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The Brothers McCarty

The Brothers McCarty


The Gambler lived his life as did many of his kind, quietly and in the shadows. Never making a mark nor desiring to do so. His long life spanned from the wild and rough days of Tombstone and Silver City to a modern era of airplanes, automobiles, and jazz, yet our Gambler would never make the history books. His brother, however…   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Book & Gear Recommendations -   Billy the Kid | Stig Ostgaard -   The Last Gunfighter Ballad -   The Antrim Family -   Billy the Kid’s Brother | TrueWest -   The Birth of an Outlaw | TrueWest -   Miss Catherine’s Boys -   Rube Burrow -
Rube Burrow got his start as an honest man. A simple cowboy and farmer with a wife and children. But when his wife died and the farm went belly up, Rube took to earning a living any way he could. And that way led him to become one of the most notorious and most wanted train robbers of the old west. Who was Rube Burrow? A good man pushed too far? The Robin Hood of Alabama who only stole from the rich? Or just another good ole boy lured by trappings of easy money?   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Book & Gear Recommendations -   Rube Burrow Blog by Joe Wheeler -   Rube Burrow: King of Outlaws by George W. Agee (great resource!!!) -   Confession of Leonard Brock aka Joe Jackson -   Rube Burrow – Encyclopedia of Alabama -   Listen to PodCube!!!! -   Subscribe to The Wild West Extravaganza -
Brushy Bill is a Lying Liar

Brushy Bill is a Lying Liar


The outlaw Billy the Kid was allegedly killed at the age of 21 by Sheriff Pat Garrett in the year 1881. Skip ahead another 70 years and you have an elderly man known as Brushy Bill Roberts coming forward shattering the common historical narrative. He claimed to be the kid, said that he had escaped Pat Garrett all of them years before and had been living under the radar ever since. Brushy - with the help of an attorney named William V. Morrison - spent around two years compiling evidence, conducting interviews, researching, documenting all kinds of stuff for the purpose of both proving these claims and obtaining a pardon for Mr. Roberts; the same pardon that Billy the Kid was promised back in the day. Brushy was able to obtain a meeting with the then Governor of New Mexico but it was a no use. The whole ordeal was a media circus and Roberts ended up having a stroke right there in the Governor’s mansion. Less than a month later on December 27th, 1950, Roberts would suffer a fatal heart attack and needless to say, the pardon never came. And we’ve been arguing about the man’s true identity ever since! Brushy Bill has piqued my curiosity since I was a little kid, ever since I first watched Young Guns 2. My friends and I played Young Guns at recess. I owned more than one copy of the Bon Jovi Soundtrack over the years and I’m excited beyond words to see Young Guns part 3 on the big screen when it finally comes out – more on that towards the end of this episode. I can’t stress this enough - I WANT Brushy Bill to be Billy the Kid. I truly do. I’m not some sort of wild west grinch just trying to suck the fun out of everything. It would be so cool if arguably the most famous outlaw of all time had really escaped death and lived to be an old man. If we could prove that it’d be massive! Unfortunately, I don’t think it can be proven. Matter of fact, I’m pretty positive the opposite is true. It’s my opinion that this episode will demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Brushy Bill Roberts was NOT Billy the Kid. Abandon all hope and join me if you dare! My name’s Josh and you’re listening to the Wild West Extravaganza!   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Book & Gear Recommendations -   Brushy Bill Roberts Original Episode -   Confessionals Podcast featuring Daniel A. Edwards -   Billy the Kid: An Autobiography: The Story of Brushy Bill Roberts by Daniel A. Edwards -   Alias Billy the Kid by Morrison & Sonnichsen -   Santa Rosa NM Supplemental Part 2 -   Blood and Dust Podcast featuring Brett L. Hall -   The Real Billy the Kid aka Brushy Bill Roberts by Brett L. Hall -   Brett Hall’s YouTube -   Brushy Bill Proof that his Claim was a Hoax by Roy L. Haws -   Brushy Bill Discussion Forum -   Bear Grease – The Myth of the Southern Mountain Lion -   Young Guns 3 -
April 1874. Present day Colorado. A half-starved weather-beaten Alfred Packer came limping into the Los Pinos Indian Agency seeking refuge. Feet covered in rags he claimed he had a harrowing story to tell. The man was ushered in and given food which he vomited up almost as soon as he got it down. Too long without he explained, asking instead for whiskey. Anything that would calm his stomach and hopefully his trembling hands. Finally, Alfred spoke. Said he had been a guide up in the mountains for some prospectors. They hit some bad weather and worse luck. He himself got snow-blinded and the other five would-be miners abandoned him. For the next two months this survivor somehow scrapped by - living by his wits, surviving the hellish winter, and making it to civilization all on his own, with almost no supplies. An amazing tale of endurance, for sure. There’s just one catch - Alfred Packer didn’t seem all that malnourished. Matter of fact, the man seemed pretty well fed. And his story? Well, it had holes.   Who was Alfred Packer? Was he truly guilty of the crimes that would see him spend nearly two decades behind bars? And what’s human flesh taste like, anyway? Pass the chianti and crack open the fava beans as we delve into the life and times of the Colorado Cannibal, Alfred Packer.   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Man-Eater: The Life and Legend of an American Cannibal by Harold Schechter -   What Does Human Meat Taste Like | The Guardian -   The Body Trade | Reuters -   Guy Serves Friends Tacos Made From Amputated Foot | Vice -   More Book Recommendations!   Wild West Extravaganza Patreon!
The Bandit Killer

