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When Jim Irion finally pieced together the puzzle of his life after an autism diagnosis at 37, it was akin to finding a missing key to a lock long-closed. Our latest episode offers an intimate glimpse into Jim's powerful narrative, highlighting the profound influence a late diagnosis can have on understanding oneself and redefining one’s life path. We journey alongside him as he traverses the realities of adult autism, from the daily nuances like tying shoes to the larger life decisions that shape our existence. His voice serves as a beacon for others who may be grappling with similar challenges, and his candidness about the mental health battles he's faced is both sobering and deeply impactful.Through the lens of Jim's experiences, we tackle the complexities that autism weaves into the fabric of daily life. He lends us his insights on the delicate balance of expressing oneself while managing the intricacies of neurodiversity. Our conversation ventures into the nuances of meltdowns versus tantrums, the weight of career uncertainty, and the importance of recognizing and embracing one's autistic traits. Jim's story isn't just about the hardships; it's a resonating message that clarity and empowerment can emerge from the most tangled of situations.The episode culminates with an empowering discussion on perseverance and the importance of building a resilient support network. Jim's reflections on suicide and the coping strategies he has developed offer a lifeline of hope and solidarity to listeners. Together with the autistic community and their allies, we underscore the shared commitment to understanding, advocacy, and the unwavering 'Why Not Me' spirit. Join us for this heartfelt conversation that promises to enlighten, inspire, and remind you that you're not walking this path alone.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Imagine facing the challenges of parenting not one, but three young children with autism, each with their own unique set of needs and behaviors. Selena Lanelle, a brave mother and author, joins me to share her deeply moving story that stretches from the heartache of early autism signs in her twins to the complexities of navigating a world that often misunderstands non-verbal communication. With raw honesty, Selena recounts her family's journey through domestic violence, the reflection on autistic traits within her own marriage, and the eventual empowerment they found on the other side of adversity.In our conversation, Selena doesn't just recount her trials; she also offers hope and guidance through her books, "Autism Avengers" and "Unveiling Shadows." These works provide a beacon of light for parents in similar situations, reinforcing the message that they are not alone. We also address the delicate task of balancing a social life amidst the unpredictability of public outings and delve into strategies for fostering independence. Selena's story is more than just an account of her life—it's a testament to resilience, a source of support, and an invitation to join a community that understands the unique triumphs and challenges of raising children on the autism spectrum.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Imagine discovering a core truth about yourself that reshapes the narrative of your life. That's exactly what happened to Chris Weakly, who uncovered his autism diagnosis well into adulthood. Join me, Tony Mantor, on a profound journey with Chris as he opens up about the seismic shifts in self-awareness, personal relationships, and career paths that followed his revelation. His raw account navigates the complexities of adult autism support, and highlights the sanctuary he found within the IT world, where structure and logic reign supreme. Teetering on the edge of familial connection and isolation, Chris's tale is one of courage amidst the intricacies of sibling ties and professional life. We traverse the landscape of his childhood, marked by bullying and a lack of understanding, only to be uplifted by tales of empowerment and recognition of his unique gifts. His story serves as a beacon, illuminating the need for inclusive workspaces and underscoring the pivotal role of empathy and acknowledgment in the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum.As we wrap up our heartwarming dialogue, Chris and I reflect on the ripple effects of advocacy and visibility for the autistic community. We touch upon the burgeoning support systems for families and the exciting inroads being made towards global inclusion, like the autism-friendly initiatives at Dubai's airport. Every story has the power to resonate and catalyze change, and Chris's narrative is no exception. Your story, too, is waiting to be heard. Share it with us on "Why Not Me," and join a community committed to understanding and celebrating the diversity of the human experience.