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Marginalized voices have always been at the forefront of the internet, yet our stories often go overlooked. Bridget Todd chronicles our experiences online, and the ways marginalized voices have shaped the internet from the very beginning. We need monuments to all of the identities that make being online what it is. So let’s build them.
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The less-than-magical Willy Wonka event, briefly explained: Why Google's 'woke' AI problem won't be an easy fix: Black Nazis? A woman pope? That’s just the start of Google’s AI problem: Tumblr CEO's public 'meltdown' is mocked, memed by users: X quietly revived anti-misgendering policy that Musk dropped last year: He's America's Favorite Librarian — And He's Just Getting Started Spreading 'Library Joy': Wendy's says it won't use surge pricing for burgers after announcing 'dynamic pricing.' What's the difference between the 2?: for privacy information.
Here’s Why Everyone’s Watching the ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ Series on TikTok: A Marketplace of Girl Influencers Managed by Moms and Stalked by Men: Nex Benedict: Everything We Know About 16-Year-Old Oklahoma Student’s Death: Schumer, LGBTQ+ advocates back updated kids online safety bill:  Don’t Fall for the Latest Changes to the Dangerous Kids Online Safety Act: Joey on Stuff Mom Never Told You breaking down Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA): Bobbi Althoff deepfake spotlights X’s role as a top source of AI porn:  How Ghana's Labour Act helped laid-off Twitter Africa staff to secure compensation: for privacy information.
Shafiqah Hudson made the internet better for all of us. In honor of her brilliant life cut tragically short, we’re replaying our conversation from 2020. After Shafiqah Hudson uncovered bad actors pretending to be Black women on Twitter, spreading disinformation and discord, she sounded the alarm to Twitter officials. Unfortunately, they ignored her. So she created the hashtag #YourSlipIsShowing to help stamp them out herself.See for privacy information.
Meta announces they will stop promoting "political" content, kicks the can on what "political" means. Internet shopping company Temu ran ads during the Super Bowl, but an awful lot of people claim that their app compromised their private information, and experts say it looks like malware. We don't recommend installing it! An unscrupulous anti-abortion company used geolocation data from a data broker to target people who had visited clinics with a national abortion misinformation campaign. On the streets of San Francisco strangers came together, put aside their differences, and joined forces to destroy a self-driving Waymo car. It's a news roundup!  Uber, Lyft, DoorDash drivers in the U.S. to strike on Valentine’s Day for fair pay: Temu app contains ‘most dangerous’ spyware in circulation: class action lawsuit: Would you buy this Temu purse?  Instagram and Threads will no longer promote ‘political’ content. No one knows what they define as ‘political’ but it's a safe bet that (Daniel Day Lewis Voice) There Will Be Bias. A data broker company tracked visits to 600 Planned Parenthood locations around the country, then sold the data to fuel an anti-abortion misinformation ad campaign, senator says: Protesters Gather Outside OpenAI Headquarters: A crowd destroyed a driverless Waymo car in San Francisco: Nearly 1 in 5 Americans believe Taylor Swift is involved in an election conspiracy theory: Weird times for media outlets: See for privacy information.
Have you seen trad wife content on social media lately? Bridget joins Sam and ANney over at Stuff Mom Never Told You to break down what's behind it. See for privacy information.
Listen to Joey breakdown TikTok’s crisis of femininity on Stuff Mom Never Told You:  A Straight Woman Walks Into a Lesbian Bar… And Generates TikTok Controversy: Bluesky is now open for anyone to join: Conservative influencers are using AI to cover up photos of sex workers: Gina Carano Sues Disney Over ‘Mandalorian’ Firing In Lawsuit Funded by Elon Musk: SpaceX accused of sexual harassment and discrimination in ex-workers’ suit: for privacy information.
If anything happens to me, talk to the Barbz.  In this episode from 2022, we talk to Kimberly Foster about being the target of Nicki Minaj’s most toxic fandom.See for privacy information.
WELCOME TO THE THE MELANINOCRACY  Get out of the way! It’s Black History Month!!!! Universal Music Group to remove songs from TikTok after failing to reach deal: FKA twigs says ‘all record labels ask for are TikToks’: ‘I got told off for not making enough effort’:  Senators use mean words to demand tech executives take action to protect kids online: These ‘toys’ are killing our kids op ed by Julie Scelfo in the Hill: Joey on Stuff Mom Never Told You breaking down Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA): FCC moves to criminalize most AI-generated robocalls: Photo of Australian lawmaker digitally altered by news channel to have bigger boobs and a cropped top:  RuPaul’s Drag Race star Crystal speaks out after Laurence Fox loses libel case:  See for privacy information.
Those horrifying deep fake AI images of Taylor Swift that circulated on social media last week are a threat to all of us. It’s time for real cultural and legislative change. Check out Dr. Joy Buolamwini’s Algorithmic Justice League: Listen to Dr. Joy Buolamwini’s episode: 404 Media’s reporting on Microsoft: Teen Marvel star speaks out about sexually explicit deepfakes: ‘Why is this allowed?’ See for privacy information.
Kelly Osbourne addresses infamous 2015 remarks about Latinos on 'The View': Researchers Say the Deepfake Biden Robocall Was Likely Made With Tools From AI Startup ElevenLabs: AI-Generated Taylor Swift Porn Went Viral on Twitter. Here's How It Got There: Oklahoma schools gig for Libs of TikTok founder: Does it meet state's own rules? Conversion therapy content is being banned by social media companies thanks to the work of LGBTQ+ group: Man Jailed, Raped, and Beaten After False Facial Recognition Match, $10M Lawsuit Alleges: Parents worry AI-generated influencers are promoting unrealistic beauty standards to kids:  AI is producing ‘fake’ Indigenous art trained on real artists’ work without permission: See for privacy information.
