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For Bridget's full take on Ashton Kutcher and anti-trafficking work, check out the Patreon:  Russell Brand accused of sexual assault by multiple women; but defended by Elon Musk and Alex Jones:  New chatbot connects abortion-seekers with care options:  Amazon leaders were ‘okay’ with people being secretly signed up for Prime, lawsuit allege: Google bans Andrew Tate's 'The Real World' App:  Tim Ballard’s Departure From Operation Underground Railroad Followed Sexual Misconduct Investigation: for privacy information.
Spill is a meme forward, highly visual social media platform that is putting power in the hands of the people who use it.  Kenya Parham, Spill’s Global Vice President of Community and Partnerships, explains how the team is building a new platform that feels like a safe, fun party with all your favorite cousins.  TRY SPILL: for privacy information.
Bridget is having an “off day” in this one, but Joey helps her through it.  Virginia election candidate responds after leak of tapes showing her performing sex acts with husband – "It won't silence me": Actually, That AI Drake and The Weeknd Song Is Not Eligible for a Grammy: Open letter from parents of trans and gender expansive kids: KOSA would make our kids less safe: Ads for AI sex workers are flooding Instagram and TikTok: See for privacy information.
Ashton Kutcher recently wrote a letter to a judge, asking for leniency for his friend and TV co-star Danny Masterson (Kelso and Hyde from That 70’s Show). It was surprising, because for the past decade Ashton Kutcher has been trying to rebrand himself as an anti-trafficking hero. Not just any anti-trafficking hero, but a tech guru type who could use the power of technology and venture capital to save the children. We take a look into his organization, Thorn. Like so many other “save the children” orgs before it, Thorn seems to be using rhetoric and misleading statistics about trafficked children to push laws that further criminalize and marginalize consenting adult sex workers.   Sex, lies, and surveillance: Something's wrong with the war on sex trafficking:   Real Men Get Their Facts Straight: Ashton Kutcher Claims He Helped Cops Save Way More Sex-Trafficking Victims Than Authorities Say They've Found: The bogus claim that 300,000 U.S. children are ‘at risk’ of sexual exploitation:   SEX TRAFFICKING Online Platforms and Federal Prosecutions : chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ for privacy information.
Are you still on Twitter? Over on the Patreon we’re having a conversation about the decision to stay on the platform or leave:     US law firm alters diversity fellowship criteria after lawsuit:    Good company! Indeed Will Give Trans Employees $10,000 to Relocate for Gender-Affirming Care:   If You’ve Got a New Car, It’s a Data Privacy Nightmare:   Elon is being anti semitic on main, while Linda is tweeting about how much she likes sports!   Airbnb is over in NYC:   Grindr’s Return-to-Office Ultimatum Has Gutted a Uniquely Queer Space in Tech:   The Decomposition of Rotten Tomatoes: The most overrated metric in movies is erratic, reductive, and easily hacked — and yet has Hollywood in its grip: for privacy information.
Fearless Fund is a Black woman led venture capital firm that offers investment, financial support, and mentorship to Black women owned businesses.  But they are under attack for providing support for traditionally marginalized entrepreneurs. Edward Blum, the professional hater at the heart of the supreme court’s legal challenge of affirmative action, is suing them for what he says is racial discrimination.See for privacy information.
Opt out of meta using your facebook to train ai (this isn't a fake fb chain letter, it's real!):   College professor harassed students to quench 'clown fetish,' offering extra credit, cash:   Giuliani loses defamation lawsuit from two Georgia election workers:   ACLU sues Mastercard on behalf of sex workers:   Australia will not force adult websites to bring in age verification due to privacy and security concerns: Arkansas social media age verification law blocked at the last minute: for privacy information.
It’s been a historic year of wildfires in Canada. But as thousands in the country are trying to safely evacuate, Canadians can’t use Facebook or Instagram to get even basic information about what’s happening because Facebook has banned all news content in the country. Bridget talks with the always insightful Paris Marx about what it means and why it matters for Canadians, Americans, and democracy around the world.    Paris’ podcast Tech Won’t Save Us is one of our favorites. Listen here:   Paris’ Disconnect Newsletter: for privacy information.
