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Imagine living a life where you would be able to text any of the top people in your industry and actually get a response. How much faster would you reach your goals? How much better would your environment be? What would it do to your net worth?

Business networking has always had a negative stigma because so many people were taught to do it the wrong way. Here on the Build Your Network Podcast, you will learn how to network the new way and the right way. Three days a week, your host, Travis Chappell, will be having a conversation with top leaders like John C Maxwell, Amy Porterfield, Molly Bloom, Jack Canfield, Grant Cardone, Jordan Harbinger, Aubrey Marcus, Tom Bilyeu, and dozens of others. Each episode is geared toward you and is dedicated to help you uncover the secrets of professional networking in order to push you to the next level of success in your life.

Consider this the ultimate guide to leveraging a powerful network the right way, building a network of influencers in your professional circles, and adding value to the lives of those around you.

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Thais Gibson (@thepersonaldevelopmentschool) is an acclaimed personal development leader and counselor known for her pioneering work on the subconscious mind and attachment theory. With over 38 million views across her platforms, Thais has helped thousands transform limiting beliefs and behaviors through her integrated attachment theory model. This expansion on traditional attachment theory empowers the healing of different life attachments to enable personal growth. Thais founded The Personal Development School, offering acclaimed courses based on her academic training and in-depth client research. She is certified in over 13 modalities, including CBT and NLP, with a Ph.D. in the field. What Travis and Thais discussed: Going through hardship and pain can be extremely valuable. As Thais said, the hardest times of her life taught her the most important lessons. Embracing and learning from adversity makes us stronger. Understanding the subconscious mind is key to personal growth. Our subconscious drives up to 95-97% of our behaviors, yet most people focus solely on the conscious mind. We must reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs that hold us back. We are all wired for connection and suffer in its absence. Thais noticed that many of her affluent clients created unnecessary problems due to a lack of fulfillment. Seeking genuine bonds with others provides meaning. Food and the environment affect mental health more than most realize. Poor nutrition and societal divisions breed widespread issues. Taking control of our health and thinking for ourselves is essential. We must align conscious goals with subconscious needs to achieve them. Self-sabotage happens when conscious desires conflict with subconscious priorities. Identifying core needs and limiting beliefs allows us to remove inner resistance. This thought-provoking discussion was about overcoming hardship, mastering the mind, the need for connection, societal issues, and achieving goals. To learn more insights from Thais Gibson and Travis Chappell, listen to this episode on the Travis Makes Friends podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Aditi Nerurkar (@draditinerurkar) is a physician and public health expert who specializes in stress management, resilience, burnout, and mental health. She currently serves as Co-Director of the Harvard Medical School Clerkship in Community Engagement and formerly was medical director of a Harvard integrative medicine program. Her research has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and she is a frequent medical commentator for MSNBC and NBC News. Dr. Nerurkar has worked extensively in global public health, including on HIV/AIDS and refugee health projects in Africa. She is the author of The Five Resets, a book on rewiring your brain to manage stress. An internationally recognized speaker, she has given talks at major conferences and corporations on building resilience. Dr. Nerurkar aims to provide science-backed strategies to help people thrive in the face of modern stressors. She also co-hosts the Time Out podcast produced by iHeartmedia and Hello Sunshine.  What Travis and Dr. Aditi discussed: Stress is unavoidable, but we can rewire our brains to manage it in a healthy way. Dr. Nerurkar explains how techniques like mindfulness and neuroplasticity can strengthen neural pathways to activate the prefrontal cortex instead of the stress-response amygdala. This allows us to thrive rather than just survive. Know yourself and walk your own path. Travis emphasizes the importance of self-discovery, following your intuition, and being true to yourself rather than conforming to others' expectations. This self-awareness and authenticity lead to fulfillment. Small steps add up through neuroplasticity. By repeating simple practices like taking mindful walks, we cement new neural pathways over time. Consistency matters more than duration. Even reluctant patients find these lifestyle tweaks effective. Combat negativity bias intentionally. We're bombarded with up to 10,000 marketing messages daily, predominantly negative. This can wire our brains to constant stress. Seeking positive inputs counteracts this, whether it's reading good books or avoiding toxic media. Our brains are shaped by what we expose them to. Live a lifetime daily. Dr. Nerurkar recommends devoting bits of each day to the important elements of life - childhood play, work, family, vacation, and retirement. This provides balance and meaning. Details like phone calls to loved ones count. Dr. Nerurkar offers science-based, actionable strategies to refocus our minds and lives. Tune into this episode of Travis Makes Friends to learn more about mastering stress, understanding neuroplasticity, and optimizing your well-being. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Eric Skwarczynski (@eskwarczynski) is a versatile media professional with a passion for storytelling. Over the past 7 years, he has worked in various roles, including videographer, photographer, writer, and graphic designer, taking him to over 20 states and 13 countries. His mission is to shed light on the important issue of mental, physical, and sexual abuse within Independent Baptist Churches. He hosts the Preacher Boys podcast, which launched in January 2020 and has since amassed millions of downloads. Content from his podcast has been featured on Peacock and CBC, and on his accompanying YouTube channel.  