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Author: Michael Sharkey, Chris Sharkey

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This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.
65 Episodes
Join the fun at: https://thisdayinai.comSimTheory: https://simtheory.aiShow notes: song: for listening and all your support of the show!CHAPTERS:------00:00 - We're changing the name of the show00:52 - Thoughts on GPT-4o (GPT4 Omni), ChatGPT Free Vs Plus & impressions27:57 - ChatGPT Voice Mode: A Dramatic Shift? Voice as a Platform: Star Trek Vs Her34:54 - Project Astra & The Future Interface of AI Computing52:28 - Applying AI Technologies: are the next 3 years a golden age for developers implementing AI?55:23 - Do we have to become Cyborgs to find our keys?1:06:24 - Google I/O AI Recap: Google's Context Caching, Tools for Project Astra, Impressions of Gemini Pro 1.5, Gemma, Gemini Flash, Veo etc.1:37:43 - Our Favorite UDIO song of the week
LIVE after the OpenAI Spring Update Event! Hear our initial reaction to GPT-4o and "Her" like virtual assistant with low latency voice.More testing/discussion coming later in the week.Community:
Community: https://thisdayinai.comShow notes: https://simtheory.aiIf you like the show, please consider leaving a comment and subscribing! We love to hear your thoughts on topics discussed on the show.-----CHAPTERS:00:00 - im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot, im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot02:33 - Which model is the best? gpt2-chatbots compared with current top models using "snake test"11:07 - Are 3 New Models Coming?  GPT-4L, GPT-4L-AUTO & GPT-4-AUTO18:41 - Privacy and trust issues with how OpenAI conducts themself29:22 - Thoughts on OpenAI's Model SPEC & Alignment40:21 - "Lazy Prompting" & Accessing Better Latent Space52:21 - Should you still learn how to code or study to become a specialist because of AI?1:02:35 - Why most people want AI to "go away": AI fear porn1:13:20 - MAI-1: Microsoft's AI Model to Compete with Google and OpenAI1:15:59 - News "Rapid" Fire: Udio Inpainting & Story Diffusion
Show Notes: https://thisdayinai.comSimTheory: https://simtheory.aiThanks for watching, if you like the show please consider subscribing, liking and all the stuff lord youtube requires.CHAPTERS:----00:00 - GPT2-chatbot: What could GPT2 Be? Is This GPT4.5 or GPT-5?37:08 - Is OpenAI about to take on Google & Perplexity with Search? ChatGPT Search?52:15 - Fun with Virtual Try On: IDM-VTON1:01:30 - Anthropic Releases Claude App for iOS & Claude Teams. Should you lock your team to a single model?1:08:37 - GeoSpy AI Hype & reality check1:15:21 - World's First AI Music Video Using OpenAI's SORA
Community: https://thisdayinai.comShow Notes: with Groq Llama3: https://simtheory.aiThanks for listening!Llama3 Tunes Mentioned on Show: - Rabit r1 Launch Party & Can LAMs Be Useful?13:40 - Microsoft's Phi-3 Impressions, Use Cases & Will It Kill Someone?32:50 - Llama3, Gemini 1.5 API Closing in on GPT-4 & Llama3 on Groq40:07 - A Week Later: SO Many Llama3 Fine Tunes and 16K Context 43:50 - Hume AI Releases AI EVI API: Empathic Voice Interface (and Lie Detector Test)52:11 - Meta Has Put Llama 3 Everywhere with Meta AI. What is the point?