Welcome our producer Joey Patt, who is joining Bridget for their first news roundup!  Fresh & Fit, misogynistic manosphere podcast and enemies of the pod, demonetized on YouTube: Bridget’s piece on Fresh & Fit from the Nation: DON’T MISS: Bridget’s long, petty take on Fresh & Fit on the patreon! Tik Tok’s draft plan with the Biden Administration revealed, would give U.S. government broad censorship powers that should make all Americans uncomfortable: Have you ever taken an Uber or gotten Instacart and then had a worker contact you to hit on you after the fact, and they could because they have your information? Yuck, right? Well you are not alone, sadly: Can AI creative work be copyrighted? NO. Silly rabbit, copyrights are for humans! Elon wants to  remove headlines on news articles on Twitter:    And maybe he’s making his terrible jokes on Twitter to nobody because his followers are fake...  And he’s asking for your government ID (please don’t give it to him)   New data about autonomous vehicles is scary: Autostraddle and independent queer media: for privacy information.
Hollywood screenwriters and actors have joined workers across the economy to demand better pay, better conditions, and better protections against encroaching technology. Because it’s not just about Hollywood - it’s about an entire country of working people who feel fed up with a dynamic where they get squeezed harder and harder to make someone else richer and richer.    Writer, actor, and producer Francesca Ramsey (Broad City! The Larry Wilmore Show! Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell!) says it’s about time. Technology has been a double edged sword for her. Her career in entertainment was launched on the Internet. But now she sees the ways that AI and streaming are being used by studio executives to push down wages and lock creatives out of profits.See for privacy information.
Listen to TANGOTI producer Joey Patt talk with the hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You to break down why the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) is actually a threat to kids and the to the Internet:    New Illinois law entitles kid influencers to earnings:     Iowa educators use ChatGPT to identify naughty books:    Jury awards Jane Doe 1 Billion dollars in damaged in vast online abuse campaign:     In a spectacularly ill conceived bill, Wisconsin state Senator wants to assume all Internet users are children and enforce lights out at 10pm:     Elon Musk throttles traffic to sites that criticize him because he loves free speech:    YouTube announces a policy to remove cancer misinformation; sounds great but will they enforce it?:    Don't forget: emergency contraception is legal in all 50 states (plus DC!):    Jordan Peterson is cherry picking his blurbs:   Where do you think he got that idea? LUANN:   Don't miss out: Claim your share of the class action lawsuit against Facebook for improperly sharing your data (link is a redirect to the official site): See for privacy information.
Writer Jane Friedman has a stellar reputation in publishing. But a huckster, armed with AI impersonations of her writing, was trying to scam folks by using her name on Amazon GoodReads. She raised hell, and last week Amazon finally took them down. But what about new authors who don’t have her huge platform? Who is looking out for them? Jane joins to talk about the threat AI presents to authors, publishing, and the rest of us.   I Would Rather See My Books Get Pirated Than This (Or: Why Goodreads and Amazon Are Becoming Dumpster Fires): Author discovers AI-generated counterfeit books written in her name on Amazon: See for privacy information.
The role of misogynoir and disinformation in the Tory Lanez trial:     Here’s the story on Jane Friedman, the author AI impersonated- Amazon author AI counterfeit books: New Zoom AI policies were loudly hated across the internet: and Eight Months Pregnant and Arrested After False Facial Recognition Match: Here’s Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino’s full CNBC interview but you don’t really need to watch the whole thing to get the gist: for privacy information.
It's the 50th anniversary of hip hop, and that’s a great opportunity for Bridget to dig into one of her favorite subjects to nerd out about: trends in audio. In this episode, she breaks down the history of auto-tune. Today it’s incredibly common, but when musicians first started using it there was a huge backlash. Prominent musicians said it was ruining music, and Time Magazine put it on their list of “50 Worst Inventions.” Yet artists like T-Pain and Cher used it to create new sounds that listeners loved, and today it is widely accepted as a valuable tool for legitimate artists to use for making music. The disruptive history of auto-tune, originally derided as a toy before innovators embraced it to create something new, offers lessons for how we should understand AI in 2023. See for privacy information.