The Bandit Killer


This is a re-release! Hope you enjoy and I'll be back next week with brand spanking new material! Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!
The Newton Massacre

The Newton Massacre


There’s two things you just don’t discuss in a beer joint: politics and religion. Reason being these topics tend to be a bit divisive. You add alcohol to the mix and things could get downright ugly. As was the case one sweltering August evening in Newton, Kansas. 1871. Two lawmen named Mike McCluskie and Billy Bailey got into a heated argument that turned physical and – ultimately – deadly. What followed was a quest for revenge that led to one of the deadliest gunfights of the old west – the Newton Massacre, also known as the Shootout at Hide Park. Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Newton, Kansas | Hide Park -   Newton’s General Massacre -   A Boy Named Riley -   Who Was Allegro? -   What Happened to Hugh Anderson? -   Fiction Book Recommendations -
In a remote corner of Oregon’s northeastern territory exists a mysterious and foreboding village. This is the legend of Sammyville. Listen and subscribe to Obscure History wherever you get your podcasts! Obscure History -
The 1919 Texas Ranger Investigation - and the Canales Hearing that followed - shed light on misconduct and atrocities committed by one of the most legendary branches of law enforcement between the years 1910 and 1920. An era known to some as La Mantanza - The Slaughter. What events unfolded to cause the darkest hour of the Texas Rangers? And who was Jose Canales, the man brave enough to stand up against them? Today we remember the victims.   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Dark History of the Texas Rangers -   Porvenir Massacre Descendants -   Big Wonderful Thing Excerpt | Sediciosos -   The Murder of Bazan & Longoria -   How ‘The Highwaymen’ whitewashes Frank Hamer & the Texas Rangers -   Photo of Texas Rangers with Dead Mexicans -   Entire Transcript of Canales Hearing -   Refusing to Forget -   Refusing to Forget lecture by John Moran Gonzalez -   The Injustice Never Leaves You lecture by Monica Munoz Martinez -   Lone on the Range | Texas Monthly -   Jose Canales’ Grave -   Johanna July & the Black Seminoles | Texas History Lessons -   The Lawless Horrel Brothers Pt 1 | Obscure History -
In October of 1864 Britton Johnson’s son was murdered and his wife and two surviving children were taken captive by a Kiowa War Party. Not willing to just sit back and hope for the best, Britt took matters into his own hands. Set out, alone, into Indian Territory. Determined to get his family back, one way or another. And believe it or not, he was successful.   Unfortunately he made some enemies along the way, a desperate savage foe who were just biding their time until they could catch up with Johnson once again. John Ford’s 1956 masterpiece starring John Wayne, The Searchers, is said to be inspired by Britt Johnson.   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   The First Battle of Adobe Walls -   Satanta’s Flight -   Elm Creek Raid -   Brit Johnson, The Real Searcher -   Britton Johnson, Christy Claridy -   Indian Depredations in Texas, J. W. Wilbarger -   The Mystery of Millie Durkin -   Big Wonderful Thing, Stephen Harrigan -   The Captured, Scott Zesch -
August 1903. The famous Annie Oakley is arrested in Chicago for theft, a crime committed in order to obtain money to fuel her cocaine habit. And what a headline that made. America’s original sweetheart, the tiny sharpshooter who once entertained kings and queens, now reduced to petty thievery. Wasn’t long before newspapers throughout the country began to report on this fall from grace. Enter in William Randolph Hearst, son of mining tycoon George Hearst, who ruled a media empire and had his eye on the white house. There was no story too sensational or salacious for him to print, the truth be damned. What happened when the darling of the Wild West Show goes to war with one of the most powerful men in the country? A man with very deep pockets and an army of Pinkertons? Did Annie Oakley even have a chance at clearing her name? Find out on this girl power episode of The Wild West Extravaganza!   Email me!   Check out my website!   Buy me a coffee!   Obscure History | William Randolph Hearst’s Bloody Legacy   Texas History Lessons   Annie Oakley vs Hearst   Why Annie Got Her Gun   The Tragic Real-Life Story of Annie Oakley   Conversation with the Devil | Ray Wylie Hubbard   Timesuck 219 | Annie Oakley
Kit Carson's Failure