He has also launched a second YouTube channel, Film School’d, featuring directors, actors, writers, Academy Award-winning FX artists, and more film industry experts. Today, Eric is promoting the new documentary "Let Us Prey: A Ministry of Scandals" which premieres on Investigation Discovery on November 24th and 25th of 2023. The four-part docuseries exposes predatory behavior within Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches and gives voice to survivors seeking justice. Featuring first-hand accounts from survivors like Ruthy Heiler, Kathy Durbin, and Amanda Householder, Let Us Prey offers crucial insight into the troubling culture within the IFB. Eric's testimony is also featured in the documentary, continuing his mission to shed light on abuse within Independent Baptist Churches. What Travis and Eric discussed: Why Eric started the Preacher Boys podcast to expose abuse and corruption in the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) church community he grew up in. He felt someone needed to uncover the problems, even though he was no longer part of the church. The upcoming documentary "Let Us Prey" on Investigation Discovery and HBO Max will shine a bigger spotlight on abuse in the IFB. Eric and others spent significant time being interviewed for it. According to Eric, the IFB attracts and enables abuse because of its authoritarian power structure, purity culture, and lack of accountability for leaders. It sends the message that abuse will be tolerated. Both Eric and Travis emphasize the importance of continual questioning and keeping an open mind, rather than sticking dogmatically to answers that can't be questioned. This prevents becoming trapped in harmful fundamentalist thinking. They feel empathy for Christians saddened by their deconversions but ultimately had to be honest about their beliefs. Mutual love and conversation matter more than agreement. This raw, revealing conversation exposed the rampant abuse and silencing in Christian fundamentalist circles, through Eric's courageous Preacher Boys podcast and the upcoming documentary "Let Us Prey." However, effecting real change requires questioning the system and speaking truth, with integrity and empathy. Travis and Eric model this by engaging kindly across deep divides. Listen to this entire inspiring episode if you want inspiration to fight injustice with compassion. By leading with moral courage, we can take away permission to abuse power, in churches or anywhere else. A better world is possible when we stand for truth empathetically. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Stevie Hendrix (@stevie_hendrix) is a globally recognized digital creator who has spent almost a decade connecting with millions worldwide alongside his wife Sazan. Together, Stevie and Sazan invite their 'online fam' into their lives through social media, cultivating an engaged community centered around kindness. As a true influencer, Stevie's impact stretches far beyond the digital space. He has partnered with globally-recognized brands like Target, Disney, AMEX, and Macy's as a brand ambassador and spokesperson. His infectious positivity and compassion have struck a chord with followers and brands alike. Stevie and Sazan have been featured extensively in major publications, including Cosmopolitan, People,, and graced the covers of magazines like Austin Living and Magnify. At his core, Stevie aims to spread more love, joy and inspiration through his work - regardless of algorithms, platforms or ventures. He is dedicated to uplifting others and making a difference through the incredible reach of his digital profiles. Their book A Real Good Life will help you be more intentional with each hour of your day, build deeper connections, establish sustainable rhythms, recognize the value of reflecting, focusing, gathering, and resting, and inspire you to cherish life's gift in each moment. What Travis and Stevie Discussed: Work hard when you're young to set yourself up for success later. In your 20s, you have energy and time on your side that you won't have later when you have more responsibilities. Use that time to grind, take risks, and build skills that set you up for bigger success down the road. Have a vision for your work. Grinding just to grind accomplishes little. Understand the lifestyle you want in the future, and use the hustle of your younger years to build towards that vision. With a purpose behind it, hard work in your 20s pays off enormously later. Struggle now or struggle later - the struggle is inevitable. It's better to purposefully take on hard things when you're young and able to control the circumstances more. Putting off struggle until later only makes it more difficult. Embrace the necessary struggle on your terms. The hustle is about focused, quality work, not just quantity of hours. Work smarter by examining how you spend your time and cutting out unproductive activities. A few hours of deep focus outpaces unfocused work for 14+ hours. The hustle is about working intelligently. Cultivate the garden you have. Your life circumstances may not be ideal or what you envisioned, but you can still cultivate goodness daily. Start with the garden you have rather than wishing for a different plot - make the most of the gifts and people around you now. Stevie provides an inspiring perspective on making the most of your younger years and cultivating a life you love. For more insights, be sure to listen to the full conversation on the Travis Makes Friends podcast episode with Stevin and how his book "A Real Good Life expands on creating meaning through simple, daily moments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ajit Nawalkha (@realcoachajit) is an accomplished author, podcaster, and entrepreneur focused on coaching and personal growth. As the co-founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley and the Global Grit Institute, Ajit has established himself as a leader in the coaching world. He is the talented author behind such books as "Live Big" and "The Book of Coaching," sharing his insights to inspire others to live purposeful and fulfilled lives. Ajit also hosts the popular podcast "Master Coaching with Ajit," where he delves into coaching best practices. With decades of experience founding, scaling, and optimizing businesses, Ajit brings a wealth of knowledge on topics like coaching, team building, systems, marketing, and more.  