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Where Theology Central: Official Podcast for Victory Baptist Church. We look at our world from a theological perspective. Discussion and commentary on current events, bible studies and devotional thoughts. New content added on a regular basis. We also do live broadcast. The podcast is produced by Victory Baptist Church located in the Abilene/Ovalo Texas area
720 Episodes
A look at the equality act and how the church needs to prepare
A look at an argument that christians continue to make
A look at the fallout from the deadly riot at the U.S Capitol bulding
A devotional bible study exercise on the wrong words we may find ourselves saying
A devotional thought on where can find comfort in the midst of a crazy world.
We begin our study of chapter 1 of the Christian in Complete Armor
We look at the greek word prosagoge
We continue our study about Our Words
Should christians take up arms to fight?
Considering what is gloing on in our culture today, lets spend some time studying what the bible teaches about our words
An attempt to offer a comprehensive perspective onspeech and censorship
A look at the introduction to the book, Christian in Complete Armour
A bible study exercise on Ephesians 2:4-9
Justice Continued

Justice Continued


We contiue our look at the virtue of justice as we continue our study of the book, Imitation of Christ
We have had one of our episodes removed by Youtube
William Gurnall

William Gurnall


A look into the life of the author of , the Christian in Complete Armour
A look at the greek word parresia
30 Coins

30 Coins


A look at the HBO show, 30 Coins
A bible study exercise on Colossians 1:16-17
Podpage and Reviews

Podpage and Reviews


A new feauture on the Theology Central podpage
Comments (6)

Stu Cook

My advice? This guy needs to go ahead and get some responsible teaching from somewhere to help understand that line of thinking. To post content like this highlights that he clearly doesn't understand the subject matter he's raised in this episode so would have been better to study up on it before making an episode on it shows up as incoherent rambling. He's clearly confused and this episode is passing on that confusion to others. 😁 This not a dig; there's an opportunity to learn here for him.

Oct 26th
Reply (2)

Stu Cook

Very thought-provoking indeed.

Oct 20th

Stu Cook

For too long has the church been trying to TELL the world who Jesus Christ is instead of SHOWING its belief through its actions! Actions speak louder than words, people! ✝️

Sep 21st

Trevor Hammack

We will continue our look at Ezra chapter 10 later this morning. If you missed part 1 or 2, you may want to listen before part 3 is posted.

Feb 11th
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