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We celebrate the upcoming release of Life Is But A Dream... by examining the visual aesthetic of the album. M. Shadows joins for the ride with two very special guests, revered artist Wes Lang and video visionary Chris Hopewell. Wes talks with us about his inspirations, how going against tradition is his modus operandi and redesigning the Deathbat while Chris takes us through the techniques, concepts and love that went into the "Nobody" music video.  
”Nobody” (Episode 7)

”Nobody” (Episode 7)


It’s here. The definitive story of the first new Avenged Sevenfold song in over 6 years as told by the band. Listen as they speak about all things "Nobody," the upcoming album, Life Is But A Dream…, and a look at the future. 
Join Avenged Sevenfold as TRAX delves into Waking The Fallen for the first time to talk the complete story behind the song that started it all "Unholy Confessions," the music video you've never seen, the organic way itstole the airwaves, and get inside the iconic Fonda show that spawned the song's promo video.
Don your Stetson and saddle up as we tell the story of City Of Evil’s Western-inspired, cult classic, "Strength Of The World." Journey through classic movies and the genius of composer Ennio Morricone, how Synyster Gates’s dad played a major role in the song, what can get you fired from an A7X backing vocal session and more.
”Roman Sky” (Episode 4)

”Roman Sky” (Episode 4)


In Episode 4, TRAX travels through the cosmos to bring you the story of "Roman Sky." We step into 'The Stage' for the first time as Avenged Sevenfold tell the tale of how a 16th century philosopher helped shape our world.
TRAX Episode 3 "Not Ready to Die" Part 2 is ready to be unpacked! Join M. Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ as they talk about video game wars in the studio over Halo, how Call of Duty plays a massive part in Avenged Sevenfold's history, what happened when M. Shadows' Call of Duty squad entered a world tournament, if there were any challenges writing a "one off" song, and much more.
TRAX Episode 3 "Not Ready to Die" is so packed we had to split it into two parts! In Part 1, M. Shadows is joined by former Studio Head of Treyarch, Mark Lamia, for a very rare conversation discussing creative inspirations and processes, how to make your dreams a reality, how their friendship has impacted Avenged Sevenfold, and more.
On this month's episode we take our first trip to the City of Evil to dig into "Trashed & Scattered." Get an inside look at what some may call one of the most influential albums of the 21st century, how Avenged Sevenfold were signed to a major label, fights with the media, fights with the police on the streets of London and how all of that weaves itself into the story of this classic song.
Dive into Avenged Sevenfold's childhoods, how the band was started and the anthem that is "Welcome to the Family." Presented by Avenged Sevenfold and Deathbats Club.
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