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On the Season Finale of This is Small Business, Andrea sits down with Danyel Surrency Jones, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of POWERHANDZ Inc., as they listen to highlights from previous episodes. Danyel Surrency Jones shares her valuable insights as a CEO/entrepreneur on how to start, build, and grow a company and discusses how each of these moments resonates with her and relates to her own journey with her company. Join Andrea as she goes over some of her favorite lessons and reviews the notes she jotted down in her business playbook this season. See for privacy information.
On Episode 11 of This is Small Business, Andrea tackles getting ready for the holidays with Fort Boards Founder, August Graube, and Edward Anderson, a Professor for Management of Innovative Technology. The holidays are coming – busy sidewalks and shoppers walking home with their “treasures” – are you ready for them? This is a question that all small businesses need to consider as they prep for a big consumer season such as the winter holidays. What is the checklist to prepare for and leverage a spike in demand? Find out with Andrea, grab a hot chocolate – and don’t miss this special pre-holiday episode.See for privacy information.
On Episode 10 of This is Small Business, Andrea learns a few tricks for hiring a super team when she speaks with Kyle Goguen, Owner and Founder of Pawstruck, and hiring expert Dr. Brad Smart, Author of ‘Topgrading.’ Hiring is one of the trickiest – but most important – aspects of running a small business. Assembling the right team of people at the right time can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. But how do you find the right people to join your team, and avoid hiring the wrong ones? Essential listening if you’re getting ready to hire!See for privacy information.
On Episode 9 of This is Small Business, Andrea dives deep into going from “brick and mortar”  to the world of online sales with handmade small business owner Ruby Hong of Beets & Apples, and online sales specialist Nicole Leinbach of Going online can feel intimidating at first, but it’s a must and increasingly important in order to stay competitive and scale up. As you make this switch, how do you plan for increased sales and keep up with distribution challenges? And where is it best to show up considering endless options? This episode is a “must listen” for anyone expanding into online sales!See for privacy information.
On Episode 8 of This is Small Business, Andrea talks about the unboxing experience with Daniel Singer, Founder & CEO of Filthy Foods, and design specialist Kaila Piepkow, Creative Director and Owner of Dox Design. They say don’t judge a book by its cover… but let’s face it, a lot of people do. When it comes to the moment a customer unboxes your product, it matters. But how much? And how do you ensure that your packaging fits your product and suits your customers? Join Andrea as she learns about the ways that you can level up when it comes to the ultimate unboxing experience.See for privacy information.
On Episode 7 of This Is Small Business, Andrea gets some legal lessons from Naveen Thomas, director of the Business Transactions Clinic at New York University's School of Law. And she talks to Rod Johnson from BLK & Bold Coffee about how he and his friend and business partner Pernell Cezar make the most of each other’s strengths as they conquer the coffee market. When it comes to working with friends, what’s the ultimate recipe for success? How do you divide responsibilities, and how do you protect yourselves – and your friendship – from the inevitable bumps in the road? Lots of fresh ground lessons for Andrea’s growing small business playbook – so don’t miss out!See for privacy information.
On Episode 6 of This Is Small Business, join Andrea in conversation with self-proclaimed sustainable transformation expert Shannon Kenny, and Marina Tran-Vu, founder of EQUO, a business that sells alternatives to single use plastics. Going green isn't always easy. It can be hard to source the right materials. There can be extra costs involved and – let's face it – a ton of research. But it's something that matters more every day to customers. So, where do you start? How can small business owners go green and stay afloat? Tune in as Andrea collects some valuable lessons for her evolving small business playbook on what it takes to transform your business to an earth-friendly enterprise, step-by-step. See for privacy information.