Show Notes: https://simtheory.aiThis Day in AI Community: https://thisdayinai.comCHAPTERS:======00:00 - Meta Llama 3: Chris's Cheese Song & Zuck's Silver Chain04:07 - Everything Meta Announced with Llama 3: 7B & 40B Model with 400B coming soon21:31 - Is Groq The Ideal API Host for Llama3?28:44 - Llama 3 Being Made Available via Meta Apps to 3B Users with Meta AI in Instagram, Whatsapp and via Web38:01 - Llama 3 Licensing Must Include "Llama 3" 40:52 - Llama 3 400B Model Benchmarks While Still in Training & Potential Unlimited Context? & You Can Eat Llama1:01:51 - OpenAI Assistants API v2 & Is Tooling Important to Win Devs? Google Gemini's Mistakes1:15:24 - Conor Update: Using VASA-1 To Deep Fake a Record Label1:23:07 - SimTheory update: what's next from SimTheory
AI News: https://thisdayinai.comSimTheory: https://simtheory.aiShow Notes: - Udio, Udio Examples10:45 - Will a Record Label Sign an AI Udio Artist?19:09 - 3 Major LLM Updates/Release in a Single Day 22:58 - Google Gemini 1.5 Pro General Availability, Audio Modality & Impressions30:20 - Google Cloud Next 2024 AI Announcements Discussion47:18 - OpenAI Announces "improvements" to GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Turbo Official Release & Vision API JSON & Function Calling57:35 - Mistral Posts BitTorrent To New Open Source Model Mixtral-8-22B1:03:00 - Humane's AI Pin Reviews are out... and they aren't great.Special thanks to AI artist Conor for the great content!Thanks for listening.
AI News & Discord: https://thisdayinai.comTry AI on SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiShow Notes: - Mike's Meta Ray Band AI Glasses With No AI03:52 - OpenAI's Voice Engine & Voice Cloning Safety14:03 - ChatGPT Now Has Inpainting & Comparison to BrushNet by TencentARC19:44 - Is There a Business Model for AI Right Now? Is Gary Marcus Right?44:31 - Cohere's Command R+ Model & Tooling58:20 - Grok-1.5 & Grok Improving X/TwitterThanks for listening and supporting the show.
Show notes: Gemini 1.5 Pro on SimTheory: Gemini Ultra on SimTheory: our community: https://thisdayinai.comCHAPTERS=====00:00 - Fun with Suno v310:38 - We Have Google Gemini 1.5 Pro API, Google Ultra API Access!26:21 - Claude Opus is the King According to LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard38:25 - The Sink Sub Coding Challenge with Opus, Gemini 1.5 Pro and Gemini Ultra + Building Salesforce CRM with AI50:06 - Amazon Invest More Billions in Anthropic53:03 - Hume AI: Empathic AI Voice & Vision Understanding1:01:06 - Inflection AI Absorbed into Microsoft, Microsoft is below, above and around all top AI labs.1:09:28 - Does AI Help Students Learn? Maybe Not?1:17:37 - Stable Code Instruct 3B, a good local coding model?1:23:12 - Our AI Songs in Full! Thanks for listening, please consider subbing, liking, commenting - we love hearing from you.
Show Notes: Claude Haiku Agent: up for daily AI news: - OpenAI CTO Mira Murati Sora Interview Train Wreck16:47 - EU Passes the AI Act 24:25 - 1 year since Greg Brockman Unveiled GPT-4 + Cognition's Devin52:34 - Anthropic Releases Claude 3: Haiku & It's REALLY GOOD!1:05:20 - DeepSeek-7B Real World Vision Language Understanding1:16:09 - It's all about the training data, why Tesla might win Robotics & Vision1:17:27 - Figure1 Robot with OpenAI for Vision and Language + Discussion on Robot Slavery====Please consider subscribing if you like the podcast! Thanks for listening.
