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This week, the boys talk about the mogul moves melee tournament, slime losing money at genesis, and how Ludwig is now creating a new esports team.
This week, the boys give each other their late Christmas presents, talk about slime getting suspended from twitter, and how everyone is becoming slime-pilled.
This week, the boys discuss the yard going to Japan, the upcoming Ludwig x Tarik Valorant invitational and how To Catch a Predator ended.
This week, the boys discuss their new year's resolutions, slime & joshman's holiday in hawaii and how Aiden was kicked out of Hong Kong during Christmas.



While the boys see their families for the holidays, enjoy this best of compilation for the year 2022! or don't! I don't care! Thanks for listening!
This week, the boys discuss their experience watching Avatar 2, Slime joining fear& for another episode and how Mang0 nearly died after last week's episode.
This week, we are joined by Mang0! The boys talk about the chessboxing event, Mang0 retiring and how Aiden has had enough of influencers.
We moved.

We moved.


Welcome to Season 2 of The Yard! This week, the boys talk about the new season, the upcoming chess boxing event and how everyone has switched up.
thank you to everyone for watching.
This week, the boys discuss Aiden's trip to New Zealand with Atrioc, Nick's urgent visit to the ER and how Ludwig spent 50 hours inside a glass box at Dreamhack.
This week, the boys are joined by Joshman! They discuss Australia, how Joshman broke his arm and how Aiden has been at war with the comments.
This week, the boys are joined by Caleb Pitts from Pod About List! The boys talk about being bald, going on tour, and how a man ate an entire Cessna 150.
This week, things get a little Spooky! The boys talk about their costumes, Aiden's party bus adventures, and the origin of The Luddy.
This week, the boys break into Atrioc's house! The boys talk about Slime's beef with Atrioc, how Ludwig met Atrioc, and the evilest thing Atrioc has ever done.
This week, we're joined by the Banter podcast! The boys talk about Dream's face reveal, who works the hardest out of Banter and how Sapnap slapped George.
This week, the boys talk about their experience at Twitchcon, aMSa's win at Big House 10 and what it's like living with xQc.
This week, we are joined by Anthony Padilla! The boys talk about the origins of Smosh, Anthony's current channel direction, and how YouTube has changed since it's creation.
This week, the gentlemen discuss the state of the channel, Ludwig going to the YouTube creator summit and an upcoming show Ludwig has with xQc.
This week, the boys talk about the secrets behind Valve, a twitch streamer that scammed Ludwig & Slime and how the current drama on twitch first ignited.
This week, the boys talk about slime live streaming again, the passing of the queen and how Ludwig met and has fallen in love with a new friend.
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