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Author: Dr. Brooke Weinstein

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This podcast is different from all the other parenting podcasts you've seen. Dr. B gets real and open about the true struggles of parenthood. It'll be messy, entertaining, educational and real! No quick band aid fixes but an authentic journey to THRIVING in parenthood. Think of Dr. B as a personal trainer for your brain. Cause this sh*t is REAL. She specializes in neuroscience based sensory and emotional regulation. But the good news is you don’t have to be a neuro science geek to learn all the brilliant tips and tricks to make your life so much easier in parenthood
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I used to be a raging people pleaser.I did everything for everyone, for all the wrong reasons, I did what I thought I should do, I did what I thought I should do as a mom, what I should do as a wife, what I should do as a friend, what I should do as a sibling. You name it, I did it.If you ever find yourself saying yes to things, you have absolutely no time or energy for or to complete. And you maybe even shy away from difficult conversations, or you find it really difficult to ask for help. Or you never accept help when it's given, you could potentially be a people pleaser.One of the biggest gifts of doing this work with clients is getting to observe their own shedding and their own people pleasing. And it is truly part of mental health is releasing your people pleasing tendencies. Because if you're doing everything for everyone else, you're not doing for yourself, not nearly as much as you should. And if you're not doing enough for yourself, then that means that your mental health is suffering. That means that you are neglecting yourself.Living in integrity with yourself aligning your self to your own purpose. That takes time that takes energy that takes effort, but don't ever settle. Don't ever settle for showing up in the world just simply for others. Because when you continue to self neglect when you continue to support others and not yourself, it does eat away at you. And so start small. Take the steps that I've given you and remind yourself that you're worthy, even if it ruffled feathers, you're so worthy.On this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.. Learn how you too can become a reformed people pleaser.
EP:83 Today is the day after the three-year anniversary of Jonathan's death. And my grief story was probably the fourth or fifth podcast that I ever recorded. A year and a half ago, I was bursting at the seams to finally share what happened. But felt like, at least Charlie, my older son needed to know before the rest of the world. We have a very hard time processing death, nonetheless, someone choosing to take their own life. And so I waited. I waited until either one of my children were ready. Eli, my youngest son, still doesn’t know today what happened. And that’s ok. He's asking questions, but we're going to wait until he's ready. Charlie has been wonderful at giving that respect to Eli, and waiting until his brain is ready to process. There's so much of my story I haven't told and I think I'm ready.The only reason I share my story and journey will always go back to my why. I know others have been through this or are going through this. And I don't want anyone to feel alone.In this podcast, I will share with you the importance of taking care of yourself and getting the support that you need while going through a divorce and have your spouse go through a mental illness. I will also share the journey of blame, pointing fingers, opinions and judgement that occurs after the passing of your spouse and the importance of boundaries and drawing lines in the sand of this “this is ok” and “this is not ok”. Lastly, I will show you how you too can show up for yourself. Unapologetically you are going to say the hard things you are going to tell the truth you are going to give the hard information you are going to be you whether people like it or not, is not easy. But you have to make a commitment to yourself. Don’t miss this podcast episode. It’s authentic and real and informative and healing. Let’s journey together.
EP:82 Today, I am really excited to have on Sarah Reardon who is a board-certifiedpelvic health physical therapist. She currently works at a private practice called Nola Pelvic Health and has anonline (Instagram account) exercise platform called, The Vagina Whisperer, that she created six or seven years ago to help folks from all over. Today, she hasover 600,000 followers. I just don’t think that this is talked about enough. And our pelvic floor health andfor all the dudes, the men, the dads, any of you human males who listen to thistoday, we will probably talk more about the female reproductive system and allthe things but this does affect males too. And I don’t want to take that away fromthe men.But I really wanted to talk about females and our bodies and what happens afterchildbirth, because a lot of the individuals who listen to this podcast are parents and I don’t think there is enough conversation around it. I think it’s very taboo.In this podcast, we will dive deep into what is normal versus what’s not normal in the pelvic health world.We are going tp discuss questions that most don’t want to ask but questions need to be asked so that we can get answers.Sara will also teach us how to do a proper Kegel and she explains her V-hive and what that looks like and how it is designed for all seasons in life.She also shares with us how she has been able to show up for herself and show up for her businesses and do all the things that she does while also having two kids.It is a journey you do not want to miss hearing.Don’t miss this informative, inspiring podcast with the AMAZING Sarah Reardon.