Kit Carson's Failure


In 1849 a trader named James White decided to break from his wagon train and push on ahead with just his family and a few men. The outcome was about as bad as anything you could imagine; the men were dead, and the women taken captive. The subsequent rescue mission was led by none other than Kit Carson. But this time could the hero save the girl? Also, I rant about history!   Check out my website for more true tales from the wild and woolly west:   Email me:   Buy me a coffee:   Tom Tobin & The Bloody Espinosas:   Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides:   Meat Eater Podcast | Hampton Sides:   Kit Carson’s Rescue Ride | True West Magazine:
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, ain’t that what they say? But what happens when it’s also a woman doing the scorning? And what happens if that hell is just El Paso, Texas? One helluva girl fight, that’s what! Join me as we take a look at Old West madam Fat Alice Abbot and the fight she got into with rival, Etta Clark. This episode has a little bit of everything. Listener discretion advised!   Check out my website for more true tales from the wild and woolly west:   Email me:   Buy me a coffee:   What’s a “pubic arch”?:   Clash of the Mad Madams | True West Magazine:   Big Nose George:   The Battle of Beecher Island:
George Parrot - aka Big Nose George – was a basic run-of-the-mill road agent. Trains, stagecoaches, general stores – they were all fair game for Big Nose and the boys. Sometimes he was successful and sometimes he wasn’t, but he was always down to try. Unfortunately for George the long arm of the law eventually caught up with the man; permanently and prematurely ending his outlaw career. And that’s only HALF the story! How many times did George have a noose placed around his neck before it finally stuck? What happens when a couple of old west sawbones get their hands on a criminal cadaver? And what’s all this have to do with nipple shoes? Find out on this Farrah Fawcett inspired episode of The Wild West Extravaganza!   Check out my website for more true tales from the wild and woolly west:   Email me:   Buy me a coffee:   Who Were Those Masked Men? | Texas Observer:   A Grisly Frontier Tale | WyoHistory:   The Grisly Tale of Big Nose George | Notes From the Frontier:   Does Nose Size Matter? | BioMedCentral:
Kiowa Chief Satanta – known as the great orator – was an influential leader of his people and participant in both battles of Adobe Walls. Arrested by Custer. Very close to killing General Sherman. Eventually tried for murder - found guilty - and sentenced to prison, Satanta allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the 2nd floor of a Huntsville Penitentiary Hospital. Or at least that’s how the story goes.   Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255   Check out my website for more true tales from the wild and woolly west   Email me!   Buy me a coffee!   Wise About Texas Podcast   The first battle of Adobe Walls   TSHA – Satanta   Satanta’s Grave   Interesting discussion on Satanta and Trailing The Enemy   The Kiowa Language   Johnny Cash – The Wall
Just thought I'd check in and give my take on two western movies - Old Henry and The Harder They Fall. WARNING: SPOILER ALERTS!!!! Remember, The Wild West Extravaganza will return in all of it's profane glory in January of 2022.   Check out my website for more true tales from the wild and woolly west!   Contact me!!!   Check out the podcast Black Cowboys!   Check out my episode on Cherokee Bill and Bass Reeves!!!   And don't forget about Brushy Bill Roberts!!!    
Jim Clyman is a name that pops up consistently in all the books I’ve read on mountain men and fur trappers, but I never really dived into the guy until now. Veteran of the War of 1812, General Ashley’s 1824 Expedition, AND the Black Hawk War, as well as friend and contemporary to guys like Jedediah Smith, Broken Hand Fitzpatrick, Hugh Glass, and Jim Bridger. From the shinning mountains to the great plains to the high desert, from the wild and woolly days till the twilight of the west, Jim Clyman was THERE! And he most definitely had his fair share of close encounters of the historical kind! Donner Party ring a bell?   LISTEN TO THE END FOR AN IMPORTANT UPDATE!   Check out my website for more true tales from the wild west!   Contact me!!!   Subscribe or follow The Wild West Extravaganza WHEREVER you consumer audio!   Listen to my friends at Obscure History and Texas History Lessons!!!!    Journal of a Mountain Man by Win Blevins   How the Donner Party was Doomed by a Disastrous Shortcut   CLAIM=485632341b1f548e4ae08d48fca28b30c9d60437=CLAIM  
There's just no denying that Texas produced its fair share of stone-cold killers in the latter part of the 19th century. Men like John Wesley Hardin, King Fisher, Clay Allison, and of course the notorious Deacon Jim Miller.   And then there’s Bill Longley, considered by some to be one of the deadliest gunmen of the west. A tall brooding shootist credited with 32 kills once described as the worst man in Texas.   “I still alone tread the living land destitute of friends but damn the world and every sons of a bitch that don’t like me for I am a wolf, and it is my night to howl.” – Bill Longley   Check out my website! Contact me! Listen to The Wild West Extravaganza WHEREVER you consumer audio! Listen to Obscure History!!!!  Listen to Texas History Lessons!!! Boastful Bill Longley Bad Bill Longley Bill Longley DNA
In the summer of 1877 Chief Joseph and the peaceful Nez Perce went to war with the U.S. Government in a running fight that spanned four states and 1,170 miles. Who was Chief Joseph? Why’d Buffalo Bill call him “the greatest Indian ever produced?” And why did the Nez Perce go to war? I’ve been looking forward to this episode for a long time so without further ado, let’s dive into Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War! Check out my website! Contact me! Listen to The Wild West Extravaganza WHEREVER you consumer audio! Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce by Kent Nerburn Nez Perce War Battle Map Nez Perce War Timeline – University of Lethbridge Aftermath of Nez Perce War – That scene from 28 Weeks Later Daytime Smoker The Nez Perce continue fighting for their land Liver Eating Johnson Part 1 Liver Eating Johnson Part 2
Discovered sometime prior to 1952 in the Florida Mountains of Southwestern New Mexico, the “Last Stand Note” - written on a piece of tobacco paper and stuffed inside an empty shell case - reads as follows: This is our last shell and about 10 Indians left so our chances look slim, but we are going to take a chance. Yours truly, Wm Bonney. Did Billy the Kid REALLY write this note? Did he ever have any close encounters with the Apache? Find out all of this and more on this newest episode of the Wild West Extravaganza! Check out my website! Contact me! Billy the Kid and the Apaches – True West Magazine The Last Stand Note Cooke’s Canyon      
When Felipe Espinosa and younger brother Vivian were feeling bloody, the bodies were sure to follow. And in the spring and summer of 1863, there was certainly no shortage of bodies. Some victims were shot at long distances while others were casualties of more close-in work with blade or axe. And most were mutilated; beheaded, disemboweled, desecrated or otherwise molested. After several failed attempts, the U.S. Army finally hired half-breed mountain man Tom Tobin to hunt down Felipe Espinosa. Tobin had been out west since he was a 14-year-old and had a unique set of skills that made him invaluable when it came to being a manhunter. Who were the Bloody Espinosa brothers? What caused their murderous tirade? Who was Tom Tobin and was he successful? My name’s Josh and your listening to the Wild West Extravaganza! Check out my website for more true tales from the wild and woolly west! Email me!!! Support the podcast!!! Listen to my episode of Texas History Lessons!!! The Bloody Espinosas by Adam James Jones Out of Vengeance or Just Plain Madness, another great article by Adam James Jones
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Partying with Mother!

