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Do you want to join our Discord community? Fill in this: AI wars are heating up as Google and OpenAI race to release the first multimodal LLM. We build a sync sub video game with just one prompt using open Interpreter. Alexa shows off scary new conversational abilities, while poets sell out to Big Tech. Join us for the latest AI battles - but don't get your hopes up, it's not that exciting!SOURCES If you like the show please consider sharing with friends and leaving a comment.
This week's episode is an absolute barnstormer, covering everything from robots burning in stadium fires to AI girlfriends with dangerous memories. Get ready for an action-packed ride as we dive into the dark realities of AIs keeping naughty lists, journalism being taken over by plagiarizing robots, and whether downloading your brain into an android body means you can laugh in the face of death. Buckle up and grab some popcorn, because this week's episode is one wild ride from start to finish!(Written by AI lol)If you like the pod please support us by leaving a review wherever you get your podcasts and sharing with friends.CHAPTERS====00:00 - "What if I could download your soul?" Cold Open00:56 - Chuck's AI Forum, Regulation and What We Should Be Focusing On11:02 - Deceptive Abilities Emerging in LLM Paper Discussion24:03 - Large Language Models and Optimizers: Take a Deep Breath30:50 - 5 Years to Discover Capabilities of Current Models33:52 - a16z Report on How Consumer are Using LLMs39:41 - Are Your Androids Going to Be Criminals? Implications of AI Robots in Society47:25 - US Copyright Offices Denies AI Created Image Copyright & Microsoft Will Legally Defend Paid Users of AI CoPilot55:27 - Stable Audio: Mike's Paid Customer Stable Audio Experience59:48 - Open Interrupter: Open-Source Version of OpenAI's Code Interrupter1:02:22 - ChatGPT Journalist Leaves Prompt in Article. LOLs. SOURCES====
Anthropic and OpenAI continue their awkward dance as they both court developers, while Apple spends millions training the next Siri. And when an AI generates its own MrBeast video, hilarity and fake deaths ensue. Tune in to hear the bros' spicy takes on the latest in the AI world!Consider liking and subbing if you like the show. Thanks for watching!CHAPTERS======00:00 - Cold open: sparks of AGI00:20 - Fine Tuning a MRBEAST AI Model Experiment Results & Prompt2Model09:41 - The Realities of AI Theory Vs Reality: Trying to Implement Papers12:46 - Making SinkSub Game with AI using ChatDEV19:37 - Code Llama Paper & Models Grounded in Mathematical Truth, False Refusals31:16 - The Only Path to Controllable AGI Paper Discussion (Max Tegmark)40:55 - Baidu's ERNIE China's ChatGPT: Our Review48:13 - Mike's Claude Prediction Comes True: Anthropic Release Claude PRO50:35 - OpenAI Announce AI Developer Conference November 6th 202352:59 - Apple Siri AJAX Rumors: Apple ChatGPT?54:25 - Time's 100 Most Influential People in AI LOLsSOURCES:======
This week we dive into the implications of OpenAI's new ChatGPT Enterprise release - will it crush the competition or lead to an AI monopoly? Then we debate whether fine-tuning models on synthetic data is the holy grail and discuss using it to train our own MrBeast video plot generator. We round up by laughing at Google's absurd new "AI" meeting assistant, and an awkward robot that needs to be told to shut up. If you like the show, consider subscribing, liking and leaving a comment. We love hearing from you.CHAPTERS:====00:00 - Shut up! Cold Open00:34 - ChatGPT Enterprise, OpenAI Strategy, Wrapper Apps22:09 - CoTracker Model from Meta & Meta's Strategy with AI27:19 - Is ChatGPT Enterprise the Death Blow to Wrapper Apps?37:53 - Ideogram Vs MidJourney: Advancements in Text on Images43:09 - Prompt2Model: This Day in Synthetic Training Developers + Mr Beast Video Idea Generator57:58 - Google's Cloud Next AI Event: Get your AI to Attend Meetings for You!1:02:54 - Sky News on AI & Robotics: Shut Up!SOURCES:====
