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Marginalized voices have always been at the forefront of the internet, yet our stories often go overlooked. Bridget Todd chronicles our experiences online, and the ways marginalized voices have shaped the internet from the very beginning. We need monuments to all of the identities that make being online what it is. So let’s build them.
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It’s Pride Month, which is a great time to be thinking about the LGBTQ people who have been beacons of the vastness of what is possible for our communities. In this episode, Bridget highlights the incredible achievements of Lynn Conway, a trans woman who invented a lot of the tech we take for granted today. Despite a successful track record at IBM, her contributions were credited to others for almost 50 years until IBM formally apologized and recognized her in 2020. She was a bad ass innovator, and a pioneer for trans people trying to navigate a hostile world. She passed away this week at the age of 86, but her legacy and many contributions will be with us forever. See for privacy information.
Listen to the Outspoken Network’s new pod But We Loved: Listen to Joey’s take on Bottoms on Stuff Mom Never Told You: Israel Secretly Targeted American Lawmakers With Gaza War Influence Campaign:  Key misinformation “superspreaders” on Twitter:  Women in their late 50s: Lesbian app to ‘use facial recognition technology’ to identify and exclude trans users FBI Raids Corporate Landlord in Major Rent Price-Fixing Probe:  Court Allows K-Pop Group to Subpoena YouTuber's Identity from Google: for privacy information.
Grant program for Black women business owners is discriminatory, appeals court rules: Fearless Fund is a Black woman-led venture capital firm that offers investment, financial support, and mentorship to Black women-owned businesses.  But they are under attack for providing support for traditionally marginalized entrepreneurs. Edward Blum, the professional hater at the heart of the Supreme Court’s legal challenge of affirmative action, is suing them for what he says is racial discrimination.See for privacy information.
HE’S GUILTY song of the summer by Mad McFadden: 'All Eyes on Rafah' image shared by millions on Instagram following Israeli airstrike: Donate to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund: 'Sextortion guides' sold on social media, BBC finds: AI image misinformation has surged, Google researchers find: UK mother of boy who killed himself seeks right to access his social media:  Sometimes to save the internet, you must eat glue: See for privacy information.
After the tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival that left 10 dead and hundreds injured and traumatized, the rapper announced a “partnership” to provide a free month of therapy through the app BetterHelp, which is basically the Tinder of therapy.  Jeff Guenthr, creator of Therapy Den, has been using his platform on TikTok to shed light on BetterHelp’s practices when it comes to data privacy and the way therapists are treated. Jeff joins Bridget and producer Dr. Michael Amato to talk about why this “partnership” feels so wrong in the wake of the tragedy. Check out Therapy Den: Jeff’s therapy TikToks get millions of views: for privacy information.
Spike Jonze’s 2013 movie Her is in the tech zeitgeist. Have tech leaders watched the whole thing?  Brian Merchant’s piece on Her and Open AI is a must read: Bridget rocking Google Glass in 2013: Listen to our summary of the Open AI Scarlett Johansson controversy here: for privacy information.
Scarlett Johansson says Open AI ripped off her voice for their ChatGPT4.0 even after she said no. No means no, Sam Altman!  Here’s what their behavior says about consent in tech. Scarlett Johansson Says OpenAI Ripped Off Her Voice for ChatGPT: AI Art and the Problem of Consent  See for privacy information.
The weekly news roundup is back! Bridget’s piece of Elizabeth Holmes’ hair: Zuck's new style was on full display at his birthday: #Blockout2024: Why people are blocking celebrities on social media: About 800,000 BetterHelp online therapy customers receive refund notices for privacy violations: On Instagram, a Jewelry Ad Draws Solicitations for Sex With a 5-Year-Old: Women no longer have to make the first move on Bumble. Will it make the app better? Bumble apologizes for its mean anti-celibacy ad fumble: See for privacy information.
Kate Taylor’s reporting led to HBO’s new documentary Brandy Hellville and the Cult of Fast Fashion. She joins Bridget to discuss what Brandy Mellville’s rise says about social media, girlhood, and exploitation, and what it means for the rest of us.   Read Kate’s piece (all of her pieces are dope) See for privacy information.
Campuses are canceling and shrinking graduation ceremonies after waves of student protests. The protests have also triggered a wave of harassment, doxxing, and online harm. Caroline and Sam, digital security and privacy experts with Convocation Research and Design, share some shocking facts and thought provoking perspectives about state surveillance during the protests.  They also describe steps people can take to help protect their own privacy and safety.  Follow Convocation Research and Design’s work: for privacy information.