He works closely with select companies to catalyze positive change, cultivating workplaces and leaders that prioritize wealth, fulfillment, and making a difference. What Travis and Ajit discussed: Achieve clarity on what you truly want. Ajit realized he wanted to be healthy and energetic as he aged so he could keep up with his future grandkids. Once he got clear on his desire, he was able to make the lifestyle changes needed. Friendships require vulnerability and consistency over time. Ajit believes in developing deep, meaningful friendships built on trust rather than having many shallow connections. This requires being open and spending quality time together. Entrepreneurship fosters personal growth. Ajit was drawn to business because whether you succeed or fail, you will transform in some way. It pushes you to improve, unlike a regular job. Listen to your heart's desires, not society's. Don't let others dictate what you should want. Connect to your own inner wisdom about the life you wish to create. Take bold action when you realize your truth. After Ajit's "come to Jesus" moment on New Year's Eve, he made many major changes in alignment with his soul's purpose. Travis and Ajit dive deeper into many intriguing topics together, including friendship, entrepreneurship, coaching, and living a meaningful life. Tune in to gain more of Ajit's wisdom and insights from his fascinating personal journey.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jen Gottlieb (@jen_gottlieb) joins Travis Chappell in this inspiring episode of Travis Makes Friends to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. From auditioning for Broadway roles to creating a personal training business to manifesting her dream partner, Jen shares the ups and downs that eventually led her to where she is today. Before co-founding Super Connector Media, Jen Gottlieb was pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress in New York City. Her dedication led to landing a role in the Broadway National Tour of The Wedding Singer. But that was just the start of Jen's acting career. She went on to score a role on the hit VH1 TV series That Metal Show as "Miss Box of Junk", aka "The Vanna White of Rock and Roll". The only problem? Jen wasn't actually a fan of heavy metal music. After the show's cancellation and a breakup all in one week, Jen turned hardship into growth. She realized sometimes difficult times happen so transformation can too. Jen created the fulfillment, alignment, visibility and impact she dreamed of by fully stepping into the spotlight and letting the world see the real her.  Jen currently is promoting her new book: BE SEEN. Her book is the ultimate roadmap that will show you how to live out the life that you know you were meant to live. Not only will it help you build the confidence necessary to make this happen, it will equip you with all the essential tools you need to find your unique voice, build your brand, and live out loud! What Travis and Jen discussed: Why you need to take action to manifest your goals. Jen manifested huge milestones like booking her dream role and meeting her husband by not just visualizing what she wanted but also taking steps to make it happen. Manifesting requires putting yourself in the right situations and opportunities. How to turn rejection into fuel. Jen has faced rejection throughout her life, from losing out on acting roles to having book proposals turned down by publishers. But she used those rejections as motivation to keep taking action and work harder. Rejection is part of success. The importance of being yourself. Jen got cast on a TV show by showcasing her true personality, not the persona she thought they wanted. She lost herself playing a character on TV for years. Your authentic self will connect best with your audience. The reason behind never giving up. No matter how many setbacks Jen faced, she persisted in pursuing her goals. She knew what she wanted even as a child and never let anything stop her from achieving it. If you stay committed, you can create the life you envision. The truth about finding purpose. Jen thought her purpose was acting, but it evolved into motivational speaking which feels more aligned. Sometimes your purpose is not what you expect. Stay open and it will reveal itself. This conversation is perfect for any aspiring entrepreneur or creator. Be sure to listen to the full episode and feel inspired by Jen's story! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
At just 26 years old, Aleric Heck (@alericheck) has already accomplished what most entrepreneurs only dream of. He started on YouTube over 14 years ago by creating AppFind, which grew into the largest app review channel at the time with over 500k subscribers. Now Aleric runs the highly successful 8-figure company AdOutreach, where he empowers entrepreneurs to harness the power of value-driven video and scale their businesses on YouTube. His clients have collectively generated multiple 9 figures in revenue. Aleric has received ClickFunnels prestigious 2CommaClub-X award, and AdOutreach was ranked the 87th fastest growing company in America by INC 5000. Leveraging his phenomenal results, Aleric has built several other ventures, acquired companies, and invested in businesses with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to share their ideas and solutions with the world. What Travis and Aleric discussed: Mistakes are inevitable when building a business. Rather than get discouraged, view mistakes as tuition you pay to learn. Refine based on data and feedback, but persist through failures on the path to success. Aleric made many mistakes starting his agency, but learned from them. Recurring revenue models are better for establishing long-term relationships and enterprise value versus one-off sales. Big companies obsess over recurring revenue for this reason. With one-off sales, each new deal feels like starting over. With recurring revenue, you continually earn trust. Running YouTube ads to your own public videos as in-stream ads can harm your channel's organic performance. The reason is that in-stream ads are skippable, so they negatively impact watch time metrics. However, in-feed ads that appear in search can boost discoverability without hurting watch time. When first starting out, it's best to niche down and focus on mastering one core skillset or service, then expand from there. This allows you to provide immense value in one area before branching out. Aleric started with a niche YouTube channel reviewing mobile apps, then leveraged that expertise to build his YouTube ads agency. To grow a YouTube channel with ads, first let your best-performing content rise organically. Then boost those top videos through in-feed ads targeted to your ideal audience. This amplifies reach while optimizing for watch time. Simply "boosting" without targeting is less effective. This is a fascinating discussion with YouTube ads expert Aleric Heck on the Travis Makes Friends podcast. To hear more expert entrepreneurial advice from Aleric and others, be sure to check out the full episode! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Natalie Friedman (@nataliefriedman) is a triple, or better yet quadruple-threat Actor, Comedian, and Voice Actor well known for her celebrity impressions and characters. Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Entertainment Tonight, Complex magazine, and more have recognized and reshared her work. With a background in improv and Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater (UCB), coupled with graduating from acting school William Esper Studio, Natalie has a plethora of acting experience and has recently taken the social media world by storm with her edgy comedy, with over 1M Instagram followers. Natalie speaks fluent Russian and has mastered dozens of internal accents and over 50 character/celebrity voices. Seems like all bets are on Natalie getting on SNL soon! What Travis and Natalie discussed: How to build a social media following over time: Natalie talks about how she slowly built up her social media presence over many years, starting from just a few thousand followers. It requires consistently creating and posting content, finding your niche, collaborating with others, and having some viral moments along the way. Rome wasn't built in a day. The importance of embracing failure and rejection: Natalie discusses bombing on stage and having shows where she considered giving up comedy. Pushing through failure and rejection is crucial for success in comedy, entrepreneurship, and most fields. Use failures as learning experiences. Why you should pursue your interests even if it means leaving people behind: Natalie left Minnesota to pursue comedy in NYC. Travis discusses leaving his religious upbringing to find "his people". Following your passion often means parting ways with some people from your past. The truth about loneliness and human connection: We are more digitally connected today yet often more lonely. Natalie emphasizes making relationships a priority, being open to new friendships, and not overly judging/labeling people. Go out, join groups, and meet people. Talk to strangers. How to collaborate with other creators: Natalie suggests reaching out through specific asks and ideas that add value, organically meeting people through your niche, and attending collab days to brainstorm content. Surround yourself with people pursuing similar interests. Do you ever feel like you don't quite fit in with the people around you? Are you pursuing big dreams that your current friends and family don't really understand? Well, you need to listen to Travis's inspirational chat with comedian Natalie Friedman to hear how she broke out of her small town in Minnesota to bravely pursue stand-up comedy and social media fame in the big cities of NYC and LA. Natalie offers real talk on pushing through rejection, collaborating with fellow creators, and the importance of human connection in this disconnected world. Travis also drops truth bombs on finding your tribe, even if it means leaving some people behind. Tune in to this empowering and entertaining episode to get motivated to confidently chase your purpose and connect with your real people! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Adhrucia Apana (@adhrucia) is a Filmmaker and a Founder of the production company Curiosity Entertainment/GP of Curiosity Media Finance. Curiosity is home to the next production from famed television creator Mark Williams (Ozark) and "Funny Girl" written by Anthony McCarten (Theory of Everything, Bohemian Rhapsody) to be directed by Nisha Ganatra (High Note, Late Night). Her creative slate for Curiosity includes projects in conjunction with the Neese Brothers (The Umbrella Academy), Kevin Fox (Law & Order SVU, Raising Kanan), and a co-production with Alcon Entertainment and Nazrin Choudhary (Fear of the Walking Dead). Adhrucia's releases include the EMMY nominated, "The Survivor" starring Ben Foster directed by Barry Levinson, "Capone" starring Tom Hardy, and "Needle in a Timestack" starring Cynthia Ervo, Leslie Odom Jr, Orlando Bloom, and Freida Pinto-directed by John Ridley which she Executive Produced. Adhrucia has worked as an Executive in Film/TV supporting over 30 film and television shows. She graduated Cum Laude from the prestigious Carl H Linder Business Scholars program and is a conservatory-trained vocalist and thespian. Adhrucia is an active member of the diversity initiative lovingly called "Stone Soup" started by Rotten Tomatoes founder Patrick Lee and Goldhouse focused on elevating Asian and South Asian voices in the Entertainment Industry and beyond, and has served or been an advocate and volunteer for Los Angeles based non-profits Young Storytellers and Project Paper Bag. She is a founding member of the Producers Guild of America's Social Impact in Entertainment (SIE) board and an Advisory Board Member to the MOVE Network NFT Platform. What Travis and Adhrucia discussed: Adhrucia knew from a young age that she wanted to be a storyteller. Growing up traveling and being exposed to different cultures, she found that books, music, and TV shows were a common language that helped her connect with people from all backgrounds. This early passion for storytelling never left her, even when she pursued business in college. To succeed in Hollywood, you have to want it more than everybody else. Adhrucia stresses that it's not about talent, connections or who you know - it's about determination. The people who make it are the ones who simply want it the most and are willing to work harder than anyone else to achieve it. Learn the business side of your creative industry. Adhrucia went back to learn the money and economics of the entertainment business, even though she was initially allergic to anything financial. This allowed her to better understand how to create and sell her work, and gave her more