Criminally underrated podcast. It's Timesuck lite that focuses on exclusively the Wild West.

May 12th


Perfect. Start to finish fucking perfect.

May 10th

Brian Obrien

Seriously enjoying your podcast! You're a great host, funny, interesting and accurate and the stories are the best!

May 4th

Tim S.

Josh "Beaver Eatin" Last Name

Oct 1st

Harold Evans ll

hey josh, I've been binging on your content for about a week now. it has made a short week of what is usually a long monotonous one. like yourself, I too continued to have to work and earn money the old school way. I would love to hear more facts about your topics however, I know you've repeatedly said that you simply don't have the time to put out more content or do deeper dives. Totally understandable. I love your presentation and the comedy aspect keeps it interesting. you have yourself a great podcast sir! and I'm a podcast junkie! history shows in particular. you are by far the best personality I've heard in the history genre in my years of listening. I've rarely felt compelled to comment on any, but I respect great talent and potential when I see it! All of the episodes are good but the one that compelled me to reach out is the King Fisher episode #30 when I heard that glorious perfectly composed masterpiece work of art state of the union speech at the end of the episode I said to myself, now this is a man that gets it! you fucking nailed it, could not have summed everything up better even if you were a 19th century journalist!! lol I recall you saying how they used way to many words to say the simplest things.that was hilarious. keep up the content coming brother! there are people out here who listen to, and are very much entertained by, and respectful of your work

Aug 7th

Harold Evans ll

interesting spin on Billy the kid.. never heard of brushy bill Roberts..he's definitely not Billy the kid lol

Aug 4th

Harold Evans ll

this show is great!! very obscure and very interesting persons covered.. I've been looking for a good wild west podcast.. idk why it took me so long to find it..I listen to podcasts every day and this one has quickly become my favorite.. thanks for the content bro!!

Aug 4th

Johnny Utah

Jonathan Davis eventually moved to Bakersfield CA and started a band named Korn.

Aug 10th
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