EP:81 Welcome to another episode of Thrive like a parent podcast. I have Derrick Cahill here and he is the is a stand up comedian and social media content creator focusing on authentic and relatable parenting stories. Derek is also a dad of three.His whole movement on the internet is this “pursuit of me”, finding first of all being happy. And second, being surrounded by people that accept him.In this podcast, we discusses the journey of getting to the “second mountain” on a personal level.Derick is a very creative person and this is who is been all his life and so the internet has been an outlet to share his creativity of life and how you can get to a place of happiness by being just you. Although he is still on this journey, he encourages and shares, and is authentic in doing so for the community he has developed and created.If you want to hear more of Derek’s journey join us, trust me you won’t regret it.XOXO,Dr. B#parenthood #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #innerself #bounderies #journey #trusttheprocess #trustyourself #parenting #parentsupport #podcastforwomen #podcastforentrepreneurs #podcastforparents #nervoussystemregulation #nervoussystemhealing #healingjourney #joyinthejourney #areyouhappy
EP:80 Love is a muscle and love can absolutely atrophy. It will slowly wear out until you can’t find how to access it anymore if not utilized and exercised.That is why there is common theme of feeling like there is no room left for oneself in relationships. This feeling of being spent and exhausted can lead to loneliness, resentment, and breakdown of communication.And it takes a lot of effort to utilize that muscle and get that love muscle back so you must make the time the time for it.You and your partnership are so worthy of not feeling lonely. You and your partnership are so worthy of feeling aligned and connected and working together as a team. And most importantly, if you feel this way, if you feel like your partner has nothing left for you. I want you to know you’re not alone. And it is okay to communicate and talk to your partner about it.Tune in for this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast.XOXO,Dr. B#parenthood #thrive #thrivelikeaparent #newepisode #healthyrelationship #communication #troubleinparadise #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #emotionalregulation #selfregulation #podcast #parentingtips #parentingpodcast #podcastersofinstagram
EP:79 Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the slight clutter or mess in your house, and you’ve walked in the door, only to feel overloaded by scattered papers orunwashed dishes and clothes and disarray. Maybe you’ve even had arguments because it bothers you more than it bothers your partner, or your your spouse. I want you to know, most importantly, you are not alone. When my house is clean, and there is no clutter, I have a peaceful mind. The state of cleanliness for some brains, helps you feel like you have structure, stability and control, which helps you feel like you have that within your life and within your brain. 8 Reasons to Eliminate Clutter from your Life: 1. Clutter bombards our minds with excess stimuli. 2. Clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focusshould be on. 3. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax. 4. Clutter constantly signals your brain that your work is never done. 5. Clutter makes us anxious, because we’re never sure what it’s going to taketo get through to the bottom of the pile. 6. Clutter creates feelings of guilt. 7. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve. 8. Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating what we need to quickly. Join me on this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent for tips to declutter your space and your mind! #podcast #sensoryregulation #parenting #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #overstimulatedmama #video #viral #reels #fyp
EP:78 You find self love for yourself by putting yourself first. You find self love by giving back to yourself, by saying no, by asking for help, by giving yourself moments of calm. That's how you thrive in the chaos of life.  That is how you fall in love with yourself. That is how you find self worth and self love.It doesn't make you a bad person for choosing yourself. It doesn't make you a weaker individual. It makes you a strong human. For being able to own your mental health, being able to own what you can and cannot do. My wish for you is to start thinking about how you want to live your life, how you want your life to look within the chaos of life, because it is always chaotic. But there is a way to do this life without crashing and burning. There is a way to put yourself first even in the most strenuous of moments, even in the most strenuous of circumstances, and it is okay to lean into that rabbit hole of taking care of yourself and listening in to what your body needs. Tune in to this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast and chat about how we all can thrive in midst of chaos.