More and more workers are unionizing across the country.  Metalhead and labor journalist Kim Kelly on the exciting new wave of unionization and what it means. Follow Kim Kelly on Twitter: Check out Kim’s new book Fight Like Hell: The Untold History of American Labor: Join our newsletter: And you can follow our very own iHeart Podcast Union on Twitter:  And instagram: See for privacy information.
Even if you’ve never seen Lenna Forsén’s image, you know it, because an image of the Swedish former model went on to be one the most important images in internet history. See for privacy information.
Don’t freak out! You can still use TikTok for the time being. But here’s where we could be headed. Here's what TikTok's anticipated court challenge could look like:  Alleged pro-Palestinian bias was part of the argument used to justify banning TikTok, but that argument doesn't make a lot of sense: for privacy information.
A hologram of the late Whitney Houston is doing a residency in Las Vegas.  Spirituality writer Brooke Obie asks what this means about celebrity, greif, and technology.  Read Brooke's piece The Zombification of Whitney Houston: Read Deepfakes, dead relatives and digital resurrection: Al Sharpton Boycott flyer: Want to support the show? (thank you!) Subscribe, tell a friend, or buy some merch at There Are No Girls on the Internet’s store: TANGOTI.COM/STOREJoin our newsletter: Say hello at  See for privacy information.
Extremists like Chris Rufo are setting their sites on NPR, and the New York Times is helping them do it. Again. The Real Story Behind NPR’s Current Problems: for privacy information.
Evan Rachel Wood’s documentary Phoenix Rising paints a horrifying picture of abuse she experienced by Brian Warner, also known as Marylin Manson.  Bridget joins Sam and Anney at the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You to talk through why it’s also a tech accountability issue. See for privacy information.
Romeo & Juliet theatre star suffers ‘barrage’ of online racial abuse: Tom Holland Urged to Speak Out After Nearly 900 Black Actors Condemn Racial Abuse of Romeo & Juliet Star Francesca Amewudah-Rivers: ‘AI Instagram Influencers’ Are Deepfaking Their Faces Onto Real Women’s Bodies:  Instagram to Blur Out Nude Images Sent to Teens in DMs: Content creators ask Meta to reverse politics limits on Instagram, Threads:  How to opt into political content on IG (from Verge): Actors Are Making Thousands of Dollars Through Fake Video Podcast Ads: See for privacy information.
Ever wonder why Google results are getting worse, or why you aren't seeing your friends on Instagram? It's all because of the growth-at-all-costs economy that's swallowed the tech industry, where the user experience takes a back seat to monetizing every interaction with the platforms you used to love. Ed Zitron is joined by Cool Zone Media's Robert Evans to walk you through the economic theory that's destroying the tech industry from within.See for privacy information.
Latino immigrant workers died on the Baltimore bridge. More will likely rebuild it: Baltimore mayor faces racist attacks after bridge collapse: Amazon’s cashier-less technology was supposed to revolutionize grocery shopping. It’s been a flop: California introduces 'right to disconnect' bill that would allow employees to possibly relax: Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder, Dozens More Call on AI Developers to Respect Artists’ Rights: Researchers uncover ‘pornification’ trend among female streamers on Twitch: Twitch bans turning butts and boobs into green screens: for privacy information.
Previously on TANGOTI...    This is part two of our two-part look at Dr. Andrew Huberman.  If you haven’t listened to part 1, you will definitely need to dip into that episode to have the context.  To recap, Andrew Huberman is a very famous, popular podcaster and neuroscientist who has been giving guidance to millions on how to hack their lives.  New York Mag just published a piece with the stories of 6 women in his life who allege that he mistreated them, and also looking into some of his questionable science and ethical practices, like endorsing dubious supplements.  I’m joined by my producer Mike, who is also a scientist, to get into why we’re so quick to build flawed people up into gurus.   Andrew Huberman’s Mechanisms of Control The private and public seductions of the world’s biggest pop neuroscientist. Andrew Huberman Has Supplements on the Brain: So, Should You Trust Andrew Huberman? for privacy information.
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Thank you for sharing the marginalized voices in shaping the internet Let's continue to amplify these stories and build monuments to honor their contributions.

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Taylor is actually very political. one example: watch Miss Americana 🤷🏻

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