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Navigate the complexities of nutrition with Leah Oladitan, a distinguished registered dietitian, as we uncover the dynamic realm of dietary guidance. Leah's international expertise illuminates the intricate process of customizing nutrition plans, debunking the myth that dietitians are merely gatekeepers of calorie counting. We traverse the puzzling world of food labels together, equipping you with Leah's practical strategies to sidestep marketing traps and select wholesome options on your supermarket safari.Feeding a family isn't just about putting dinner on the table; it's an art, especially when catering to children with sensory sensitivities or who are on the autism spectrum. Leah and I share candid insights into the subtle art of introducing new foods, the power of a structured mealtime, and the virtue of patience as tastes slowly evolve. The dialog extends to the wider challenges parents face, offering sage advice for cultivating a nourishing eating environment and tackling the commonplace trials of picky eaters.As we round off our conversation, Leah and I delve into the unique nutritional requirements through various stages of life, from cracking the truth about eggs to addressing the needs of our aging population. Discover how technology like health apps can be a double-edged sword in managing wellness, and hear my personal reflections on the triumphs of those who've transformed their lives, one bite at a time. This episode is a heartfelt ode to the victories, both big and small, on the journey to better health. Join the conversation and find encouragement to make changes that resonate deeply with your own life story.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
When Kristy Mickelsen, a romance author turned fierce advocate, first noticed the early signs of autism in her children, she embarked on a journey many parents can relate to—one filled with determination, love, and the pursuit of understanding. Our heartfelt conversation with Kristi in today's episode is not just a story of parenting autistic children, but a deeper look into the fabric of family, advocacy, and the power of relentless support. She captures the essence of her fight against a system that underestimated her kids, revealing a mother's unwavering dedication to altering the trajectory of their lives, even if it meant starting her own school to cater to their educational needs.Navigating life with children on the autism spectrum brings its unique set of challenges and triumphs, as Kristy eloquently illustrates through the intricacies of her son's sensory processing disorder and her daughter's auditory processing difficulties. The family dynamic, punctuated by adaptability and education, is a testament to the resilience inherent in families like Kristy's. They've turned obstacles into opportunities for growth, and the close bond between her children showcases the beauty and depth of sibling relationships formed under such circumstances. Kristy's narrative encourages us to educate ourselves about autism and shows us the profound impact that knowledge and empathy can have on changing perceptions and strengthening connections.As we part ways with Kristy Mickelsen, her story leaves us inspired, reminding us that change often starts with a single individual's experience. As listeners, we're privy to the daily realities for families with autistic children, from sensory-sensitive lifestyle adaptations to the nurturing of special interests that provide solace and joy. Kristy's journey underscores the significance of changing one life at a time, and as your host, I am humbled to share these transformative tales with you. If Kristy's story moves you, know that there are many more voices waiting to be heard, and we invite you to continue joining us as we uncover them together in future episodes.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
When Anna Kennedy OBE speaks, you can't help but be moved by the power of a mother's love and the strength it takes to move mountains for her children. Join us as Anna Kennedy shares her deeply emotional and empowering journey of raising two autistic sons, Patrick and Angelo. Her candid recollections—from confronting a world that lacked autism awareness to the life-affirming accomplishments of her children—offer a beacon of hope to any parent walking a similar path. In a conversation that is both eye-opening and heartwarming, we navigate the challenges and triumphs within the autism community. We discuss the indispensable role of smaller charities that offer a lifeline to families, the critical importance of early intervention, and the nuances that make each autistic individual beautifully unique. Anna's story embodies the tenacity and advocacy that it takes to find the right support and to stand firm against those who might dismiss or misunderstand the needs of those with autism.The episode wraps up with a celebration of achievements and the supportive network that exists within the autism community. We indulge in the success of heartening events such as Autism's Got Talent and the Autism Hero Awards, while also emphasizing the value of shared experiences. The warmth and encouragement found in these stories shine a light on the significance of understanding, connection, and acceptance, reminding us all that within the intricate tapestry of autism, no one is ever alone.