Join SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiTry Claude Opus: to This Day in AI Daily News: https://thisdayinai.comShow Notes: Trivia Results: week we cover Anthropic's impressive Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet and Haiku releases and play with Google's Gemini 1.5 1M Context using all the Seinfeld episodes ever written. We reluctantly recap and discuss the latest OpenAI drama, the Elon Musk lawsuit and finally cover Inflection's Inflection 2.5 release now available on Pi.If you like the show sub, like, comment to feed the YouTube gods for us. xo.CHAPTERS:====00:00 - Anthropic Claude 336:05 - Is The Future of Programming LLM Function Abstraction?47:13 - Google Gemini 1.5 1M Context Experiments1:08:38 - If You Had AGI Tomorrow What Would You Do?1:12:13 - OpenAI's DramaAI & Elon Musk Lawsuit1:29:38 - Inflection 2.5 Release on Pi
Show notes: SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiTry Mistral Large on SimTheory: our community: week we talk about the release of Mistral's Large model, Mistral Le Chat, and their deal with Microsoft Azure. We cover papers on Emote Portrait Alive, AI Lip Reading and Cover the Gemini Pile On and how it is distracting from Gemini and the 1M context size break through. We cover the great "data sale" of both Reddit, Tumblr and Stackoverflow data and discuss the Forecasting with LLM paper from Berkeley.  We also cover Klarna's 700 support agent replacing AI agents and ask... is Sydney Back with GPT-4.5?====CHAPTERS:00:00 - Cold open00:44 - A Tough Week for AI Influencers02:29 - Mistral Large, Mistral Le Chat & Microsoft Azure Partnership30:31 - EMO: Emote Portrait Alive36:26 - VSP-LLM: Visual Speech Processing incorporated with LLMs. AI Lip reading tech.40:06 - The Google Gemini Pile On / Backlash: Is it taking attention away from 1M context breakthrough?55:25 - The Great AI Training Data Sale: Reddit, Tumblr, Stackoverflow1:00:34 - Forecasting with LLMs Paper: Can AI Predict The Future?1:10:15 - Klarna Says They Replace 700 Humans with AI1:18:07 - Is Microsoft's CoPilot Update Really GPT-4.5?====If you like the podcast please consider subscribing, comment, liking and all the things required to feed the YouTube overlords.
Show notes: Mixtral: Llama: week we discuss Groq's LPU Chips and the implications of low cost low latency LLMs on custom hardware. We revisit our prank calling to see if Groq's low latency gives an advantage and see if we can improve Air Canada's chatbot. We discuss the launch of Google's Open Source Gamma 7B release and Magic's $148M fundraise for an AI co-worker who can reason. We also cover ChatGPT losing it's mind during the week.If you like the show, please consider subscribing. Thanks for listening.====Chapters:00:00 - Groq, Groq API and Retell with Groq32:48 - Google Gemma 7B Open Source Model39:04 - The 'Magic' Breakthrough on Reasoning and Context50:19 - Sounds for OpenAI Sora Thanks to ElevenLabs Sound FX51:59 - ChatGPT Goes Haywire
Show Notes: up for daily This Day in AI: https://thisdayinai.comTry Stable Cascade: SimTheory: week we take several shots of vodka before trying to make sense of all the announcements. OpenAI attempted to trump Google's Gemini 1.5 with the announcement of Sora, 1 minute video generation that does an incredible job of keeping track of objects. Google showed us that up to 10M context windows are possible with multi-modal inputs. We discuss if a larger context window could end the need for RAG and take a first look at GraphRAG by Microsoft hoping to improve RAG with a knowledge graph. We road test Nvidia's ChatRTX on our baller graphics cards and Chris tries to delete all of his files using Microsoft UFO, a new open source project that uses GPT-4 vision to navigate and execute tasks on your Windows PC. We cover briefly V-JEPA (will try for next weeks show) and it's ability to learn through watching videos and listening, and finally discuss Stability's Stable Cascade which we've made available for "research" on SimTheory.If you like the show please consider subscribing and leaving a comment. We appreciate your support.======Chapters:00:00 - OpenAI's Sora That Creates Videos Instantly From Text13:49 - ChatGPT Memory Released in Limited Preview23:31 - OpenAI Rumored To Be Building Web Search, Andrej Karpathy Leaves OpenAI, Have OpenAI Slowed Down?33:04 - Google Announces Gemini Pro 1.5. Huge Breakthrough 10M Context Window!50:11 - Microsoft Research Publishes GraphRAG: Knowledge Graph Based RAG1:02:03 - Nvidia's ChatRTX Road Tested1:07:18 - AI Computers, AI PCs & Microsoft's UFO: An Agent for Window OS Interaction. Risk of AI Computers.1:18:46 - Meta's V-JEPA: new architecture for self-supervised learning1:24:26 - Stability AI's Stable Cascade