EP:77 We're more exhausted than ever. We're more burnt out than ever. We're pushing so hard but yet getting stuck on a hamster wheel of unhappiness… Erika has done a phenomenal job seeing that reality and taking it upon herself to decided.. I’m going to take matters into my own hands and decide that I'm going to be in control of my own life…. On this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent join Erika and I as we discuss how we found our own freedom in today’s world of chaos and how you too friend can start living a life that is aligned to exactly what feels right and best for you! #podcast #parenting #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #viral #video #fyp
What is Infrared?

What is Infrared?


EP:76 I am so incredibly excited to have Connie Zak on who is the CEO and co founder of sunlighten saunas, and I can't thank you enough for being here. And I think this is going to be so informative to our listeners. Because as they all know, and I've spoken about it a lot, I now have a sauna from you all. And it's been a huge part of my healing journey for my Hashimotos. Connie Zack is a co-owner of Sunlighten, a leading company in infrared sauna manufacturing and infrared light therapy. Motivated by the positive impact of infrared saunas on her brother's health, Connie, alongside her husband, has dedicated over 24 years to advancing the benefits of infrared light worldwide, with Sunlighten operating in 13 countries and running an award-winning day spa in Kansas City. Their mission is to enhance wellness through infrared technology, focusing on innovation and meaningful relationships. Join up as we discuss what is infrared, and is it safe + what are some of the main health benefits? Make sure to listen to the VERY END for an exclusive offer to get your very own sunlighten sauna!
EP:75 On this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast let’s discuss how to recalibrate the nervous system and shift patterns to achieve a state of calm and peace. I hope this will encourage you to practice awareness, recognize your wins, and support your own regulation. The fastest way to regulate the nervous system is not through control, fixing, or creating structure, but by sitting in discomfort and supporting the body's natural regulation process. Recognizing and validating your feelings without shame or judgment is essential for regulating the nervous system. While control, fixing, and creating structure may provide temporary relief, they do not support long-term regulation. Practicing awareness and understanding your triggers can help you respond to unexpected situations with calm and presence. Join me on this week’s episode as I dive deeper into how you can create larger windows of tolerance to stress and discomfort which will allow for longer periods of regulation and a more peaceful state of being.
EP:74 The majority of humans somehow get into the pattern of learning how to regulate themselves on an external basis, which means they rely on everyone and everything else around them to give them permission, as well as allow them to regulate their nervous system. I find that the individuals who are externally regulating, it's as if that human is in a sea of water. And they are waving their hands around with tons of waves and white caps around them, and they are just treading water. And you can't do that forever. But what ends up happening is we're in the middle of the sea begging for a life raft. Externally, the individuals around you are not meant to satiate and take care of your nervous system. Can they support you? You bet. But can they fix and throw you a life raft? Every single time all the time? 24/7? No. And the reason being is that A: It's not realistic. And B, they have their own nervous system to take care of. Go down that rabbit hole and explore all the things that make YOU feel good. AND DECIDE to support yourself. Because what's waiting for you on the other side is such freedom, freedom from resentment and anger from your loved ones. Freedom for holding permission and everyone else's hands for your happiness and your mental health. Freedom from needing to feel worthy from others, and most importantly, regulating through someone else and other things externally. More tips on this week episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.