creative freedom. Have confidence in a backup skill. Knowing she could rely on being a good salesperson or e-commerce entrepreneur gave Adhrucia the confidence to fully commit to producing instead of playing it safe with a side hustle. Develop expertise in multiple skills to increase your confidence. Redefine what success looks like for you. Adhrucia encourages creators to see money made from art, whether on YouTube, Vimeo or elsewhere, as success - not just traditionally-defined achievements like Oscars. Reframe your definition of success within your industry. To hear Adhrucia's story and advice for succeeding in entertainment straight from her, check out the full conversation on the Travis Makes Friends podcast. She shares how she overcame setbacks, made pivotal career decisions and continues innovating in a rapidly changing industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This special mashup episode of Travis Makes Friends is jam-packed with insights from branding experts on how to build a memorable and influential brand. Tune in to get advice from an unconventional baseball team owner, a highly successful online marketer, and an entrepreneur who recently rebranded his company. You’ll come away with specific tips you can implement right away to make your brand stand out. Don’t miss these great insights from Jesse Cole, Billy Gene, and Patrick Bet-David.  Main takeaways: Be unapologetically yourself. Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, wears a bright yellow tuxedo to amplify his strengths. Figure out what makes you unique and lean into it fully. Confidence is key. Billy Gene shares how self-belief is critical but warns not to cross over into arrogance, where you think you can do everything alone. Have confidence in your abilities while remaining open to guidance. Constantly reinvent yourself. Patrick Bet-David explains how personal brands and businesses need to continually evolve just like people do as they mature and grow. Stagnation leads to irrelevance. Start now and refine over time. All three guests emphasize getting started on building your brand right away. You’ll identify what works through trial and error. Don’t overthink it or try to be perfect upfront. Focus on value. Billy Gene stresses that networking is about value exchange. Figure out how to add value to others through your skills and assets. Valuable people attract valuable relationships. This all-star panel will inspire you to put these tips into action to create a distinctive, magnetic brand. Tune in to Travis Makes Friends to build your confidence, expand your thinking, and propel your business growth. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Struggling to reach your potential? Shift your mindset and unlock your inner genius with this game-changing new book from Erwin McManus. Click here to get your copy.  Erwin McManus (@erwinmcmanus) is a renowned life architect, award-winning author, and artist, most recently releasing the groundbreaking book Mind Shift: It Doesn't Take a Genius to Think Like One. With over one million book sales and translations into multiple languages, he has captivated audiences in stadiums across seventy countries on five continents. His creative expertise has extended to consulting for esteemed organizations, from the NFL to the Pentagon. For three decades, McManus has advised CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and billion-dollar companies, helping them overcome limitations and unlock their personal genius. As the founder and lead pastor of Mosaic, a global spiritual movement, he has inspired millions and leads impactful humanitarian initiatives alongside his wife, Kim. McManus continues to coach leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, sharing his wisdom through McManus Mastermind and The Seven Frequencies of Communication.  What Erwin and Travis discussed:  Why questioning your beliefs is crucial for growth. Erwin discussed how constantly questioning his own beliefs and assumptions, even those he felt strongly about, opened him up to new possibilities and prevented him from getting stuck in rigid thinking. This willingness to question oneself is vital for continuous learning and development. How to have thoughtful conversations with people of differing beliefs. Erwin emphasized relating to others through shared longings and questions rather than trying to prove yourself right. Asking good questions and listening intently creates a connection. The importance of internal structures for success. Erwin explained how developing strong mental frameworks, virtues, and habits were key to his achievements, especially coming from a disadvantage. Talent alone won't suffice - building internal structures is essential. The reason behind choosing kindness as a guiding principle. For Erwin, deciding at a young age to pursue kindness shaped his character enormously. He held onto this commitment despite being told it would make him weak, as integrity mattered more. The truth about certainty and humility. Erwin stressed that he doesn't believe he is absolutely right about anything. True confidence comes from recognizing your fallibility and being willing to change based on new information. Arrogance fears being questioned, while humility invites it. Feeling stuck in your life and career? It's time for a mind shift. Unlock your inner genius and reach your full potential with this transformative conversation with pastor and thought leader Erwin McManus. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Get ready to learn how to get what you want out of life on this special mashup episode of Travis Makes Friends! Today, we'll hear the best advice from previous guests on setting and achieving your biggest goals and dreams. From exercising the power of intention to embracing bold action, you'll come away with practical tips for manifesting your desires. In this Midweek Mashup, we feature clips from David Meltzer, Jason Harris, and Chris Voss. On this episode: The truth about using faith as currency (David Meltzer) - Consistently applying your faith through positive thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions attracts desired outcomes because it puts intentional energy into manifesting your goals. Why you should play the long game (Jason Harris) - Gaining industry experience and financial resources before starting your venture prevents desperation-based decisions and enables smart strategy from a position of strength. It's important