Henrietta Lacks’ family settles lawsuit with a biotech company that used her cells without consent: Uber CEO balks after a reporter tells him the cost of his 2.9-mile Uber ride: 'Oh my God. Wow.' Man Behind U.S. Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision Sues VC Fund Supporting Black-Women-Owned Businesses Classic TANGOTI on that time Facebook banned news in Australia:  Pornhub goes dark in Arkansas after age verification law kicks in: Viral Italian voice behind ‘Attenzione pickpocket’ revealed as racist counsellor for far-right: for privacy information.
We were off last week while Bridget recovered from surgery. But don’t feel bad for her, she’s been screwing up emails for 6 months and she is sorry for that. Send more emails to Bridget at  Texas A&M president resigns over "controversial" hire of a Black woman to lead the journalism school. Similar to the White House cybersecurity director, it sounds like the incoming professor was well qualified but faced a different level of scrutiny because of her identity:    Must read Intercept piece - YEARS AFTER #METOO, DEFAMATION CASES INCREASINGLY TARGET VICTIMS WHO CAN’T AFFORD TO SPEAK OUT:   Senate panel advances rival bills to childproof the internet:   Google-Owned YouTube Makes Millions From Channels Pushing Climate Disinformation:  See for privacy information.
Lena Dunham is in the news, which means a particularly sticky misleading claim about her is, too. We have no strong position on Lena Dunham, but we are solidly against misleading claims. In this best-of episode from last year, Bridget sits down with producer Mike to explain the origins of the idea that Lena Dunham abused her little sibling, why it persists, and why it matters for the rest of us. Got a burning question for Bridget and the TANGOTI team? We’ll answer it in a live AMA! Submit your questions for free at    Emily in Paris to Become Polly in Pocket:  The Lena Dunham child abuse controversy, explained: Ben Shapiro sings WAP (you should definitely watch this): It didn't make it into the episode, but Ben Shapiro HATED the Barbie movie...a lot:  Want to support the show (thank you so much!)? Tell a friend! Or subscribe, join our patreon, leave a review, or buy some merch at There Are No Girls on the Internet’s store: TANGOTI.COM/STORE Say hello at See for privacy information.
Rolling Stone’s Miles Klee has become a target of an extremist harassment campaign after publishing a review of the new movie Sound of Freedom.    ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms See for privacy information.
WANT TO LISTEN TO AD-FREE BONUS CONTENT AND SUPPORT THE SHOW? CHECK US OUT ON PATREON AT PATREON.COM/TANGOTI Laid-off Twitter Africa team ‘ghosted’ without severance or benefits:  Meta rejected scores of women’s health ads. Democrats want answers: Threads Usage Drops By Half From Initial Surge: Harriet Tubman research material:  Would you visit this phone free island? EA Sports FC 24 Fully Revealed: Release Date, Ultimate Team, and More:  Personal debts said to scuttle nomination of Biden’s acting cyber director, an unusual level of scrutiny: See for privacy information.
The disgraced CEO of Theranos, the scam blood testing company, built her career with savvy press moves. Now she’s headed to prison, but not before doing a flashy New York Times Magazine profile on the way in. Bridget talks with legendary media OG Lea Goldman, deputy editorial director of G/O Media and founder of the social first media newsletter Hazmat Hotel about what it means, what it tells us about women’s media, celebrity profiles, and why it matters.    FOLLOW HAZMAT HOTEL! I ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING FROM LEAH’S MEDIA MUSINGS:   Liz Holmes Wants You to Forget About Elizabeth:   The New York Times’ Elizabeth Holmes Profile Is Causing Drama in the Newsroom: “What the Hell Happened Here?”: She’s left the Firm behind. Harry’s found a polo team in Santa Barbara. The kids are doing great. Now she’s ready for her next act:   .Donahue Show Gay Marriage 1991   Want to support the show? Get ad free content on our Patreon:   See for privacy information.
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