This week, the Zuck strikes again - Meta unveils a state of the art AI code generator to challenge OpenAI's dominance. We explore the implications of AI models training themselves, and how it could accelerate capabilities. Then we put 11 labs' multilingual speech synthesis to the test, using it to generate a fake phishing call on our mother. Don't miss our scandalous experiments pushing AI to its limits in this jam-packed episode!If you like the pod, please consider subbing, liking, commenting etc. xoxCHAPTERS:=====00:00 - Rehearsal of Phishing Our Mother (Cold Open)00:19 - Meta's Code Llama08:24 - Unnatural Instruction to Train AI Models15:06 - Why Didn't Meta Release the Unnatural Instruction Code Llama Model? The Sparks of AGI?16:50 - Evolution of GPT: Is Unnatural Instruction The Next Evolution of Models?23:04 - DeepMind's Reinforced Self-Training ReST for Language Modeling paper and thoughts on future models36:09 - Fine Tuning GPT-3.5 Turbo Announced by OpenAI: Should You Just Fine Tune Open Source?44:05 - ElevenLabs Out of Beta and Multilingual v2: Explained by AI Us.48:12 - Chris Tried to Figure Out AI Phishing53:03 - Rehearsing Phishing Our Mother Call & Implications of This AI Tech59:43 - How Much We Lost Not Investing in NVIDIA1:01:29 - AI Bros Give Investment AdviceSOURCES:======
This week your favorite AI bros go deep on the BIG LIES - how big tech and the mainstream narrative are trying to SILENCE revolutionary AI models that threaten to EXPOSE inconvenient truths!  Tune in as Chris and Michael SHRED Meta's attempt to gag their new science AI Galactica, and discuss the CENSORSHIP built into aligned models like Claude and GPT-4.  Don't miss their hilarious takedown of noted AI alarmist Gary Marcus - his latest flip-flop proves generative AI is HERE TO STAY! The truth will not be suppressed!(Note description written by AI for lols)Thanks for helping us reach our goal of 100+ reviews on Apple Podcasts. It means a lot to us!CHAPTERS=====00:00 - What is a Poop?01:08 - Is Generative AI a Dud?23:32 - OpenAI Acquires Global Illumination to work on ChatGPT31:12 - Anthropic Raises $100M from Korean SK Telecom37:15 - LLAMA2 Uncensored: Censorship, Misinformation and the Battle for Truth48:31 - Meta's AI Trained on 48M Science Papers Shut Down After 2 DaysSOURCES=====
This week we gossip about OpenAI's shady web crawling habits, laugh at Zoom's lame excuses for spying, and dream up the perfect AI crypto scam. Get the inside scoop on Nvidia's new trillion-parameter instrument of AI, hear our hot takes on the public's growing AI disillusionment, and find out what an AI HVAC administrator would sound like. Join your favorite AI bros as they dive deep on the latest AI hype and hardware gossip - this episode is chock full of spicy AI tea you won't want to miss!Please consider leaving a review to help us reach 100 reviews if you listen on Apple Podcasts :)CHAPTERS:====00:00 - We Should Totally Do An AI Crypto Scam00:27 - AI Meal Planner Suggests Chlorine Gas Recipe & AI with Personality04:07 - OpenAI's GPTBot for Web Crawling08:47 - Stealing content with AI, How to Protect Your IP from AI14:37 - Zoom's Terms of Service for AI Training Scandal25:25 - Nvidia's GH200 Announcement & Availability of Hardware34:29 - Have We Reached AI Disillusionment?52:54 - Generative AI LLMs for HVAC!?55:31 - Claude Instant Version 1.2 Released57:33 - AudioLDM 2: Text-to-audio/speech generation 1:00:41 - Skeptics Vs Optimists for AI (AI Crypto Bros)SOURCES====
This week we dive into the brave new world of AI agents teaming up to do real work - from building video games to diagnosing patients! But will these digital workforces put humans out of jobs? We discuss the AI takeover of industries like medicine and software, plus exciting updates like AI-generated music and Google giving their Assistant a complete AI makeover. We also cover Meta's Audio Craft, Med-Flamingo, GPT-5 Trademark and Rumors, and The SF Compute Company.Thanks for your likes, comments and support.CHAPTERS:=====00:00 - Self-Diagnosing Medical Problems Is Here00:28 - MetaGPT: Multi-agent Collaborative Framework and The Multi-Agent Future11:39 - Will Agents Replace Software in the Future?14:59 - The flood of new LLMs20:09 - Med-Flamingo: Have Virtual Doctors Arrived?34:06 - Martin Shkreli's Dr. Gupta & Disrupting Medical Diagnosis38:45 - Everyone is Using AI Already for Medical Diagnosis39:29 - Focusing on Higher Level Work40:53 - Meta's Audio Craft: Create Sounds and Music with Open Source AI44:53 - Will Spotify Cut Out Artists to Increase Profits with AI Music?48:07 - Will Entrenched Professionals Slow Down the Benefit of AI?51:37 - ChatGPT Updates: GPT-4 as Default, Suggested Replies, Prompt Examples, Stay Logged In! 57:05 - The San Francisco Compute Group: The A100 Cooperative!1:00:42 - GPT-5 Trademark has been registered! 1:01:48 - Google Assistant Powered by AI LLM Leaked in Letter1:05:02 - The Future of Websites: LLMs for Businesses and BrandsSOURCES:=====
