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The UN Security Council took a historic step on Monday by authorizing the deployment of a multinational security mission to help the Haitian police combat rampant gang violence.Kenya has offered to lead the force, which is not a UN operation, and other countries have signalled their participation.Ahead of the Council vote, UN News’s Cristina Silveiro spoke to Ambassador Bob Rae of Canada, Chair of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti.He said the mission “is not going to be a walk in the park” and began by explaining the force’s relationship with the UN Office in Haiti, BINUH. 
After around 100,000 refugees left the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan in the past few days, there is now a “hidden humanitarian emergency” unfolding across Armenia.That’s according to Joe Lowry a Spokesperson with the UN migration agency IOM based in Vienna, who has been on the ground in Armenia as part of the UN relief operation.He told UN News's Vibhu Mishra that many have lived through a “nightmare” and UN humanitarians are already focusing on the need to support the Armenian Government with providing mental health services for new arrivals.
Amy Pope took office as the chief of UN migration agency IOM on 1 October, becoming the first woman to lead the organisation.In her very first week on the job, she sat down with UN News’s Dominika Tomaszewska-Mortimer to talk about a comprehensive view of migration and its causes.She insisted on the urgent need for more regular pathways for people whose lives are uprooted because of poverty, gang violence or climate change. She’s also advocating for a new narrative around the issue, arguing that in an ageing world, “ultimately, countries will be competing for migrants”.
Cities can be key players on the road to sustainability: UN chiefNew IOM chief pledges to help world ‘harness benefits and promise of migration’Myanmar: humanitarian needs, landmine threats surge: OCHA
Karabakh emergency escalates with tens of thousands pouring into Armenia: UNHCR, UNICEFSharp rise in number of unaccompanied children crossing Mediterranean: UNICEFSouth Sudan and Sudan ‘most dangerous’ for aid workers, amid dire needs and underfunding: OCHAVietnam: UN rights office calls for jailed environmental rights defenders to be set free
The refugee emergency in Armenia is escalating as tens of thousands have poured into the country from the Karabakh region in less than a week.UN refugee agency (UNHCR) representative in the country, Kavita Belani, has been on the ground since day one of the crisis. She told UN News’s Dominika Tomaszewska-Mortimer about the vulnerable people arriving in registration centres, massive accommodation and humanitarian needs, and how UN agencies and partners are working with the Armenian Government to ramp up support.
Karabakh displacement increasing ‘by the hour’: UNHCR chiefIndigenous Peoples’ rights must be central to green investmentsIndependent rights experts slam ‘systemic racism’ in US police and justice systemsCollective efforts needed to stop wasting food while millions go hungry
UN chief calls for investments in sustainable tourismMaritime transport needs to decarbonize ‘as soon as possible’: UNCTADCyberbullying can be deadly, requires holistic approach, Human Rights Council hearsRegional action needed to address record numbers of people on the move in Central America and Mexico: IOM
Peaceful future depends on ending nuclear threat: UN chiefMali’s children in danger: UNICEFBrazil: UN rights office hails ‘encouraging’ ruling on Indigenous Peoples’ land claimsBan smoking and vaping in school, urges WHO
A lot of work is required now on the part of UN and other humanitarians to ease suffering in Ukraine during the on-going Russian invasion, but even more will be needed to help heal trauma once the fighting stops, said the Chair of the UN Human Rights Council-mandated Commission of Inquiry on Monday. Erik Møse said in an interview with UN News, a victim-centred approach was crucial and psychosocial support should be prioritized.The independent investigator was speaking just hours after briefing the Council in Geneva on the continuing alleged war crimes being committed by Russian forces in areas where his team can gain access.He told Nana Karikari that accountability for potential war crimes would be best served if there is better coordination and efficiency between the different human rights investigations taking place on the local and international level.
Ukraine: Continued use of torture, rape by Russian troops: rights expertsZaporizhzhya nuclear power plant situation still ‘very fragile’: GrossiChad: Sudan refugee health crisis escalates: WHOReproductive rights must be respected in crises, say experts
Russia rights expert says her mandate is ‘bridge to the Russian people’India: UN rights chief welcomes new bill to boost women’s representation in parliament Iran: new hijab bill must be shelved: Türk Health care under threat in eastern DRC: WHO
Global business is rethinking the world of work and by 2030 well over half of the jobs we do, will have undergone fundamental change.That’s according to Sarah Steinberg, the Head of Global Public Policy Partnerships at social media platform LinkedIn, who was here at UN Headquarters this week to talk about trends in the job market and gender disparities in science and technology.She told UN News’s Maoqi Li that while change in the workplace has major implications for us all, it doesn't represent ‘a runway train’ beyond our control
Peace is a ‘call to action’: GuterresHigh seas treaty open for signatures at General AssemblyMore and more Palestinians displaced by settler violence in occupied West Bank: OCHAPolio outbreak in Ukraine ends: WHO
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Wednesday that Iran is “restricting” cooperation with his inspection teams over its nuclear programme as a way of retaliating to criticism.Director-General Mariano Grossi spoke to UN News’s Cristina Silveiro about the “complex logic” behind the move to bar multiple inspectors there, the safety of nuclear power plants in Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion, and the latest on the Fukushima nuclear wastewater issue.
Climate Ambition Summit: UN chief urges governments to ‘hit fast forward’Armenia/ Azerbaijan: UN reiterates calls for humanitarian accessAfghanistan must stop torture of detainees: UNAMA, TürkUN launches star-studded road safety campaign
As Executive Director of UNFPA, the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency, Dr. Natalia Kanem oversees its life-saving policy, development, and humanitarian work in over 120 countries. Speaking as High Level Week got underway, she told UN News’s Pauline Batista that ending gender-based violence means having “full respect for women” which will improve the lives of all.
Derna, Libya a ‘sad snapshot’ of the state of our world: UN chiefSudan: Children dying amid health care system collapse‘Reparatory justice’ for people of African descent must be a priority: Türk
Acclaimed UN Goodwill Ambassador with reproductive health agency UNFPA, the writer and actor Ashley Judd, is fiercely committed to social justice. She believes that the sexual and reproductive health of girls and women needs to be at the heart of poverty eradication and sustainable development.Just ahead of High Level Week, she told UN News’s Pauline Batista that amidst so much suffering around the world, young people must find their voice, access it, and use it. 
Transcend divisions, Guterres urges world leaders gathering in New York.Ethiopia: Mass killings and rape continue, risk of further atrocities: rights expertsLampedusa: ‘Real solutions’ needed to refugees’ and migrants’ tragedy: Grandi
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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has warned that the countries of the Sahel region, which stretches from Senegal to Sudan, risk decades of further armed conflict and displacement if their needs are not addressed as

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