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This week, Leslie and Lenny are in the studio. They catch up on their fck’d up week, take a survey so y’all can get to know them more and answer your listener questions. Plus, Allen Weisselberg is just one fckry of the week!
This week, P-Valley comes to the fckry as Lenny and Leslie welcome Nicco Annan, aka Uncle Clifford on the show. We get an update on Lenny confronting his doorman about getting his daughter’s name right and find out why folks are complaining about student loan forgiveness, in the fckry of the week.
This week, while Leslie and Lenny catch up, Leslie shares how she wants her finances handled… by her! They both welcome comedian, writer and showrunner of The Last OG, Owen Smith. Also, Lenny goes off on the importance of keeping high standards in the fckry of the week.
This week, Leslie and Lenny discuss how Leslie found a lizard in her pool. Also, Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons is on the show and shares Leslie’s early banking system as a comic and an epic heckling story you don’t want to miss. Plus, in the fckry of the week, find out how Lenny is fairing in the NYC heat while Leslie proves that we’re all going hell.
This week, Leslie and Lenny welcome Leslie’s personal trainer Thaddeus Harvey. They break down the different ways we should think about dieting and nutrition as Leslie embarks on her fitness journey. Plus, find out why Leslie calls out internet trolls and haters in her fckry of the week. Follow Thaddeus on IG @movewiththaddeus Send us your fan questions to fckrypodcast@gmail.comFollow @lennymarcus on all social platformsFollow Leslie on Twitter @lessdoggg (3G's) IG @lesdogggg (4G's) TikTok @lesdoggggg (5 G's) 
This week, Lenny catches Leslie up on the state of his kidney stones and welcome special guest WNBA player Brittney Sykes. She shares her experiences playing in the league and how much she loves hearing Leslie go hard at every LA Sparks home game. Plus, see why Texas Governor Greg Abbott is just one fckry of the week. 
This week, Leslie and Lenny discuss Leslie’s experience with a psychic and the advice given on her love life. Lenny asks Leslie if he’s the asshole in a slew of situations in his personal life. Plus, find out why gun control and the constitution are all up in the fckry of the week.
Leslie and Lenny welcome Leslie’s close friend Denita Abernethy Holmes. She dishes on how Leslie got started in comedy, their longtime friendship and what it was like going to Colorado State University together. Plus, Leslie, Lenny and Denita answer your listen letters and find out why Liv Golf is just one of the fckries of the week.
Leslie and Lenny kick off the show interviewing Leslie’s amazing celebrity stylist and personal shopper, Brian McPhatter. They go through some of Leslie’s looks throughout the years and react to some stylish and “interesting” celebrity looks from awards shows this year. Plus, the fckry of the week!
Listen to the official trailer for The fckry with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus. New episodes drop every Thursday starting August 11th!
The fckry with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus, is out August 11th on Earwolf. 
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lenny stopped podcasting because he was a big shit on television .now Leslie's career has stopped.. he's doing it again..what if Leslie wants to take podcast on the road? and what about Neil Potter?

Aug 4th
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