This week, in Episode 25 of This Day in AI we discuss the motivation behind the Frontier Model Forum (OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, Microsoft) and if Open Source remains the best approach for AI safety and security. We discuss Llama 2 being #2 on the AlpacaEval Leaderboard and its significance to the development of AI. We also discuss the paper on Universal and Transferable Adversarial Attacks on Aligned Language Models and how Mike can't prompt inject his AI girlfriend. We discuss how Mike cloned his friend with an AI Bot and the future implications. And also.. Stackoverflow AI, Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 and technology advances that might be being made by AGI!?If you like this podcast please consider subscribing and leaving us a review.CHAPTERS:00:00 - Chris think Anthropic is a Safety Cult (cold open)00:29 - Llama2 is Number 2, Ahead of ChatGPT on AlpacaEval Leaderboard06:12 - Does Llama2 threaten OpenAI and Anthropic?09:12 - Characters to Thwart Prompt Injection Attacks17:51 - Debate on Regulation Vs Open Source for Safety, Senate Committe on AI and thoughts on AI Risk36:28 - Is the Frontier Model Forum a Cartel?42:05 - Mike's AI Girlfriend, Cloning a Friend and Talking to the Dead with AI49:43 - Fine Tuning AI to Increase Retention54:45 - Stack overflow Fights Back! Stack Overflow AI is here!59:18 - Stable Diffusion XL 1.01:03:46 - Could Room Temperature Ambient Superconductors Could be a Sign of AGI!?SOURCES:
In Episode 24 we discuss the release of Llama 2, what it means for the open-source community, developers and the future of AI LLMs with it being commercially available. We discuss what threat open-source models now pose to the business models of OpenAI and others, and also take a look at Instructions for ChatGPT. We have a long discussion on fine tuning smaller models and cover news including Google's Generative AI Enterprise Search product, Bing Enterprise Chat, AppleGPT rumors and finally end with the state of AI startups, fundraising, VC and what makes good AI investment.If you like this podcast, please consider leaving us a review and sharing with friends/family.CHAPTERS:00:00 - Lizard Man is now a Hero (cold open)00:49 - Meta’s Llama 2 release and what it means21:18 - Llama 2 alignment, Is fine tuning just censorship?27:02 - What is Meta’s strategy with Llama 2? Will it hurt OpenAI?31:56 - OpenAI fears GPT-4 Vision will offend someone40:40 - ChatGPT Plus Users get GPT-4 Rate Limits Doubled41:56 - ChatGPT Custom Instructions 46:15 - Does Llama Threaten OpenAI with Smaller Refined Fine Tuned Models?54:39 - Google’s Generative AI Enterprise Search (Gen App Builder) Announcement56:16 - Microsoft’s Bing Chat Enterprise1:02:19 - AppleGPT “AJAX” rumor1:05:49 - The State of AI Startups, VC and fundraising1:12:32 - AI LOLs & Memes SOURCES:
In this episode of This Day in AI Podcast we pack more keywords into the title than ever before and ask... does anyone actually read Podcast description?In episode EP23 we have LOLs from the first robot press conference, coverage of Anthropic's Claude 2 release, discuss Elon Musk's xAI and the possibility the new startup is going to focus on solving AI reasoning with mathematics. We take another look at ChatGPT Code Interpreter and discuss if we could replace our data analyst with it. Could ChatGPT Code Interpreter really be the foundation of GPT4.5 or 5? Does code help stop hallucinations? We finish off with a discussion about the future of AI Interfaces. If you read the description and enjoy the podcast please consider subscribing and leaving us a review where ever you get your pods.CHAPTERS:------00:00 - Mike wants an LLM in his brain for faster I/O00:22 - AI Fear: World's First Human-Robot Press Conference5:50 - Thoughts on Anthropic's Claude 2 from early use20:33 - Does ChatGPT Code Interpreter help solve hallucinations?  31:47 - Is Code Interpreter an early GPT4.5 or GPT5?32:59 - Elon Musk's New Startup xAI36:50 - Stability AI's Stable Doodle & Use Cases45:18 - Google Bard Updates & Google Lens Integration51:43 - The Future of AI Interfaces SOURCES:------
