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Women Who Fight supports female fighters, collecting specialist advice and sharing current research from the experts. We are passionate about creating a space where women can find answers in a supportive and safe environment, promoting equality in the gym, on screen, in research and in prizes, as well as sinking our teeth into the best ways to optimise our health and training. We believe that our training should work with our unique and dynamic bodies, building on our strengths to help us grow and evolve in our field. In a male dominated sport, women need to support each other as we develop within it, and Women Who Fight aims to bring knowledge to the people who need it.
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Sula is our WFI winner and Gi coach for our WF camp next month. As a high level competitor, Sula regularly competes internationally, pushing her resilience and developing a strong mindset. She has a glowing presence and we loved chatting with her in this episode.  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Sula-Mae Loewenthal Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Rosa Walsh is an incredible athlete, and we are thrilled to have her coaching at our BJJ camp in April. We had a chat to get to know her a little bit more, and we loved how fun and relatable she was, talking about her journey so far - we can't wait to learn from her!  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Rosa Walsh Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Introducing Jessa Khan, BJJ black belt and 2023 IBJJF Worlds champion.  Jess is a rising superstar, and it was a pleasure to chat to her about her experience growing up in the sport and teaching from as young as 16.  We discussed her upcoming super-fight against Danielle Kelly on ONE Fight Night 14, her incredible experience winning IBJJF Worlds at black belt this year, the realities of being a woman in the sport, and much more!  For more info about the ONE event, click here Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Jessa Khan Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Chloe is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Nutritionist based in Canterbury. Chloe treats a wide range of issues like pelvic pain, low back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, endometriosis, PCOS, post and ante natal rehab. She is passionate about supporting all women to become the strongest, healthiest and most confident version of themselves. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Chloe Stevens Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Angela Chang has been in Thailand for the past 6 years living out her dreams – fighting in the ring and fighting for equality. With almost 50 professional fights, Angela has an aggressive fighting style and is currently in the world rankings via WBC Muay Thai. She also runs, a platform she uses to help inspire change for gender equality and inclusion in Muay Thai. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Angela Chang Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Georgia is on a mission to spread the wisdom of conscious combat coaching around the world to make martial arts accessible to all trauma survivors. Georgia runs online and in person trauma informed kickboxing programs and works with martial artists to help them develop trauma informed curriculum in their chosen style. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Georgia Verry Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant More links: Facebook:  Youtube:  Apple podcasts:  Spotify:
Lindsey is a Functional Sports Nutritionist, with a masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science, helping female athletes make weight safely, healthily and maintaining high performance. She is also a level 2 strength and conditioning coach and a BJJ purple belt.  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Lindsey Doyle Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant  
Maggie is a high level BJJ Black Belt and has fought on some of the worlds biggest stages. Medalling at countless IBJJF tournaments, she has always been an active competitor. Maggie pours all of her love and energy into building her business ChampionFit, which focuses on online fitness and strength and conditioning for all. Maggie is fighting on Polaris in a week, the biggest UK grappling invitational, on their first women's Grand Prix. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guests: Maggie Grindatti Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant  
Amy started bjj in 2013 when she was 13. A natural talent, Amy has had many achievements including winning first place at ADCC 60+ category last year (2022), with an incredible performance.  Amy is fighting on Polaris in a week, the biggest UK grappling invitational, on their first women's Grand Prix. Unfortunately we had some technical issues with Amy's sound, as you will hear. We apologise!  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guests: Amy Campo Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant  
In this episode we have Elisabeth Clay with us, a dominating competitor who won gold in the 2022 Nogi Worlds and Nogi Pan Ams in both absolute and weight categories. We were delighted to have the chance to speak with her in the run up  to her appearance on Polaris this week (Saturday 11th March) where she will be fighting on Polaris' first women's Grand Prix.  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guests: Elisabeth Clay Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Brianna is a Canadian grappler who fought her way through the ADCC east coast trials last year to win first place, and then winning silver at the 2022 ADCC.  Growing up, she played competitive rugby until BJJ took priority when she was in her early 20's. She has rocketed into the spotlight with her recent performances displaying her incredibly high level BJJ. Brianna is fighting on Polaris this week, the biggest UK grappling invitational, on the first women's Grand Prix.  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guests: Brianna Ste Marie Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Gráinne Donnelly is an Advanced Physiotherapist and educator in Pelvic Health who is also delving into the world of clinical academia. She is passionate about improving the standard of clinical practice and services that women access, and carrying out research on a population that is significantly under researched.  