EP:73 On this week’s episode I am joined by Laura Day. Laura is an intuitive healer. She is a New York Times best seller. And she's worked with many amongst the stars. Laura’s work has helped demystify intuition and bring it into the mainstream. Laura has trained thousands of people and companies to use their brains, perceptions, and “sixth sense” in effective ways to realize their goals. We discuss what it means to truly live aligned within the individual neurology of your own brain. Subscribe to the Thrive Like a Parent podcast and tune in for the full episode. #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #mentalhealth #newyearsresolutionsarebullshit #growthovertime #thrive #supportyourbrain #burnout #dysregulatednervoussysstem
EP:72 On today’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast… I am so honored to be joined by Kelli Bullard. Kelly is an incredible mama. A young widow. Teacher turned author. We are all struck by tragedy in some way within our life. And at some point, we may need to support a neighbor, a friend, a loved one. And we have no earthly idea what that's going to look like for them, or what they may need. Each individual person definitely needs something different. Join us as we discuss how we had to figure out our own process in grief, Kelly’s new book (Behind My Smily), finding love after tragedy and so much more.
EP:71 Happy 2024!!! As we start ramping up this year, I want to remind you that today is today, we'll see what tomorrow brings. But be proud of yourself just simply for showing up. And trust the process. Whatever you're going through in your life.. Whether it's you having some January blues, whether it's you're feeling some depression, just in life or you've gone through a loss or you're having a hard season of your life, whatever it is, I want you to trust that process. Trust time. Love time. Allow time. Don't force time but instead soak it in. Take one small step to change your life in whatever direction that means for you. Whether it is slowing down, whether it is slightly ramping up, utilize that throttle to make the long lasting impact within your life. #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #mentalhealth #newyearsresolutionsarebullshit #growthovertime #thrive #supportyourbrain #burnout #dysregulatednervoussysstem
EP:70 On this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent, I have a very special guest with me, my boyfriend Carter. Throughout this journey, I had to grow and trust the process. It wasn't easy. I had to let my guard down, be vulnerable, and communicate, which is tough, especially after the trauma I've been through. That's why it took me so long to share my current relationship with the world. It's been two years, and it shows the depth of the trauma I had to work through. It's not just about breaking down walls; it's about feeling safe enough to let someone in and building that trust. The process took time, but now I can proudly say I'm in a committed relationship, and it's a testament to the healing and trust we've built together. Although, it was hard.. It’s attainable and so so worth it. You can find a healthy partnership and do life together in a way that feels best in right for you. I hope by us sharing our story with you, you too will find the courage to embark on this journey.
I urge you to slow down and take a look at the world around you that you are creating… Because this is not easy. I don't care if you're a working parent, a stay at home parent, single, solo or divorced.This is hard. It's not only hard to be a parent, but we live in a different world than our parents raised us in and it's okay to accept that and lean into that and give your brain and body all the support it needs. My wish for you is extra rest and extra water. If you're feeling dysregulated get down to essentials. Skip everything else. Food, water, rest. I wish you joy. I wish you peace. I wish you happiness. I wish you support. I wish you love. I wish you the gift of stepping on the brake. #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #holidayseason #truthsaboutholiday #holidaytruths #parenthood #momlife #nervoussystem #dysregulatednervousstystem #thrive #emotionalregulation #mentalhealth #parenting #holidays #joyinparenting
EP: 68 Today I want to remind you the holiday season really truly at its core meant slowing down, resting, rebooting. I want you to focus in on what matters most, which is taking the time to make holiday memories. I guarantee you're already doing enough. So put the garland down. Slow your roll on the extra sides of mashed potatoes and the extra dish you think you need to make this year. Stop over functioning and doing so much for so many when you really don't feel like doing it but you think you need to do it. Start supporting yourself this holiday season and enjoy the time with your family and the ones you love most and most importantly rest, rest, rest. Tune in to this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast for tips and strategies to truly enjoy and be present this holiday season. XOXO, Dr. B #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #parentingpodcast #holiday #holidayseason #neurosensory #momlife #unapologetically #authenticity #sensoryregulation #emotionalintelligence #mentalhealth #aligning #parenthood #holistichealth #thrive #burnout