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Have you ever felt like the 'black sheep' in your family, or perhaps, in the world? We embarked on a journey with Sam Huber and his father, Bob, who vulnerably shared their personal experiences with autism, the monumental challenges they faced, and the triumphs they ultimately celebrated. Sam gives us a vivid glimpse of living in a neurotypical world while having autism, and Bob candidly reveals how these dynamics impacted their family, especially Sam's younger brother, Nick. We went back in time to the 90s, shedding light on the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding autism, and the enduring importance of understanding and acceptance.Building a bridge of communication and understanding in parent-child relationships is no small feat - particularly when autism is part of the equation. In our heartfelt discussion with Sam and Bob, they emphasized how shifting perspectives to view the world through the eyes of an autistic child can be a game-changer. We tackled guilt, reflected on past mistakes, and highlighted the necessity for continuous growth in a positive direction. We couldn't help but heap praises on Bob for his remarkable parenting journey, and Sam's suggestion that he takes a 'victory lap' for his accomplishments with his autistic son who has grown into a successful adult.Wrapping up the episode, we dared to challenge the conventional perception of autism, proposing a shift from viewing it as a medical condition to recognizing it as a culture. This enlightening debate with Sam and Bob offered a fresh perspective on what it means to be autistic. We stressed the significance of storytelling in bridging cultural gaps and implored society to strive for better understanding and acceptance of those with autism. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. We hope you'll join us in spreading awareness and acceptance of autism within our communities.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
As the calendar flips to a new chapter and we wrap ourselves in the possibilities of the New Year, I—Tony Mantor, your guide through the auditory waves of Why Not Me the World—am here to offer a sanctuary of stories and understanding from the heart of Nashville. With a heart full of gratitude, I reflect on the laughter, tears, and solidarity that our guests have brought into our lives, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of human experience they've woven, particularly in the realm of autism awareness.Gather 'round as I stand before you, microphone in hand, ready to unwrap the gifts of conversation and connection that await us in the episodes to come. I'm eager for you to hear the extraordinary tales and insights from our future guests, stories that promise to enrich your understanding and foster a community where no one walks alone. Together, we'll continue this journey, hand in hand, inviting you to become a part of our ever-expanding narrative—because every story, perhaps even yours, is a note in the symphony of life just waiting to be played.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Who would have thought that a podcast started by someone with no initial knowledge on autism would make it to 25 episodes? Well, we've done just that, and it's all thanks to your unwavering support and our amazing guests who've courageously shared their experiences living with autism. As we take a short break to celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones, we encourage you to revisit our past episodes. For those who are new, there's a treasure trove of enlightening conversations about autism waiting for you.This journey of learning and growth wouldn't have been possible without you, our listeners, and the remarkable individuals who've become part of our podcast family. Your support has not only helped us chart on Apple and other platforms worldwide, but has also sparked friendships and a deeper understanding of autism. We welcome your suggestions for future topics and urge you to share our podcast with others. We have exciting plans for the upcoming year, including a song and video for Autism Awareness Month in April. See you mid-January with a fresh new season, brimming with insightful discussions, laughter, and heartwarming stories. Until then, wishing you a joyous holiday season and a new year filled with prosperity.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Ever pondered how complex the journey of raising an autistic child can be? It's an untrodden path filled with unique challenges, unexpected joys, and profound learnings. In our latest episode, we invite you to step into the shoes of Ionit Sabatello, a courageous mother, as she shares her personal voyage of navigating her son's autism diagnosis since the tender age of seven.Ionit's tale takes us from her homeland of Israel to her current residence in London, painting a vivid picture of the obstacles faced during her son's diagnosis process, exacerbated by the language barrier and a change of environment. She provides a heartfelt insight into the early struggles her son underwent in school, the eventual relief a diagnosis brought, and the incredible progress he's made since. We delve into the unique family dynamics, highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing each child's individual needs, and the struggles and triumphs of Ionit's son's interactions with the world around him.As we round up our discussion, Ionit takes us through her journey of acceptance, shedding the self-blame and guilt, and learning to embrace her son for who he is. We also discuss the indispensable role of seeking support and resources, and the power of communication in building a robust relationship with her child. Tune in to this episode that promises not only to touch your hearts, but also to provide invaluable insights and advice to those embarking on their own autism parenting journey.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