Emma Brockwell is a physio and founding member of the collaborative campaign group Pelvicroar and is on the Scientific Clinical Advisory Board of the Active Pregnancy Foundation and the Perinatal Physical Activity research Group. She is also a passionate runner and co-authored the UK’s first Return to Running Postnatal Guidelines Together they co-host the podcast at your cervix which aims to bust taboos and open conversation around pelvic health. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guests: Emma Brockwell and Gráinne Donnelly Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Dr. Kokes primarily focuses on sports medicine and pain management, with a strong passion for regenerative medicine. This is our second podcast with Dr. Kokes, where we spoke about her (relatively) recent pregnancy, training, her delivery and postnatal experience.  Warning** Some of the conversation about the birth is graphic, some listeners might find this triggering. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Dr. Kokes Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Nicky Keay is a Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at University College London and Research Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University. She conducts clinical research in sports and dance endocrinology and is a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the British Menopause Society. Nicky's aim is to redefine optimal health and fitness for the individual. We have the fortune to talk to speak to Nicky again on the matter of hormones and health, the topic of her new book, and to understand why hormones are so important.   Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Nicky Keay Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant  
Júlia Scardone was Born in Brazil, moving to England at the age of 13. When she was 18 she started competing in Judo for Great Britain in the -52kg weight category. She completed a Degree in Sport Development and Physical Education while training full time and working. She now runs Carlson Gracie Hull with her partner Owen Livesey, and is mother to baby Thiago.  There is some swearing in this conversation. Since recording this episode Julia has received her purple belt in BJJ. BOOM. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Julia Scardone  Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Chelsea is a black belt in BJJ and an active competitor. Co-owner of the gym Escapology in Cambridge with her partner Tom, she had her daughter just before covid and experienced antenatal depression. This topic is widely misunderstood, and we invited her on to talk about her experience and open up the conversation.  Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Chelsea Leah Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Mike Piekarski lives in Eastern Washington where he works as a performance coach specialising in sports performance for combat athletes and as a physical therapist.  Mike originally went to college to study psychology at Binghamton University in Upstate New York, however during his time there he discovered his true passion - BJJ. He has since focused on his martial arts training competing in BJJ, submission grappling, muay thai and competing as a pro MMA fighter. He returned to study to become a physical therapist, graduating from Stony Brook with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He has since completed advanced studies become a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist. Still an active competitor, Mike is a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and instructor. Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Mike Piekarski Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Kelly McNulty is a PHD student studying the effects of menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptive use on performance, recovery and adaptation in sports women.  Kelly started a platform called Period of the period with the goal to ‘change the narrative for women’s health and performance in sport & exercise through awareness, evidence-based education & support”. Period of the period insta Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Kelly McNulty Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Joyce Harper is an author, academic, scientist and educator. She is Professor of Reproductive Science at University College London in the Institute for Women’s Health where she is Head of the Reproductive Science and Society Group. She is a Director of the Embryology and PGD Academy which delivers an online certificate in clinical embryology and founder of Global Women Connected. She has worked in the fields of fertility, genetics and reproductive science since 1987, written over 230 scientific papers and published three books. She started her career as an embryologist, then moved into reproductive science and genetics. Now she is researching into fertility and reproductive health education, FemTech, IVF add-ons, gamete donation and the menopause. Joyce is a passionate educator at all levels, from the general public to PhD students. She is invited to numerous international meetings, including keynote and plenary lectures. She regularly appears on TV, radio and in the press. She gives talks for companies to understand fertility issues in the workplace, including the menopause. In 2022, she is giving free talks in UK schools to discuss fertility education. She is founder of Reproductive Health at Work, helping companies ensure that the reproductive health needs of their staff are catered for She is co-founder of the UK Fertility Education Initiative ( and founder of the International Fertility Education Initiative ( Her latest book, 'Your Fertile Years', What you need to know to make informed choices, has been published by JOHN MURRAY PRESS, SHELDON PRESS and signed copies can be ordered from She is a cold-water swimmer and an ambassador for This Girl Can. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Linkedin - @ProfJoyceHarper   Hosts: Shanti & Marina Guest: Joyce Harper Sound Editor and Composer: Will Grant
Emma Thomas is a former Muay Thai fighter who's been living in Bangkok for 10 years. She's also the creator of the blog Under the Ropes where she writes about her experiences as a woman in Muay Thai and gender inequality in the sport. Her article about being sexually assaulted by a trainer has ultimately led Emma to become a public speaker and activist working for the elimination of gender-based violence and rape culture.    
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