In our last news roundup, Bridget and Mike had conflicting and surprisingly strong feelings about self checkout machines. And it turns out, listeners do, too! We got more emails about this seemingly low stakes topic than any other. Why did this touch a nerve?! We don’t know but there’s something there, and we’re here for it. We read some listener emails, which make great points for and against. Are these machines dystopian symbols of our crumbling social connectedness? Or are they convenient devices for buying groceries, and maybe the real dystopian symbols were the capitalist overlords we met along the way? You be the judge!   Self-Checkouts Often Inaccessible to Disabled Shoppers: LA Times report on self checkouts and loneliness (paywalled): TikTok Lawyer explains why you should avoid using self-checkouts in stores: Washington Post piece: Dear grocery store owners: I don’t work for you! Walmart reveals it's tracking checkout theft with AI-powered cameras in 1,000 stores: Feeling lonely? Too many of us are. Here’s what our supermarkets can do to help: See for privacy information.
This week on the Patreon: Bridget remembers the time she met Sheryl Sandberg.  Google promised to delete sensitive location data about abortion clinic visits. A new study finds that it still isn’t living up to that promise:  Teen deepfake victim pushes for federal law targeting non-consensual, AI-generated explicit content - the Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act:  OpenAI quietly removes ban on military use of its AI tools: AI already being used to select bombing targets in Gaza:  Formula E Team Fires Its AI-Generated Influencer after Fans Balk: It's not just you, Google Search really has gotten worse:  The Self-Checkout Nightmare(?) May Finally Be Ending: See for privacy information.
It’s a new year, which is a great opportunity to take stock of what we’re leaving behind in tech in the new year.  Bridget joined Sam and Anney over at Stuff Mom Never Told You to get into what’s not coming with us in 2024.See for privacy information.
Happy 2024 - the internet is all scams, lies, baits, Nazis and spiders!  Substack has a Nazi problem: Dating apps are in their flop era:  On Threads, users say they're flooded with pro-life and transphobic posts: EBay to pay $3 million after employees sent live spiders, funeral wreath and fetal pig to critics: The SEC’s Official X Account Was ‘Compromised’ and Used to Post Fake Bitcoin News: What!? Did Elon Musk Just Endorse Tweet Saying Students at HBCUs Have Low IQs? Video Game Voice Actors Criticize SAG-AFTRA Over Agreement With AI Company: The George Carlin AI Standup Is Worse Than You Can Imagine:  Bridget’s favorite Carlin bit: for privacy information.
Harvard donor Bill Ackman pushed for the resignation of Harvard's first Black woman president, Dr. Claudine Gay, for what he says is a history of academic plagiarism. An independent review panel cleared her of misconduct, but the allegations continued and led to her resignation. Now Ackman’s wife, Dr. Neri Oxman, is also being accused of plagiarism in her academic work.    In the aftermath of Dr. Gay’s resignation from Harvard, here’s how Ackman has responded to the allegations against his wife. Meanwhile, their troubling connection to Jefferey Epstein resurfaces.    Full video of this episode is available on Patreon! for privacy information.
Happy New Year! We’d intended to air the first newscast of 2024, but instead we have to talk about what happened to Dr. Claudine Gay, the former president of Harvard. She resigned last week after an intense campaign to get her fired led by right wing activist Christopher Rufo. Yup, the same right wing activist who created the moral panic over Critical Race Theory. He’s been completely transparent, through public tweets and interviews in big outlets like Politico, that his goal in creating the campaign against her was a broader desire to destroy the concept of “DEI” (Diversity Equity & Inclusion).  And yet, legacy media outlets like the New York Times uncritically legitimized his bad-faith framing with multiple featured articles. People like tech podcaster Jason Calacanis have celebrated her resignation as evidence of a return to meritocracy, a ridiculous idea that only makes sense if one believes that prestigious leadership positions are just being handed out willy-nilly to unqualified Black women, which is obviously not true! Black women have to work twice as hard to get half as much, and even then one misstep is all it takes for bad faith allegations to take down a powerful Black woman in the eyes of a public that is all too willing to believe that DEI initiatives are the only way a Black woman could possibly achieve a leadership position.  We Sat Down With the Conservative Mastermind Behind Claudine Gay’s Ouster: Why White Women Won DEI: for privacy information.
Have you been seeing a lot of content on social media romanticizing women not working outside of the home?  Jo Piazza, host of the hilarious and insightful podcast Under the Influence, breaks down why we're seeing so much trad wife content right now.   #TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy: Listen to Under the Influence: for privacy information.
Netflix’s Inventing Anna presents a flashy version of fake German heiress Anna Delvey’s scams. Rachel Deloache Williams was scammed out of $62,000 by Anna on a disastrous trip to Morocco.  Rachel discusses true crime shows like Inventing Anna and Hulu’s The Dropout and what it means for all of us when liars and scammers are elevated and amplified.   Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin Almost Ruined My Life. Now She’s Being Rewarded for Her Crimes: Check out Rachel’s book My Friend Anna: for privacy information.
Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to pay Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss, two election workers he baselessly maligned in Georgia, almost 50 million dollars. And they might even sue him again! Here’s how we got here.See for privacy information.
We're taking a break from our usual content to share a new podcast from iHeart's Outspoken network, Afterlives: The Layleen Polanco Story. You can check out the rest of the show here: for privacy information.
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