In Episode 22 we cover GPT-4 general availability and the implications to millions of developers. We discuss George Hotz revealing how GPT-4 works & Alignment of Super Intelligence. Will OpenAI's Super Intelligence succeed? We also cover the implications of AI agents on the open web, OpenAI disabling web browsing in ChatGPT temporarily to protect content creators and discover Jolly Roger's AI time wasting for service to trick scammers.If you like this podcast please consider subscribing, liking and leaving us a comment. We really appreciate your support of the show.CHAPTERS:----00:00 - Cold open00:27 - GPT-4 API General Availability for Developers06:40 - ChatGPT Code Interrupter 15:30 - ChatGPT as Work Assistant: Code Interrupter + Vision16:42 - ChatGPT web traffic down by 10% & thoughts on single agent Vs AI everywhere21:03 - George Hotz leaking GPT-4 is a 16 way mixture model26:50 - Is AI alignment just a human alignment problem? 27:57 - Is alignment making GPT-4 and ChatGPT worse? Discuss on AI alignment38:18 - Is the best defense against super intelligent AI giving everyone super intelligent AI?40:55 - Is the Open Web Doomed? AI's impact on the Open Web54:42 - OpenAI's 20% compute power to "Superalignment"1:00:29 - OpenAI now sends email threats1:03:12 - Waste Scammers Time with This AI Voice ToolSOURCES:----
In Episode 21 we discussed Inflection AI’s $1.3B fundraise from Greylock, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and the increasing competition to OpenAI’s dominance. We discuss the makeup of future AI Agents and look at the emerging race to build the world’s most powerful AI.We also cover GPT-4 Vision LOLs and ask if Sydney is back with Bing’s GPT-4 Vision Implementation and discuss the latest release from MidJourney, Stable Diffusion and why Nikon is begging people to take REAL photos!SOURCES--- - LOLs from GPT-4 Vision on Bing Chat00:39 - Inflection AI's $1.3B Fundraise (and Pi) & The Race to Build the World's Most Powerful AI11:07 - Divergent Future Visions of AI Agents/Assistants & ChatGPT Workspaces Leak17:06 - Future AI "stacks", Custom LLM Training as a Service, Comparing LLMs28:10 - MosaicML Acquired by DataBricks for $1.3B & Private LLM training, Agents Creating Specialized LLMs34:00 - Are LLM APIs becoming commoditized? Is the ChatGPT brand and distribution the most valuable thing?40:56 - How Much Context? Building the AI Brain & Aligning it to Your Values46:27 - Stable Diffusion XL, MidJourney Zoom Out & Nikon's Desperation54:36 - Bing's GPT-4 Vision Implementation LOLs: Is Sydney Back?58:27 - Is AI Going to Destroy The Internet and Become Stupid? Spam sites, Crawlers, AI-Generated Book Spam on Amazon1:02:00 - OpenAI ChatGPT Lawsuit over Data Use: Class Action? 
In Episode 20 we discuss Chris winning $10k with GambleGPT while Mike was sick on his vacation. We take a look at FinGPT and discuss the future of AI agents and tools. We do a reality check on AI hype and cover the rumors of an OpenAI app store. Finally we discuss GPT-4 vision and how Bing is leaking some of the promised GPT-4 vision features. We also cover regulation updates in the EU and fake-AI dating app Blush.Chapters:----00:00 - Bing's GPT-4 Vision Captcha Solver00:21 - Chris Made $10k from GambleGPT & AI Agent Updates07:58 - FinGPT: Should Analysts Have a Job?14:42 - The AI Hype Cycle: Where are we at? 18:12 - Are Creative Jobs in Trouble? "Secret Invasion" AI Opening, Grammys Banning AI35:19 - Google Bans Employees Using Bard37:14 - OpenAI App Store? Are Plugins a Failure?43:42 - Where is GPT-4 Vision? In Bing! Solving Captchas49:11 - Meta VoiceBox, EU Regulation & Should AI Content Be Labeled?