EP:67 On this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, I am so honored to be joined by the one and only Erika Nolan! Erika has not only been a dear friend of mine since childhood, she has also been an inspiration for personal growth and courage to live authentically in a world that often pushes conformity. Erika is now an incredible Holistic Health and Homestead Coach. Her journey involved many unexpected turns that led to a profound transformation. Pursing a life that aligns with one's true self means stepping into the unknown, releasing old expectations , stepping out of societal norms and stepping into a path that feels right for you. You, my friend are so worthy of living an aligned and fulfilling life that is your true calling. My hope is that this episode will be the sign for you to live and be unapologetically you! #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #parenting #nervoussystemregulation #thrive #thrivelikeamother #parenthood #motherhood #momlife #widow #sensorysystem #mentalhealth #triggers
Exciting Life Update

Exciting Life Update


EP:66 Hello, and welcome to another episode of Thrive like a parent Podcast. Today, I'm going to just give you a life update. So every now and then I will kind of do this and share with you what's going on in my life. And there are plenty of other podcasts of mine that give you tons and tons of information. But every now and then you crave and ask for a life update from me. And I appreciate your interest. I think I will start with a Hashimotos update, because so many of you are asking for that. Doctors found that I had one tiny, gross, but former parasites, they've decided that I had an overgrowth of Candida. And of course, you know, stress, which of course that comes along with my life, and how much I have on my plate, which I knew that that's a part of Hashimotos. And they put me on basically a three month protocol. And so it took me a lot to figure out what I could eat on a daily basis.  But, I kept saying we've got to do something about this daily routine because like this is clearly not working for my lifestyle.  Please know that number one, in life, you have to do what works for you! I now know that this can be managed.  But it has to be managed in the way that works for me.  I'm so proud of myself because I finally have enough energy to be able to attend to my needs as well as my kids.  It's slow, but I see it coming back and I take all my wins because if I don't then I'll just still feel icky. I will never be the same person I was before Jonathan passed like I will never be the same person. I do believe that if you have have gone through anything huge in your life, lost a spouse, or a divorce or anything like that. I do believe that we don't fully own that it's okay to be someone different than who we were before.  Like, at the end of the day, I'm still broke, but the life experiences have shaped who I am, and who I will be for the rest of my my life, right. The other thing on the life update is, I could not be more excited about this upcoming thrive.  So there are many different ways to work with me, you can work with myself, one on one, you can work with the three individuals who I've trained for over two years that I would absolutely never have on my team or never allow them to see clients if I didn't feel that you were going to get the same result as you would with me.  And so you can work with one of them.  You can work with me one on one basis, or you can do our Thrive group program.  So this year, we only do Thrive twice a year, just FYI, we do it in the beginning of the year and we do it before Thanksgiving, around September (please listen to my podcast to know how Thrive works).So let's talk about what's to come besides thrive.  I have some very, very exciting guests coming on the podcast in the coming year.  So look for that, we are going to be doing a lot more of all that we already are doing.  Because we feel so good with what we're doing.  And it's it's so rewarding.I can't thank you enough for listening and coming along for this crazy ride.  It's the best. It's so much fun.  I love doing this and I love I'm very lucky that I love what I do.  And I love supporting all of you.
EP: 65 Being around our family for the holidays can be so triggering to us. On this week’s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, I want to give you a guideline of how to support yourself through that time. Dysregulation into regulation does not happen overnight. Anxiety into calm does not happen in a blink of an eye. Fight or flight into rest and digest does not happen overnight. It takes time, especially when you've been pounding the pavement all year long. That's the exact reason why I don't want you to start adding more to your plate with your family or taking on the emotional dysregulation of your family during this season. This holiday season, I encourage you to take care of yourself, because I care. I care so much. And I am so grateful to each and every one of you. XOXO, Dr. B #thrivelikeaparentpodcast #newepisode #sensoryregulation #nervoussystemregulation #authenticity #parenthood #widow #thrive #thrivelikeaparent #gainingsupport
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