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Author: Ace Metaphor

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Ace Metaphor presents the Tonight's Conversation Podcast, a place where social media influencers, dating coaches, therapist gather to discuss the topics surrounds love, dating and relationships.
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It’s amazing to hear, the moments when people fall in love and just know what they are willing to go through with that person.

Aug 24th

McKenna Lynn

This was really touching. I just started using this app and I saw the title of your podcast and it seemed intriguing. And I liked how short, and to the point it was. I actually used to have seizures when I was younger I've been seizure free now for over 13 years. It is a really scary condition so knowing that someone that really loves you and is willing to deal with that emotionally and physically is it's very heartwarming and to me. And that's real love. real love isn't beautiful it's ugly it's dealing with each other's problems head on together and loving each other through it and building each other into better people. I hope one day to find my someone but I also hope to build myself up. All in all, great podcast, and I hope that your girlfriend gets through the seizures and eventually becomes seizure free. All the best, ✨-Kenna

Feb 6th