What if you had a unique way of seeing the world, but didn't know why you were different until you were 44? That's what happened to our extraordinary guest today, Andee Joyce. Diagnosed with autism later in life, Andee shares her compelling journey of self-discovery and acceptance with us. Struggling to maintain relationships and jobs became a part of life for her, as she grappled with her unique mind. Instead of letting these challenges hold her back, Andee found strength in her difference and began to find her place in the world.Music and spoken word became a solace for Andee, a way for her to express her experiences and navigate through her unique mind. She reveals how her one-woman show, 'Rhythm and Autism', was born and the stories that inspired her touching song, 'Tracy's Tambourine'. Not just that, we also get an exclusive sneak peek into her upcoming sensory-friendly performance at the Walters Center next April. Andee's art is a testament to her resilience, showing the world that autism is not a condition to be fixed, but a different way of experiencing life.Venturing into Andee's past, we explore how her sensory sensitivity during her childhood paved her way to the creative arts. From being a hyperlexic student in an era where neurodivergence was a misunderstood concept, to her choice of attending an alternative school, Andee's early life experiences have shaped her into the inspiring individual she is today. As we wrap up this emotionally charged episode, one thing is clear - Andee's story isn't just about understanding autism, it's about recognizing the beauty and strength in everyone's unique journey. So, tune in and let Andee's compelling story inspire you to embrace your own differences and turn them into your strengths.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
What if you could unlock the potential of stem cell therapy to improve the lives of those with autism? Join us in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Eric Weiss and his wife, Christine, as we journey through their personal encounter with autism, starting from their son's diagnosis in 1995. We discuss the challenges, triumphs, and the critical role of finding the right resources and support for autistic individuals.The conversation takes a riveting turn as we explore the groundbreaking field of stem cell therapy as a potential treatment for autism. Hear a powerful testimony from a mother who has witnessed transformative improvements in her son after administering stem cell injections. We delve into the science behind this novel treatment, its ability to mitigate brain inflammation, and its promising success rate. We also shed light on the safe use of umbilical cord blood, a practice with over six decades of medical endorsement.As we venture further, we dive into a fascinating discourse on the intersection of autism and stem cell therapy. We also reference a book that delves into this subject matter. Learn from a mother as she narrates her son's autism journey and the positive impact of stem cell therapy. Understand the science behind stem cells, their potential benefits for those who are autistic, and the importance of empathizing and supporting austistic individuals. This episode is an illuminating peek into the potential of stem cell therapy to enhance autistic lives, offering a beacon of hope to families wrestling with this challenge.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Embark on an insightful conversation with Susan Morantes, a mother to an autistic son and an integral part of the Dan Marino Foundation. Susan's tale of navigating through the labyrinth of autism is both moving and informative. She takes us through the process of getting her son diagnosed, the challenges they faced in finding a school that could cater to his needs, and the steps she took in helping her son adapt to these changes. Susan's experience offers a beacon of hope and knowledge to anyone dealing with similar circumstances and shines a light on the evolving services for children with autism.What does it mean to fully understand another's thought process, especially when it differs so widely from your own? Susan opens up about her son's unique mental workings and how she's worked tirelessly to help him grasp the impact of his words. She also highlights her attempts to create a fulfilling social life for him and discusses how a change in diet has positively impacted their lives. It's a journey marked by continuous learning and adaptation, portraying the resilience of parents and families dealing with autism.Transitioning an autistic child to independence is a subject that cannot be ignored. Susan shares her ongoing struggle in this domain, highlighting her continuous concerns about her son's future. The conversation underscores the importance of a supportive environment and a community that fosters growth for children with special needs. We discuss potential future living arrangements and the importance of finding a place that can provide him with the necessary support and engagement. Join us as we delve deep into this intricate journey of parenting an autistic child, and gain insight into the resilience and dedication required to navigate these complexities.