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Ever wonder how you can stay true to your health goals while navigating the maze of tempting holiday feasts? Can you imagine a festive season where you have a mindful strategy that keeps you from being overly rigid or excessively indulging? Join us as we talk about how to create sustainable goals and keep your health at the forefront, even in the face of holiday temptations. We dive into strategic planning and flexible goal setting, ensuring you have a sensible approach to the abundance of food that becomes a norm during festive seasons.As the smell of Thanksgiving turkey fills the air, we also take a moment to discuss peer pressure and how to handle it. There's a way to navigate these joyful events without feeling overwhelmed, and that's through intentional goal setting. We touch on maintaining wellness during holidays and vacations, emphasizing the importance of trusting yourself and aligning your decisions with your health goals. Remember, a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season begins with honoring your health. So, let's welcome the holiday cheer with mindfulness, trust, and a dedication to our health.
In this episode, Heather and Val explore the power of looking beyond the scale and focusing more on body composition changes. Val, for instance, shares how she saw a remarkable transformation in her body composition over the years without significant changes in her weight.We emphasize the role of a positive mindset in embarking on a fitness journey. We discuss the groundwork that needs to be done before starting a fat loss phase such as managing stress, nurturing a healthy mindset, getting adequate sleep, and maintaining proper nutrition. We also stress the importance of having a reliable support system, like a coach, to keep you accountable and remind you of your end goal.In the final part of our discussion, we underscore the importance of holding onto your core values when undertaking a growth journey. We share our experiences and thoughts on how to best approach growth while maintaining perspective. 
We're witnessing more women then ever embracing weightlifting, making us ponder whether we are raising the strongest generation of women ever. We discuss how our individual experiences help frame our views on the evolution of strength training culture and its impact on women.Join us as we dissect the potential drawbacks of using polarizing language in strength training, discuss body composition and physique goals, and how there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We dig into the dynamics of group coaching, analyzing the pros and cons, and sharing insights on how to tailor it to your needs. Then, we highlight the significance of individualized coaching. Just like planning a trip, having a coach increases your chances of achieving your goals by providing personalized nutrition advice, form checks, and more.Finally, we delve into the process of choosing the right coach or app. We emphasize the importance of interviewing multiple coaches, asking the right questions, and setting clear expectations. Our goal is to help you find a coach who isn't afraid to be honest about what can and cannot be promised, and who's willing to establish a foundation of habits before tackling fat-loss goals. Tune in to learn how to navigate the wild, wild west of online fitness and make it work for you.
Ever wondered how a change of perspective can redefine your approach to health, fitness, and aging gracefully? That's precisely what we explore with our special guest, Karen Jackson (Instagram @midlife_revelations). Listen in as we discuss how our fitness journeys are about more than physical transformation; they're about shifting mindsets and adopting consistent habits.Our conversation takes a turn towards breaking down misconceptions about diet and nutrition. We shed light on how it's not about shrinking, but becoming stronger, healthier, and more resilient. Karen weighs in on the importance of patience, persistence, and getting back on track after setbacks, cementing that fitness is a journey rather than a destination. We wrap up the episode by challenging societal perceptions of aging, particularly for women. We believe it's time to shatter the stereotype that aging is a negative process. Instead, let's celebrate it as a journey of vitality, strength, and self-worth. This episode is not just about health and fitness; it's a rallying call for all women to stand tall, embrace their power, and break free from societal expectations. Tune in and join us for this empowering conversation.
What if we told you that the secret to 'hacking' your metabolism doesn't involve any magic pills or crazy diets, but understanding your body better and making sustainable lifestyle changes? We are firm believers in this approach and have seen the positive impact it has had on our lives. In this episode, we delve into metabolism truths and myths, shedding light on why some 'hacks' might not be as effective as they seem. We go beyond food and exercise, discussing how stress management and sleep can significantly impact metabolism. We discuss how simple habits, formed over time, can have lasting change for our metabolic health. Your body doesn't need you to be perfect, it just needs you to be consistent. We talk about the importance of making decisions for our bodies from a place of strength, not shame or guilt. It’s about balance and knowing just how much is enough to keep that 'stress bucket' from overflowing. Gratitude journaling, taking baths, and even strength training, can all help us get into a parasympathetic state and feel our best. Listen in and discover how you can take steps towards a healthier lifestyle and improved metabolism today.
Being a Beginner

Being a Beginner


Get ready to jog down memory lane with us, as we introduce the idea of Training Age and recount our personal fitness journeys. We'll kick off by discussing the different stages of training age - beginner, novice, intermediate, experienced, and what it means to progress through each level. We’ll also delve into our own humble beginnings in fitness, and the small steps that pushed us toward our goals. Valerie shares how a 12-week challenge sparked a newfound love for strength training and even led to bikini contest prep with her husband. Heather gets personal too, recounting her journey from beginner to Boston Marathon qualifier, thanks to a supportive friend and a supportive family. We  discuss the world of macro tracking, a concept that revolutionized our understanding of dieting and we discuss past dieting failures and how these experiences led to a better understanding of nutrition.
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