Subscribe to ThisDayInAI: https://thisdayinai.comTry AI Agents on SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiShow notes: us your thoughts on Gemini here: to everyone for all your support and kind reviews to reach 50 episodes! Please consider leaving us a review wherever you get your podcasts.=====This week we cover the launch of Google Gemini Advanced, Gemini Ultra 1.0 and Bard being Renamed to Gemini. We compare GPT-4, Gemini Ultra 1.0 and Qwen 1.5 72B by sports betting $1000 on horse racing.We celebrate 50 episodes and share our excited for Qwen 1.5 72B's performance at coding and quick refusals. We cover new releases including SyncLabs and Retell AI and Apple's Open Source Guiding Instruction-based Image Editing via Multimodal Large Language Models.Finally, we discuss GOODY-2 and it's high refusal rate.=====CHAPTERS:00:00 - Betting $1,000 To Compare Gemini Ultra 1.0 to GPT-4 to Qwen 1.507:33 - Google Gemini Advanced, Ultra: Details of Announcement and First Impressions25:48 - OpenAI is Developing Agents to Control Your Devices27:40 - Celebrating 50 Episodes of This Day in AI30:34 - Qwen 1.5 72B: We're Impressed!42:47 - SyncLabs: Tested & Impressions47:58 - Retell AI: Tested & Impressions54:18 - Apple's Open Source Guiding Instruction-based Image Editing via Multimodal Large Language Models58:10 - GOODY-2: The World's Most Responsible AI Model
Join our new community: the show notes here: AI Agents & Try AI From The Show: https://simtheory.aiIf you enjoy the podcast, please consider leaving us a review wherever you get your podcasts.====In this episode we reveal the new community website. We discuss the latest GPT-4 updates, Code Llama 70B open-source release and first impressions, we play around with the new LLaVA-1.6 release and are impressed by its capabilities. We also look at YOLO World and discuss the impact of EAGLE-7B and RWKV Language Models. Finally, we cover Bard's horrible new image creation feature and censorship. CHAPTERS:====00:00 - Introducing Community5:10 - Be Careful What You Wish For! Mike Gets Spam Called by AI16:16 - OpenAI Announces "improved" GPT-4 Preview Model to Make GPT-4 Less Lazy27:00 - LLaVA-1.6: Improved reasoning, OCR, and world knowledge34:00 - YOLO-World: Real-Time Open-Vocabulary Object Detection45:11 - RWKV an RNN with GPT-level LLM performance and EAGLE7B Impressions58:16 - Google Bard's New Highly Censored Image Creation Feature1:07:13 - Will Google Bard be Renamed to Google Gemini?
Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support of the podcast.This week we discuss Mark Zuckerberg confirming Llama 3, road test Elevenlabs Voice Dubbing, the state of AI apps and subscriptions, practical use cases of AI interacting with our world, does RAG make ChatGPT worse? Prompt compression with LongLLMLingua and how it might solve the attention problem, experiments with new image models including PhotoMaker and some LOLs to end the show.AGENTS MENTIONED ON SHOW:======AI Phone Call On SimTheory: 6 on SimTheory: 6 Video Creator: LINKS:======Join the Discord: an AI Agent: https://simtheory.aiTo support the show (and if you enjoy it) please consider becoming a paying subscriber to SimTheory to help us cover costs of agents, models and experiments we do for the show. Plus get access to every model, modality and the latest AI tech e.g. phone calling in a single place.CHAPTERS======00:00 - Mark Zuckerberg Confirmed Llama 2 In Training03:39 - Elevenlabs Voice Dubbing Service Tested09:28 - Discussion on Research Labs, Apps & Future of AI App Business Models18:43 - Update with Real World Examples & The Future of AI Agents & Agency interacting with our "analogue world"30:56 - Nick Dobos Says RAG Makes ChatGPT Worse. Can Compression Help?35:32 - LongLLMLingua and Prompt Compression46:45 - Image Models: Photo Maker & Experiments with Image Generation1:01:45 - LOLs including Rabbit r1 Fail, Claude Multi-Modal Leak, DPD ChatSOURCES======