to take time to learn and prepare. The reason behind operating with generosity (Jason Harris) - Freely sharing knowledge, contacts, and value without expecting direct reciprocation expands your network and opportunities because goodwill and relationships boomerang back when you help others. The Importance of applying tactical empathy (Chris Voss) - Demonstrating an understanding of others' perspectives disarms them and opens them to your influence because it makes people feel heard, so their guard goes down. Mutual understanding brings cooperation. How asking calibrated questions gets collaboration (Chris Voss) - Saying "How am I supposed to do that?" instead of an outright "no" makes the other party consider your position because a collaborative, curious tone sparks cooperation. Questions invite perspective-taking. Want to pick up proven techniques for manifesting and taking action on your biggest life goals? Make sure to listen to this episode featuring expert insights on getting what you want! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Travis Makes Friends, Travis interviews Jeff and Kara Smith, co-founders of Colorado Craft Beef (@coloradocraftbeef). Their business carries on the century-old ranching tradition started by Kara's great-great-grandfather when he settled on the eastern Colorado plains in 1917, drawn by the expansive grasslands. Today, their headquarters sits just half a mile from that original homestead, spanning over 5,000 acres. Under Kara's leadership, they have shifted to a direct-to-consumer model that connects customers nationwide to their heritage of sustainable cattle-raising and land stewardship. Colorado Craft Beef has raised cattle in the same place for over a hundred years, with practices like using horses for cattle work to reduce stress and impact. Wildlife still thrives on the ranch alongside the cattle. Jeff and Kara aim not only to produce quality beef but also to pass on their dedication to responsible ranching for future generations. As innovators in the meat delivery space, they continue surpassing customer expectations nationwide with subscription boxes showcasing their commitment to time-honored principles  Discover the unparalleled taste and quality of Colorado Craft Beef. As rising leaders in the US meat delivery ranch-to-table space, we continue to surpass our customers' expectations and offer subscriptions nationwide. Elevate your dining experience with our curated burger and steak boxes, and savor how we use innovative, responsible animal and land management practices to create a delicious, high-quality protein source for you and your family. What Jeff, Kara, and Travis discussed: Why relationships matter more than profits. Jeff and Kara focus on creating win-win partnerships rather than trying to undercut competitors. They help other producers succeed because, ultimately, it's better for the industry. How to turn an idea into reality. It takes persistence to go from concept to execution. Jeff and Kara had doubts initially but kept working through problems. Now, their business is rapidly expanding. The importance of finding aligned investors. Jeff and Kara partnered with Jocko Willink not just for money but for shared values and marketing reach. Smart money comes from those who care. The reason behind controlling your supply chain. By acquiring its own harvest facility, Colorado Craft Beef stabilizes production and ensures quality. Owning key assets protects the customer experience. The truth about beef labels. Terms like "grass-fed" and "organic" are costly marketing ploys. For quality and transparency, Jeff recommends buying directly from local producers you trust. Jeff and Kara Smith share their story of continuing a century-old ranching tradition. In this episode of Travis Makes Friends, the Smiths give motivational stories and practical tips on turning ideas into reality, finding aligned investors, controlling your supply chain, and seeing through beef label marketing fluff.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Freestyle Friday on the Travis Makes Friends podcast, Travis shares tips on how to be a better podcast interviewer. Travis also provides insights on avoiding common mistakes like conversational narcissism, lack of preparation, and feigning interest. The episode features clips from Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Conan O'Brien with Larry King. If you want to interview the people you actually want on your show, get celebrity endorsements & access direct custom advice on your content, podcast, or business so you can start getting paid for what you create - for just $1, visit: In this episode: Avoid conversational narcissism: Don't constantly steer the conversation back to yourself. Use "support responses" that encourage guests to continue their story. Properly prepare for interviews: Do more than just read a book cover or website bio. Research guests by listening to other podcast episodes, reading their books, and reviewing their social media accounts all the way back to the beginning.  Have genuine curiosity: Ask great questions that show interest in the topic and respect the guest. If you lack interest, you may need to change topics or guests. If you want to learn more tips to conduct great interviews that engage listeners, make sure to listen to this episode of Freestyle Friday on the Travis Makes Friends podcast. Travis provides practical advice to help anyone become a better podcaster and interviewer. Head to if you need help growing and monetizing your online audience as a creator.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Full Time Creator on IG: @fulltimecreator Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Travis Makes Friends is back with another insightful mashup episode, this time diving deep into the topic of hustle culture. Travis brings together perspectives from three influential guests - Ed Mylett, Jefferson Bethke, and Keala Kanae - to uncover the truth about hustling and what it really takes to find meaning and success. In this episode:  Why balance is a fallacy, according to Ed Mylett (@edmylett). He explains that extremity expands capacity - the more you push in one area, the more it expands your ability in another. Rather than balance, he advises to "be where your feet are" and focus completely on the task at hand. Why hustle culture is toxic, according to Jefferson Bethke (@jeffersonbethke). He explains how making work about identity rather than material production is a new phenomenon that correlates with surging anxiety and depression rates. Also, Jefferson views social media as a "family photo album." It's normal to share highlights, but problematic to constantly compare your daily life to others' best moments. The solution is moderation, not manufacturing experiences just for social media. The importance of linking your values to things you don't enjoy, from Keala Kanae (@kealakanae). When you consciously connect daily tasks to your core values, you can learn to love what you do. This mindset shift saved Keala from depression and helped him become a successful entrepreneur. Dive into this thought-provoking episode to gain a nuanced perspective on hustle culture, values-based living, and what it really takes to find meaning and success as an entrepreneur. Don't just hustle - listen to this episode and focus on what matters most. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. John Jaquish (@drjaquish) is an acclaimed inventor and researcher who has dedicated his career to developing innovative healthcare technologies. As the inventor of the world's most effective bone density-building medical device, Dr. Jaquish's groundbreaking work has been described as "Tony Stark-like" by the media. His first major invention is now used in partnership with Tony Robbins and OsteoStrong clinics worldwide to help patients rapidly improve bone density. Driven by discoveries from this work, Dr. Jaquish went on to invent X3, a technology proven to build muscle much faster than conventional weight training with minimal joint strain. With a focus on optimizing human performance and health, Dr. Jaquish's methods are used for elite training by athletes in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, and entire organizations like the Miami Heat. Dr. Jaquish holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and continues to research and innovate new solutions that push the limits of exercise science and sports medicine. He’s also the author of Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time, a Wall Street Journal Best Seller.  What Travis and Dr. Jaquish discussed: How to build strong bones without injury risk: Dr. Jaquish developed osteogenic loading, which uses axial compression to provide powerful bone stimulus without the impact injuries of high-intensity athletics. This can reverse and prevent bone loss. Why calcium supplements can worsen bone loss: The reason behind this is your body regulates calcium levels, so excess calcium from supplements can signal your bones to release more calcium. The importance of an animal-based diet for bone health: Dr. Jaquish explains that vegan diets destroy bone health due to anti-nutrients in plant foods that weaken bones. An animal-based diet maintains bone density. The truth about the corrupt food pyramid guidelines: Dr. Jaquish reveals the government promotes high-carb diets for cost reasons, not for public health. He advises limiting carbs. Why artificial sweeteners aren't risk-free: The reason behind this is that sucralose and aspartame are linked to cancer risks. Dr. Jaquish advises limiting the intake of these sweeteners. If you want the uncensored truth about building strong bones, tuning out corrupt government guidelines, and eating for optimal health, you need to listen to this interview with Dr. John Jaquish, as he pulls no punches, exposing the lies we've been told about nutrition. He reveals shocking realities about veganism, artificial sweeteners, the cold plunge, supplements and, the bogus food pyramid designed to make Americans weak and sick.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode, we feature clips from my conversation with crypto expert Dan Fleyshman on the future outlook for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and digital assets like NFTs (non-fungible tokens). As these alternative digital assets continue to evolve, it's valuable to gain perspective on where they might be headed in 2023 and beyond. In this episode: The hype around random NFT art is fading, but NFTs still have practical utility for brands and companies. Major corporations like Starbucks and Ferrari are embracing them. The importance of NFTs providing real-world utility beyond just digital art. NFTs with practical applications will have more longevity. While many cryptocurrencies exist, Bitcoin and Ethereum appear here to stay due to their functionality and adoption. The reason behind Bitcoin's limited supply driving up demand. As more entities acquire Bitcoin, supply shrinks, making Bitcoin potentially more scarce and valuable long-term. How Bitcoin's volatility makes it higher risk short-term but lower risk long-term due to its track record and inevitability. Time in the market is more important than timing the market. The truth about the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. While many exist, only a small percentage have real-world utility and will thrive. The focus should be on cryptocurrencies solving real problems. This episode provides a balanced look at the realities and potential behind cryptocurrency and NFTs. While the future is uncertain, these insights can guide us toward more informed decisions in this evolving landscape. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week's mashup of Travis Makes Friends, we dive into the topic of how to build real, sustainable confidence. We went back into the archives and pulled out clips from interviews with Lori Harder, Ed Mylett, and Aubrey Marcus, where they each share their unique perspectives on developing true confidence. After listening, you'll walk away with a toolbox of proven mindset shifts and practical strategies from these experts that you can start applying to your life immediately to transform your self-belief. In this week’s mashup: Why facing your fears is crucial for building confidence:  Lori Harder (@loriharder) explains that overcoming fear was the first step she had to take to build her confidence. Whether it was fear of judgment, fear of failure, or fear of panic attacks, facing those fears head-on and moving through them allowed her to expand her comfort zone and believe in herself. Pushing past your fears helps reprogram your beliefs about what you are capable of. How to balance self-confidence with humility:  Ed Mylett (@edmylett) highlights the importance of tempering self-confidence with humility. Arrogance and ego can be confidence killers. Staying humble, curious, and open to learning helps