On Episode 5 of This Is Small Business, Andrea sits down with Back To The Roots co-founders Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora to discuss their story of growing from college classmates with a quirky idea to sprout mushrooms out of coffee grounds, into a multi-million dollar garden supply company with a mission to help reconnect a new generation back to food and where it comes from. They produce and distribute easy & fun grow kits to help you get started, or a line of packet seeds if you want to really get your hands dirty. To ground it out, Andrea follows up with Chuck Templeton from S2G Ventures, best known as the founder and former CEO of OpenTable, a long-time entrepreneur who has a deep passion for helping early-stage and emerging entrepreneurs and companies scale their businesses. Chuck is now in league with Back To The Roots as they really start to hit their stride, making the jump from boot-strapping entrepreneurs to a booming medium-sized business. So come listen-in as Andrea gathers some great pointers for her small business playbook on what it takes to grow your creative adventure into a full-on venture!See for privacy information.
On Episode 4 of This Is Small Business, Andrea speaks with Cora Miller, founder of Young King Hair Care, a male-focused brand that aims to celebrate and represent the diversity of Black and Brown young men by providing them with natural hair products. Along with her husband Stefan Miller (Young King’s Chief Marketing & Brand Strategist), Cora has built a booming business primarily based on word of mouth marketing and direct-to-consumer communications. The Millers are a modern power-couple with a great product and a powerful message. Their secret? Connecting directly with their customers. From phone conversations with parents who say that Young King’s products have changed their lives, to building a community of advocates who are proud to spread the word, the Miller’s have bootstrapped their way out of their corporate jobs and into a successful small business. Stefan handles all things marketing, from branding and packaging to social media, while Cora handles all the rest. So come meet the founders of Young King to find out what it takes to build a brand through organic word-of-mouth marketing, and what takeaways Andrea’s adding to her small business playbook.See for privacy information.
On Episode 3 of This Is Small Business, Andrea shares some “real talk” with Shannon Goldberg, CEO and founder of Izzy Zero-Waste Beauty, about what it takes to create a healthy work environment for your team while running a small business. Born out of the pandemic and fueled by remote-work, Shannon and the Izzy Zero-Waste Team have had their fair share of ups-and-downs. But by prioritizing empathy and creating a work-culture where everyone feels heard, they’ve managed to thrive, all while maintaining some of the highest ethical and environmental standards in the industry. Next, Sheila Lord, the Founder of BMR Health & Wellbeing work-place consultancy joins Andrea for a chat about how businesses can create systems that foster health and wellbeing, and how that translates to the bottom line. Andrea’s takeaways from this conversation make for a truly inspiring chapter in her evolving small business playbook.See for privacy information.
On Episode 2 of This Is Small Business, host Andrea Marquez sits down with Eva Jane Bunkley, Founder of The Makeup Bullet and Eva Jane Beauty, to discuss her journey as a solo-preneur in the world of beauty products. From those first moments of inspiration (like problem solving on live television), to finding the courage it takes to declare yourself “open for business,” to making sure your audience knows who you are - this episode covers how to make sure your small business stands out from the competition. With some critical insights from PR expert, Chelsea Whittington, CEO of C. WHITT PR about creative ways to get your story heard, Andrea gathers some vital information for the next chapter of her small business playbook. See for privacy information.
On Episode 1 of This Is Small Business, host and self-declared “curious Millennial” Andrea Marquez learns about how (and when) to scale your side-hustle into a successful business. First up, Max Ash, the young creator and founder of MAX’IS Creations, (and his mom, Jen), who share their thoughts on critical areas like how to protect your intellectual property, licensing, manufacturing, and evaluating the future of your business. Next, Andrea gets some important advice from Verne Harnish, Founder and CEO of Scaling Up and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. So join Andrea as she gains valuable first-hand insights for her evolving small business playbook.See for privacy information.
This Is Small Business explores the journey to success for small business owners by diving deep into the pivotal moments they have faced and conquered along the way. Brought to you by Amazon, this show is delivered through the unique perspective of a curious millennial trying to figure out what it takes to be a successful small business owner today. Episodes feature small business owners and industry experts from all walks of life who offer trends analysis, life lessons, and a different point of view. This Is Small Business invites you to dig deep and find the tools you need to start, build, and grow your small business.   See for privacy information.
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