy information.
In the first episode of "The Why with Dwyane Wade," Dwyane has a revealing roundtable discussion with his fellow 2023 Basketball Hall of Fame inductees Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and Tony Parker. The legendary group covers a range of topics including Dirk and Dwyane's personal issues dating back to the 2006 NBA Finals, the 2011 "coughing" incident and why they have never spoken about their "beef" before. They also get into... who is the true European GOAT, what motivated them the most during their careers, and Dwyane tells an unbelievable story about the 2013 Finals that shocks Tony Parker.See for privacy information.
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