sustain confidence in the long run. According to Ed, surrounding yourself with people who "live at higher temperatures" in areas where you want to grow is key. How to program your mind for confidence: Ed Mylett details how adversity in childhood shaped his ability to read people and make them feel good - superpowers that built his confidence. He gives specific tips for reprogramming your RAS (reticular activating system) to boost self-belief. Mastering your mental patterns is key to unlocking confidence. The reason behind testing yourself:  Aubrey Marcus (@aubreymarcus) explains that putting yourself in challenging situations expands your capacity and builds confidence. It reveals your edges and exposes your weaknesses so you can grow. Things like cold plunges, intense workouts, and vulnerability in relationships build emotional resilience. Progress requires some discomfort - stay committed. The truth about open relationships and confidence:  Aubrey Marcus shares how his open relationship forced him to confront his need for external validation. His confidence took a hit initially. But it ultimately freed him from needing others' approval and helped him rely on his self-worth. Open relationships build confidence through extreme emotional training. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rebecca Zung (@rebeccazung) has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News and is a globally recognized expert on negotiating with narcissists, with over 35 million views on YouTube in just two years. Rebecca created the SLAY® Negotiation Method and is the author of the upcoming book SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win, which features a foreword by Chris Voss. She has also written two bestselling books: Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win, with a foreword by Robert Shapiro, and Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom. Rebecca is frequently called upon to provide her perspective in media outlets, including Extra, Forbes, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Time, Dr. Drew, and Ed Mylett’s Podcast.  Her podcast, Negotiate Your Best Life, is ranked in the top 0.5% of all podcasts globally. Along with In-N-Out Burger owner Lynsi Snyder Ellingson, Rebecca founded Slay Legal Aid, a 501c3 that provides legal aid to those in need. What Travis and Rebecca discussed: Why Consistency is Key: Rebecca explains that it took her around 10 years of consistently speaking at networking events, publishing articles, and building her brand before she reached a point where she no longer had to market her law practice actively. This shows the importance of sticking with marketing and branding efforts over the long haul rather than giving up after just a few attempts. How to Leverage Relationships: Rebecca highlights how key relationships, like the one with her best friend who encouraged her and the woman who gave her an existing law practice, were pivotal moments that helped propel her forward.  The Reason Behind Rebecca's Pivot: After building a very successful law practice, Rebecca explains she merged it with others because she was burnt out. This shows that even when something is going well, don't be afraid to make a change if it no longer aligns with your passion and purpose. Why Negotiating with a Narcissist is Challenging: Rebecca explains that narcissists see things as black and white, and their goal is often not just to win but to make the other person lose. She notes that trying to negotiate with a narcissist rationally typically doesn't work because they are focused on their own self-interest and "narcissistic supply." Rebecca suggests figuring out what matters most to the narcissist and using that as leverage when negotiating. How to Turn Setbacks into Opportunities: When a business partnership went south, Rebecca used it as motivation to double down on her strengths. She refined her negotiation program, embraced online marketing, and ultimately built a thriving business that allowed her to make a bigger impact. If you want to learn tactical strategies for achieving your biggest goals, listen to this podcast episode featuring lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Rebecca Zung. You'll discover how her grit and ability to turn setbacks into opportunities ultimately led to the thriving business she has today. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this Freestyle Friday episode of Travis Makes Friends, I'm talking all about my recent comedy show experiences and how they got me thinking about developing a thicker skin. I discuss the value of free speech and being exposed to controversial opinions and humor we might disagree with. I believe it can actually help us mature and have more thoughtful, open conversations if we don't get so easily offended. I stress the importance of taking personal responsibility for our own reactions rather than trying to control what others say. I also examine why offensive things can get such a visceral reaction from us and how that reveals more about our own beliefs than anything else. I end by emphasizing that to find community and camaraderie, we have to be willing to interact with all different kinds of people, even "assholes." It's an insightful episode about the personal growth that comes from free speech and the risks required to make meaningful connections. In this episode: How comedy helps develop maturity and thicker skin: By being exposed to different perspectives and ideas, even controversial ones, we learn not to be so easily offended. This helps us have more open conversations. Why free speech is important: Interacting with different ideas, even incorrect ones, helps us determine what is actually correct. Trying to silence others just breeds anger and won't work. We can't control others, only ourselves. The importance of personal responsibility: We are responsible for our own reactions and feelings, not others. If something offends us, it's on us to mature and develop thicker skin. The reason behind visceral reaction: When we have strong gut reactions to something offensive, it's a sign we need to examine our own beliefs and morals, not try to control others. Paying the "asshole tax" to make connections: To build relationships and find community, we have to accept the risk of encountering some "assholes." It's a tax we pay for the reward of meaningful bonds. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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