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Welcome to a conversation that will move your spirit and inspire your heart. We are honored to have Alize Adelle, who has been the guiding light for her severely autistic niece, Hannah.Alize enlightens us about Hannah's early diagnosis journey, which was fraught with uncertainties and societal misconceptions. Hannah's remarkable adaptation to her non-verbal interaction, using Disney film catchphrases to express herself, is a testament to the extraordinary resilience embedded in her spirit. As the world grappled with an unexpected pandemic, life presented Alize and Hannah with a unique set of challenges. Alize navigates us through this tumultuous time, describing how she managed to explain the concept of COVID-19 and the subsequent isolation to Hannah. Through it all, Alize managed to establish a sense of balance and structure, turning her home into a sanctuary of calm amidst the storm. The lockdown period, while tough, also offered opportunities for breakthroughs and fostered a symbiotic coexistence between Alize and Hannah.Our exploration of family dynamics establishes the unique bond between Alize and Hannah, a bond that is both tender and unshakeable. Alize's recounting of taking Hannah on a Disney cruise underlines the courage and adaptability that Hannah has nurtured over the years. We also acknowledge the critical role of Alize's sister and friends in building a robust support network. Our conversation ends on a note of hope and advocacy, underscoring the importance of sharing stories that triumph over adversity. We invite you to join us and possibly share your own journey - you never know who it might inspire.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
 Ever wondered about the world through the eyes of a parent with an autistic child? Join us as we journey with Victor Antunez - a loving father navigating the unpredictable waters of raising his 6-year-old daughter on the autism spectrum, and 4-year-old neurotypical son. Victor gives a raw and heartwarming account of his family's story, from the initial diagnosis to daily challenges and victories - a testament to the strength and resilience of parents in his shoes.We explore the importance of planning for his daughter's future amidst the uncertainties of her condition. Victor's candid stories shine a light on the effort he and his wife undertake to ensure their children understand and accept each other. Hear about the crucial daily routines they’ve established that help manage their daughter's autism and imbue their lives with a sense of normalcy amidst the complexities. Plus, discover the essential part siblings play in engaging an autistic child and the importance of advocating for your child to get the services they need in the school system.Lastly, we delve into the power of hope as a parent or caregiver. Hope can normalize the environment for our loved ones and provide a beacon of light in what sometimes feels like a never-ending tunnel.He has written 2 books to help others pursue their quest for a better life living with autistic children.So, tune in to this episode, immerse in Victor's inspiring story, and expand your understanding of the experiences of parents raising children on the autism spectrum.You'll walk away inspired, knowing that you're not alone in this world.   Let's keep the conversation going - share your story with us at Remember, no matter where you are, you are not alone. Let's spread the word about our inspiring conversations on this podcasthttps://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Have you ever wondered how an understanding of autism can enrich the world of music? Join us in a riveting conversation with Howard Priestley, the seasoned Music Director of Phoenix Radio, as he beautifully intertwines these two realms. With a background in art and teaching, Howard brings a unique perspective to the table, sharing insights from his experiences working with young people with learning disabilities. His story of resolving a disagreement between two autistic friends not only showcases his deft handling of sensitive situations but also provides a profound understanding of appreciating individual differences.As our conversation progresses, we dive into the dynamic world of music and the significant contributions of the autistic community. From the pioneering sounds of George Clinton to the unforgettable melodies of David Byrne's Talking Heads, we uncover how their unique perspectives have elevated the music industry. We also share an inspiring story of an autistic presenter's innovative idea that revamped the format of a radio show. Wrapping up, we express our admiration for the commendable work of Phoenix Radio, a platform that empowers people within the autistic community to share their stories. This episode is a testament to the importance of acceptance, understanding, and celebrating our individual talents. You won't want to miss this inspiring and eye-opening episode!https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Imagine walking in the shoes of a father raising three unique children, all on the autism spectrum. That's the enlightening journey George Bailey, a dedicated father of five, invites us into. George gives us an inside look into their family life, from the intricate process of obtaining an autism diagnosis to the day-to-day nuances of nurturing his children. His tales are a testament to the exceptional ways his kids exhibit their autism and the conscious decision to homeschool them, leading to a more personalized learning experience aligning with each child's interests and strengths.Have you ever met a kid who knows all concerning Marvel and Star Wars? Or a young artist whose passion for art is contagious? Well, meet George's wonderful children! His anecdotes