The future is rushing at us like a freight train - will AI crush our dreams by 2043 or give us indefinite life extension? Explore the tangled web of AI hype, loneliness, and alcoholism with your hosts as they dive deep into OpenAI's latest updates, Zuck's vision for chatbots gone wild, and whether Big Tech's sudden pivot to "openness" is too little too late.  From Microsoft's "Guidance" to steering GPT-3.5, fall down the rabbit hole of what's really going on behind the scenes—where are we headed and how soon will robots replace that guy in accounts payable (spoiler: probably not as soon as he thinks!). An epic voyage to the outer reaches of speculation that will leave you equal parts informed, entertained and possibly needing a stiff drink.Try MusicGen here: you like this podcast please considering subscribing to the channel, liking and leaving a comment. We appreciate your support.Chapters---00:00 - Mark Zuckerberg's Redemption Arc00:14 - OpenAI's Function Calling, API updates and 16k GPT3.510:20 - Microsoft Guidance18:05 - Andromeda Cluster for startups26:24 - France's Mistral AI raises $113M seed round to take on OpenAI33:40 - Mark Zuckerberg's comments about open source on Lex Friedman40:27 - Deciding which LLM to use and when44:13 - MusicGen by Meta & Adobe Firefly48:14 - The Beatles are releasing a new song thanks to AI53:37 - "Transformative AGI by 2043 less than 1% likely" paper1:03:45 - Is AI Making Us Sad Drunks?Sources:---,AI%20timelines%20and%20AI%20risk.
The future is unclear but entertainment is ensured. This week Mike & Chris discuss Apple's new AR headset, OpenAI's dominance and India's A.I. ambitions. A 1964 prediction of superintelligent machines proves worries never change. Place your bets, grab your headset - the race to build our robot overlords is on!Please consider sharing this podcast, subscribing and leaving us a review. We appreciate your support!Chapters----00:00 - A prediction from 196400:20 - WWDC, Apple Vision Pro & Don't Say AI07:53 - VR & AI as platforms for the future17:58 - Gambling BOT Won & AI Reasoning + Untapped abilities.40:00 - Sam Altman Vs India: OpenAI & Real Competition1:00:02 - Is an AI Future Dystopia Inevitable? Sources----
This week we cover the Center for AI Safety's Statement and ask, "Will AI Really Make Humans Extinct?" We cover the discussion on GPT-4 Deteriorating: is it really getting worse? And discuss some likely causes. We also use the Internet Archive to discuss OpenAI's GPT-4 roadmap including a stateful API, giant context sizes, plugins having no product market fit and why OpenAI is constrained by GPUs.We also cover the lawyer who got caught using ChatGPT and the problems with hallucinations. Will step-by-step rewards help solve these problems? Do we need better warnings for stupid lawyers?If you like this episode please consider subscribing, comment and liking to help others find our podcast. We appreciate your support.----Chapters:----00:00 - Is GPT-4 Getting Worse?00:20 - Center for AI Safety Statement: Will AI Make Humans Extinct?12:09 - Is GPT-4 Getting Worse? Is Alignment the Problem?29:27 - GPT-4 Roadmap: 1M Context? Multi-modal?36:11 - Vision of ChatGPT: Have Plugins Failed?38:02 - Will OpenAI API's Have Too Much Competition?40:21 - Giant AI Models Aren't Over: Is GPT-4 Much More Capable?44:39 - ChatGPT for Lawyers: What Could Possibly go Wrong?48:17 - The Hallucination Problem53:22 - Process Supervision: Solution to Hallucination?55:59 - Japan Removes Copyright Laws for AI Progress57:53 - UAE's Falcon 40B Open Source & Royalty Free!1:01:04 - Will We Value Written Language?----Sources:----
Neurolink's Brain Chip Gets FDA Approval, NVIDIA Stock Skyrockets, and OpenAI wants to regulate everyone but themselves.  We discuss LLM specialization and fine-tuned models like LIMA, Gorilla and ask is less training data more? We also discuss whether we would get the Neuralink brain implant. The future is arriving fast in AI this week and we try our best to keep you up to date.----If you like this podcast help us spread the word. Please consider leaving a comment, liking and subscribing if you haven't already.----00:00 - NVIDIA, Trillion Dollar AI Company?08:42 - Neuralink gets FDA approval for Human Trials15:30 - Can AI Read Your Thoughts? We Discuss Mind-Video20:12 - Sam Altman's World Regulation Tour23:25 - Governance of Superintelligence and Democratic AI29:16 - Meta's MEGABYTE: The Future of AI?34:36 - Specialized LLMs: Gorilla, LIMA48:34 - Adobe's Generative Fill in Photoshop54:23 - Microsoft CoPilot for Windows 11: Will it be Safe from Prompt Injection?57:42 - AI Training use Game Mechanics & More of AI Gaming----Sources:
In Episode 15 we explore AI regulation, new job-stealing capabilities for AI, and the dangers of autonomous drones, while pondering how to advise students on future careers. We discuss OpenAI's call for regulation amid fears of losing their monopoly, the rise of AI in gaming creating interactive stories, and their anxiety over autonomous killer drones. We also cover the latest news including ChatGPT for iOS and the wide release of Plugins for ChatGPT PRO users.Please consider leaving a review where you get your podcasts to help spread the word.CHAPTERS===00:00 - Cold open00:25 - Sam Altman Tries to Regulate AI & AI Regulation Senate Hearing03:29 - OpenAI's Lack of Moat to Open Source LLMs & Regulation 13:32 - Spear Phishing Attacks with AI LLMs & Bad Actors Using AI22:38 - ChatGPT for iOS now available in USA26:40 - The Future of AI: AI will be Everywhere29:30 - Which Jobs will be Displaced First and How?34:47 - As AI Chain of Thought Reasoning Improves Will More Jobs Go?40:32 - Connecting AI to Our World as a New Interface44:37 - Excitement on the Future of AI Gaming 48:51 - Will Startup Teams Be Smaller Due to AI & AI Regulation52:10 - Building Things with AI: Custom Software, Movies, Games55:35 - Palmer Luckey Interview: Autonomous Decision-Making AI DronesSOURCES:===
Disclaimer: this description was written 100% by Anthropic's AI including the video title and text in the thumbnail. We have not modified it. Thanks Anthropic!If you like this podcast please consider subscribing, liking the video and leaving us a comment. We really appreciate the support.-----This week in AI is always packed with the latest news in artificial intelligence, but this episode delivers breakthroughs that are firmly in sci-fi territory. Chris and Michael discuss Anthropic releasing a 100,000-token context window for their language model—enabling it to understand entire novels or every customer record in your database at once. They explore what might be possible now, like AI systems writing convincing news articles, handling legal documents, or providing personalized healthcare recommendations with full medical histories.We are also awed by Google's new AI capabilities, including models that can translate between any languages, handle complex reasoning or generate code. However, they're concerned by the company forcing it into their search engine and email—noting most users won't appreciate or understand interacting with an AI.Finally, we dive into an eyebrow-raising use of AI: an influencer selling time with her "virtual girlfriend" chatbot for $1/minute. While concerning, the technology may point to AI companions becoming common for the elderly or lonely. Overall, this mind-blowing episode highlights how AI continues to shape the future at an exponential pace.CHAPTERS:====00:00 - Introduction00:35 - Anthropic’s 100k context size announcement21:58 - Google I/O announcements: PaLm 2, Bison & Makersuite30:04 - Google Generative AI Search and Workspace Updates39:37 - Google Search Perspectives42:01 - Google Bard Vs ChatGPT45:33 - Hugging Face Transformers Agent & Multimodal models54:09 - AI model memory and learning56:41 - The AI girlfriend chatbotSOURCES:==== #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #GPT3 #GenerativeAI  #Anthropic #Google #GoogleIO #HuggingFace #Chatbots #Snapchat #VirtualGirlfriends #ThisDayInAI #Bard #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #NeuralNetworks #Chatbots #NLP #LanguageModels #GPT3 #BERT #ConversationalAI #AIAssistant #VirtualAssistant #Robotics  #TechNews #Innovation #Podcast #Technology #AI
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