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Where Theology Central: Official Podcast for Victory Baptist Church. We look at our world from a theological perspective. Discussion and commentary on current events, bible studies and devotional thoughts. New content added on a regular basis. We also do live broadcast. The podcast is produced by Victory Baptist Church located in the Abilene/Ovalo Texas area
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A look at a recent news article about Church and Covid-19
The Wisdom of Joy

The Wisdom of Joy


We continue our look at the subject of wisdom by listening to another episode of the Discover the Word program
I answer some questions about how Christians should respond to COVID-19
How to find the Religion Podcast charts on Spotify
Theology on Spotify

Theology on Spotify


A challenge to get theology on the Spotfy Religion podcast charts
A pastor who has covid-19 offered his thoughts on the situation
Pastor or a Parrot?

Pastor or a Parrot?


Do you want a Pastor or a Parrot?
The current state of America is causing many people to feel angry, frustrated and anxious. How should christians react to the current state of America?
Everyting that went wrong in one day and how applying your theological knowledge to life is hard.
More study on the topic of Wisdom
Two horses came to church this morning
A devotional thought on weakness
A look at an article from
Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom


More discussion and study of the concept of Wisdom
I take a look at a recent episode of the Disover the Word podcast
A look at the recent statement from John MacArthur and Grace Community Church
We visit Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, Florida
A look at a recent article about women in ministry
A response to comments about my broadcast dealing with the recent stament issued by John MacArthur and Grace Community Church
A look at how the Covid-19 pandemic may be impacting the church
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Trevor Hammack

We will continue our look at Ezra chapter 10 later this morning. If you missed part 1 or 2, you may want to listen before part 3 is posted.

Feb 11th
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