about their unique interests and learning will leave you awestruck. George's journey is not just about raising his children; it's also about learning from them and reveling in their distinctive gifts. His kids' autism doesn't define them; instead, it enhances their unique world view and talents, offering a beautiful perspective on raising autistic children.Lastly, George lets us in on the innovative ways he supports his children, such as the use of sleep capsules and the future of teaching his son to drive. The commitment he displays towards nurturing his children's ambitions, notwithstanding his concerns for their future, is genuinely inspirational. Listen as George emphasizes the significance of finding a support network when parenting children with special needs. His story isn't just about the struggles and challenges; instead, it's filled with hope, love, and the remarkable progress his children have made. Let's celebrate autism, the journeys of special needs families, and the boundless love of a father in this inspirational conversation with George Bailey.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
What if you could look at your differences not as disabilities, but as superpowers? This is the inspiring perspective that our special guest, Jade Olszewski, brings to light. As an artist, energy healer, transformational coach, and mother to an autistic son, Jade has a wealth of wisdom to share about embracing differences and navigating the world of autism. Through her heartfelt journey, Jade takes us from the initial diagnosis when her son was only four, to the challenges and victories that have shaped their life ever since. She offers a glimpse into her unique parenting techniques, including a calming room for her son and the use of tools like headphones to help navigate noisy environments. She delves into her thoughts on being on the spectrum herself, though undiagnosed, and how labels can be a double-edged sword - providing understanding, yet also limiting.In the last segment of our conversation, Jade emphasizes the importance of acceptance and self-love for those dealing with autism. Her insights into her son's literal thinking, his love for jokes, and his approach to social situations are both enlightening and uplifting. Through it all, Jade reiterates the need to celebrate small wins, foster a supportive environment, and above all, to view differences as superpowers. Come along on this heartening journey that promises to leave you inspired and empowered.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
What happens when comedy converges with therapy? The result is an extraordinary connection and engagement with autistic clients, as explained by our guest, Patrick Sisk, a registered behavioral technician and stand-up comedian. Patrick brings a whole new dimension to therapy, using humor as a tool to navigate through the complexities of autism. He shares his unique experiences of working with clients of varying ages in their homes and the support provided by a supervisor to ensure effective therapy.Patrick's story isn’t just about therapy, but also about the challenges he's faced, and how he's used comedy as a de-escalation tool. We take a closer look at one particular case, an adopted 8-year-old girl with autism, and how Patrick has encouraged her to be mindful of her words and actions. This episode promises to keep you engaged and inspired as therapy and comedy coalesce to create extraordinary outcomes. Don't miss out on this heartening conversation that beautifully illustrates the power of laughter and understanding in making a difference in someone's life.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
Who says music isn't a universal language? Today, we sit down with the inspiring young artist Cannon Moore, a 21-year-old musician from Florida. Diagnosed with autism at the tender age of five, Cannon shares his journey through the world of music and how it helped him overcome the challenges posed by his condition. From his early social struggles to an unconventional educational path, Cannon's tale is one of resilience, determination, and the incredible power of music.Life is a journey, and we all face challenges. What is remarkable about Cannon is his unwavering pursuit of his dreams, despite the obstacles he has encountered. Homeless and jobless at some point, he found solace in music and a supportive group of friends. Cannon's journey is testament to the power of friendship and the magic that can happen when you pair talent with relentless determination. He also discusses the importance of understanding autism and its effects on daily life, striking a chord with his candid insights.But the journey doesn't end there for Cannon. This ambitious musician has a vision for his future that's as bright as his spirit. He dreams of spreading happiness through his music, aspiring to deejay at large festivals and make a living from his passion. He shares his plans to move to Colorado, hoping to establish new connections in the EDM music industry.In addition, Cannon shares his coping mechanisms, such as self-talk and imagination, highlighting the importance of a solid support system and balancing confidence with humility.So, tune in, get inspired, and join Cannon as he breaks down barriers with his music and message.https://tonymantor.com music bed written by T. WildWhy Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
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