Build AI Agents & Try AI Agents From The Show On SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiJoin Discord: Merch: this episode, we dive into the buzz around GPT-5, sparked by Sam Altman's revelations on Bill Gates' latest podcast. We share our top hopes and dreams for GPT-5 and future AI advancements. Next, we delve into Microsoft's new CoPilot Pro Subscription, exploring how it stands out from ChatGPT Plus. Chris takes AutoGen Studio for a spin and ponders over its ideal user base. The episode then shifts to the intriguing concept of collaborative AI agents - is this the path to AI's mastering reasoning, reflection, and profound thought? We dissect the insights from the SeeAct Web Agents study, assessing its influence on AI agent development. Shifting gears, we discuss Google AMIE's groundbreaking ability to outperform doctors in diagnoses, even those assisted by AI. To wrap up, we spotlight the significance of Anthropic's Sleeper Agents experiment and its groundbreaking findings.Thanks for listening. Please consider subscribing if you haven't already and leaving a review. We appreciate all of your support!CHAPTERS:====00:00 - Cold Open00:31 - GTP-5 Rumors & Leaks07:32 - Microsoft CoPilot Pro22:27 - Microsoft's AutoGen Studio: An open-source UI for AutoGen38:53 - The Future of AI Agents? LAMs and SeeACT Web Agent Paper1:00:19 - Google AMIE: Can AI Replace Doctors for Diagnosis?1:13:12 -Anthropic's Sleep Agents ExperimentSOURCES:====
Try AI Voice Calling: Our Discord: SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiIn this episode we put to the test. We try out their new AI technology for voice calls that can react and respond in near real time by prank calling our local hardware and pet stores.We also discuss the launch of more AI dedicated hardware in the Rabit r1, the GPT Store now it's finally released with over 3M GPTs, discuss GPT Teams, LUMA, AudioBox and ask, are we in an AI bubble?If you like this episode please consider liking, subscribing and commenting. Thanks for watching!CHAPTERS====00:00 - Our call to the hardware store00:30 - Voice Calling with AI03:04 - Prank Calling a Hardware Store with AI11:21 - Calling a Pet Grooming Store with AI18:15 - Thoughts in AI Hardware, Cherry Picked AI Demos & Rabit r135:35 - OpenAI Releases GPT Store with 3M GPTs, Cloning Problem & Initial Reactions45:22 - OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Teams47:57 - ChatGPT Memory49:26 - LUMA Genie, The Metaverse & Vision Pro Apps55:05 - The AI Jailbreak Problem & Rethinking Persuasion to Challenge AI Safety by Humanizing LLMs1:00:52 - Meta AudioBox1:03:38 - Microsoft Overtakes Apple as Most Valuable Company - Is it because of AI? And is AI a Bubble?SOURCES:====
It's great to be back! In this episode we cover everything new and everything we missed during our break. We start with breaking news that the OpenAI ChatGPT GPT Store is being released next week, then cover Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision API, Mixtral APIs, AnyText, NY Times Copyright lawsuit and finally.. get excited about a dishwashing robot!====Join SimTheory: https://simtheory.aiJoin Discord: Merch: models from the show:====Gemini Pro: Diffusion Video: Movie Trailer Maker: - Mike's AI Movie Trailer Intro02:05 - GPT Store Will go Live Next Week22:52 - Gemini Pro API & Gemini Pro Vision Road Tested (literally)33:34 - Mixtral API: Mistral Platform API Tested45:31 - Stable Video Diffusion48:12 - Pika AI Video General Availability52:05 - Stability AI Memberships55:54 - Prompt Injection for DALL-E with Public Domain57:34 - New York Times Sues OpenAI & Microsoft for Copyright Infringement1:04:49 - Inpainting with AnyText1:14:15 - Microsoft CoPilot App with GPT-4 Now On iOS and Android1:14:39 - One More Thing: The Dishwasher BotSOURCES:====
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